Los Angeles Packet Cluster Reports as of Sun Sep 25 10:31:24 2016

DX deQSXStationNotesTimeBearing
N9LQ: 21100.5 W9ILY RTTY 1730Z EN5271
N2LEE: 14082.0 UW3E RTTY 1730Z19
WA6SCW: 14080.7 OU2DX RTTY 1730Z DM3325
VE3XT: 7039.0 KM4LAO 1729Z71
WM9Q: 14119.1 EA5HJO RTTY 1729Z EN6244
K4MI: 14111.8 LZ9W RTTY 1729Z27
K8JH: 7250.0 KK4AGN npota ns67 1729Z EN7371
KB3MI: 21081.4 AN400D 1729Z44
W6EU: 14086.2 LX7I RTTY 1729Z32
K1SD: 21081.0 PU2TRX RTTY 1729Z FN41117
K8RAT: 7282.0 K4SWL NPOTA - NP 26 + TR 01. 1729Z71
N9LQ: 21084.6 K9CT RTTY 1728Z EN5271
N2LEE: 14079.4 LZ5XQ RTTY 1728Z27
W0MB: 14147.0 F5CQ RTTY 1728Z34
W3JCB: 18105.5 AN400R RTTY..Big Sig...but deaf 1728Z FN0144
K4MZR: 7250.0 KK4AGN NPOTA NS67 Steamtown 1728Z FM1671
N9LQ: 21080.5 P49X RTTY 1728Z EN52103
W0MA: 14120.1 OM2AGN RTTY 1727Z27
N6QQ: 14079.5 N5PU RTTY MS 1728Z71
K3MRK: 7039.0 KM4LAO NPOTA HP11 1727Z FN1071
N6QQ: 14079.5 N5PU RTTY 1727Z71
KC7ND: 7039.0 KM4LAO NPOTA-HP11 1727Z71
N8NQN: 14330.5 K5LLA 1727Z71
WA6SCW: 14080.2 9A701A RTTY 1727Z DM3330
W0MB: 14145.6 SV2JAO RTTY 1727Z29
KG5EJM: 14283.0 WB8WKQ TX QSO Party 1727Z71
AB9YC: 14092.0 NY6DX RTTY 1726Z EN5271
AE5B: 7034.8 N5RZ tqp midl 1726Z71
N4CD: 10121.0 N4CD Hp06 1725Z71
K8RAT: 7034.0 N2CX NPOTA NS 05 1726Z71
W3LPL: 21130.9 KG4SS RTTY Heard in MA 1725Z FM1998
W3LPL: 21117.0 TK5MH RTTY Heard in MA 1725Z FM1936
W0MB: 14143.4 VE3IAE RTTY 1725Z60
W3LPL: 14142.3 MJ5Z RTTY Heard in MA 1725Z FM1936
W4IMD: 14269.0 OK2RZ TNX JIRI 73 1725Z EM8428
W3LPL: 21095.0 D66D RTTY Heard in MD 1725Z FM1940
K2KA: 21098.7 I8JIT CQ Test RYRY 1725Z FN4234
K4MZR: 7250.0 KK4AGN npota 1725Z FM1671
W0MB: 14142.7 IK2XDE RTTY 1724Z34
VA3MO: 18070.0 4S7AB 1724Z FN03333
K1GG: 14084.0 UW3E 1724Z19
KE2D: 14087.7 K7JR RTTY TEST 1724Z FN2071
AB4YL: 7039.0 KM4LAO NPOTA HP11 CW youth YL op 1724Z71
K2LS: 21105.0 SV9FBG RTTY 1724Z29
KB3VVE: 7039.0 KM4LAO npota hp11 1724Z71
WZ0W: 7212.7 K5IZO TX QSO Party 1724Z EM4871
W3LPL: 21142.8 MJ5Z RTTY Heard in NC 1723Z FM1936
W3LPL: 21101.6 9J2HN RTTY Heard in MA 1723Z FM1966
AB9YC: 14083.4 VE7SZ RTTY 1723Z EN5260

Last WWV Report

WWV de VE7CC <15>: SFI=85, A=5, K=3, Minor w/G1 -> No Storms
This page is updated at irregular intervals - rarely oftener than every five minutes, but WILL NOT be updated in the absense of new spots. Spots more than two hours old are dropped at the next update. Currently it will auto-update in many browsers every 15 minutes Input is from a TNC at AK6I monitoring the Los Angeles packet cluster station K6SY located near LAX. For now this is an experimental service which is a side effect of an effort to develop a logging program for Linux. Email Darrel@VanBuer.net if you're interested.
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