An update for my spotlight page is in order. The "shack" appearance is a little different as most of the "boat anchors" were sold at ham fests. I have now limited my contesting to the ARRL 10 Meter Contest, for which I have eleven First Place certificates for the Iowa Section. I now do only the first Saturday NCS on the Midwest ARMS Net. I have been substituting on Wednesdays as NCS on the National ARMS Net for Ken, AL7AX. Ken has moved into a new house and is still determining if a antenna can be put up there. Gerry, K4RBZ, has retired from the ARMS Presidency and the Saturday National ARMS Net after many years of faithful service. Thank you Gerry from all the ARMS membership! Dean, K0TVJ, and I have been splitting the Saturday NCS duty, with me taking the first hour and Dean doing the second hour. This has been working well and Gerry is always ready to fill in as needed. We have also started a 40 Meter ARMS Net for which I am the Thursday NCS. This net is on 7.220 MHz., 1430 to 1530 zulu DST. So come try this 40 meter net out if you haven't tried already. The biggest change in my life has been being elected your new Vice President of ARMS. This is quite an honor you have entrusted to me and I will do my best to not disappoint you. I have not met most of you, but feel a "oneness" with all of you through our common belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Updated 21 October 2017