QST Magazine Index, January 1972 to April 1997

Provided by Randy Pelt
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Apr-97 A Single-Board QRP SSB Transceiver for 20 or 75 Meters 29
Apr-97 DTMF/LT Decoding Made Easy 34
Apr-97 The PortaPeater 37
Apr-97 Product Review- Tasco TSC-70U, Icom R-8500, TigerTronics BP-2M 59
Apr-97 It Seems to Us... Magic 9
Apr-97 DC Currents 15
Apr-97 The Radio Clubs of Hungary 28
Apr-97 CQ from Superfort Fifi 40
Apr-97 Heathkit's 50th: The Green Turns to Gold 42
Apr-97 Tips on How to 'Break in New Coax 44
Apr-97 Get Ready for Phase 3D! Part 2 45
Apr-97 Operating from Ground Zero 48
Apr-97 Happenings 72
Apr-97 The Doctor is IN 50
Apr-97 Me? Operate W1AW? 52
Apr-97 Transatlantic Multimode Experience 53
Apr-97 A Fun Filled Morning with Ham Radio 55
Apr-97 The Phonetic Dilemma 56
Apr-97 Test Your Knowledge! 57
Apr-97 Morse at the Movies 58
Apr-97 1997 IARU HF World Championship Rules 100
Apr-97 Straight Key Night 1996 101
Apr-97 The 1996 ARRL 160-Meter Contest Results 102
Mar-97 The ATL-10 Antenna Tuner 30
Mar-97 Tales of Power Line Noise 33
Mar-97 A Relative Indication Audible Meter Reader 36
Mar-97 Product Review- Antenna Tuners, ICOM IC-821H 70
Mar-97 It Seems to Us... Paying Our Dues 9
Mar-97 DC Currents 15
Mar-97 What a Weekend! 28
Mar-97 73 KHz- A New Band for Great Britain 40
Mar-97 Get Ready for Phase 3D! Part 3 42
Mar-97 Member Comments Sought on Licensing Structure 55
Mar-97 Board Says "No Change" to International HF Morse Code Requirement 58
Mar-97 Happenings 66
Mar-97 The Doctor is IN 46
Mar-97 Weather Data to Go 48
Mar-97 Test Your Knowledge! 51
Mar-97 Portable Packets 52
Mar-97 APRS via Outer Space 53
Mar-97 The 1996 ARRL 10 GHz and Up Cumulative Contest Results 99
Feb-97 See the Signals You Hear 28
Feb-97 A Pocket-Size, Direct-Reading VHF SWR Meter 33
Feb-97 Build a $60 Talking Repeater Controller 37
Feb-97 Product Review- Yaesu FT-600, Down East Microwave 50-28CK 68
Feb-97 It Seems to Us... More on Little LEOs 9
Feb-97 DC Currents 15
Feb-97 MediShare International 41
Feb-97 The 45A: How Arthur Collins Met Robert Goddard 44
Feb-97 Are Radios More Expensive Today? 47
Feb-97 Announcing the 6th Annual Philip McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award 49
Feb-97 Get Ready for Phase 3D! Part 2 50
Feb-97 Results of the WRC-99 Opinion Survey 54
Feb-97 Happenings 78
Feb-97 The Doctor is IN 58
Feb-97 Field Day from the Summit of Mt San Jacinto 60
Feb-97 Test Your Knowledge! 62
Feb-97 New Heights for ATV 63
Feb-97 Wire Gain Antennas for 6 Meters 66
Feb-97 1996 IARU HF World Championship Results 106
Jan-97 Junk Box Converters for 6 and 2 Meters 32
Jan-97 Refurbishing 'Boat Anchors' 35
Jan-97 The Radio Mailbox 39
Jan-97 Product Review- Kenwood TS-570D, SCS PTC-11, ultra-accurate clocks 73
Jan-97 It Seems to Us... "What's Our Future in Emergency Communications?" 9
Jan-97 DC Currents 15
Jan-97 Get Ready for Phase 3d! Part 1 28
Jan-97 Long Live Cycle 23! 42
Jan-97 The FCC's New RF-Exposure Regulations 47
Jan-97 Board Meets in Special Session 61
Jan-97 Happenings 69
Jan-97 The Doctor is IN 50
Jan-97 Never say "Never" 52
Jan-97 Heading in a New Direction 53
Jan-97 Upgrade Your Memory! 54
Jan-97 Test Your Knowledge! 58
Jan-97 1997 Operating Events and Conventions 59
Jan-97 Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 106
Jan-97 The 1996 ARRL September VHF QSO Party Results 109
Jan-97 The Eleventh Annual School Club Roundup 114


Dec-96 A Drift-Free VFO 32
Dec-96 A New Band for Your Radio 37
Dec-96 Get on 440-MHz ATV! 41
Dec-96 Product Review- Multiband FM Rigs, DSP filter 60
Dec-96 It Seems to Us... Speak With One Voice 9
Dec-96 DC Currents 15
Dec-96 Hams Span the Atlantic on Shortwave! 28
Dec-96 Socorro, New Mexico-Ham City, USA? 43
Dec-96 1996 Instructor of the Year Awards 46
Dec-96 The 1996 Polar Bear Express DXpedition 47
Dec-96 Happenings 72
Dec-96 The Doctor is IN 49
Dec-96 Father and Son Satellites 51
Dec-96 30 Minutes on 432 53
Dec-96 Decoding the Secrets of CTCSS 55
Dec-96 Explore HF/VHF Digital and Image Modes on the Cheap 57
Dec-96 Test Your Knowledge! 59
Dec-96 1996 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Results 95
Dec-96 1996 ARRL August UHF Contest Results 102
Dec-96 Announcing the 1997 ARRL International DX Contest 104
Dec-96 Announcing the 1997 ARRL RTTY Roundup 105
Dec-96 Announcing the 1997 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes 106
Nov-96 Build a Power Attenuator 31
Nov-96 Recycling TV Antennas for 2 Meter Use 34
Nov-96 Get on 440 Mhz ATV! 37
Nov-96 Product Review- 2 Meter Transceivers 60
Nov-96 It Seems to Us...Community 9
Nov-96 DC Currents 15
Nov-96 The Truth About Contesters 28
Nov-96 Ham Radio '96 at Friedrichshafen 43
Nov-96 The FCC Grand Island Monitoring Station 45
Nov-96 Attention Attorneys and Professional Engineers: The ARRL Wants You! 49
Nov-96 A New Image(setter) for QST 50
Nov-96 Happenings 75
Nov-96 The Doctor is IN 51
Nov-96 Test Your Knowledge 53
Nov-96 Amateur Television- Texas Style 54
Nov-96 ACARS: Packet for Airplanes 56
Nov-96 Ham Families 59
Nov-96 Field Day 1996 96
Nov-96 Announcing the ARRL 160 Meter Contest 107
Nov-96 Announcing the ARRL 10 Meter Contest 108
Oct-96 Heavy Duty HF Propagation-Prediction/Analysis Software- Part 2 28
Oct-96 The Gadget- An SWR Analyzer Add-On 33
Oct-96 Get on 440Mhz ATV! 36
Oct-96 "A Homebrew, Light-Duty Metal Brake" 41
Oct-96 "Product Review- MFJ 9406, AEA HALO-6" 63
Oct-96 It Seems to Us....RF Safety 9
Oct-96 DC Currents 15
Oct-96 An Antarctic DXpedition 31
Oct-96 Brass and Steel 44
Oct-96 The ABCs of CC&Rs 47
Oct-96 Jamboree on the Air- JOTA '96 49
Oct-96 Antenna Here Is a Full-Size Rhombic at 170 Feet 50
Oct-96 Spectrum Challenges Ahead 76
Oct-96 ARRL Field Organization Appointment Opportunities 77
Oct-96 Happenings 78
Oct-96 The Doctor in IN 53
Oct-96 Don't Look Down! 55
Oct-96 For Want of an Elmer 58
Oct-96 Test Your Knowledge 59
Oct-96 Breaking the Sound Barrier 60
Oct-96 "Phone Results, 1996 International DX Contest" 103
Oct-96 Announcing the 63rd ARRL November Sweepstakes 111
Sep-96 Heavy Duty HF Propagation-Prediction/Analysis- Part 1 28
Sep-96 "SWR Analyzer Tips, Tricks and Techniques" 36
Sep-96 The Micro M- A Miniature Charge Controller 41
Sep-96 "Product Review- QRP Plus, MFJ-906, Coment CA-HV, Sigmaatech DXPeeper" 68
Sep-96 It Seems to Us...Little LEOs 9
Sep-96 DC Currents 15
Sep-96 The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program 33
Sep-96 Tales of the South Pacific 44
Sep-96 Malibu 1996 Handi-Hams Radio Camp 46
Sep-96 WRC-99 Survey 49
Sep-96 Spectrum Protection Dominates Board Agenda 62
Sep-96 Happenings 85
Sep-96 The Doctor is IN 51
Sep-96 Six Meters and Beyond on Mount Greylock 53
Sep-96 The Global Positioning System 56
Sep-96 The Wouff-Hong and the Rettysnitch: Lost Traditions? 59
Sep-96 Test Your Knowledge! 61
Sep-96 CW Results: 1996 ARRL International DX Contest 106
Sep-96 The 1996 School Club Roundup 114
Sep-96 Announcing the 1996 ARRL International EME Competition 116
Aug-96 The W3KH Quadrifilar Helix Antenna 30
Aug-96 Install a House-Bracketed Tower- the Right Way! 35
Aug-96 Intermod- A Modern Urban Problem 40
Aug-96 "Product Review- Alinco DR-M06, Azden PCS-7500H" 63
Aug-96 It Seems to Us...Back to Basics 9
Aug-96 DC Currents 15
Aug-96 Reflections on a Repeater in Paradise 28
Aug-96 "The Radio Adventures of Ceuta, Melilla and Gibraltar" 44
Aug-96 Underground Radio 46
Aug-96 ARRL's 1995 International Humanitarians 49
Aug-96 The BayGen Freeplay Windup Radio 50
Aug-96 Happenings 72
Aug-96 The Doctor is IN 53
Aug-96 An Aeronautical Antenna Farm 55
Aug-96 There's No Place Like Home 59
Aug-96 Test Your Emergency Skills 52
Aug-96 Announcing the Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday Celebration 81
Aug-96 "Results, 1996 ARRL RTTY Roundup" 98
Aug-96 Announcing the 1996 ARRL September VHF QSO Party 102
Jul-96 The Radio Sky- Part 2 28
Jul-96 An Improved Multiband Trap Dipole Antenna 32
Jul-96 A Comparison of HF Digital Protocols 35
Jul-96 Product Review- JPS NIR-12 and AEA DSP-232 59
Jul-96 It Seems to Us...Write Now! 9
Jul-96 DC Currents 15
Jul-96 CQ from WW2END 40
Jul-96 "Living, Working, and Hamming in Africa" 41
Jul-96 A MARS Operator at Fort MacArthur 44
Jul-96 Forty Years in the Life of a Hamoholic...as Seen by His Wife 49
Jul-96 Happenings 70
Jul-96 The Doctor is IN 51
Jul-96 Packet Volunteers in the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta 53
Jul-96 Island Hopping in Puget Sound 56
Jul-96 The Droopy Loop 57
Jul-96 1995 Simulated Emergency Test Results 45
Jul-96 "Results, 1995 ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 100
Jun-96 The Radio Sky- Part 1 32
Jun-96 Transfer Relays- Overlooked Bargains 36
Jun-96 Electrical Safety 38
Jun-96 SMALL- A Surface Mount Amplifier that's Little and LOUD! 41
Jun-96 Product Review 62
Jun-96 It Seems to Us...FCC Enforcement: Glimmers of Hope 9
Jun-96 DC Currents 15
Jun-96 North Country Island Hopping 28
Jun-96 Vignettes from Field Day 1995 30
Jun-96 Cranberies Dragged Me into Ham Radio 43
Jun-96 Low-Power Transceiver Kits You Can Build 45
Jun-96 Happenings 75
Jun-96 The Doctor is IN 51
Jun-96 A Simple LED SWR/Power Meter 53
Jun-96 Accessing the FCC Amateur Database on the Internet 55
Jun-96 The Mailbox Matching Box 57
Jun-96 The Writing Game 60
Jun-96 "Results, 1996 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes" 101
Jun-96 Announcing the 1996 ARRL 10-GHz and Up Cumulative Contest 107
Jun-96 Announcing the 1996 ARRL UHF Contest 108
May-96 A High Performance AGC/IF Subsystem 39
May-96 New Life for Dentron MLA2500s 45
May-96 Computer Control for Ramsey's FX-146 and FX-440 Transceivers 49
May-96 Product Review- Minature 2-meter FM H-Ts 66
May-96 It Seems to Us...Is There a Spectrum Shortage? 9
May-96 DC Currents 15
May-96 From Scrap to Glory 28
May-96 III Winds Blow 30
May-96 The Year in Review 36
May-96 Hamming in the Kyrgyz Republic 53
