The Beam is the official newsletter of ARMS. It is published twice a year and contains news of interest from ARMS members, sections, net activities, and other information relating to radio and the work of missions. You may download the Current or any Archived edition of The Beam by clicking on a file below. We are adding more newsletters, as time allows, clear back to 1979. Enjoy!


Currant Issue


Fall 2017 Issue


All of the issues posted so far have been scanned and sent to me by Ora KE7BF. This has taken him many hours and much patience to get them to us so as you read and enjoy these scans as much as I do remember all his work and thank him for it when you hear him on or send him some Email with many thanks. As I understand these are all the copies he has so thanks Ora for putting up with me and may God truly bless you for the treasure you are!


Archived Issues


As I understand there were no issues published for all of 2008 and spring of 2007. We also are missing Fall of 1994 and 1997 and also 1987 if those were published and also a spring 1990. If anyone has any of these or any others as they go way back and can scan them to PDF and Email them to me it would be greatly appreciated for me to post.


Spring 2017 Issue     Fall 2017 Issue

Spring 2016 issue      Fall 2016 Issue

Spring 2015 issue      Fall 2015 Issue

Spring 2014 issue      Fall 2014 issue

Spring 2013 issue      Fall 2013 issue

Spring 2012 issue      Fall 2012 issue

Spring 2011 issue      Fall 2011 issue

Spring 2010 issue      Fall 2010 issue

Spring 2009 issue      Fall 2009 issue

No 2008 Issues were published

No 2007 Spring Issue Fall 2007 issue

Spring 2006 issue      Fall 2006 issue

Spring 2005 issue      Fall 2005 issue

Spring 2004 issue      Fall 2004 issue

Spring 2003 issue      Fall 2003 issue

Spring 2002 issue      Fall 2002 issue

Spring 2001 issue      Fall 2001 issue

Spring 2000 issue      Fall 2000 issue

Spring 1999 issue      Fall 1999 issue

Spring 1998 issue      Fall 1998 issue

Spring 1997 issue      Fall 1997 issue

Spring 1996 issue      Fall 1996 issue

Spring 1995 issue      Fall 1995 issue

Spring 1994 issue      Fall 1994 issue

Spring 1993 issue      Fall 1993 issue

Spring 1992 issue      Fall 1992 issue

Spring 1991 issue      Fall 1991 issue

No 1990 Spring issue Fall 1990 issue

Spring 1989 issue      Fall 1989 issue

Spring 1988 issue      Fall 1988 issue

Spring 1987 issue No Fall issue 1987

Spring 1986 issue      Fall 1986 issue

Spring 1985 issue No Fall issue 1985

Spring 1984 issue No Fall issue 1984

Spring 1983 issue No Fall issue 1983

No1982 spring issue   Fall 1982 issue

No1981 spring issue No Fall issue 1981

No1980 spring issue No Fall issue 1980

Spring 1979 issue  No Fall issue 1979

Summer 1979 issue