Hi I'm Patti Colvin.I was born in the great state of Illinois in 1943.I still live in Illinois and for the last 28 years lived in Braceville a small farming area about 60 miles southwest of Chicago in Grundy County. In Feb of 1962 I married my childhood friend Jess Colvin we have been happy ever since.We have two children a son Jesse born in 1966 and a daughter Vicki born 1967. I spent a few years working as both a Doctor and Dental Asst. I spent most of my time being a full time wife and mother. I became interested in Amateur Radio in mid 1977. Both Jess and I got our license he as WD9FGF me as WD9FGE. I found I loved cw. I hated the fact that there were frequencies out of bounds to me so decided to upgrade. By end of 1978 I got call AF9H Jess did not change his call right away and received AI9L.Used mostly cw untill 1995 when I found I also liked SSB. Belong to a cw Club of Fists and a SSB Geratol Club. Met alot of wonderful people through the years some becoming very dear friends. My other hobbies are reading (I mostly have a book in my hands when not using a keyer) playing canasta and euchre. Belong to two local card clubs. Jess retired after 30 years at age 55 from Caterpillar Tractor as supervisor in press shop. We try to balance our time between family, friends, a little traveling and our hobbies.We now have three grandkids. we try to spend tinme with them every day. There always seems to be a baseball,basketball,soccer or a school function we try not to miss. Our son Jesse has call N9ARK he holds General class that he received before age 12. Our daughter Vicki had novice class KA9GAC at age 10 she never upgraded and let it expire after she married. We now have high hopes for the grandchildren to be on the air someday calling cq cq cq.