50-MHz to Microwave

   This is the webpage for the Alaska VHF-Up Group; An informal Amateur Radio group promoting interest 
   in VHF and higher frequencies with emphasis on long-distance, weak-signal operations.  
   This group will also facilitate entering VHF, UHF and microwave contests in Alaska.  The group is 
   an ARRL Afilliated Club and is casually affiliated with the Pacific NW VHF Society.
   Meetings will be ocassionally arranged for the sole purpose of getting together hams with common 
   interests in VHF and higher techology.  Membership is promoted for the purpose of providing a list
   of Alaskan Hams sharing similar interests in VHF and "Up".  Charter membership was offered to those
   who joined by December 31, 2005.  Regular membership began on January 1, 2006.
Here is the excel form for signing up. If you cannot open excel forms go here for a reader. Or you can e-mail KL7UW for more information. If you are new to VHF "weak-signal" operation or only have FM experience, you should read my article from the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Newsletter, then read the introductory articles posted on the Pacific NW VHF Society website, and another interesting article about getting on VHF-SSB from Bob Witte, KØNR. K7CW writes an convincing argument on using digital modes for VHF and Up. Here is a very good article written about troposcatter propagation at VHF and above.

Business and BOD Actions: Nominations for AK VHF-UP Group Board of Directors is open until May 13st (I'll extend that until June 7th as I will be gone on a trip until then. One Director is chosen by Alaskan members, one by non-Alaskan members, and a third by all members (see constitution link, below). NOTE! Election of Board Members is June 1-30. See the Constitution and By-Laws for the rules for nominations and election. Nominations for Board of Directors are open from May 1-31; Election is June 1-30 New term runs 1July, 2017 - 30June, 2019 Board of Directors June 2015-2017: Ed Cole, KL7UW, Paul Kiesel, K7CW, and Dale Hershberger, KL7XJ. 3 July 2017: No BOD nominations were received, so the existing board is selected (per the constitution) for 2017-2019. AVG Officers Sept. 2015-2017:
  • President - Ed Cole, KL7UW
  • Vice President - Dale Hershberger, KL7XJ
  • Secretary - Treasurer - Temp KL7UW
  • Contest/Awards Chair - Paul Kiesel, K7CW
  • Webmaster - Ed Cole, KL7UW
The annual meeting will be held concurrent with the Kenai Hamfest, and during the Annual PNWVHFS Conference. This should provide a convenient time and reasonable accessibility for the majority of members. Members are encouraged to report their activities/projects for inclusion on this webpage for all to read. The AVG webpage serves as the Newsletter of events and activities (see archives of previous years activities at end of this page).
NEW Alaska VHF-UP E-mail Reflector: Link to subscribe to AK-VHF reflector. Note: Subscription is available to members-only of the AK VHF Up Group.
NEW Alaska VHF-UP Award: Here is the new Awards page, and samples of the two certificates.
Membership List: Follow this link for the Membership List.
Activity Nets:
  • TUESDAY-NET: "Southcentral Simplex Net", 146.52 FM Simplex *, 2000-local time, KL7CY Net Control.
  • SATURDAY-NET: "Alaska VHF-Up Net", 0900-local time, KL7UW Net Control, Schedule:
  • 144.200 MHz SSB every Saturday except last weekend of the month
  • 146.52 MHz** FM simplex on Last Saturday of the month 9:00-9:30am then switch to 144.200 USB until end of net.
  • * Net progresses to 10m/6m/1.25m/70cm/33cm/23cm! ** Note the change in frequency from 146.58 to 146.52 for the AK-VHF Net.

VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference Schedule for 2017:
  • South East VHF Conference, Charlotte, NC, April 28-29, 2017.
  • Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers Conferences: Western Regional Conference, Annual Conference, Greenbank, WV,
  • SETI-League Conference, jointly held with SARA at Greenbank, above
  • Kenai Peninsula Hamfest, TBD in September.
  • Central States VHF Society Conference, Albuquerque, NM, July 27-29.
  • Pacific NW VHF Society, Oct.
  • Microwave Update

Suggested operating frequencies
6M 50.110/50.125 HORZ 50.30 VERT
2M 144.200 VERT 146.58 VERT
1.25M 222.100 VERT 223.50 VERT
70CM 432.200 VERT 446.00 VERT
23CM 1296.100 VERT 1294.50 VERT

ARRL JANUARY VHF Contest: Jan 21-22, 2017: The contest begins 10:00 am AKST Saturday and ends 7:00 pm Sunday. Operate all bands 50-MHz and higher. For details go to: Contest page. ARRL JUNE VHF Contest: June 10-11, 2017: The contest begins 10:00 am AKST Saturday and ends 7:00 pm Sunday. Operate all bands 50-MHz and higher. For details go to: Contest page. CQ VHF Contest: July 15-16, 2017: The contest begins 10:00 am AKST Saturday and ends 7:00 pm Sunday. 6m and 2m contest. For details go to: Contest page. EME Contests: Here is a link to the EME Page for the dates. VHF-Up DX Record: Here is the preliminary DX Record spreadsheet. Activities Archive: Here is a link to the Archives for 2009 Here is a link to the Archives for 2010 Here is a link to the Archives for 2011 Archive was lost for 2012 Here is a link to the Archives for 2013 Here is a link to the Archives for 2014 Here is a link to the Archives for 2015 Here is a link to the Archives for 2016