radio unimog

Some time in August of 1999, I became intrigued with the idea of a Unimog, having seen someone by the name of "dand" post a message to the Usenet newsgroup co.general regarding his. An hour later, having typed in "Unimog" into Google's search engine, and I was floored -- one of these would be perfect for the ARES work involved in a cold-weather, rural district.

A Unimog is a Mercedes-Benz-made military vehicle; most which are in civilian hands nowadays are of the '60s and '70s vintage, although they are still made today. They have a number of really nice features: shift on demand four-wheel drive, locking differentials, a sealed drive train, and a fording depth of almost a meter!

Moreover, there's one variation in particular in which I am interested: a radio mog. Mercedes-Benz used to make them, optionally, with a large box on the bed. The headroom is about 5 feet, and it has a wooden floor, some tables, some cabinets and two chairs which lock down to the floor for transit. In that box is wired a 24V DC system; in fact, the whole 'mog is 24V. There's a generator which charges two 12V batteries, which, in turn, power the radio box.

OK, now, I'm not the type to look at a picture and immediately say, "I want." Normally, it takes me a few days, then I say, "I want." So, in desiring more information, one of the web site across which I came was for Rocky Mountain Moggers. In perusing the pictures of their members' mogs, I caught the mention of a "Ham Mog", owned by one Bob Ragain, WB4ETT. Well, after a bit of email exchanged with Bob (you'll not meet a nicer guy), he invited me to a Thursday night get-together with the Denver Fox Hunters, so I could take a look at his Unimog.

'Twas a thing of beauty... Big, and ugly like only a mother could love...or a design engineer...or a four-wheeling enthusiast...or me. I was smitten, and my poor wife Tracy just couldn't stand the thought of having one of those in the driveway.

Anyway, so I'm looking to sell my Jeep to buy a mog. Once I get it, and get it outfitted, I'll definitely take some pictures and put them up here.

'Til then, anybody wanna buy a Jeep? :-)

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