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Radio AH7E Hawaii celebrates its 8th year on the web! Officially launched on 3 January 2000, Radio AH7E Hawaii specializes in the monitoring of public safety radio communications and more. We are proud to serve the scanner and amateur radio community in the Aloha State!

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This section is devoted for downloading files to quickly program your scanner. More files are coming.

Downloading Win96 software and .p96 scanner files

1. If you do not have the Win96 software, download it here. You must use version 1.59 or later. Previous versions do not have the option to monitor rebanded public safety trunked radio systems.

2. Download the file appropriate to your listening needs.

3. Users must have the Radio Shack USB Scanner/PC interface cable, part 20-047.

WARNING: Programming your scanner with this file will ERASE all previously stored data. Please make a backup of all your scanner data, or update this file with your data in other banks. I will NOT be responsible for any lost data!!!

Uploading .p96 file to your scanner

1. Launch the Win96 software.

2. Go to File --> Open.

3. Find and click the appropriate .p96 file, then click Open

4. Click on the Scanner menu, then click on Upload to Scanner

5. When the upload is complete, remove the programming cable. If necessary, turn your scanner off, then on again. That's it. Enjoy!

File Description File Name
(click to download)
PRO-96/PRO-2096 -- Kauai County 800 MHz Rebanded Public Safety (851-853 MHz) kauai800.p96


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