There are three elected officers in ARMS, each serving a three-year term. These are the president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. In addition there are several appointed national officers. They include the 20-meter net manager, The BEAM editor and the tape editor. Section directors may be appointed by the president or elected by members of their respective sections.

Gerry Brunk, K4RBZ The president, Gerald Brunk, K4RBZ, is responsible for the overall operation of the organization. He recruits the appointed officers as well as the section directors (see below), if necessary. Gerry was elected president in June, 2003. He is a retired history professor at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. In addition to his teaching duties at EMU, he served for two years as a representative of the Mennonite Church in Cairo, Egypt during the 1970's. He and his wife, Shirley, continue to make their home in Harrisonburg, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

President Emeritus
Charlie Cox, K7AQ Charlie Cox, K7AQ, served as president of ARMS for 24 years, almost half the time ARMS has existed. During that time he endeared himself to ARMS members, and faithfully gave effective leadership to the organization. In 2003, newly elected ARMS president Gerry Brunk, K4RBZ, wrote in the Fall 2003 edition of The Beam: "In recognition of this term of service, and as in-coming president I hereby confer upon Charlie Cox, K7AQ, the title of President Emeritus of the Amateur Radio Missionary Service, with all the rights, privileges and honor appertaining thereunto. Thanks, Charlie, for all you have done for ARMS."

Mike Rafferty, K7PTL The vice-president, Mike Rafferty, K7PTL, serves as a backup for the president as well as a general good-will ambassador for ARMS. Should the president be unable to continue in that capacity, the vice-president would assume that responsibility. Mike was elected vice-president in June, 2003. Mike is a pilot with Continental Airlines, operating out of Newark, New Jersey. Mike is one of the few people who is able to check into the 20-meter ARMS Net while on the job. Often he will check in from 30-some thousand feet as he wings his way across the U.S. With an antenna that high he manages a pretty good signal. Mike and his wife, Mary, make their home in Easton, Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware River from New Jersey.

Roger Stubbe, WZMU Secretary-treasurer Roger Stubbe, WZMU, takes care of the membership applications and rolls as well as all the financial aspects of ARMS. Roger worked in various capacities in engineering, programming and administrative ministries in Ecuador for 30 years.  Even spent a year working in the mission's Ecuador accounting office. He served as an elder and pastor in an local Ecuadorian church there for about 20 years. Assigned to HCJB World Radio home office in Colorado Spring in 1995 and worked in International Radio Development and audience research. Elder and teacher in the church in Colorado Springs and now retired and living in Pella, Iowa near his wife's elderly mother and youngest daughter. Roger's experience serves him well as he brings a real professional touch to his position in ARMS.

20-meter Net Manager
Boyce Guffey, K5VSP The ARMS net manager is responsible for seeing that the 20-meter ARMS Net operates smoothly and efficiently. He recruits net control stations, and is generally available during the operation of the net, providing relays to those unable to hear the net control station. Our current net manager is Boyce Guffey, K5VSP. Before his retirement, Boyce ran a radio/TV shop for many years. He and his wife, Thelma Lou, live in Cash Arkansas.


The Beam Editor
 The Beam editor, James Fisher NQ7L, is responsible for the publications of ARMS. Primary is the production and mailing of The Beam, the official newsletter of the organization. He maintains a mailing roster of the members and is responsible for publishing the ARMS Directory every two years. He also keeps track of members' e-mail addresses.

Tape Editor
The tape editor, Denis Parker, WD4ACH, tape records the text of The Beam when it is published and sends the tapes to several of our members who are blind. Denis is also director for the Southeast Section of ARMS. Denis and his wife, Andra, KD4CLF, live in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Section Directors

Eastern Section - Larry Hodge, W2PT, Conklin, New York
Central Section - Roy Clark, KC4YGB, 
Southeast Section - Denis Parker, WD4ACH, Knoxville, Tennessee
Midwest Section - Tom Hauskins AA0LF, Marion, Iowa
South Central Section - Boyce Guffey, K5VSP, Cash, Arkansas
Rocky Mountain Section - Geno McGahay,
AL7GQ, Thornton, Colorado
Northwest Section - George Wood,
KA7HGE, Puyallup, Washington
Southwest Section - Sharon Shortess, KA7DAC, Tucson, Arizona
Canada Section - Vacant

In addition to these directors, some of the sections have additional officers who take care of various section activities.

The webmaster is not a net officer. His or her responsibility, however, is to design and maintain the ARMS Web site, and to assure the integrity of its content. Effective January 4, 2013, Lew Orcutt, NØCXY, is the webmaster.