22 May 2009. The following note was received from Duane by the ARMS webmaster. "I have retired from all ham radio activity . . . I have sold my equipment and will not do any ham activity here or on other nets. I will respond to any e-mails or contact by that mode from my old friends. God be with you and your activities. 99. Duane Stradley, KM5O"


01 September 2008. Duane's Spotlight article is below. The following is an update from him as of August 2008.

"I have a book accepted by a publisher which is now available. It is a fiction story of business men of the first century crossing the path of Jesus and learning from the prophecies that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah.

"To update this biography, I have renewed my personal ham station after a year. I served as net manager for the ARMS net for over two years, and many times as alternate net control. It is time to lighten my ship as I teach Bible classes twice a week at retirement homes here in Baton Rouge, LA. I have missed my many friends on the above listed nets.

"Please look for my book, The Merchant of Damascus, at my website, The book is now available at,, and My website will soon be functioning, as well as,,,,, and 73 and 99. Duane, KM5O."


This week's spotlight is on Duane Stradley, KM5O. Duane lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife of 60 years, Celia Bailey.

Duane and Celia have three children and seven grandchildren. He says the three children are all well established. One son has his own business and their daughter just retired after twenty-eight years of personnel work with the State of Louisiana. Their youngest son served twelve years in the Navy and now manages a Walgreen's in Columbus, Ohio.

Duane was first licensed in 1957 as as KN9JFC in Peoria, Illinois. He upgraded to Conditional and then General Class. Following military service in the U.S. Army, he moved to Oklahoma and was issued K5WUK. He passed the Amateur Extra Class exam in 1980 and was issued his current call of KM5O. Two of his brothers are also hams.

Later, Duane returned to Illinois, finished college at Bradley University, and took the pastorate of two churches in central Louisiana. For eight years Duane wrote and taught a Bible teaching radio program in Baton Rouge. He still writes Bible studies for a retirement home where he teaches regularly. Also, he remains active in his local church. In 1989, Duane retired from 3M Pharmaceutical sales after twenty-three years.

The main KM5O station includes a Kenwood TS-870S, a Heathkit SB-220 amplifier, an MFJ-989C antenna tuner, and a Cushcraft 4-element tribander at 87 feet. A secondary rig is a Kenwood TS-930S and a Heathkit SB-221 amplifier. Other antennas include a 75-meter bazooka and a 40-meter half-square up about 70 feet. He also uses the Clear Speech speaker and voice enhancement audio equipment. He's built several Heathkit units through the years. Duane says he keeps his radios in the living room so he can be close to the coffee pot. He enjoys DXing with this fine station, has WAS, and belongs to the Ragchewer's Club, QCWA, BRARC, and a local ham radio club. On several occasions he's helped with emergency nets during hurricanes.

Duane discovered the ARMS net a few years ago and now serves as ARMS Net Manager. He is also active with Hams for Christ and sometimes checks into the Bible Fellowship Net at 5 a.m. Concerning ARMS he says, "I have been in the ARMS net for more than three years and I enjoy it much. It keeps me in the Bible reading for the net as well as my own devotions. I believe our Bible talk goes around the world. Thank God for that." Indeed!

Music is another big interest in Duane's life. In fact he plays the fiddle. You can see of good picture of him and his fiddle on

Duane's favorite Scripture verse is Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (KJV). Thanks, Duane, for using that strength to serve the Lord.

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