May-96 Happenings 80
May-96 The Doctor is IN 55
May-96 Explore Ham Radio's Software Bonanza 57
May-96 "CQ from KF5WT, Air Mobile" 61
May-96 How to Buy Military Surplus 63
May-96 Armed Forces Day 1996 101
May-96 Announcing the 1996 Field Day 103
May-96 Announcing the 1996 ARRL June VHF QSO Party 104
May-96 "Results, 1995 ARRL November Sweepstakes" 105
May-96 "Results, 19th ARRL International EME Competition" 117
Apr-96 Solar Power for Your Ham Station- It's Easier than You Think 33
Apr-96 Microprocessor-Controlled Repeater Voting System: The RVS-8 38
Apr-96 Mathcad 6.0: A Tool for the Amateur Experimenter 44
Apr-96 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-1000MP, MFJ-8621" 68
Apr-96 It Seems to Us...Anything Worth Doing...... 9
Apr-96 DC Currents 15
Apr-96 "Kermadec, ZL8- Now or Never!" 28
Apr-96 Zero to Technician in Two One-Day Sessions 31
Apr-96 Amateur Radio in Morocco 48
Apr-96 Hams on Bikes 50
Apr-96 The 811A: Grandfather of the Zero-Bias Revolution 51
Apr-96 How I Got a Black Eye with the FCC 54
Apr-96 Happenings 82
Apr-96 The Doctor is IN 55
Apr-96 Test Your Knowledge! 57
Apr-96 The Road Less Traveled 58
Apr-96 Electric Fence Interference-A Case History 62
Apr-96 Let's Just Listen for a Change 65
Apr-96 "Results, 1995 ARRL 160 Meter Contest" 111
Apr-96 Straight Key Night 1995 115
Apr-96 Announcing the 1996 IARU HF World Championship 116
Mar-96 Weekend DigiBrain 32
Mar-96 JVFAX APT Adapter 35
Mar-96 Transoceanic Ducting at VHF and Above 41
Mar-96 Product Review: ICOM IC-706 61
Mar-96 It Seems to Us 9
Mar-96 DC Currents 15
Mar-96 DXing from the Golden Land 28
Mar-96 Low Power Contesting 47
Mar-96 Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup 1995 49
Mar-96 Board Chooses Leaders for Challenges Ahead 69
Mar-96 Happenings 76
Mar-96 The Doctor is IN 51
Mar-96 A Worldwide Propagation Beacon Network 53
Mar-96 DX Packet Clusters 54
Mar-96 A Very Low Cost Tower 58
Mar-96 "Excuse Me, May I Interrupt?" 59
Mar-96 "Results, Tenth Annual 10 GHz Cumulative Contest" 99
Feb-96 Another Way to Stack VHF/UHF Yagis 32
Feb-96 Build the Rotator Pal 35
Feb-96 DSP-An Intuitive Approach 39
Feb-96 An In-Room 80-Meter Transmitting Multiturn Log Antenna 43
Feb-96 Product Review 71
Feb-96 It Seems to Us 9
Feb-96 DC Currents 15
Feb-96 The Illa Tiki Expedition 28
Feb-96 VE1ZZ: A Ham's Ham 31
Feb-96 A Father's Tale 46
Feb-96 Studying for my License 47
Feb-96 The W6VX Logs- An Autobiography 48
Feb-96 It's a Small World for Hams 53
Feb-96 The 1996 Handbook- What's in it for You? 54
Feb-96 The 1995 World Radiocommunication Conference Geneva 56
Feb-96 Happenings 87
Feb-96 The Doctor is IN 59
Feb-96 Elementary Students Adopt-a-Ham 61
Feb-96 Surf the Ham Webs 62
Feb-96 "Four Bands, Off Center" 65
Feb-96 Build a Quickie H-T Antenna Mount 66
Feb-96 Chain Saw Required? 67
Feb-96 On-Air Conversations: Go Beyond the Basics 69
Feb-96 "Results, Tenth IARU HF World Championship" 111
Jan-96 More Ewes for You 32
Jan-96 An Automatic Antenna Tuner: The AT11 35
Jan-96 How to Measure Large Direct Currents with Common Meters 40
Jan-96 "Product Review: IC-775DSP, MFJ-784B, M EB-432 Antenna" 67
Jan-96 It Seems to Us 9
Jan-96 DC Currents 15
Jan-96 Awash in the Pacific 28
Jan-96 DXing Enroute to the Red Planet 44
Jan-96 Remote Operation Comes Home 46
Jan-96 Ham Radio- An Ancestral Link 51
Jan-96 Happenings 81
Jan-96 The Doctor is IN 55
Jan-96 Who says Foxhunts are Dead? 57
Jan-96 It's Time to Explore VHF/UHF Contesting! 59
Jan-96 Radical Radiators and Weird Wires 61
Jan-96 Confessions of a Radio Guy 64
Jan-96 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions-1996 61
Jan-96 The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 104
Jan-96 "Results, 1995 ARRL September VHF QSO Party" 107
Jan-96 The Tenth Annual School Club Roundup 112


Dec-95 DAS-Dtmf Accessory Squelch 25
Dec-95 The Super Sloper 32
Dec-95 An Easy Path to Packet: the IMP 36
Dec-95 A Two-Element Vertical Parasitic Array for 75 Meters 38
Dec-95 Product Review: Alinco DX-70T Transceiver 69
Dec-95 It Seems to Us...:Repeater Coordination: Unfinished Business 9
Dec-95 J75A: A Dream Come true 22
Dec-95 "Miracles, Romance and Ham Radio" 42
Dec-95 Roving Contest Adventures: 16 Grid Squares in 30 Hours 43
Dec-95 Introducing: The AM Radio Network 46
Dec-95 """But I Never Agreed to That!""" 47
Dec-95 The Six Volt Zenith 49
Dec-95 Amateur Specturm Not Targeted in New Auction Plans 52
Dec-95 New Hampshire house Bill 379 53
Dec-95 Happenings: Joint Israel-Jordan Operation Makes History 80
Dec-95 Index to Volume 79-1995 117
Dec-95 """No Coffee's"" Mobile Antenna" 56
Dec-95 The Junk Box Story 57
Dec-95 HF Mobile Installation Tips 58
Dec-95 The Doctor is IN 61
Dec-95 Test Your Knowledge 63
Dec-95 Build Lightweight 20-meter Vertical 64
Dec-95 Your Ham Antenna Companion 68
Dec-95 Announcing the 1996 ARRL International DX Contest 105
Dec-95 Announcing the 1996 ARRL RTTY roundup 106
Dec-95 Announcing the 1996 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes 107
Dec-95 "Results, 1995 ARRL UHF Contest" 108
Dec-95 "Results, 1995 ARRL June VHF QSO Party" 110
Nov-95 Broadband Transmitting Wire Antennas for 160-10 Meters 22
Nov-95 The Four-Way DFer 29
Nov-95 A Heads-Up Display for Kenwood MF/HF Transceivers 36
Nov-95 A Small High-Performance CW Transceiver 41
Nov-95 The AMSAFID: An Automatic Microphone Switcher Amp Filter 47
Nov-95 Product Review: Dual Band FM Mobile Transceivers 75
Nov-95 It Seems to Us 9
Nov-95 The Door to Damascus 25
Nov-95 South Texas Stealth Sweepstakes 50
Nov-95 Old Bug Bites Ham 53
Nov-95 The WATTS Award 54
Nov-95 How Much Spectrum? How Much is it Worth? 59
Nov-95 Attention Attorneys and Professional Engineers-ARRL Wants You 60
Nov-95 AM Broadcasting DXing 62
Nov-95 Confessions of a City Hater 64
Nov-95 The Doctor is IN 66
Nov-95 The Changing Face of Amateur Radio 68
Nov-95 "A Four Band ""Tree"" Vertical" 69
Nov-95 Airborne Amateur Television 71
Nov-95 Results 1995 Field Day 119
Nov-95 Announcing the ARRL 10-Meter Contest 130
Nov-95 Announcing the ARRL 160-Meter Contest 130
Oct-95 The Offset Multiband Trapless Antenna (OMTA) 30
Oct-95 Spectacular 1995 Transatlantic Sporatic-E Season 33
Oct-95 Hot-Rod Your ICOM IC 725-Series Transceiver Part 2 38
Oct-95 "Twisted-Pair Controls Switchable, Remote Loading Network" 42
Oct-95 A Patch Antenna for the Global Positioning System 44
Oct-95 Product Review: GPS-Compatible TNC's 68
Oct-95 It Seems to Us 9
Oct-95 The 1995 Special Olympics World Games 24
Oct-95 20 Years of ARRL DX Contesting From the Swiss Alps 27
Oct-95 Propagation Pioneers: The ARRL Bureau of Standards Equipment 46
Oct-95 Heros Under Siege 50
Oct-95 Telecomm Reform Passes House and Senate 53
Oct-95 Happenings 80
Oct-95 The Way We Were: Amateur Radio in the '50s 56
Oct-95 VHF/UHF Mobile in a Late-Model Corvette 59
Oct-95 The Doctor is IN 61
Oct-95 Build Your Own 2-Meter Beam 63
Oct-95 A Townhouse Dipole 65
Oct-95 Outerspace and Cyberspace: Following Mir-18 From the DR 66
Oct-95 "Results, the 1995 ARRL International DX Contest" 109
Oct-95 Announcing the 62nd ARRL November Sweepstakes 125
Sep-95 A Receiving Antenna That Rejects Local Noise 33
Sep-95 A K6STI Low-Noise Antenna for 80 and 160 Meters 37
Sep-95 Hot Rod Your ICOM IC 725 Series Transceiver Part 1 42
Sep-95 "An Automatic, Remote Antenna Tuning Controller " 46
Sep-95 Product Review: Japan Radio Company JST-245 Transceiver 86
Sep-95 It Seems to Us....Why Band Plan 9
Sep-95 Holocaust in Oklahoma City 24
Sep-95 "Thrills, Butter Churns and Honeycombs: Hammond Museum" 29
Sep-95 New Legislation Holds Few Surprises for Amateur Radio..So Far 50
Sep-95 "ARRL, Board in Transition" 51
Sep-95 Happenings: Smooth Transition of Board of Directors 59
Sep-95 "Like Son, Like Father: One Ham's Dad Earns a New Way....." 63
Sep-95 SET: A Keystone to Emergency Service 65
Sep-95 Hard Core QRP 66
Sep-95 California Mobile Antenna and the Moment of Truth 68
Sep-95 A Gift for Teaching 70
Sep-95 Test Your Knowledge 74
Sep-95 Beep..What Did That Repeater Say? 75
Sep-95 Nine Hours at Headquarters 76
Sep-95 The Doctor in IN 79
Sep-95 Travel Highlights for Radio Buffs 81
Sep-95 Bricks to the Rescue 84
Sep-95 "Rules, 1995 ARRL International EME Competition" 124
Sep-95 The 1995 School Club Roundup 125
Aug-95 A Rock Bending Receiver for 7 MHz 22
Aug-95 The CMOS Super Keyer 3 26
Aug-95 The Battery Sentry 29
Aug-95 Broadband HF Antenna Matching With ARRL Radio Designer 33
Aug-95 Product Review: HAL Communications P38 HF Modem 71
Aug-95 It Seems to Us 9
Aug-95 Searching for Life Among the Stars 37
Aug-95 Amateur Radio and World War II 40
Aug-95 Hamming It Up in a Retirement Center 45
Aug-95 "Sony USA's Top Ham, K1OLI" 47
Aug-95 Bring 'Em Back Alive! 49
Aug-95 Just Rewards 53
Aug-95 How Do You Laugh on the Radio? 54
Aug-95 The Ham Twilight Zone 55
Aug-95 Announcing The Hiram Percy Maxim Birthday Celebration 58
Aug-95 Happenings: League Stands Firm Behind W1AW Services 80
Aug-95 A Paint Pole Antenna 60
Aug-95 Speaker-Mikes and Replacement Microphones 62
Aug-95 The Casual Contester 64
Aug-95 The Doctor is IN 65
Aug-95 Back to Basics 67
Aug-95 A Simple 2-Meter Bicycle/Motorcycle Mobile Antenna 69
Aug-95 "Results, 1994 ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 107
Aug-95 "Results, 1995 ARRL RTTY Roundup" 113
Aug-95 "Rules, September VHF QSO Party" 117
Aug-95 Club Competition Rules and Contest Disqualification Criteria 118
Jul-95 A Wideband 80-Meter Dipole 27
Jul-95 A Continuously Variable Bandwidth Audio Filter 30
Jul-95 "Voice Track- A Multifunctional, Talking Repeater Controller Part 2" 33
Jul-95 Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web Part 2 37
Jul-95 Product Review: QST Compares: Dual Band Hand Held FM Trans... 66
Jul-95 It Seems to Us 9
Jul-95 The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting 24
Jul-95 1994 Simulated Emergency Test Summary 41
Jul-95 Beasly Cartoon Caption Contest Results 44
