The ARMS Spotlight this weeks shines on Jay Allenbrand, KCORJ. Jay was first licensed in 2004 and holds and Amateur Extra Class License. He joined the ARMS Christian Fellowship in 2004.

The main station at KCORJ is a Yaesu FT-920 which he uses only on the ARMS and Hams for Christ nets. Jay's station also includes a Kenwood TS-830, a Yaesu IC-817, and an Alinco DX-77T, all of which transmit into one of eight dipole antennas.

Jay had an interest in electronics since his childhood years and was trained in field radio repair while in the Army National Guard. He later spend twenty-nine years working with a local telephone company. His interest in Ham Radio was sparked by the influence of a cousin who had been a Ham Radio operator for many years. Unfortunately, Jay got so involved with the pursuit of it that he neglected his wife and family. It soon got to the point where it was either Ham Radio or his wife, and he wisely chose the latter. Over the next few years he devoted his time to learning how to be a good husband and father.

In the summer of 2002, Jay's son got into Ham Radio and, of course, went to Jay with the request, "Dad, can you help me?" Jay soon got his Technician Class License. He immediately upgraded to General Class, and soon thereafter to Amateur Extra Class.

Jay hastens to add that at this point, while he was learning to be a good husband, he also began spending more time in God's Word. All of this brought him closer to the Lord than ever before. His heart and affection had been changed from Ham Radio to the Lord. He says he really doesn't have much interest today in Ham Radio itself. It's the Christian nets like ARMS that he enjoys.

Jay met Herry, ADBC, at a local hamfest. There Jerry had a display with information about a 2-meter Christian Fellowship net in the Springfield area. Unfortunately, Jay didn't have any 2-meter equipment at the time. Jerry also told Jay about the Hams For Christ Fellowship net on 7.232.5 MHz. He started checking into that net and soon became a net control station.

Jay was raised on a farm and after high school went to auto mechanics trade school in Kansas City. He soon discovered that, while he enjoyed working on his own cars, he didn't like working on other's. Soon, he joined the Army National Guard. Shortly after his term of active duty, he began his job with the telephone company. He was also ordained in 1973 and became a part-time pastor of three small churches. He presently belongs to a Southern Baptist Church.

Nancy Boyer became Jay's bride in 1975. Jay says she is the best wife that a man could ever hope for. "One would be hard pressed to find one better." Good for you, Jay! They have one son, Jeff, who is preparing for the ministry.

Jay cites Philippians 4:13 as his favorite verse: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Jay leaves these words with the ARMS membership. "It has truly been a great blessing to me sharing in the fellowship on the ARMS net and getting to meet some really fine Christian people."

[ POSTED ON 20-JUL-2006 ]