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August, 2002

Greetings. I've already received a few emails from folks in the Section who are unhappy about the Board of Directors' recent decision to remove both the Section News and the contest results from the pages of QST, effective in January of 2003. I realize that it's of little solace to those of you who are upset by this decision, but our own Southeast Division Director FRANK BUTLER, W4RH, was strongly opposed to these changes and argued valiantly on our behalf. Those of you who've been getting these electronic newsletters from me every month have been very expressive of your appreciation, so maybe we can compensate for losing our Section News column in the magazine by working together to make these letters an even better conduit of information to even more of our Georgia hams. Currently, our Section Webmaster, MIKE BOATRIGHT, KO4WX, has been putting them on our websites each month, which allows access to many of our hams who aren't currently receiving them directly via email.

Some of the clubs are running all or parts of them in their own club newsletters to increase the exposure. I'd urge more of you club newsletter editors to follow suit, and help us to pass information to even more of our hams around the state. Granted, it isn't as exciting as seeing your name and callsign in the pages of QST, but we can do our best to stay informed about what's going on within our Section and in the world of amateur radio. So, please, send me your news on what's happening in your little section of our Section, so we can share the news as best as we can. The Board believes that electronic conveyance of information is superior to the little columns in QST. Whether or not we agree, let's make the most of it.

Last month, I requested input from all of you folks around the state concerning your regularly scheduled VE sessions. Posting this information on the website will provide a very valuable tool for folks all over the state to use. So far, the input has been sparse, and I KNOW there's a lot more sessions going on out there. So, how about it? Please take a few minutes to send me that info, OK? Thanks a lot.

While I'm asking for input, let me reiterate that this newsletter is intended to reflect happenings all over the state, not just about metro Atlanta. But that's where I live, and this is where I belong to bunches of clubs and participate in lots of activities. I'm counting on YOU to send me the news from YOUR part of the state. If you, another ham you know, or your club has done something interesting or noteworthy, please let me know. Especially let me know about our young people, (AKA piglets) because they really get a kick out of seeing their names and callsigns listed in these newsletters. (PSSST!! If you never see anything in here about your club, that's because no one from your club sends me any information!)

I also asked for some of you to try your hands at some "You might be a ham ifs" a la Jeff Foxworthy for the newsletter. Well, bless his heart, WILLIE BROWN, AG4HY, came through for me again. He referred me to a wonderful site on eham, where a whole list of just what I was looking for was given, authored by RICHARD FITZGERALD, W5RDF, of Oklahoma. I contacted Richard, and he was kind enough to allow his humor to be shared with you fine folks here in the pages of upcoming newsletters. So, thank you to Willie, and thank you to Richard. You'll see a few of his gems in this letter. Hope they give you a smile or two.

It's August, and it's been so hot that I hear tell the farmers in south Georgia have been feeding their chickens crushed ice so they don't lay hard-boiled eggs, but hey! Cheer up! Before you know it, the temperatures will plunge back down to oh, I don't know, maybe 85 degrees or so. (and it'll probably feel chilly!) Let's see what's been going on around the lovely, but desert-dry, state of Georgia.


The biggest highlight for the month of July was the LANIERLAND ARC HAMFEST in Gainesville on July 13th. This has always been a "make yourself right t' home" Southern hospitality kind of hamfest, but they've managed to up the ante even more. One thing they did was to work out a special hamfest deal with the Best Western motel right across the street from the Georgia Mountain Center, which provided a great gathering place for the 60+ hams who enjoyed the Friday night dinner buffet, the pickin' and grinnin' provided by 5 Georgia Cracker members, and the Saturday morning breakfast buffet. (AND we didn't have to put up with the wretched traffic on Saturday morning, either!).