Jul-95 Radio Astronomy and the Radio Amateur 46
Jul-95 Yachting in Kansas 49
Jul-95 The Transmitter That Sold Itself 51
Jul-95 US Coast Guard Ceases CW Operation 54
Jul-95 Happenings: Members Rally in Support of Headquarters Station.. 82
Jul-95 The Doctor is IN 56
Jul-95 A Practical Stealth Antenna 58
Jul-95 Check Out the New ARRL Handbook 61
Jul-95 Build a Weatherproof PVC J-Pole Antenna 62
Jul-95 A Low Profile 10-Meter Antenna 65
Jul-95 "Rules, 1995 ARRL UHF Contest" 112
Jul-95 Announcing the Ninth ARRL 10 GHz Cumulative Contest 113
Jun-95 "Voice Track- A Multifunctional, Talking Repeater Controller Part 1" 27
Jun-95 An RF Step Attenuator 33
Jun-95 A DTMF to RS-232-C Converter and HF-Link Controller 35
Jun-95 Build the Stealth Antenna Tuning Indicator 38
Jun-95 Build a Super-Simple SWR Indicator 40
Jun-95 Product Review: Kenwood TM-255A 2-Meter Transceiver 66
Jun-95 It Seems to Us 9
Jun-95 Amateur Radio on the World Wide Web 24
Jun-95 Patches from Palmer Station 42
Jun-95 A Trip Through the Teaching Universe 44
Jun-95 The Lady Operators of Alaska 47
Jun-95 Echoes of the Past 48
Jun-95 Jamboree on the Air 50
Jun-95 "Happenings: League Calls Rules Enforcement ""Dismal""" 75
Jun-95 Pocket Logbook 52
Jun-95 The Doctor is IN 53
Jun-95 Test Your Knowledge 55
Jun-95 "KISSes, POPs and Pings" 56
Jun-95 "Five Bands, No Tuner" 59
Jun-95 Travel Tips for Summertime VHF/UHF Fun 60
Jun-95 Exploring the 9600-Baud PACSATs 63
Jun-95 "Results, 1995 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes" 104
Jun-95 "Results, 1995 Novice Roundup" 111
May-95 9600-Ready Radios: Ready or Not? 24
May-95 Weekend DigiVFO 30
May-95 How to Evaluate Your Antenna Tuner 33
May-95 Product Review: Azden PCS-9600D 440-MHz Transceiver 78
May-95 It Seems to Us 9
May-95 Phase 3D: The Ultimate EasySat 21
May-95 Let the Games Begin! 38
May-95 1994- The Year in Review 39
May-95 Pepper Hill's Flying Field Day 47
May-95 Let Your PC Do the Logging 50
May-95 APCO Project 25: Sweeping New Standards for Amateur Radio? 57
May-95 A Solar-Powered Field Day 60
May-95 Happenings: Amateurs to Share 219 to 220-MHz Segment 93
May-95 League Advisory Committee Members 96
May-95 WWV- Not Just Another Pretty Face on the Dial 66
May-95 Low Impact Amateur Radio 67
May-95 Anatomy of a Repeater 69
May-95 Recycle Those TV Rabbit Ears 72
May-95 Hooked on Meteors! 74
May-95 Keeping Up with Hand Helds 75
May-95 The Doctor is IN 76
May-95 "Results, 1994 ARRL November Sweepstakes" 119
May-95 Field Day Rules 133
May-95 "Rules, June VHF QSO Party" 134
May-95 Armed Forces Day 138
Apr-95 Building a Digital Voice Recorder for Less Than $15 28
Apr-95 How to Evaluate Your Antenna Tuner Part 1 30
Apr-95 An HF Hum Interference Mystery Solved! 35
Apr-95 A Remote Oscillator High Frequency VFO 38
Apr-95 Product Review: ICOM IC-736 and IC-738 Transceivers 67
Apr-95 It Seems to Us 9
Apr-95 Round One Goes to Hams 24
Apr-95 The ARRL Turns Toward Tomorrow 25
Apr-95 Tired of Your Old Call? 41
Apr-95 Dayton and ARRL HQ on an Electric Broom- for Free 45
Apr-95 Wind and Sand: A DXpedition to Tidra Island 47
Apr-95 Welcome to Mallard Marsh 50
Apr-95 The Dodge Dipole 52
Apr-95 Happenings; New Service Assigned to 902-MHz Band 76
Apr-95 A User Programmable IDer 56
Apr-95 Test Your Knowledge 59
Apr-95 Build the Camper's Portable Hamshack 60
Apr-95 Dialing for Deals 62
Apr-95 The Doctor is IN 65
Apr-95 "Results, 18th ARRL International EME Competition" 103
Apr-95 Straight Key Night 1994 105
Apr-95 "Results, 1994 ARRL 160-Meter Contest" 106
Apr-95 "Rules, 10th IARU HF World Championship" 110
Mar-95 A Rope Ladder 2-Meter Quad 25
Mar-95 An Audio Break Out Box 28
Mar-95 A High Performance Hybrid Frequency Synthesizer 30
Mar-95 Try Building Your Own Equipment 39
Mar-95 Product Review: ICOM IC-820H VHF/UHF Transceiver 80
Mar-95 It Seems to Us 9
Mar-95 A Journey to the Center of Asia 21
Mar-95 Gypsy Hams Go North 43
Mar-95 The San Bernadino Microwave Society Turns 40 46
Mar-95 1995 W1AW Listener's Survey 51
Mar-95 Get Behind the Diamond 52
Mar-95 Whatever Happened to the A-1 Operator Club? 79
Mar-95 Strategic Plan Emerges at the Alamo 87
Mar-95 Happenings: Final Arguments in 2400 MHz Auction 94
Mar-95 Calling All Hams: Get Ready to Roll Your Own Call Sign 98
Mar-95 Listen to Learn 56
Mar-95 Otherwise Occupied 58
Mar-95 Getting Your Club Started in Transmitter Hunting 59
Mar-95 The Doctor is IN 61
Mar-95 Put Your Pencil Away 63
Mar-95 HF DXing: A Beginner's Primer 66
Mar-95 "The ARRL Outgoing QSL Service, and How to Use It" 101
Mar-95 "Results, Ninth Annual ARRL 10 GHz Cumulative Contest" 121
Feb-95 Radio Observations of Two Solar Eclipses 21
Feb-95 Is this Ewe for You? 31
Feb-95 Interpreting QST's New Propagation Charts for Low Power..... 34
Feb-95 Product Review: Yaesu FT-900AT MF/HF Transceiver 59
Feb-95 It Seems to Us 9
Feb-95 Hams at the New York City Marathon 27
Feb-95 Remembering Hugo Gernsback 37
Feb-95 A Van for All Reasons 40
Feb-95 A Ham's Tour of London 43
Feb-95 The Kids' Radio Station 44
Feb-95 The Man from HI-Manuals 45
Feb-95 Happenings: FCC Inaugurates Wireless Telecomm Bureau.... 70
Feb-95 Announcing the Fourth Annual Philip McGan Memorial Silver Ant.... 106
Feb-95 Baby in the Shack 48
Feb-95 40 Meters/40 Dollars 51
Feb-95 The Novice Field Day Station Roundup 52
Feb-95 Harkers Island on the Air 53
Feb-95 The Doctor is In 56
Feb-95 An AGC Audio Preamp for all Seasons 58
Feb-95 "Results, Ninth IARU HF World Championship" 100
Jan-95 The WB2 Remote Link 29
Jan-95 Putting Your Uniden HR-2510 on VHF and UHF 35
Jan-95 A Look at NVIS Techniques 39
Jan-95 Getting the Most Out of Your T-Network Antenna Tuner 44
Jan-95 Product Review: QST Compares 2-Meter FM Mobile Transceivers 70
Jan-95 It Seems to Us 9
Jan-95 Call Sign License Plates 23
Jan-95 The Hiram Percy Maxim 125th Birthday Memorial Celebration 26
Jan-95 Ham Radio Bill Is Now Law 48
Jan-95 A Call Sign Cap 50
Jan-95 The Meeting of OMIK 52
Jan-95 Your Guide to ARRL Membership Services 83
Jan-95 The Confederate Operator's Frequency Guide 86
Jan-95 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1995 87
Jan-95 "Happenings: David Funderburk, K4TPJ Elected to Congress" 89
Jan-95 Gateways: Amateur Radio Meets the Internet 58
Jan-95 Quick and Easy CW With Your PC 60
Jan-95 The Doctor is IN 63
Jan-95 Packet on the High Iron 64
Jan-95 A Five-Element Quad Antenna for 2 Meters 67
Jan-95 Ninth Annual School Club Roundup Announcement 102
Jan-95 "Results, 1994 ARRL September VHF QSO Party" 117
Jan-95 "Results, 1994 ARRL UHF Contest" 123
Jan-95 "Rules, 1995 Novice Roundup" 126


Dec-94 An Inexpensive SSTV System Continues to Grow 22
Dec-94 Exploring Intermodulation Distortion in RF Switching and Tuning... 25
Dec-94 An ATV Station for 915 MHz Part 2 28
Dec-94 The Quick Powerhouse 33
Dec-94 Key Components of Modern Receiver Design: A Second Look 38
Dec-94 "A Simple, General Purpose AF Amplifier" 43
Dec-94 Product Review: Watkins Johnson HF-1000 Gen Coverage Receiver 76
Dec-94 It Seems to Us 9
Dec-94 Exploring the Internet Part 4 47
Dec-94 Monitoring the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet Impacts 51
Dec-94 An Interview with Robert W. Jones VE3CTM 53
Dec-94 A Christmas Card 55
Dec-94 Cuba: A Week to Remember 58
Dec-94 Happenings: FCC Sets Date for Electronic Filing 87
Dec-94 QSL Cards? Before You Write that Check 64
Dec-94 The Doctor is IN 67
Dec-94 The View from Above 68
Dec-94 FM Contesting on Taylor Mountain 71
Dec-94 Building an HF Walking Stick Antenna 72
Dec-94 "A ""Universal"" VHF/UHF Antenna" 75
Dec-94 "Results, 1994 ARRL June VHF QSO Party" 112
Dec-94 "Rules, 48th January VHF Sweepstakes" 119
Dec-94 "Rules,7th ARRL RTTY Roundup" 121
Dec-94 "Rules, 1995 ARRL International DX Contest" 122
Nov-94 An ATV Station for 915 MHZ Part 1 A Miniature Transmitter 23
Nov-94 A Home-Brew Loop Tuning Capacitor 30
Nov-94 Just Enough Radio- The SP-750 Spider Junior 33
Nov-94 A Single Board Superhet QRP Transceiver for 40 or 30 Meters 37
Nov-94 Product Review: AEA SWR-121 HF Antenna Analyst 77
Nov-94 It Seems to Us 9
Nov-94 The World's Greatest DXer 42
Nov-94 Hams of Ability 46
Nov-94 The NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network Part 2 49
Nov-94 Exploring the Internet Part 3 52
Nov-94 The Wire Antenna 55
Nov-94 3Y0PI- The Peter Island 1994 DXpedition 57
Nov-94 In the Line of Fire 62
Nov-94 Happenings: Three California VEs Face License Loss 91
Nov-94 The Doctor is IN 6
Nov-94 A Fishing Tackle HF Station To Go 67
Nov-94 Hams R Us Kids Net 69
Nov-94 A NiCd Never Forgets. Or Does It? 70
Nov-94 Building and Adjusting Trap Dipole Antenna 72
Nov-94 The Repeater Eater 74
Nov-94 Field Day '94 118
Nov-94 "Rules, ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 130
Nov-94 "Rules, ARRL 160-Meter Contest" 131
Oct-94 Introducing ARRL Radio Designer: New Software for RF Circuit...... 21
Oct-94 Those New QST Propagation Charts 27
Oct-94 QST Product Reviews: A Look Behind the Scenes 35
Oct-94 KD7IK's Quad Lite 39
Oct-94 A CW Stamp Identifier 41
Oct-94 Product Review: The R.L. Drake SW8 Receiver 68
Oct-94 It Seems to Us 9
Oct-94 The NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network Part 1 31
Oct-94 Exploring the Internet- Part2 43
Oct-94 What is QRP? 46
Oct-94 The Test of Performance 49
Oct-94 Bedrooms or Beverages? 50
Oct-94 General Class Code Speed in One Weekend or How Sweepstakes.... 54
Oct-94 Happenings: Fire on Storm King Mountain 83
Oct-94 The Importance of Zero Beating 58
Oct-94 The Doctor is IN 59
Oct-94 Backpacking- Troop 404 Style 60
Oct-94 Build a One Watt Transmitter in a Kodak Film Box 64
Oct-94 RS-12 Worked All States 67
Oct-94 "Results, 1994 ARRL International DX Contest" 108
Oct-94 ARRL November Sweepstakes Plaque Program 124
Oct-94 61st ARRL November Sweepstakes Announcement 125
Sep-94 So What's New in The ARRL Antenna Book? 24
Sep-94 A Reevaluation of the Caron RF Impedance Bridge 28
