Inside VE3DRY Repeater



The Link Communications RLC-3 Controller was upgraded in October 2001, the VHF repeater radio was installed in August 2001 and the UHF links were upgraded in January 2005.

Our VHF repeater is a Motorola MSR-2000 , 100 watt continuous duty putting out 75 watts to the antenna trough a  6 cavity Sinclair Q201G VHF duplexer. The VHF receiver pre-amp is an Advanced Receiver Research (P144VDG). 

The West link to Sioux Narrows now consist of a GE Mastr II UHF, 100 watt continuous duty radio, a Sinclair Q3220 duplexer and an Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG pre-amp. The East link to Sioux Lookout consists of a GE Exec II, 20 watt rack mount radio and a 6 cavity Sinclair MR-356 duplexer.


This is what the racks look like mounted beside each other.



In the spring of 2004, supplied by the City of Dryden Emergency Measures, we installed a new APC Smart-UPS SU3000NET and extra battery pack. It will give 2400 watts of continuous power to back up the repeater site under loss of hydro. The RLC-3 controller is connected to the UPS to remotely measure battery voltage and beacons a message over the VHF repeater when hydro is lost. It sits on the floor under the MSR-2000.



Here is looking from outside the shack.


Our old equipment consisted of a Palomar RBC-700 controller, an ACC RC-85 controller, 60 watt Motorola Micor VHF mobile transmitter, a Motorola Mocom VHF mobile receiver and a 6 cavity Sinclair Q201G VHF duplexer. The UHF link equipment were GE Royal Imperial 30 watt mobile radios with a 6 cavity Sinclair MR-356 duplexer and Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG pre-amps.

 On the local VE3DRY repeater we were running the ACC RC-85 controller, which was tied into the Palomar RBC-700 controller for the link radios. Now we are using one Link Communications RLC-3 to do the job of both. Capable of up to 8 radios, it also has an autopatch, digital voice recorder for club announcements and signal test, and an Input/Output card for running many features remotely at the site. It is equipped with temperature sensors, security alarm, wind speed and direction, and also monitors battery voltage for the back-up system when there is a power outage.