It was unseasonably cool, so only the very bravest (i.e. YOUNG!) dared get into the swimming pool, but absolutely everyone enjoyed the extraordinary hospitality of both the motel staff and the LARC club members. Special thanks to STAN MCDONALD, KI4H, for arranging the motel deal, and for hovering over us, making sure that we were all happy. (Thanks for the terrific ride in your spiffy '56 Chevy, too, Stan, even if I couldn't lure my better half MIKE into the back seat with me. Guess he thought I had some ulterior motives, huh?!) The hamfest itself was two thumbs up. I heard lots of folks commenting on the good deals they were finding, and in spite of the rain, we all stayed dry and comfy.

The meeting rooms were ideal, and many of the forums were very well-attended. ARRL's "rules and regulations dude" and assistant technical editor of QST, BRENNAN PRICE, N4QX, addressed a number of issues in his forum, including the new impending 60M band allocation, possible changes on the 80M band, illegal "sliders" on 10M, and information on when, and why, it is a violation of Part 97 to set up 2M simplex as an IRLP node. MIKE BOATRIGHT, KO4WX, (Section Emergency Coordinator) offered a great presentation at the ARES forum on the new Georgia Emergency Operations Plan that he is working on for GEMA. FRANK BUTLER, W4RH, (Southeast Division Director) and I, along with MIKE SWIDERSKI, K4HBI, (Official Observer Coordinator) FRED RUNKLE, K4KAZ, (Technical Coordinator) and again, MIKE BOATRIGHT, addressed the ARRL forum, talking on a variety of related topics, and fielding questions from the audience. RAY RECTOR, WA4NJP, everybody's favorite EME guru, addressed a UHF-VHF forum, and the Georgia Cracker Association held a big meeting, too, but alas, I was unable to attend either of those. (just haven't figured out how to be in 2 or 3 places at one time, yet!) SANDY DONAHUE, W4RU, (Southeast Division Vice Director) graciously manned the ARRL booth most of the day, passing out grins and handshakes, and MARSHALL THIGPEN, W4IS, (Assistant SM/ South GA) made the trip up, too, spending a bit of time spreading his special south Georgia charm. Special thanks to each and every one of you who stopped by the ARRL booth to say hello, because it's always a pleasure to chat with you folks.

Congratulations to the members of the Lanierland ARC for a job well done, and SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS (may I hear a drum roll now, please?) for receiving FRANK BUTLER's approval for your hamfest being named the ARRL approved SOUTHEAST DIVISION CONVENTION site for next year!!! That's right. Mark your calendars now for July 12, 2003, because the Georgia Mountain Center will definitely be the place to be for a fantastic time. This will be the first division convention here in Georgia for quite a few years, so let's all help to make it a smashing success. Hope to see you there!! Again, congratulations to TERRY JONES, W4TL, and all of the LARC members. (You guys earned it!)

You MIGHT be a ham if you know the longitude and latitude of your home QTH. Richard Fitzgerald, W5RDF


Since the Section News columns will become a thing of history as of the beginning of next year, it might be helpful if club newsletter editors would consider publishing the URLs for our section websites in their newsletters. We have two sites, one at and the other is The first site was set up several years ago, and the second was provided for us by the League the beginning of the year. Webmaster MIKE BOATRIGHT, KO4WX, puts these newsletters up there each month, (and he makes them look really GOOOOD!) and the second website even has some terrific pictures from various Field Days. Check 'em out!

ATHENS ARC---Members will be running a Special Event station at Sandy Creek Park on September 15 for the Athens Dog and Disc Day. To earn their certificate, listen out for KD4QHB around 28.440, 14.240, and 7.270 MHz. For more info, see the September QST.

