AFN9SN Messages

DE AFN9SN NR 57 R 040014Z APRIL 2014 FM: AFN9SN / NV TO: MISSION SUPPORT NETWORK BT 1. The 141st Communications Flight will be part of an Exercise Evaluation conducted 10-11 April at Fairchild AFB, WA. The 141st also has a JISCC (MARS call sign AAR0WNA) that they will deploy as part of the exercise. They are asking for AFMARS to set up a voice net from 12:00-4:00 PM PST on 10 April and from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST on 11 April to provide their JISCC operators an opportunity for on-the-air-training using HF radio. 2. The Mission Support Network will provide HF communications support for this exercise, which is expected to be regional in nature. Frequency MSC shall be used as the primary and should provide good propagation for the intended area. Frequency MSB is the alternate. 3. All MSN stations in Divisions 8, 9 and 10 are asked to provide communications support for this exercise. Other Divisions/Regions are welcome to participate depending on propagation. 4. I spoke with MSgt. Leo Hubbard of the 141st Communications Flight, he is very interested in working with AF MARS and the Mission Support Network. //signed// JD Weiss AFN9SN/AFA9JD USAF MARS National mission Support Network Manager BT NNNN
DE AFN9SN NR 031 R 051047Z MARCH 2014 FROM: AFN9SN/NV TO: MISSION SUPPORT NETWORK ASSIGNED STATIONS BT Subject: USAF MARS National Mission Support Network White Blanket Exercise 1. Scenario This is a Mission Support Network communications exercise (COMEX) covering the entire U.S. and possessions. A growing low-pressure area covers the continental US with lingering frigid cold temperatures ranging from 25 degrees F down to minus 60 degrees F with snow depths ranging from over 12 feet in the northern tiers to a few inches in the Deep South. 2. Instructions I will initiate this exercise on-the-air as part of the MSN Operations net on voice, Olivia 32 and M110A digital modes using the parameters specified for both of these modes on the and web sites. Date: Saturday, 22 March 2014 Time: 1700 Z (1000 Pacific, 1100 Mountain, 1200 Central and 1300 Eastern) Propagation should be better at this time than during the MSNAD1 Admin net. Duration: One hour, unless additional time is required to pass remaining traffic. Frequency: MSG Check-in: Each operator checks into the net on the designated frequency using voice or digital. 1. Voice: USE ABBREVIATED PROCEDURES. “This is, (call sign, location, traffic – if any) Over.” 2. Digital: Olivia 32 or M110A. USE FULL, or ABBREVIATED PROCEDURES. “(NCS call sign) DE (call sign, location, traffic – if any) K.” or “DE, (call sign, location, traffic – if any) K.” All participating stations shall send at least one METAR (weather) report message for their location to the MSN manager AFN9SN, the Point-of-Contact (POC) for this exercise. It is permissible and suggested you construct your message prior to the start of this exercise. It is recommended that stations use the METAR to MARS message format converter, downloadable from This program has been used extensively in Division 9 and it works very well. Whenever possible, exercise message traffic shall be sent/relayed on-the-air via voice, or any authorized digital mode with the audio centered on 1,500 Hz. for amateur modes. If message traffic needs to be sent via e-mail due to poor conditions or other reasons, please use the winlink e-mail address below in my signature for this exercise. All exercise voice traffic will contain the words “MARS EXERCISE” in each radio transmission preceding the exercise message content. All exercise written messages will contain similar wording IAW the MOI and AF MARS National Emergency Communications Plan. 3. MSN Objectives A. MSN operators review the current AF MARS National Emergency Communications Plan in advance of the exercise. B. Operators obtain practice composing, sending, receiving, copying and forwarding exercise message traffic. C. Other objectives to be determined. D. After Action Report by the MSN Manager. // Signed // JD Weiss AFN9SN/AFA9JD USAF MARS National Mission Support Network Manager AFA9JD@WINLINK.ORG BT NNNN