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Getting on the air at Diamond Head Looking for the ultimate decoder for reading Morse Code in real time?

After many years of searching, I was truly blown away when I tried out this application on the Apple iPod Touch.

It's simply amazing.

For many years, I've looked at various kinds of devices and software for reliably decoding Morse Code, so that I can learn to verify and copy Morse Code faster. Either I was never really satisfied with the performance of the unit, or the unit or software was no longer in production. I was recently surprised when I downloaded an application for the Apple iPod Touch handheld and tried it out.

In the iTunes store, you can search for applications involving "Morse Code". You'll find "MorseDecoder" by "HotPaw Productions". If you have a second or third generation iPod Touch (which has an external microphone available through the headset), or the iPhone, the program uses the built-in mike to listen and decode morse code. Sorry, the first generation iPod Touch is not supported. Make sure if you use an iTouch to plug in the external microphone before starting the application so that the application can recognize the mike while the application is starting.

The program self-learns to track the incoming audio and decode the morse code, and adaptively tunes to the audio frequency and speed of the code from speeds from 5 to 36 words per minute. It also has an option for a narrow audio filter, to screen out excess noise.

The amazing thing is that it works so simply, and decodes much better than any device I've seen. The microphone for the iTouch is sensitive, which plays into the ease of operation. You don't have to place the unit right up to the speaker. You can be removed by a foot or two, and it'll pick up and decode the morse code with no strain. This one application alone made my purchase of an iTouch worthwhile, as I no longer have to search for a Morse Code decoder that would satisfy my needs.

You can find it at iTunes by clicking [icon]   Morse Decoder

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