ATLANTA ARC--- Some industrious members of the club ran Field Day from the SciTrek museum in downtown Atlanta, using STARS callsign W4WOW. Arranged by DAVID TOMASCHIK, KF4MDV, other participants were club president PENN MCCLATCHEY, K4PE, SANDY SLIDER, N4QXI, STEPHEN SLIDER, KG4PTO, RONNY JULIAN, K4RJJ, and MARSHALL HOSKINS, KG4OOI. This club has been running the IRLP Kids' net, the SE linked repeater net, and linked nets for the NWS, in addition to regular club nets, on its 146.820 repeater for some time now. Now. it's added a couple more nets to its portfolio. On Wednesdays at 8 PM is a YL net, with NCS EMILY IVEY, KG4SRD; and on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM, a brand-new net, with net control DAVID SCHORNAK, KG4LSK, that he's calling the Atlanta Theory Practice Test 2M FM Net. (Wow! That's a mouthful!) The purpose of this net is to improve the technical and regulatory knowledge of hams, and to hopefully, aid them in upgrading their license. That's the 146.820(-) repeater, PL 146.2

COASTAL ARS--- A special Field Day issue of their newsletter showed that these folks down Savannah way, without doubt, had a super-duper Field Day experience this year. Sounds like they had it all! They made several hundred more contacts than last year, had a higher number of participants, outstanding food (hmmm! Low Country Boil!!) and a fun auction that put over $1000 into their club coffers. This is the only club that I've heard of that combines an auction with Field Day, but this is the second year they've done it, and judging by their success, they'll probably be doing it again!

MACON ARC--- On July 18, MARK FOLEY, NA4V, presented a program on APRS and the benefits of its usage during SKYWARN or other emergency situations to club members, as well as to members of the MIDDLE GEORGIA RADIO ASSOCIATION, who were also in attendance. He provided a CD to each attendee, which contained a copy of APRS of an "internet capable" software already configured for severe weather operations. In addition, JOHN KRAUS, KC4ZGQ, also presented information on the APRS digipeater project that he and Mark are both working on, along with BARRETT THOMPSON, KE4R, which will eventually open up the digipath all the way down I-16 to the coast.

NORTH FULTON AMATEUR RADIO LEAGUE--- Adventurous club members will be heading to Tybee Island the first weekend in August to set up operations at the Tybee Island lighthouse for the National Lighthouses on the Air event. Listen out for K4T, and say hello! Also, congratulations go out to club president TODD MCGINNIS, KB4KAY, and his wife GEORGIA, for the birth of their beautiful baby girl OLIVIA. Todd is already indoctrinating her in the fine art of PSK-31, I hear. As for proud grandpop CHUCK, ND4D, he just can't stop smiling.

WEDIXIE ARC---Many clubs let me know that their Field Day efforts this year yielded more contacts and more participation than in years past, and that they were really pleased with the GOTA station activity. But WARREN COLEMAN, WD4NIT, told me about the Wedixie group's endeavors at Carter's Lake Dam, and this was a particularly enterprising crew. With 10 club members and family members in attendance, they spent about four hours putting up four thirty-foot masts, each with five guy lines, to support an 80 M full wave horizontal square loop antenna. Unlike some of the folks, like those down in Statesboro, who had to put up with torrential rains, fortunately, the Wedixie group had only a partial cloud cover to contend with, which was more than welcome. Four hours in the pouring rain would've been about three hours and fifty-five minutes too long!

You MIGHT be a ham if your teenager refuses to ride in your car because it looks like a porcupine. Richard Fitzgerald, W5RDF


LOTS of excitement has been generated by the recent announcement about the $181,900 Homeland Security federal grant awarded to the ARRL by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) for use in training amateur radio operators in emergency communications. This grant will provide free ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course training (EC-001) to about 1700 volunteers nationwide next year. The ARRL applied for a three year $500,000 grant, but continued funding in years two and three is contingent on performance in meeting specific goals next year, and the availability of additional funds from CNCS. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge said, " ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio and is the national leader in emergency communications by volunteers who operate their own equipment on their own time at no cost to any government, organization, or corporation." ARRL President JIM HAYNIE, W5JBP, said, "This adds legitimacy to the public service work Amateur Radio has been doing for years." Georgia SEC MIKE BOATRIGHT, KO4WX, said, "Yeeeeeee- HA!!!" or words to that effect. No word yet on how the money will be dispersed for this training. Stay tuned.