Sep-94 Thermoelectric Power for QRP Transmitters 32
Sep-94 "Under the Hood VI: Lamps, Indicators, and Displays" 34
Sep-94 Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries in Amateur Radio Applications 38
Sep-94 A Smart Charger for Nickel-Cadmium Batteries 40
Sep-94 Product Review: QST Compares: 1200/9600 Bit/s Dual TNCs 76
Sep-94 It Seems to Us 9
Sep-94 Exploring the Internet- Part 1 43
Sep-94 Strange Signals from the Land of the Midnight Sun 46
Sep-94 "Hello, Zak- This is Ray" 48
Sep-94 A Letter to My Elmer 50
Sep-94 Automotive Interference Problems: What the Manufacturers Say 51
Sep-94 Modern Classic Test: Yaecomwood T-Max All Mode Transceiver 57
Sep-94 Smooth Sailing at Rocky Hill 82
Sep-94 Happenings: Flooding Mobilizes Georgia Hams 90
Sep-94 JOTA 94 - Jamboree on the Air 96
Sep-94 2-Meter FM DXing 60
Sep-94 An Easy Dual Band VHF/UHF Antenna 61
Sep-94 Design your Own Photographic QSL Card 63
Sep-94 On the Wings of a DOVE 65
Sep-94 Go Digital! 67
Sep-94 The Doctor is IN 70
Sep-94 "Results, 1994 School Club Roundup" 123
Sep-94 "Rules, ARRL International EME Competition" 128
Aug-94 Two New Multiband Trap Dipoles 26
Aug-94 Direct Digital Synthesis An Intuitive Introduction 30
Aug-94 Simple equipment for HF Fox Hunting 33
Aug-94 The 160-Meter Sloper System at K3LR 36
Aug-94 Product Review: The MFJ-1786 High-Q Loop Antenna for 10 to 30.. 62
Aug-94 It Seems to Us 9
Aug-94 Epics from the Epicenter 21
Aug-94 Landmark Legislation in New Hampshire: House Bill 1380-L 39
Aug-94 Tower Safety Tips 40
Aug-94 Forward to the Past: fixing Radios for Fun and Profit 42
Aug-94 Wally and Mike: Packet to Go 48
Aug-94 Happenings: FCC Proposes HF Digital Changes.... 71
Aug-94 NAVTEX and Your Multimode TNC 52
Aug-94 Build a 12-V Junction Box 54
Aug-94 QSLing Through a Manager 56
Aug-94 El Dipolo Criollo 58
Aug-94 The Doctor is IN 61
Aug-94 Announcing the Hiram Percy Maxim 125th Birthday Memorial Cel.... 46
Aug-94 "Results, 1994 ARRL RTTY Roundup" 96
Aug-94 "Rules, September VHF QSO Party" 100
Jul-94 An SWR Detector Audio Adapter 24
Jul-94 "A Pocket Size, Talking Morse Code Practice Computer" 26
Jul-94 The Null Steerer Revisited 29
Jul-94 144-MHz Sporadic E 37
Jul-94 Key Components of Modern Receiver Design- Part 3 42
Jul-94 Producer Review: ETO Alpha 89 Linear Power Amplifier 76
Jul-94 It Seems to Us 9
Jul-94 Activating a Rare Island on CW: ZD9SXV 19
Jul-94 "Pacemakers, Interference and Amateur Radio" 34
Jul-94 Ham Radio in the Pacific at the End of WW II 46
Jul-94 "Wired for Wireless: Ted Rappaport, N9NB and His Vision" 48
Jul-94 LARC's Mode-S DXpedition 52
Jul-94 1993 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Results 54
Jul-94 Volunteer Examiners Mark a Decade of Service 57
Jul-94 Hear the Impact? 62
Jul-94 Happenings: Action Urged for Call Sign Selection 84
Jul-94 The Doctor is IN 66
Jul-94 Understanding Signal Strength 67
Jul-94 A Modest Multiband Antenna 68
Jul-94 A Gain Antenna for 28 MHz 70
Jul-94 Amateur Radio 101 71
Jul-94 Such a Deal! 73
Jul-94 Over the Keyboard Desk Top 75
Jul-94 "Rules, 1994 ARRL UHF Contest " 116
Jul-94 "Results, 1993 ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 117
Jun-94 Key Components of Modern Receiver Design- Part 2 27
Jun-94 Inexpensive Interference Filters 32
Jun-94 Beginner's Boomers: Two Phased Vertical Arrays for 30 Meters 37
Jun-94 An Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan 41
Jun-94 Overvoltage Protection for AC Generators 43
Jun-94 "Simple, Effective, Elevated Ground Plane Antennas" 45
Jun-94 Product Review: Kantronics KAM Plus Multimode TNC with G-TOR 70
Jun-94 It Seems to Us 9
Jun-94 St. Paul Revisited 21
Jun-94 The 1994 ARRL National Convention 25
Jun-94 Moonbeams on Montserrat: An EMExpedition to VP2M 47
Jun-94 Wally and Mike: Walley Meets the Internet 50
Jun-94 Jamboree on the Air 1993 52
Jun-94 Why I Like Field Day 55
Jun-94 Happenings: New Message Forwarding Rules Begin 81
Jun-94 You Never Forget the First Time 58
Jun-94 The Doctor is IN 60
Jun-94 Getting More Replies to Your CW Calls 6
Jun-94 At the Tone 62
Jun-94 Be a Bone Yard Ph.D. 64
Jun-94 8-Band Backpacker Special 68
Jun-94 "Results, 1994 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes" 109
Jun-94 "Results, 1994 Novice Roundup" 116
Jun-94 "Rules, Eighth ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative Contest" 94
May-94 Key Components of Modern Design- Part 1 29
May-94 You Can Build: A Compact Loop Antenna For 30 thru 12 Meters 33
May-94 A Calibrated Noise Source for Amateur Radio 37
May-94 Amateur Use of Telescoping Masts 41
May-94 Under the Hood V: Solid State Devices 46
May-94 Product Review: Yaesu FT-840 MF/HF Transceiver 80
May-94 It Seems to Us 9
May-94 An Enchanted Sweepstakes Expedition 21
May-94 Yukon DXing with Flair 24
May-94 A Look at Digital Audio Broadcasting 27
May-94 Portable S5 50
May-94 An Overview of Amateur Radio Call Signs- Past and Present 54
May-94 1993: The Year in Review 73
May-94 Happenings: Ham Boater Credits Amateur Radio in Rescue 90
May-94 Make Your Mobile More Portable 62
May-94 Conquering the Code 64
May-94 Interference in Reverse 65
May-94 But How Do I Use It? 66
May-94 A PC Shopper's Guide 69
May-94 The Doctor is IN 72
May-94 "Results, Seventeenth ARRL International EME Competition" 117
May-94 "Results, 1993 ARRL November Sweepstakes" 119
May-94 Field Day Rules 132
May-94 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Plaque Program 133
May-94 "Rules, June VHF QSO Party" 134
Apr-94 Build Your Own Lowfer Transceiver 26
Apr-94 A Trigonal HF Beam 632
Apr-94 A Function Generator With a Frequency Counter Digital Readout 35
Apr-94 The RingMaster Ring Detector 40
Apr-94 The Elkhart County Tone Alert 43
Apr-94 Product Review: ICOM IC-707 MF/HF Transceiver 71
Apr-94 It Seems to Us 9
Apr-94 Operating Backpack Portable 21
Apr-94 Your Voices in Washington 47
Apr-94 Reading Radio Fiction 51
Apr-94 Digital Signal Processing: The Final Frontier 54
Apr-94 Electromagnetic Fields and Your Health 56
Apr-94 Happenings: US and Russia Give Shuttle Last Minute Lift..... 89
Apr-94 League Advisory Committee Members 93
Apr-94 Packet Without Computers 64
Apr-94 The Doctor is IN 66
Apr-94 An Indestructible Dipole for 10 Meters 67
Apr-94 A Climatological Analysis of the Dayton HamVention 69
Apr-94 The SWR Obsession 70
Apr-94 Do I need a Linear Amplifier? 73
Apr-94 Updated Official Field Day Report Form 60
Apr-94 "Results, ARRL 160 Meter Contest" 117
Apr-94 Straight Key Night 1993 121
Apr-94 "Rules, 9th IARU HF World Championship" 122
Mar-94 A Lead Acid Battery Charger 25
Mar-94 The Pfeiffer Quad Antenna System 28
Mar-94 Using A VU Meter for Phone Patch Adjustment 32
Mar-94 On Center Fed Multiband Dipoles 34
Mar-94 Under the Hood IV: Inductors 37
Mar-94 Product Review: Dual Band Hand Held FM Transceivers 71
Mar-94 It Seems to Us 9
Mar-94 Amateur Radio Direction Finding in China 22
Mar-94 Radio Gear of Yesteryear 41
Mar-94 A New Outlook on Ham Radio 44
Mar-94 Being an Elmer 44
Mar-94 Anatomy of a 10 GHz Record 48
Mar-94 Cellular Radio and the Modern Amateur 50
Mar-94 Wally and Mike: Changing Times 56
Mar-94 Board Preps for 219-220 MHz 84
Mar-94 Happenings: Appeals Court Sides with Minnesota Amateur: Antenna... 91
Mar-94 Worked All Palm Beach 60
Mar-94 Getting Started on the Magic Band 61
Mar-94 The Doctor is IN 64
Mar-94 PACSATs from an Apartment 65
Mar-94 Plug Into PacTOR 67
Mar-94 An Over the Dash H-T Mount 70
Mar-94 "Results, Eighth Annual ARRL 10 GHz Cumulative Contest" 117
Feb-94 An Easy To Build 25 Watt MF/HF Amplifier 31
Feb-94 Revisiting the RF Ammeter 35
Feb-94 Stacking Tribanders: A Super Station-Sorta 38
Feb-94 The QSOcorder 45
Feb-94 Product Review: SSB Electronic UEK-2000S and Down East SHF-2400 69
Feb-94 It Seems to Us 9
Feb-94 California's Burning 23
Feb-94 Camel Trophy 93 29
Feb-94 Toppling Restrictive Zoning Ordinances 49
Feb-94 Amateur Radio Goes to the 1193 BSA National Jamboree 54
Feb-94 Real Fun Interference 78
Feb-94 Happenings: New Jersey Seeks to Register and Tax RF Sources 80
Feb-94 Back to the Future: Pick Your Own Call Sign? 84
Feb-94 Announcing the Third Annual Philipo McGan Memorial Silver Antenna.. 105
Feb-94 Working Satellite RS-12 58
Feb-94 Building Your Own Station Accessories 61
Feb-94 The Doctor is IN 65
Feb-94 DXing with 2 Meter Packet Mail 66
Feb-94 ARRL International DX Contest Plaque Program 105
Feb-94 "Results, 8th IARU HF World Championship" 106
Jan-94 An Inexpensive SSTV System 27
Jan-94 The Nearly Perfect Amplifier 30
Jan-94 Computer Controlled Electronic 35
Jan-94 Uncle Albert's Unique Keyer 42
Jan-94 Under the Hood III: Capacitors 45
Jan-94 Product Review: The Yaesu FRG-100 General Coverage Receiver 73
Jan-94 It Seems to Us 9
Jan-94 Amateur Radio Postage Stamps 22
Jan-94 Mother Nature's Radio 49
Jan-94 Where are the Novices: League Members Respond 52
Jan-94 Do Amateur Radio A Favor 54
Jan-94 Before Spark 57
Jan-94 Happenings: ARRL Members Pick New Board Representatives 82
Jan-94 1994 Handy Reference Section 97
Jan-94 AMSAT-NA Space Symposium 115
Jan-94 Test Day 62
Jan-94 The Doctor is In 64
Jan-94 A Cheap Way to Hunt Transmitters 65
Jan-94 Where's My Mail? 67
Jan-94 Do You Need an Antenna Tuner 70
Jan-94 "Results, 1993 ARRL September VHF QSO Party" 119
Jan-94 Club Competition Rules and Contest Disqualification Criteria 124
Jan-94 "Rules, 1994 Novice Roundup" 125
Jan-94 Eighth Annual School Club Roundup 126


Dec-93 Taking the Mystery Out of Diode Double Balanced Mixers 32
Dec-93 Measuring and Compensating Oscillator Frequency Drift 37
Dec-93 Computer Controlled Electronic Test Equipment 42
Dec-93 An Automated Mobile Radio Direction Finding System 51
Dec-93 Product Review: The Ten Tec Scout Model 555 MF/HF Transceiver 77
Dec-93 It Seems to Us 9
Dec-93 Heroics in the Heartland 21
Dec-93 Eritrea: A Nation Reborn 27
Dec-93 A Cold Season 56
Dec-93 The First VHF Contest from Cuba 58
Dec-93 Gatti-Hallicrafters: The First Grand Ham EXpedition 59
