Los Angeles Packet Cluster Reports as of Thu Mar 14 20:27:10 2013

DX deQSXStationNotesTimeBearing
K6XT: 1826.5 HC2AC CQ 0327Z123
N6LVY: 7160.0 RU3ZG Good Signal - San Diego 0322Z13
N6ML: 7165.0 JX9JKA by # .. now 6 0322Z19
KD6WKY: 14245.0 6V7S Good sig west coast 0321Z71
W6ENZ: 7006.0 4Z5AD Sorry...call correction 0319Z DM1323
K7UA: 14011.5 UK7AL 0318Z73
W6ENZ: 7006.0 H44G CQ ... simplex 0317Z DM13257
VE7DXF: 14232.5 RX0AK Nick 5/9 plus 20..NA036 73 Don0316Z318
W7CIA: 14017.1 FK8DD 0316Z DN24243
VE7VQ: 14203.0 RK9UN Zone 18 CQ'n 0316Z CO83318
W6LC: 14245.0 6V7S great sig in w6 0315Z71
N6WK: 14020.1 A45XR 0314Z2
K6XT: 14020.1 A45XR up 1.5 Big sig 0312Z2
N6WK: 14006.1 H44G 0312Z257
AA7ED: 10146.0 OK1XD rtty 0312Z28
KD6WKY: 14245.0 6V7S QRP 1 watt 0310Z71
W6TK: 14020.2 A45XR up 1 0307Z CM952
K6EE: 14025.0 RV9DC cq 0305Z318

Last WWV Report

WWV de AE5E <03>: SFI=123, A=5, K=0, No Storms -> Minor w/G1
This page is updated at irregular intervals - rarely oftener than every five minutes, but WILL NOT be updated in the absense of new spots. Spots more than two hours old are dropped at the next update. Currently it will auto-update in many browsers every 15 minutes Input is from a TNC at AK6I monitoring the Los Angeles packet cluster station K6SY located near LAX. For now this is an experimental service which is a side effect of an effort to develop a logging program for Linux. Email Darrel@VanBuer.net if you're interested.
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