On July 30, from 7PM until 9 PM, the Georgia Section ARES will be conducting an APRS drill. Organized by JOHN KRAUS, KC4ZGQ, the object is to determine whether APRS can function effectively as a real-time Tactical Information System, and to test the limitations of the short message text format of the system. All APRS activity in our area is forwarded to the internet, thanks to the work of MARK FOLEY, NA4V, so, if you're interested, you can follow the drill's activity on (Ed.: the drill started on time, but was called after 20 minutes due to inclement weather in the state. However, most of the drill objectives were met and a lot was learned. Standby for info on rescheduling this drill.)

CONGRATULATIONS, and THANK YOU, to three newly appointed ECs: TOM ROUCH, W8JI, Lamar county; SYKES TAYLOR, K4MST, Butts county; and CRAIG GAGNER, W1MED, Effingham county. Thanks to all three of you for your willingness to lead your fellow ARES members in serving your communities. It's folks like you that make the ARES program work.

CONGRATULATIONS, also, to JORGE MESTRE, K4KB, who recently completed EC-003, and in fine fashion, too... he aced all three courses!! Way to go, Jorge! The first thing he did after completing his online coursework was to apply for a position as an Official Emergency Station, so he could put some of his training to good use. It's a pleasure to announce that Jorge has officially been approved for this position with the Paulding county ARES, where he also teaches CW classes to his fellow hams. Thanks you, Jorge, for your willingness to serve.

The Forsyth county ARES group, under the leadership of EC PHIL FAULKNER, K4PCF, has been seriously ratcheting up its activity level lately, with terrific attendance at their first couple of meetings, and now, a new Tuesday night ARES net at 8 PM on the 147.150(+) PL 103.5 repeater, that's been getting an average of 35 check-ins. Big plans are afoot, including a newsletter, which RALPH JOHNSON, KG4GGC, will be editing. (One small suggestion, Ralph: keep it SHORT!! Just kidding...) Way to go, guys!

The East Georgia Chapter of the Red Cross is looking for amateur radio operators who are interested in serving in the area of Damage Assessment. Communicators are needed in Banks, Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Greene, Hart, Jackson, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, and Oglethorpe counties. Two courses are required for conducting Damage Assesment: Introduction to Damage Assessment (offered August 8 at 6:30 PM in Athens) and Damage Assessment (August 22 at 6:30 PM in Athens) If you're interested, please contact Ed Rollor, N4ZRA at (706)769-7256 or at [email protected]

Dougherty ARES and Albany ARC members will be participating in a large-scale disaster drill on August 15 to test the response skills of hospitals, public safety, and area HAZMAT teams. The drill scenario will involve a transportation accident, entailing a large chemical exposure. This drill will require many participants, needing, in addition to communicators, people willing to serve as "victims", as families of "victims", and as bystanders. A pre-drill briefing will take place at 6 PM, with the drill expected to last from about 7 until 9:30 PM.

CONGRATULATIONS to Gwinnett ARES, under EC STAN EDWARDS, WA4DYD, for recently earning their 501 C(3) tax status. And THANKS to DAN KEOHAN, KF4YSU, for doing all of the necessary paperwork to make it happen. Good job, all the way around.

JORGE MESTRE, K4KB, was kind enough to forward some information that he'd found on QRZ regarding a US Packet Net. Recognizing the fact that digital modes have tremendous potential for delivering fast and accurate communication in times of emergency, and also that many of the packet networks around the country have begun expanding and upgrading, the USPN Mission statement foresees the various regional networks linking together into a national digital communications network. Sound intriguing? Check out the website at

Talking about expanding and upgrading digital networks, work is still ongoing on the ambitious efforts to extend the digipeater path down I-16 to Savannah. There is still a need for folks to step forward along this path who are willing to have nodes placed at their repeater sites or on their personal towers. If you have a site that you're willing to share to help in these efforts, please contact JOHN KRAUS, KC4ZGQ, at [email protected] This project is vital, and its success will dramatically improve our communications here in Georgia. Thank you to STEVE DIGGS, W4EPI, who recently volunteered to donate a number of TNCs, as well as his own expertise and help in these efforts. Long associated with East Atlanta LAN and a genuine packet aficionado who appreciates the importance of extending the digipath, Steve will be a real asset to these continuing efforts.