Dec-93 Happenings: Ham and Former Ham Share 1993 Nobel Prize 91
Dec-93 Season's Greetings from the ARRL/IARU Staff 99
Dec-93 Op-Ed: The Times They are A Changin 111
Dec-93 The Frequency and Deviation Conspiracy 66
Dec-93 HF Mobiling- Taking it to the Streets 67
Dec-93 The Lure of the Ladder Line 70
Dec-93 Radio and Railfanning 72
Dec-93 The Doctor is IN 76
Dec-93 "Results, 1993 ARRL June VHF QSO Party" 114
Dec-93 "Results, ARRL UHF Contest" 122
Dec-93 "Rules, 1994 ARRL International DX Contest" 125
Dec-93 "Rules, 6th ARRL RTTY Roundup" 127
Dec-93 "Rules, 47th January VHF Sweepstakes" 128
Nov-93 "A 13.8 V, 5-A Regulated Power Supply" 27
Nov-93 A Low Voltage Disconnect 31
Nov-93 "A Simple, Two-Tone Audio Generator" 35
Nov-93 An Update on Compact Transmitting Loops 37
Nov-93 Under the Hood II: Resistors 41
Nov-93 An Accurate Dip Meter Using the MFJ-249 SWR Analyzer 45
Nov-93 Product Review: MFJ-249 and 207 SWR Analyzers 75
Nov-93 It Seems to Us 9
Nov-93 Amateur Radio Aboard Space Shuttles: T-10 Years and Counting 22
Nov-93 "Hello Again, to an Old Friend" 30
Nov-93 The Coming of the Law 47
Nov-93 Solder to Talk 52
Nov-93 Hamming on the Sunny Side of the Alps 53
Nov-93 An Australian Connection 55
Nov-93 Sweepstakes Shack on Wheels 57
Nov-93 Satellites and Field Day 59
Nov-93 How Does a Section Manager Spend Field Day? 61
Nov-93 Happenings: FCC Backs Hams Against Scanner Laws 85
Nov-93 Remedial Radio 64
Nov-93 Troubleshooting Your Radio Equipment 65
Nov-93 The Doctor is IN 67
Nov-93 The ARRL Wants You 68
Nov-93 You Have a Date with OSCAR 21 70
Nov-93 I Wonder If.... 72
Nov-93 Earn an ARRL Friendship Award 50
Nov-93 Field Day 1993 114
Nov-93 "Rules, ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 126
Nov-93 "Rules, ARRL 160 Meter Contest" 127
Oct-93 The Sun Switch 24
Oct-93 Inside the Grounded-Grid Linear Amplifier 28
Oct-93 TAPR's Digital Deviation Meter 31
Oct-93 Schematics at Your Fingertips 39
Oct-93 The Earth Detunes My Antenna 41
Oct-93 Product Review: AEA PK-900 Multimode Communications Processor 71
Oct-93 It Seems to Us 9
Oct-93 The VP2MFA Do-able EXpedition 21
Oct-93 Yagi: The Man and His Antenna 45
Oct-93 The Radio Clubs of Romania 48
Oct-93 How to Be a DXer 51
Oct-93 Hams Test Antennas Aboard Space Shuttle Columbia 53
Oct-93 ARRL Volunteer Appointees of the Year 56
Oct-93 Happenings: Proposed law Would Protect Ham Volunteers 81
Oct-93 Op-Ed: Ham Radio on $100 a Year 102
Oct-93 Mountaintop VHF Operating; A New Adventure 60
Oct-93 Nobody Talks to Me! 63
Oct-93 Stalking the Fox 64
Oct-93 The First Contest 66
Oct-93 Lowfing on 1750 Meters 67
Oct-93 The Doctor is IN 69
Oct-93 ARRL November Sweepstakes Plaque Program 88
Oct-93 "Results, 1993 ARRL International DX Contest" 105
Oct-93 60th ARRL November Sweepstakes Announcement 122
Sep-93 A Long Haul H-T Battery System 23
Sep-93 A Simple Broadband Dipole for 80 Meters 27
Sep-93 The Contest Card 31
Sep-93 The 1/3 Wavelength Multiband Dipole 33
Sep-93 Under the Hood 36
Sep-93 Product Review: Kenwood TS-50S MF/HF Transceiver 71
Sep-93 It Seems to Us 9
Sep-93 PacTOR Phone Home: Mobile From the Australian Outback 20
Sep-93 PSE QSL for 5BWAS! 39
Sep-93 Reflected Waves 42
Sep-93 First Contact and the Unpaid Debt 44
Sep-93 JOTA 93 45
Sep-93 Board Embraces Semiautomatic Digital Operation at HF 48
Sep-93 Happenings: ARRL Moves to Protect Amateur Privileges 81
Sep-93 You Can Copy 30 Words Per Minute! 60
Sep-93 How Much Does it Cost? 61
Sep-93 The Joy of Building 64
Sep-93 The Doctor is IN 67
Sep-93 Annie Get Your Gunnplexer! 68
Sep-93 "Results, 1993 School Club Roundup" 46
Sep-93 "Rules, ARRL International EME Competition" 93
Aug-93 "The Effect of Continuous, Conductive Guy Wires on Antenna" 22
Aug-93 "A Dual Range AC Voltage, Current, and Frequency Monitor" 25
Aug-93 A High Density Receiving Antenna for 3.8 MHz 31
Aug-93 Product Review: ICOM IC-737 MF/HF Transceiver 59
Aug-93 It Seems to Us 9
Aug-93 Persistence Gets the Derelict 35
Aug-93 Bringing Back the Good Old Days 39
Aug-93 Hola Enrique! 41
Aug-93 Salute the Centibel 43
Aug-93 Full Circle 45
Aug-93 Happenings: ARRL Backs Proposal for 219-220 MHz 72
Aug-93 Just the Fax 48
Aug-93 A Standard 12-Volt Connector 50
Aug-93 The Doctor is IN 52
Aug-93 Getting Started with RS-10 53
Aug-93 Long Delayed Echos- A Ham Mystery! 57
Aug-93 The 1993 ARRL RTTY Roundup 98
Aug-93 "Rules, September VHF QSO Party" 102
Jul-93 A Synchronous Detector for AM Transmissions 28
Jul-93 "Honey, I Shrunk the Antenna" 34
Jul-93 IROESON: An Infrared Optoelectronic Keyer 36
Jul-93 Reverse-Polarity Protection for Your Gear 40
Jul-93 Ironing Out Your Own Printed Circuit Boards 42
Jul-93 Product Review: MFJ 9017 18-MHz QRP CW Transceiver 45
Jul-93 It Seems to Us 9
Jul-93 "10,500 Miles of Mobile CW- On a Motorcycle" 21
Jul-93 The Perseids Meteor Shower in 1993 51
Jul-93 An Ocean Hopper Reunion 54
Jul-93 Amateur Radio's Most Rewarding Activity 56
Jul-93 Amateur Radio as a Second Language 57
Jul-93 Simulated Emergency Test Results 58
Jul-93 Happenings: Joint Resolutions Presented to Congress Commend Ama.... 73
Jul-93 Two 2-Meter Antennas 62
Jul-93 The Doctor is IN 65
Jul-93 The Fine Art of QSLing 66
Jul-93 Finding My Niche in Ham Radio 70
Jul-93 Technical Solutions in the Field 72
Jul-93 "Results, 1992 ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 102
Jul-93 "Rules, 1993 ARRL UHF Contest" 109
Jun-93 A Comparison of Solid State and Tube Based Receiver Systems 24
Jun-93 Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB/CW Transverter 29
Jun-93 A Small Loop Antenna for 160 Meters 32
Jun-93 An Introduction to Amateur Television Part 3 35
Jun-93 Product Review: Dual Band Mobile FM Tranceivers 66
Jun-93 It Seems to Us 9
Jun-93 Roving for VHF Gold in the Colorado Rockies 21
Jun-93 The Rise of Frequency Modulation 42
Jun-93 Radio is My Passport 46
Jun-93 Phase 3D: A Satellite for All Part 2 47
Jun-93 Happenings: FCC Bans Scanners that Cover Cellular Telephone Freq... 77
Jun-93 Op-Ed: Living in the Real Ham Radio World 81
Jun-93 Get Ready for Field Day 54
Jun-93 Tall Stacks 92 Special Event Station 57
Jun-93 Pack in the Box 59
Jun-93 Your Information Connection: The ARRL BBS 60
Jun-93 The Doctor is IN 63
Jun-93 "Results, 1993 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes" 107
Jun-93 Announcing the Seventh ARRL 10 GHz Cumulative Contest 113
Jun-93 "Results, 1993 Novice Roundup" 114
May-93 Home Brewing a 10 GHz SSB/CW Transverter 21
May-93 Single Conversion Microwave SSB/CW Transceivers 29
May-93 Build the HANDI-Finder 35
May-93 Add Tracking Sidetone to Your ICOM IC-765 Transceiver 39
May-93 An Introduction to Amateur Television Part 2 43
May-93 Product Review: HAL Communications PCI-4000 CLOVER II 71
May-93 It Seems to Us: The Wise Compromise 9
May-93 Festing 48
May-93 Phase 3D- A Satellite for All! - Part 1 49
May-93 Inspiration: N2OVA 52
May-93 Transmitter Hunting: Tracking Down the Fun- Part 2 56
May-93 1992- The Year in Review 79
May-93 Happenings: FCC Plan Would Open New Band at 219-220 MHz 86
May-93 And the Most Popular Frequency is.... 60
May-93 Do You Need an Audio Filter? 62
May-93 The Doctor is IN 64
May-93 A Disguised Flagpole Antenna 65
May-93 VHF/UHF Contesting 67
May-93 "Results, 1992 ARRL November Sweepstakes" 109
May-93 "Results, Sixteenth ARRL International EME Competition" 120
May-93 Field Day Rules 123
May-93 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Plaque Program 124
May-93 "Rules, June VHF QSO Party" 125
Apr-93 An Introduction to Amateur Television- Part 1 19
Apr-93 Fighting Antenna Corrosion 24
Apr-93 A Multimode Phasing Exciter for 1 to 500 MHz 27
Apr-93 A Remotely Controlled Antenna Switch 32
Apr-93 A Two Element Duoband Beam 36
Apr-93 Product Review: AEA DSP-2232 Multimode Communications 65
Apr-93 It Seems to Us 9
Apr-93 Don't Get Blown Away by Your Mobile Rig! 38
Apr-93 Big LEOs 40
Apr-93 Visiting Amateurs in the Far East 42
Apr-93 Five Meters or Bust 46
Apr-93 Transmitter Hunting: Tracking Down the Fun- Part 1 48
Apr-93 Happenings: Hams Help Squelch 420 MHz Interlopers 78
Apr-93 7 dB for 7 Bucks 54
Apr-93 Scanning the VHF Aviation Band 56
Apr-93 Confessions of a Conversation Hunter 59
Apr-93 Rockets and Radio 61
Apr-93 The Doctor is IN 63
Apr-93 "Results, ARRL 160 Meter Contest" 100
Apr-93 Straight Key Night 1992 104
Apr-93 "Rules, 8th IARU HF World Championship" 105
Mar-93 "The NRY: A Simple, Effective Wire Antenna for 80 thru 10 Meters" 22
Mar-93 Automatic RF Power Control for AMTOR Operation 25
Mar-93 "Transmitter Power: What It Is, What It Does, and How to Use It" 28
Mar-93 Predicting Transatlantic 50 MHz F-Layer Propagation 32
Mar-93 "An Easy, On Glass Antenna with Multiband Capability" 35
Mar-93 Product Review: SSB Electronic SP-70 Mast Mount Preamplifier 63
Mar-93 It Seems to Us...QRP? 9
Mar-93 Return to the Arctic and on to the Pole 19
Mar-93 Packet for Lunch 38
Mar-93 The Lure of Classic Radio 39
Mar-93 Crossband Repeater Operation 43
Mar-93 Nominations Open for Philip McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award 46
Mar-93 K1CE's Secret OSCAR-20 Station 47
Mar-93 HF Automatic Digital Subbands 73
Mar-93 Happenings: Hams Help Bail Out Southern California Town After Rains.. 80
Mar-93 Bicycle Mobile Antennas 52
Mar-93 The Paper Chase 54
Mar-93 Better than a Rubber Duck 56
Mar-93 The Doctor is IN 58
Mar-93 The Day the Repeater Broke 59
Mar-93 I Passed My Code! Now What? 61
Mar-93 "Results, Seventh ARRL 1- GHz Cumulative Contest" 108
Feb-93 A High Dynamic Range MF/HF Receiver Front End 23
Feb-93 You Can Operate HF Mobile! 29
Feb-93 A New Standard for Amateur Radio Analog Facsimile 31
Feb-93 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hardware for Computer... 37
Feb-93 Product Review: ICOM IC-728 and IC-729 Transceivers 67
Feb-93 It Seems to Us 9
Feb-93 Hurricane Iniki Rallies Amateurs 19
Feb-93 Shuttle Mission STS-55 Highlights 42
