Los Angeles Packet Cluster Reports as of Tue Nov 15 18:37:19 2016

DX deQSXStationNotesTimeBearing
K6NA: 3795.0 OK2RZ good sig, SoCal 0619Z28
N7ELL: 10117.0 5H3MB QSX 10119.10 0406Z DM4342
W6HDG: 10117.0 5H3MB up 1.8 TNX 0357Z DM1342
N6DKP: 7030.0 9J2BO simpplex 0337Z DM0466
NJ6W: 7000.0 K6IJB test spot 0225Z71

Last WWV Report

WWV de W0MU <06>: SFI=77, A=11, K=2, No Storms -> No Storms
This page is updated at irregular intervals - rarely oftener than every five minutes, but WILL NOT be updated in the absense of new spots. Spots more than two hours old are dropped at the next update. Currently it will auto-update in many browsers every 15 minutes Input is from a TNC at AK6I monitoring the Los Angeles packet cluster station K6SY located near LAX. For now this is an experimental service which is a side effect of an effort to develop a logging program for Linux. Email Darrel@VanBuer.net if you're interested.
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