A couple of interesting facts from SEC MIKE BOATRIGHT, KO4WX (from the ARES forum at LARC hamfest): Of Georgia's 159 counties, only 2 of them have never had a presidential disaster declared. They are Glascock and Taliaferro. The reason for the highest percentage of the declared disasters, believe it or not, is ice storms. (Who'd a thunk it?) The county that has had the highest incidence of tornadoes is Cobb. GEMA is our number one served agency, and they specifically list ARES in their offical plan. Currently, we have 84 ECs in Georgia, covering counties that contain 75% of Georgia's population. That leaves some gaping holes in our coverage. Needs are particularly high to have an EC and an active ARES group in Glynn and Muscogee counties. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please get in touch with Mike at [email protected]

JOHNNY WINGERS, WX4R, EMA director in Bibb county and president of EMAG, has asked me to address the annual EMAG convention this coming November. I'd be very appreciative if any of you DECs or ECs would kindly share with me any information on your experiences building a good relationship with your local EMAs. What works well? What doesn't work? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Metro Atlanta hams, don't forget: the monthly metro ARES net is the first Sunday of every month at 4 PM, on the MATPARC 145.410(-)PL100 repeater. And ALL of you, don't forget the weekly HF ARES net, every Sunday at 6PM on 3975. Let's see how many of our counties we can have represented on this net.

Like they say, a job is never done until you've finished with the paperwork. ARES groups all over the state are typically involved in many activities in the course of a month, and that's fantastic. But, ECs, PLEASE take the time to send an activity report each month to your DEC and to SEC MIKE BOATRIGHT. (Or you can name an assistant EC, who can handle this sort of administrative work.) It's the public service work and the emergency communications work that we do as amateur radio operators that validates our worth to the FCC. Send your information to Mike, so he can make his reports to the ARRL. ARRL reports of ARES activity is potent ammunition to show the FCC that we should keep our band allocations.

"I KNOW where the tornado is. It's at MY HOUSE!!!" Tom Crowell, KU4CK, during a SKYWARN net in April of 1998, when tornadoes hit Gwinnett and Cobb counties


Georgia Cracker Net    QNI-1203  QTC-13  Sessions-30  N4BD/NM 
6M Rag Chew Net        QNI-9     QTC-0   Sessions- 4  KF4MLT/NM 
Statesboro ARS Net     QNI-61    QTC-0   Sessions- 4  KF4MLT/NM 
GA SSB Assn.           QNI-1923  QTC-30  Sessions-30  K4WKW/NM 
GA Traffic Net (SSB)   QNI-155   QTC-0   Sessions-25  WU4C/NM 
GA Baptist Hams        QNI-82    QTC-0   Sessions-5   AA4P/NM 
GA ARES Net            QNI-177   QTC-0   Sessions-5   AA4P/NM 
GA CW Traffic Net      QNI-390   QTC-184 Sessions-56  AF4NS/NM 
GA CW Training Net     QNI-130   QTC-16  Sessions-30  KG4FXG/NM   

K4BEH      220 
AF4NS      110 
K4BB       100 
W4WXA       90 
WB4GGS      90 
WB2NYM      90 
WB4BIK      84 
K4WKT       75 

Traffic handled: 
W4WXA      213 
WB4GGS     181 
AF4NS       97 
K4BEH       60 
K4BB        51 
WB2NYM      36 
WB4BIK      36 
K4FUM       30 
K4WKT       25 
K1FP         1 

In days of old, when ops were bold, and sideband not invented, the words were passed by pounding brass, and all were quite contented. Anonymous


This comes from RILEY HOLLINGSWORTH's address at the FCC forum at the Dayton hamfest, as reported in the August issue of "Worldradio" magazine. Certainly, these are some words we could all stand to remember.