Feb-93 "Classic Rigs and Amplitude Modulation: Friendly, Nostalgic Ham Radio.." 43
Feb-93 Ham Radio at Soviet Space 47
Feb-93 Endurance 51
Feb-93 "Happenings: League Supports New Business Rule, Opposes Broadcast..." 82
Feb-93 W1AW at the Flick of a Switch 56
Feb-93 Two Meter FM Mountaintopping Sort Of! 58
Feb-93 Beyond FM 61
Feb-93 The Doctor is IN 64
Feb-93 Falling in Love with Ham Radio for Less Than $200 65
Feb-93 "Results, 7th IARU World HF Championship" 104
Feb-93 ARRL DX Contest Plague Program 110
Jan-93 Slow Scan TV- It Isn't Expensive Anymore! 20
Jan-93 "High Performance, Single Signal Direct Conversion Receivers" 32
Jan-93 "Introducing METCON, a New Remote Control and Telemetry System" 41
Jan-93 A $5 Headset Mike 48
Jan-93 Technical Correspondence 53
Jan-93 Product Review: Ten Tec Omni VI MF/HF Transceiver 65
Jan-93 It Seems to US 9
Jan-93 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-93 The Beat of a Different Drum: The Cop MacDonald Story 31
Jan-93 Excellence in Recruiting 55
Jan-93 Announcing the Second Annual Philip McGan Memorial Silver Antenna... 56
Jan-93 Tall Ships Pose a Tall Order for Boston Hams 73
Jan-93 A Good Day at Effingham 76
Jan-93 Life After Death: A New Beginning 77
Jan-93 "Maritime Mobile, Love Boat Style" 79
Jan-93 30 Years Between Novice Roundups 80
Jan-93 Happenings: Amateurs Needs Outlined for Government Study 82
Jan-93 Public Service: Samoan Crisis 99
Jan-93 Club Spectrum: ARRL Special Service Clubs Recognized 102
Jan-93 At the Foundation: Join Us for the Celebration! 108
Jan-93 Club Competition Rules and Contest Disqualification Criteria 52
Jan-93 "Major Operating Events and Hamfests, 1993" 57
Jan-93 "Results, 1992 ARRL September VHF QSO Party" 110
Jan-93 "Rules, 1993 School Club Roundup" 103
Jan-93 "Rules, 1993 Novice Roundup" 116


Dec-92 A No Tune Transverter for the 2304-MHz Band 33
Dec-92 The Impossible Dream Whip HF Mag Mount 40
Dec-92 Choosing a Digital Frequency Counter 42
Dec-92 Off the Grid and on the Sun 45
Dec-92 "An Inexpensive, Expanded Range Analog Voltmeter" 52
Dec-92 Product Review: Kenwood TS-950SDX MF/HF Transceiver 72
Dec-92 Technical Correspondence 83
Dec-92 It Seems to Us: Our Place in the World 9
Dec-92 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-92 In Andrew's Wake 20
Dec-92 The 40 Days of GB5QM/MM 29
Dec-92 The Amateur Auxiliary: Myth Versus Reality 55
Dec-92 The Mysterious 6-Meter Band 59
Dec-92 Webersat- Step by Step 63
Dec-92 "Me? Teach A License Class? Sure, it's Fun" 67
Dec-92 Wally and Mike: Happy Holidays 70
Dec-92 "Happenings: League Calls Licensing Scheme Flawed, Suggests Alt......" 89
Dec-92 "Public Service: ARES and NTS: Fun, Function, Fraternity" 103
Dec-92 Club Spectrum: Puerto Rico Rediscovered 113
Dec-92 Seasons Greetings from the ARRL/IARU Staff and Contributing Editors 127
Dec-92 "Results, ARRL UHF Contest" 116
Dec-92 "Results, 1992 ARRL June VHF QSO Party" 118
Dec-92 "Rules, 46th January VHF Sweepstakes" 124
Dec-92 "Rules, 1993 ARRL International DX Contest" 125
Dec-92 "Rules, 5th ARRL RTTY Roundup" 126
Nov-92 An Active Attenuator for Transmitter Hunting 28
Nov-92 Remote Control Using Your H-T 31
Nov-92 "A 12-V, 15-A Power Supply" 36
Nov-92 Calibrating the Signal Generator in the Sky 42
Nov-92 Recent Advances in Shortwave Receiver Design 45
Nov-92 A Dual Radio Speaker 56
Nov-92 Why an Antenna Radiates 59
Nov-92 Technical Correspondence 67
Nov-92 Product Review: M2 Enterprises 2M-CP22 and 436-CP30 Antennas 69
Nov-92 It Seems to Us: What Do You Like About QST? 9
Nov-92 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-92 VP8SSI: A DXpedition to the Most Awful Place in the World 21
Nov-92 St. Charles County ARES/RACES Mobile Communications 26
Nov-92 HANDI-HAMS Mark 25 Years of Helping Others 76
Nov-92 Would a League by Any Other Name Work the Same? 77
Nov-92 Equipment Donations as Tax Deductions 79
Nov-92 An Introduction to Gray Line DXing 80
Nov-92 W3USS: The Amateur Radio Voice of the US Senate 83
Nov-92 Wally and Mike: Mildred's Exam 86
Nov-92 AMTOR in the Classroom 89
Nov-92 160 Meters: You Can Go Home Again 91
Nov-92 The Junk Box 94
Nov-92 Happenings: Digital Band Plan Hammered Out; 40 Meters Only Stumb... 96
Nov-92 Public Service: Operation Holidays II: Each One Reach One 105
Nov-92 At the Foundation: An Autumn Message to Our Friends 114
Nov-92 Club Spectrum: Message From Space 115
Nov-92 Field Day 1992 118
Nov-92 "Rules, ARRL 10-Meter Contest" 129
Nov-92 "Rules, ARRL 160-Meter Contest" 132
Oct-92 An Audio Noise Based Voting Circuit 24
Oct-92 An Active Audio CW Filter You Can Build 27
Oct-92 Measuring SSB/CW Receiver Sensitivity 30
Oct-92 Home Brewing Large Antenna Coils 45
Oct-92 Double Duty for Your Transceiver's Power Supply 50
Oct-92 Product Review: QST Compares: 2-Meter Hand Held FM Transceivers 54
Oct-92 Technical Correspondence 65
Oct-92 It Seems to Us 9
Oct-92 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-92 Dream Flight Wausau 20
Oct-92 PRB-1: Seven Years Down the Road 35
Oct-92 The First Worked All Continents Award 38
Oct-92 Smile- You're on Ham Radio 42
Oct-92 The Future of Ham Radio 70
Oct-92 A Quick Trip to the Top 71
Oct-92 Ham Cop 73
Oct-92 The Last Heathkit 74
Oct-92 Are Hams Being Priced Out of the Market? 76
Oct-92 Desert Wheels 79
Oct-92 Happenings: Support Still Needed for Spectrum Protection Bills 83
Oct-92 Op-Ed: Use Your Political Influence 87
Oct-92 Public Service: Gas Explosion Rocks Texas Counties 91
Oct-92 Club Spectrum: Honolulu Hams Remember Pearl Harbor 99
Oct-92 "Results, 1992 ARRL International DX Contest" 104
Oct-92 59th ARRL November Sweepstakes Announcement 121
Oct-92 ARRL November Sweepstakes Plaque Program 123
Sep-92 An Experimental Solid State Kilowatt Linear Amplifier for 2 to 54 MHz 19
Sep-92 Working the EasySats 30
Sep-92 A 40 Meter Regenerative Receiver You Can Build 35
Sep-92 Low Cost Digital Signal Processing for the Radio Amateur 43
Sep-92 A Line Noise Sniffer That Works 52
Sep-92 A Simple Audio Interface for the ICOM IC-2AT and Realistic HTX-202 56
Sep-92 The Noise Bridge 75
Sep-92 Product Review: Yaesu FT-890 MF/HF Transceiver 79
Sep-92 Technical Correspondence 88
Sep-92 It Seems to Us: Running on Automatic 9
Sep-92 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-92 Passing the Rapids of the Katun River: The White Water Adventure.... 26
Sep-92 Wally and Mike: The Flood 40
Sep-92 "James D. Heil KB5AWM, Wins the McGan Public Relations Award" 58
Sep-92 JOTA 92 61
Sep-92 FCC Proposes to Relax Restrictions on Permissible Amateur Comm... 62
Sep-92 A World Apart 66
Sep-92 ABC: The First Electronic Digital Computer? 69
Sep-92 "For Information, Dial 713-488-4HAM!" 73
Sep-92 SET: A Chance to Prove our Readiness 90
Sep-92 Unattended HF Operation Tops Board Agenda 91
Sep-92 Happenings: Three Operators Socked with Major Fines 100
Sep-92 Public Service: packaged Emergency Station 105
Sep-92 Club Spectrum: Club Pride 118
Sep-92 At the Foundation: Outstanding Achievers 127
Sep-92 1992 School Club Roundup Results 122
Sep-92 "Rules, ARRL International EME Competition" 124
Aug-92 High Performance Direct Conversion Receivers 19
Aug-92 Control Your Transceiver by Voice 35
Aug-92 What's a Mixer? 39
Aug-92 A Plumber's Delight Dipole for 2 Meters 43
Aug-92 Product Review: Cushcraft R7 Multiband Vertical Antenna 54
Aug-92 Technical Correspondence 64
Aug-92 Lab Notes: Substituting Parts 66
Aug-92 It Seems to Us: Action on Indecency 9
Aug-92 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-92 Shuttle Mission STS-45: SAREX QSOs and Solar Studies 29
Aug-92 Wally and Mike: The Footrace 32
Aug-92 Landline BBSing 45
Aug-92 How to Build a Computer- Cheap? 48
Aug-92 Happenings: FCC Plan Would Ease Public Service Rules 49
Aug-92 Public Service: NTS Forum 56
Aug-92 IARU News: Amateur Radio Administration Course 75
Aug-92 Club Spectrum: Recognition for Special Service Clubs 78
Aug-92 "Results, 1992 ARRL RTTY Roundup" 85
Aug-92 "Rules, September VHF QSO Party" 90
Jul-92 The CW68HC05 Keyboard Keyer 19
Jul-92 Basic Steps Toward Suppressing Power Supply Surges 25
Jul-92 The Perseids Meteor Storm 29
Jul-92 Build it Yourself from QST- Part 4 31
Jul-92 "Build a Space Efficient Dipole Antenna for 40, 80, and 160 Meters" 35
Jul-92 A Low Cost PC Interface for ICOM Radios 37
Jul-92 Product Review: QST Compares: Mid Priced MF/HF Linear Amplifiers 53
Jul-92 Technical Correspondence 71
Jul-92 It Seems to Us: Nominations are Open 9
Jul-92 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-92 Father's Day With a Fourth of July Bang 39
Jul-92 Wally and Mike: The Podunk Repeater Club 40
Jul-92 Committee Studies ARRL VHF Band Planning 43
Jul-92 Man the Word Processors! 44
Jul-92 The Rebirth of W3TKQ 47
Jul-92 Simulated Emergencies Test the System 50
Jul-92 Happenings: FCC Commends Amateurs in Sea Rescues 61
Jul-92 At the Foundation: A Harvest of New Hams 74
Jul-92 Public Service: Amateur TV: Public Service Eye in the Sky 76
Jul-92 IARU News: Amateur Radio Call Signs 85
Jul-92 "Results, 1991 ARRL 10 Meter Contest" 89
Jul-92 "Rules, 1992 ARRL UHF Contest" 97
Jun-92 Easy Computer Control and Bandwidth Switching with Kenwood Trans... 23
Jun-92 The Ugly Weekender II: Adding a Junk Box Receiver 27
Jun-92 Getting Started in Digital Communications- Part 4 34
Jun-92 Build it Yourself from QST- Part 3 42
Jun-92 Product Review: ETO Alpha 87A MF/HF Linear Amplifier 53
Jun-92 Technical Correspondence 71
Jun-92 It Seems to Us: Are You Ready for Field Day? 9
Jun-92 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-92 Hang Gliding Hams 19
Jun-92 ITHE: Alive and Well in New Zealand 21
Jun-92 What's New at Dayton? 31
Jun-92 Rocky Mountain Aerial Foxhunt 46
Jun-92 Wind Profilers: Applications and Characteristics 48
Jun-92 The Case of the Clockwork Noise 51
Jun-92 Happenings: Hefty Fines Levied Against Several Amateurs 57
Jun-92 Public Service: National Traffic System: An Anachronism? 65
