Are you a FCC licensed, U.S. amateur radio operator who is living or working abroad, anywhere overseas? If so, we'd like to invite you to join MARS. MARS is seeking individuals interested in military communications, disaster communications support to the Department of Defense, Department of Army, and the many other agencies supported by MARS. The primary focus of MARS activities today is centered around our capability to provide critical communications prior, during, and following disasters or contingencies for our customers. The historical practice of morale and welfare "MARSgrams" still continues, despite the advancement of other technologies, but is now a secondary function to other MARS missions. To learn more about the Army MARS program, read Army MARS publication AM-1, This is Army MARS. Please contact me ( ) or HQ, Army MARS if you are interested. Here is the MARS application form.

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Our Region: This region includes the operational areas of EUCOM, CENTCOM, & AFRICOM, encompassing locations throughout Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia. MARS is an auxiliary of the Department of Defense and Department of Army, providing DoD-sponsored contingency, disaster, or emergency communications on a local, national, and international basis as an adjunct to existing communications of the Department of Army and of those agencies we support. Our region is an important international branch of the worldwide communications capability that MARS provides.


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