  1. Amateur radio spectrum is valuable.
  2. We have vast privileges regarding mode, power and activities, whether contests or nets or DX or just talking.
  3. Most of the world either hates us, or thinks we're rotten and don't appreciate anything we have, and those countries have ONE VOTE at International radio meetings, just like us.
  4. There wouldn't be an Amateur Radio Service if it weren't supported by the governments of the world as a whole.
  5. We should operate as if someone listening to us would want to find out how to become an Amateur Radio operator, not be turned off by it, laugh at us, or turn the receiver off in disgust.
  6. We DON'T really have to keep any of this in mind... we do only if we want Amateur Radio to survive and if we want to pass on this wonderful legacy in at least as good a shape as we got it.
  7. For screwing around, there's many alternatives, such as CB, Internet, Walkie Talkies from Toys R Us, and Gameboys.

"We can't regulate stupid." Bill Cross, W3TM, FCC


Though several more representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of H.R. 4720, the "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Consistency Act", none from Georgia have. If you haven't already done so, please take the time to send a letter to your representative, urging him or her to support to this bill. Go to to write an online letter to your representative. A sample letter suggested by the ARRL can be found at Don't forget to copy the ARRL with your letter at [email protected]

You MIGHT be a ham if you ever replaced a perfectly good battery just to get a higher capacity one. Richard Fitzgerald, W5RDF


CONGRATULATIONS to two Georgia students who were recently awarded scholarships by the Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR). MICHELLE SWANN, KE4EZI, of Warner Robins, a student at Cal Tech, won the Lawrence E. and Thelma J. Norrie Memorial Scholarship of $2500 to continue her studies, and DAVID ZISKIND, KE4QLH, a GA Tech student from Atlanta, was awarded a $1000 scholarship. Amateur radio has been very good for both of these students, and they have both been very good for amateur radio, as well. Congratulations to both of you.

JOHN KINCAID, KR4OH, a member of the Albany ARC, was recently recognized in the "Albany Herald" newspaper because of the work he and other club members do providing "vital communications for the Southwest Georgia Chapter, American Red Cross during times of emergency. Kincaid assisted recently with a disaster drill in three counties that are a part of the Chapter's coverage area. In a disaster, the Albany Amateur Radio Club provides communications between Red Cross personnel, local emergency workers, shelters, and the Chapter." I know that none of you provide the services that you do in order to get the recognition, but it's great to be appreciated, isn't it?

Congratulations to two members of the East Georgia Chapter 100 of the QCWA in Augusta: for 50 years as an amateur radio operator, CARROLL (ACE) NORTON, W4WTA, and for 55 years, ALFRED (DICK) SCHOENFELDER, K4FKJ.

When I asked for information about VE test sessions, I got one response that deserves special recognition. That was from JIM PHILLIPS, KF4TCR, out of Acworth. I've referred folks to him in the past who were looking for help getting their license, and he's always been more than happy to help. One such person was Ann Pelfry, a missionary who was in town last year getting medical treatment. She wanted to get her license before she headed back to Belize, and Jim worked with her one-on-one, enabling her to get her general class license before she left town, with lots of time to spare. (Jim will actually be joining Ann and her husband Randy in Belize this coming winter to teach a course in electricity and electronics at the vocational school that they run there, as well as working with the students to set up an amateur radio station and a Christian broadcast station while he is there.)

One thing that sets Jim apart is that he conducts both classes and test sessions "by appointment", often specially gearing them to accommodate the special needs of the young, the elderly, or the handicapped student. He offers training materials, including ARRL books, at no cost to youngsters, and although most of these classes and test sessions are held at his home, he will also travel, and has set up classes and sessions at schools, senior centers, and even at bedsides. From July 7-12, he was in Warren, PA, conducting a Radio Kids Camp at the Allegheny National Forest, Kizma Dam. They were operating under callsign K1TLC; maybe you worked him. He'll be involved with the operation of another camp for 150 inner city kids in August, so listen out for K1TLC, to tell him and the kids "hello". Jim is just one of the many amateur radio operators who go "above and beyond" in his service to others. Y'know, one of those kinda hams who give amateur radio a good name. Thanks, Jim, for all that you do. He says that what he does is made possible by all of the other hams in the area who serve as VEs for his special sessions, so kudos to all of you guys and gals, too.