Jun-92 IARU News: Amateur Radio at TELECOM 91 in Geneva 77
Jun-92 Club Spectrum: New Tech Enjoys First Field Day 85
Jun-92 Op-Ed: Special Event? Or Business Advertising 86
Jun-92 Announcing the Seventh ARRL 10 GHz Cumulative Contest 78
Jun-92 "Results, 1992 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes" 88
Jun-92 "Results, 1992 Novice Roundup" 94
May-92 "An Inexpensive, Easy to Build ESD Probe" 31
May-92 Build it Yourself from QST- Part 2 35
May-92 Getting Started in Digital Communications- Part 3 41
May-92 Phased Driven Arrays for the Low Bands 49
May-92 A Portable Antenna Support 78
May-92 Product Review: Advanced Electronic Applications Fast Scan 56
May-92 Technical Correspondence 95
May-92 It Seems to Us: Making the Most of the Microwaves 9
May-92 Up Front in QST 11
May-92 OSCAR 13: Portable from the High Sierra 20
May-92 Not Really Alone 23
May-92 WARC-92 Finds Room for New Radio Services 25
May-92 WARC-92: Inside the United States Delegation 28
May-92 When You Turn on the News and it Turns on You! 53
May-92 An Inside Job at the 5-9 Club Repeater 63
May-92 Annual Report to the Members of the ARRL for 1991 65
May-92 A Family of Federal Standards for HF ALE Radios 73
May-92 A Reluctant Steeplejack 77
May-92 Happenings: IARU President Named Dayton Amateur of the Year 80
May-92 Public Service: Search and Rescue 91
May-92 At the Foundation: Only the Best Selection 108
May-92 "Results, 1991 ARRL November Sweepstakes" 110
May-92 "Results, 1991 ARRL ARRL EME Competition" 121
May-92 Field Day Rules 124
May-92 "Rules, June VHF QSO Party" 126
May-92 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Plaque Program 127
Apr-92 Build it Yourself from QST- Part I 31
Apr-92 Flawless VOX Operation with the Smooth Voice Controller 37
Apr-92 Getting Started in Digital Communications- Part 2 44
Apr-92 "A Five Band, Two Element Quad for 20 thru 10 Meters" 52
Apr-92 Product Review: Kenwood TS-450S and TS-690S Transceivers 67
Apr-92 Technical Correspondence 76
Apr-92 It Seems to Us: The Best Defense 9
Apr-92 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-92 QSL Via the Statehouse 19
Apr-92 Wind Profiler Frequencies 22
Apr-92 Life on a Megacycle 25
Apr-92 QST Profile: Who's Harry Helms 50
Apr-92 Atop Santa Elena Island 57
Apr-92 Excellence in Recruiting 58
Apr-92 Happenings: WARC-92 Adopts No Change in 40 Meter Band 61
Apr-92 Public Service: Amateur Satellites as a Resource For PS Communica... 78
Apr-92 Club Spectrum: Amateur Radio at Discovery Place 92
Apr-92 1992 Handy Reference Section Addendum 93
Apr-92 "Results, 1991 ARRL 160- Meter Contest" 95
Apr-92 "Rules, 7th IARU HF World Championship" 98
Apr-92 Straight Key Night 1991 99
Mar-92 Lemonized QSO 18
Mar-92 Eleven Years of Sporatic E 23
Mar-92 Getting Started In Digital Communication- Part 1 33
Mar-92 Do You Know Where Your CW Signal Is? 40
Mar-92 The Fold Over Mobile Mount 43
Mar-92 Product Review: The Japan Radio Co. JST-135HP Transceiver 67
Mar-92 Technical Correspondence 88
Mar-92 It Seems to Us: A Matter of Personal Privilege 9
Mar-92 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-92 Wind Profilers at 449 MHz 20
Mar-92 The Final Days of Ham Spark 29
Mar-92 A Mini-DXpedition to Enderby Island 38
Mar-92 Novice Notes: What's So Special About HF? 45
Mar-92 Chirps 49
Mar-92 Morse Code: A Place in the Mind 51
Mar-92 Announcing the First Annual Philip McGAn Silver Antenna Award 52
Mar-92 Board Elects New President 53
Mar-92 Happenings: New Business Communications Rule Proposed 62
Mar-92 ASREX is on the Launch Pad! 76
Mar-92 Public Service: The Los Angeles Police Department Challenge Cup 79
Mar-92 Op-Ed: Novice Enhancement II? 93
Mar-92 At the Foundation: A Look Ahead 94
Mar-92 Club Spectrum: SAREX: Shuttle STS-47 Schedules for Fall 95
Mar-92 "Results, Sixth ARRL 10- GHz Cumulative Contest" 98
Feb-92 IROESK- An Infrared Optoelectronic Straight Key 30
Feb-92 Getting Started on the Microwave Bands 35
Feb-92 Getting the Most Out of Nickel Cadmiun Batteries 40
Feb-92 Propagation Predictions for HF- A New Look 48
Feb-92 Product Review: Ameritron AL-811 Linear Amplifier 61
Feb-92 It Seems to Us: WARC-92 9
Feb-92 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-92 A Radio Contro Primer 18
Feb-92 Hams Put to Test in Huge Oakland Fire 23
Feb-92 SAREX: Talk to the Crew of Atlantis During 1992's Int'l Space Year 46
Feb-92 Ham Adventure in the North 57
Feb-92 Voice of America Amateurs Mark 50th Anninersary 70
Feb-92 Happenings: Commission Reaffirms Position on RFI 77
Feb-92 Op-Ed: Heart of Darkness 90
Feb-92 Public Service: The New England Escadrille Warbirds Airshow 91
Feb-92 Club Spectrum 98
Feb-92 "IARU News: Jottings from Here, There and Everywhere" 99
Feb-92 ARRL International DX Contest Plaque Program 103
Feb-92 "Results, 6th IARU HF World Championship" 104
Jan-92 A Receiver Spectral Display Using DSP 23
Jan-92 A Field Strength Meter with Decibel Display 33
Jan-92 The FET Charge Controller 45
Jan-92 Going Mobile- Part 2 53
Jan-92 Product Review: Ten Tec Argonault II and Delta II Transceivers 77
Jan-92 Technical Correspondence 95
Jan-92 It Seems to Us: Democracy 9
Jan-92 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-92 The IARU Albania Project 17
Jan-92 RTTY Roundup: A Little Fun for Every Baudy 30
Jan-92 Meet Me in the Novice Roundup 38
Jan-92 Automatic Unattended Operation Survey 41
Jan-92 The Finest in Amateur Radio Education 43
Jan-92 Ham Heaven 51
Jan-92 The NCJ Turns 20 65
Jan-92 Spectrum Management in the 90s and Beyond 67
Jan-92 Happenings: Members Re-Elect Seven League Directors 73
Jan-92 Public Service: From Drill to Disaster in an Hour and a Half! 83
Jan-92 Club Spectrum: Clubs Make it Happen 97
Jan-92 IARU News: Can I Join the IARU? 99
Jan-92 At the Foundation: The VicYIP at Work in Hew Hampshire 100
Jan-92 "Results, 1991 ARRL September VHF QSO Party" 103
Jan-92 "Rules, 1992 School Club Roundup" 108
Jan-92 Club Competition Rules and Contest Disqualification Criteria 108
Jan-92 "Rules, 1992 Novice Roundup" 109
Jan-92 How to Contact the ARRL 57
Jan-92 The ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau System 58
Jan-92 ARRL Outgoing QSL Service 59
Jan-92 The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 60
Jan-92 Frequency Allocation Chart 62


Dec-91 ChipTalker 17
Dec-91 Going Mobile- Part 1 23
Dec-91 A Quality Desk Mike for Under $25 26
Dec-91 The Double Tuned Circuit: An Experimenter's Tutorial 29
Dec-91 Lab Notes: Creating A Technical Library 35
Dec-91 Product Review: QST Compares Mobile 2-Meter FM Transceivers 37
Dec-91 Technical Correspondence 45
Dec-91 It Seems to Us: A Voluntary Noncommercial Communication Service 9
Dec-91 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-91 Pearl Harbor Remembered 47
Dec-91 The Magic of Christmas 56
Dec-91 The Oldest Crystal House in Texas 59
Dec-91 The Central States VHF Society: A Happy 25th Birthday 61
Dec-91 Notes from a No-Coder 67
Dec-91 Happenings: IARU Region 3 Societies Meet in Indonesia 68
Dec-91 Public Service: Voices from MARS 81
Dec-91 Op-Ed: Basis and Purpose 85
Dec-91 IARU News: Amateur Radio is Growing 86
Dec-91 "Results, 1991 ARRL UHF Contest" 90
Dec-91 "Results, 1991 ARRL June VHF QSO Party" 92
Dec-91 "Rules, 1992 ARRL International DX Contest" 98
Nov-91 Propagation Broadcasts and Forecasts Demystified 20
Nov-91 Computer Remote Control of an Amateur Radio Station 25
Nov-91 RF Power Amplifiers and the Conjugate Match 31
Nov-91 My Feed Line Tunes My Antenna! 33
Nov-91 Strengthening the Cushcraft 40-2CD 36
Nov-91 Basic Steps Toward Tracing and Eliminating Power Line Interference 43
Nov-91 Product Review: Yaesu FT-990 47
Nov-91 Technical Correspondence 53
Nov-91 It Seems to Us: Public Relations 9
Nov-91 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-91 Soviet Hams Rally Against Coup 15
Nov-91 The Case of the Underage Felon 55
Nov-91 Discovery Center Ham Radio Museum Exhibit 57
Nov-91 Novice Notes: 10-Meter Contesting for the Beginner 60
Nov-91 Bright Star and the Radio Rustlers 64
Nov-91 A Structurally Sound Idea: The Volunteer Consulting Engineer 67
Nov-91 One Ham's Introduction to Top Band 68
Nov-91 You're Killing My Husband 70
Nov-91 Happenings: FCC Maintains Stand in Testing of Disabled 72
Nov-91 Public Service: APLINK: The Delivery Systems- Part 2 81
Nov-91 At the Foundation: A Commitment to Preserve 89
Nov-91 Club Spectrum: Clubs Celebrate Diamond Anniversaries 90
Nov-91 IARU News: The Radio Regulations 92
Oct-91 A Simple VHF/UHF Diplexer 18
Oct-91 Match Bandwidth of Resonant Antenna Systems 21
Oct-91 Curtains for You 26
Oct-91 BNC Connectors Handle Switching in a Flexible Antenna Tuner 31
Oct-91 Product Review: Yaesu FT-650 33
Oct-91 Technical Correspondence 41
Oct-91 It Seems to Us: The Next Breakthrough 9
Oct-91 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-91 ARES in the USSR 16
Oct-91 Novice Notes: Talk Radio 43
Oct-91 Tompkins Writing Contest Winners Announced 47
Oct-91 Flaming 48
Oct-91 Why Join a Ham Club? 51
Oct-91 "Metamorphosis of a Contester: Dave Zeph, W9ZRX" 55
Oct-91 A Touch of Morse 60
Oct-91 Happenings: Amateur Radio Returns to Albania 62
Oct-91 Public Service:: APLINK: The Delivery Systems- Part 1 73
Oct-91 Op-Ed: Clubs and the Codeless Techs 78
Oct-91 IARU News: Modus Operandi at WARC-92 79
Sep-91 "A High Performance, Easy to Build 432-MHz Transverter- Part 2" 18
Sep-91 A Limited Space Dipole Support 22
Sep-91 An Inexpensive Computer/Radio Interface 24
Sep-91 What Your Frequency Display Really Tells You- Part 2 26
Sep-91 A Clothesline Dipole 32
Sep-91 Product Review: AOR AR2500 Scanning Receiver 33
Sep-91 Technical Correspondence 40
Sep-91 "It Seems to Us: No Range Wars, Please" 9
Sep-91 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-91 A Visit to By-Land 14
Sep-91 One of the Best Amateur Radio Traditions: Elmering 43
Sep-91 Focus on Emergency Response 45
Sep-91 A New Era for DXCC 46
Sep-91 Murphy's Laws: Antennas and DX 48
