Los Angeles Packet Cluster Reports as of Fri Mar 27 20:07:43 2015

DX deQSXStationNotesTimeBearing
W6SX: 21342.2 NH2DX USB 0307Z DM07284
KN6OL: 14160.0 3G1B 0307Z141
W6SX: 21345.2 RT0F USB 0306Z DM0713
K6RWM: 14236.5 ZV2K USB 0305Z DM14117
W7DXW: 28511.0 VK2AU 58 > s. AZ 0305Z239
AC7JM: 7223.5 K6ND 0303Z71
K6RWM: 14229.4 KP2M USB 0303Z DM1494
N6HE: 14295.2 CN2AA 0251Z51
KJ6NZ: 21215.2 9N7WE WPX 0250Z337
N6IC: 21378.0 JR3RIY USB 0250Z DM04305
N6YG: 14167.0 ZY2A 0247Z117
W1SRD: 21250.0 E50A 0239Z73
KD6AF: 21427.5 7M2PSC 0234Z305
W6UV: 21215.2 9N7WE 0229Z CM87337
N7ELL: 18142.0 C21EU QSX 18147.00 0229Z DM43260
KD6AF: 21339.0 JA3YBK 0228Z305
N6DBF: 14239.7 SV9CVY 0226Z DM1329
AC7JM: 21397.0 PX2F 0227Z117
NX6T: 28445.1 VK6NC 0227Z239
AC7JM: 21379.9 PS4A 0221Z117
N6QQ: 28457.0 JI2ZEY 0219Z305
AC7JM: 28537.8 VK8AA 0219Z239
N6QQ: 28503.1 YE2C 0218Z293
N6QQ: 28537.8 VK8AA 0215Z239
K2YWE: 7028.8 VE3KI 0213Z FM1960
N6YG: 14257.4 P43L 0213Z103
N6DBF: 14286.3 P3N 0213Z DM1324
N6HE: 21426.2 PY1NX 0213Z117
N6QQ: 28490.1 JE1RXJ 0212Z305
K6RWM: 21295.0 J79MM USB 0211Z DM1495
K6RMJ: 21336.0 BI4SSB 0211Z321
N6JV: 21402.8 KP2M 0211Z94
K6RWM: 21287.6 KP4BD USB 0209Z DM1494
N6DBF: 14345.5 VE3CX 0209Z DM1360
N6YG: 14242.0 KH7XX 0208Z260
N6QQ: 28478.1 YB2DX 0208Z293
AA6RE: 21303.9 HK1R 0208Z CM97115
N6QQ: 28471.8 9M4CC 0207Z305
K6RWM: 21278.6 PX5E USB 0207Z DM14117
W3LPL: 7007.4 ER3CW Heard in PA 0207Z FM1921
N6DBF: 14255.0 PJ4Z 0207Z DM13103
N6QQ: 28460.0 YB1KI 0206Z293
N6HE: 21317.1 PX2F 0204Z117
VE1DT: 14016.0 UK8AR 0203Z355
W6SX: 21411.8 JE1CKA USB 0203Z DM07305
N6QQ: 28437.6 YE1ZAT 0202Z293
W6SX: 21405.2 N0FCD USB 0202Z DM0771
AA7V: 14342.0 EF7T 0202Z44
N6QQ: 28430.9 YB1BGI 0202Z293

Last WWV Report

WWV de VE7CC <09>: SFI=138, A=13, K=2, No Storms -> No Storms
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