You MIGHT be a ham if you plan your vacation to take in as many hamfests as possible. Richard Fitzgerald, K5RDF


There will be a FREE one-day technician class offered in Springfield, GA on August 10th, from 8 AM until about 3:30 PM, followed immediately by a VE test session. Instruction will consist of about 6 hours of video lecture with comments from the class moderator, with a break for lunch. For additional information on the class, please contact either MARK AULICK at [email protected] or CRAIG GAGNER, at [email protected]. Any VEs willing to help out with the test session, please contact Craig.

Those one-day classes have become fairly popular around the state, in case you haven't noticed. The pioneer who started them around these parts is WADE MASSENGILL, KU4OJ, who originally developed the course, with the idea of training county workers in Fayetteville so they could get their licenses. The success rate has been outstanding, and what's more, he's been generously sharing the techniques that he's developed and fine-tuned for teaching a successful one-day class with other groups of amateur radio class instructors so they can offer the same sort of one-day classes in their own area. He'll be meeting with some hams from the Cherokee ARES group in the near future, probably sometime in August, to instruct them in the teaching techniques, and is willing to meet with other interested instructors at the same time, as well. I'll pass along more information as I get it, or you can get in touch with Wade.

You MIGHT be a ham if you ever had the same roll of coax up at three different locations. Richard Fitzgerald, W5RDF


AUGUST 3-4 ---National Lighthouses on the Air event. Listen out for K4T, from Tybee Island, where a bunch of us will be sweltering, but having an absolutely fantastic time. I'll tell ya, there's something really magical about being out there by the lighthouse at night, basking in the glow from the lighthouse beacon. Thanks to LARRY LOWE, AF4MI, who did all of the wheelin' and dealin' for us last year, so we could make a tradition of this adventure. Larry and some of the locals will also be running K4T a couple of weeks later, for the International event.

AUGUST 24---the Ellijay hamfest/swapmeet. JACK BRAMBLETT, KK4IV, let me know that it is indeed, on the 24th, and not on the 3rd, as reported in the SERA Journal (and by me in last month's newsletter.) It will be held at the Ellijay Telephone Company pavilion, from 8 AM until about 1 PM, when a VE test session will be held. If you're looking for an enjoyable little get-away in the mountains with a bunch of friendly folks, this is the place to be.

AUGUST 31- SEPT 1---Shelby, NC hamfest Not all that far to go for a hamfest that's a real "happening" event. There'll be folks camping up there the whole week beforehand so they can claim a good "spot" and enjoy the socializing. A really fun place. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. But warning: it can really get HOT there!

You MIGHT be a ham if you ever tapped out "HI" in Morse on your car horn to another ham. Richard Fitzgerald, W5RDF


ALEX BOSS, N4JHD, of Doerun, GA, a long-time member of the Albany ARC, was a retiree of the US Navy as an EMC Chief Petty Officer, and was also retired from Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Condolences to his many friends and family members.


From SSgt. Wes Crain, as printed in the "Reader's Digest" feature "Humor in Uniform", and forwarded by CLIFF SEGAR, KF4DZV

Stationed at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea, I used the Military Affiliate Radio System to call my wife back home in the States. Since many people serving overseas use this network, especially on weekends, I had to wait for my call to go through. Minutes later, the PA system in our section announced that I had a message from MARS. Heading for the telephone, I overheard a young airman say, "I sure hope it's not collect!"

With that, this is AF4FO, signing clear. Take care of yourselves. And each other. 73, Susan [email protected]

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