Thank you for your interest in Air Force MARS.  Our program has several prerequisites: 

1. You must be a U.S. citizen and be a currently licensed amateur radio operator; any class of license. Note: A copy of your amateur license must accompany your application. 

2. Posses the radio equipment to operate on at least two HF MARS frequencies. Almost all of the commercial amateur radio transceiver's can be modified to operate on any of the MARS frequencies.  

3. The radio equipment must meet current NTIA frequency stability and band width standards. Most all modern amateur radios meet the band width requirement and will meet the stability requirement standard if the TCXO or upgraded crystal oscillator has been installed. 

4. You must have digital capability. This can be TNC or sound card. 

5. And you must be able to meet the minimum participation requirement of 12 hours per quarter in MARS operation. Nine hours have to be within your primary assignment, usually the regional HF net. 

You will receive live training on one of our HF frequencies. While in training status you will not be able to handle traffic or operate on other MARS frequencies or modes, but this will provide you an opportunity to gain experience regarding how our nets operate. Your training status can last up to six months, but most of our members finish their training much quicker. 

Air Force MARS operates a number of Area and nation wide HF networks on voice and digital modes, some running 24/7 and others operating on fixed schedules. You can look at how the Divisions and Regions are laid out by clicking here.

To apply for membership, please complete the MARS application and e-mail the form, with a copy of your current amateur license to the appropriate State MARS Director (SMD) using the link below to obtain the Email address.  If you were a previous MARS member, please include a copy of your MARS license or assignment order. I’m sure you will find your experience in Air Force MARS rewarding and worthwhile.

For Completing
The Application
Region 9 SMD E-mail Addresses
Arizona SMD -
California SMD -
Nevada SMD -

The AF MARS Application Form is also used for requesting administrative actions for current members. Current AF MARS members wishing to update their membership informaton, submit a change of address, amateur license renewal, etc., must submit a signed and dated Application Form to their SMD, indicating the action requsted. The form provided is one used for these administrative actions.