I, ____________________, do solemnly pledge.
Although my country has suffered a horrible blow, I will not allow my spirit to be defeated.
I will go to work,
I will take my kids to school,
and my life, changed forever, will go on.

I pledge I will support my President and armed forces in whatever action must be taken.
I pledge I will pray for the victims of this attack and their families and friends.
I pledge not to live in fear.

I will not panic.
I will not sell my stocks and cause my country to slip into a recession.
I will not allow my anger to grow into an all-consuming hate.

I pledge my pride in America will grow.
To do anything less would be to allow those who have committed this violence against my country to celebrate another victory.

This I do Solemnly pledge!


text courtesy of WULV Louisville, KY.

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