Sep-91 Spectrum Management in the 90's and Beyond 50
Sep-91 A-1: It's Not Just for Homeburgers 54
Sep-91 Spectrum Management Dominates Board Actions Slate 55
Sep-91 Happenings: League Pushes for Scanner Law Preemption 60
Sep-91 Public Service: Madison Amateurs Help in Evacuation 68
Sep-91 Club Spectrum: US/Soviet Goodwill 79
Sep-91 At the Foundation: Meet Our 1991 Academic Scholarship Recipients 80
Sep-91 IARU News: The Government and Administrators 82
Aug-91 "A High Performance, Easy to Build 432 MHz Transverter- Part 1" 19
Aug-91 RFD-1 and RFD-2 Resonant Feed Line Dipoles 24
Aug-91 What Your Frequency Display Really Tells You 28
Aug-91 An Infrared Keyer Interface 33
Aug-91 Product Review: MFJ-948 Deluxe Versa Tuner II Antenna Tuner 36
Aug-91 Technical Correspondence 41
Aug-91 It Seems to Us: Don't Ask the FCC 9
Aug-91 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-91 Reflections of a Microsat lab Volunteer 14
Aug-91 Spectrum Management in the 90'2 and Beyond 43
Aug-91 Senator Gore Introduces Amateur Radio Spectrum Act 48
Aug-91 "The 1991 ARRL Convention: Saginaw, Michigan" 50
Aug-91 VHF Traffic Nets are for Everyone 51
Aug-91 Motivating Newcomers 56
Aug-91 Happenings: League Seeks Access to 216-220 MHz 58
Aug-91 Public Service: A City Prepares: Amateurs Assist-Everyone Benefits 69
Jul-91 Feeding Dipole Antennas 22
Jul-91 "A Single-Board, No-Tune 902-MHz Transverter" 25
Jul-91 A Light and Sturdy Quad for 10 and 15 Meters 30
Jul-91 Build a Portable Groundplane Antenna 33
Jul-91 An Introduction to Digital Signal Processing 35
Jul-91 "A Simple, Effective Dual-Band Inverted-L Antenna" 38
Jul-91 Product Review: Kenwood TS-850S 160-10 Meter Transceiver 42
Jul-91 Technical Correspondence 49
Jul-91 It Seems to Us: The First Hundred Days 9
Jul-91 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-91 STS-37: The Educational SAREX Mission 14
Jul-91 "Amateur TV, SAREX and ""Real Television""" 18
Jul-91 Get Out of the Shack and into the Action 51
Jul-91 The Challenge: Getting Ted on 20 53
Jul-91 "Hamfest and League Renewal in ""YLA-YLZ""-Land" 55
Jul-91 The Old Guard 57
Jul-91 If something Goes Wrong... 58
Jul-91 "Happenings: FCC Survey Seeks to Link Amateur Power, RFI" 61
Jul-91 Nominees Sought for ARRL Board of Directors 64
Jul-91 Public Service: Illinois SKYWARN Team Alerts Threatened Community 69
Jul-91 "IARU News: ARAC-Tokyo, April 1991" 76
Jul-91 Club Spectrum: Potpourri 80
Jul-91 At the Foundation: Our Heritage on Display 81
Jun-91 Hand-Held Digital Multimeters 19
Jun-91 Antenna Here is a Dipole 23
Jun-91 Build a Universal VFO 27
Jun-91 Transforming the Balun 30
Jun-91 The EZY Launcher 34
Jun-91 Product Review: QST Compares: Dual-Band Hand-Held FM Transceivers 36
Jun-91 Technical Correspondence 45
Jun-91 It Seems to Us: Power 9
Jun-91 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-91 WARC-92: What it Means to You 16
Jun-91 Bridging the Language Gap 47
Jun-91 Announcing the Don Wallace Radio Communications Museum 50
Jun-91 What's Cooking for Field Day? 52
Jun-91 Technicians Can Have a Field Day 54
Jun-91 Field Day for a First-Timer 55
Jun-91 Happenings: FCC Sends Message to Packet BBS Operators 58
Jun-91 Public Service: VIP: Amateurs on the Fire Line 75
Jun-91 Op-Ed: CW 81
Jun-91 IARU News: Seanet '90-The Continuing Saga 86
Jun-91 Club Spectrum: Expedition to Paradise 87
May-91 Basic Steps Toward Eliminating Telephone RFI 22
May-91 The Super Rover 26
May-91 ESD- Electrostatic Discharge- Part 2 28
May-91 A High Performance UHF and Microwave System Primer 30
May-91 Connectors for (Almost) All Occasions- Part 2 34
May-91 Product Review: Command Technologies Commander HF-2500 Linear 41
May-91 Technical Correspondence 45
May-91 It Seems to Us: Good News 9
May-91 Up Front in QST 11
May-91 Hams Against the Inferno 14
May-91 Last Voice From Kuwait 18
May-91 The Amateur's Code in the 1990s 47
May-91 The Father of Modern Radio 49
May-91 Rediscovering Shortwave Listening 52
May-91 Moonbounce from Peru 56
May-91 Happenings: FCC Inspectors Make Surprise Visits to Hams 58
May-91 Audited ARRL Financial Statements Released 62
May-91 IARU News: Africa Telecom 90 70
May-91 Public Service: The New Public Service Honor Roll- Again! 71
May-91 Op-Ed: Packet Messages are Not Broadcasts 75
May-91 At the Foundation: Please Pass the Incentive 77
Apr-91 ESD- Electrostatic Discharge- Part 1 19
Apr-91 Midrange Forecasts of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 22
Apr-91 A Simple and Inexpensive 23/24 Centimeter Signal Combiner 28
Apr-91 A Glass Mounted 2 Meter Mobile Antenna 31
Apr-91 Connectors for (Almost) All Occasions- Part 1 35
Apr-91 Product Review: Kenwood TS-790A 39
Apr-91 It Seems to Us: A New Deal for Volunteer Exams 9
Apr-91 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-91 "Mastodons, Mummies, and Magic Eye Tubes" 15
Apr-91 How Many Rigs Can You Hold in One Hand? 49
Apr-91 Samuel F.B. Morse: Radio's Mysterious Progenitor 51
Apr-91 It Seemed Too Easy! 55
Apr-91 The DXer 56
Apr-91 The Country Store 59
Apr-91 The 20 Meter Money Eater 60
Apr-91 DXCC Countries List 61
Apr-91 Happenings: House Bill Seeks Bright Future for Amateurs 62
Apr-91 IARU News: The IARU Monitoring System 74
Apr-91 Public Service: A Look at NTS and the Traffic Scene 75
Mar-91 Transceiver Features That Help You Beat Interference 16
Mar-91 The Building Supply Yagi 22
Mar-91 Tuning OSCAR with Separate Radios 25
Mar-91 Making Soldering Safer 28
Mar-91 Product Review: Yaesu FT-1000D 31
Mar-91 Technical Correspondence 39
Mar-91 It Seems to Us: Digital Broadcasting 9
Mar-91 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-91 Bill in Congress Would Protect Amateur Frequencies 41
Mar-91 Togo Pileup 43
Mar-91 The Bullfrog 46
Mar-91 Some Old Friends from the Past 48
Mar-91 Mayday! There's Been a Plane Crash! 50
Mar-91 QST Profile: How's Rod? 52
Mar-91 Board Declines to Seek Reconsideration of Codeless Tech Decision 55
Mar-91 Happenings: Gulf War Puts Amateur Radio in the Spotlight 62
Mar-91 Public Service: Reaping the Benefits of Amateur Radio Public Service 70
Mar-91 Op-Ed: Restructuring Amateur Radio Publications 74
Mar-91 IARU News: PICON 79
Mar-91 At the Foundation: The General Fund 80
Mar-91 Club Spectrum: College Club Serves Cosmopolitan Menu 81
Feb-91 MININEC: The Other Edge of the Sword 18
Feb-91 The BP-80: An 80 Meter Transceiver 23
Feb-91 Rugged Side Mounting for Rotatable Antennas 30
Feb-91 Product Review: QST Compares: Peak Reading MF/HF Wattmeters 33
Feb-91 Technical Correspondence 39
Feb-91 It Seems to Us: A Codeless Amateur License 9
Feb-91 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-91 Amateur Radio in the Kingdom of Bhutan 14
Feb-91 1990- Was it Only One Year Long? 41
Feb-91 SAREX: Sharing the Exploration of Our World and Beyond 44
Feb-91 QST Profile: Roger Jeanfaivre K1PAI 47
Feb-91 Novice Notes: CW Traffic Nets: Take the Plunge 49
Feb-91 The Media Game 52
Feb-91 Happenings: FCC Eases Morse Code Testing for Disabled 54
Feb-91 FCC Releases Codeless License Report and Order 57
Feb-91 Public Service: Using Packet to Process Radiogram Traffic 69
Feb-91 Club Spectrum: The Library Set 70
Jan-91 A Portable QRP CW Transceiver 17
Jan-91 Packet Hardware for Beginners 20
Jan-91 A Diode Switched Band Pass Filter 24
Jan-91 A Surface Mount Technology Primer- Part 2 27
Jan-91 Product Review: Kenwood TS 950SD 31
Jan-91 Technical Correspondence 38
Jan-91 It Seems to Us: Spectrum Congestion: Solutions on the Horizon? 9
Jan-91 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-91 Kayaking QRP 14
Jan-91 QST Profile: David French N4KET 40
Jan-91 A Letter to Your XYL 42
Jan-91 To Russia With Love 44
Jan-91 Announcing the Walker Tompkins Writing Award and Contest 45
Jan-91 Happenings: ARRL Board to Seat Two New Members 46
Jan-91 Public Service: APLINK/NTS- The AMTOR/Packet Traffic System 57
Jan-91 IARU News: IARU and CCIR 67
Jan-91 Club Spectrum: Amateur Radio and the 1990 World Economic Summit 69
Jan-91 At the Foundation: Faces of the Future 71


Dec-90 Circuit Improvements of the Heath SB-220 Amplifier- Part 2 41
Dec-90 A Portable QRP CW Transceiver- Part 1 44
Dec-90 A Surface Mount Technology Primer- Part 1 48
Dec-90 Product Review: ICOM IC-765 52
Dec-90 Technical Correspondence 58
Dec-90 It Seems to Us: The WARC-92 Model Microwave Pressure Cooker 9
Dec-90 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-90 75 Years of QST 13
Dec-90 Jim 34
Dec-90 Confessions of A Boyhood Bootlegger 37
Dec-90 Novice Notes: Your Novice Accent 38
Dec-90 "QST Profile: April, WA6OPS and Joe, K0OV Moell" 60
Dec-90 Christmas Regained 62
Dec-90 Calling Home from Vietnam- Part 2 64
Dec-90 M-V Island? 67
Dec-90 In the Spotlight- Amateur Radio Education 69
Dec-90 Happenings: League Protests Comment Deadline to FCC 71
Dec-90 "Public Service: ARES/Data, a Packet Data Base for Emergency Comm.." 75
Dec-90 Op-Ed: Is Urban Amateur Radio Doomed? 82
Dec-90 IARU News: Maritime Mobile Net List 85
Nov-90 The CMOS Super Keyer II 18
Nov-90 An Intraural Microphone System for Mobile Operation 22
Nov-90 Circuit Improvements for the Heath SB-220 Amplifier-Part 1 25
Nov-90 The 160 Meter Antenna Dilemma 30
Nov-90 Product Review:: Ten Tec Omni V 33
Nov-90 Technical Correspondence 40
Nov-90 It Seems to Us: Potpourri 9
Nov-90 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-90 Maritime Mobile with NP2AZ 15
Nov-90 WARC-92 Draft US Proposals Released 42
Nov-90 Calling Home from Vietnam- Part 1 44
Nov-90 "QST Profile: Dick Ehrhorn, W4ETO" 47
Nov-90 DX from Tarawa 49
Nov-90 A New Look at 200 Meters & Down 50
Nov-90 A Visit to Headquarters 51
Nov-90 SAREX Update: Please Stand By 52
Nov-90 A Beginner's Tour To and Through AMTOR 53
Nov-90 Happenings: Amateur Radio Aims for the Olympics 56
Nov-90 Public Service: Texas Amateurs Get On the Job Training in Chemical.... 69
Nov-90 At the Foundation: Want Some Money for School? 73
Oct-90 A Compact Brick for 6 Meters 18
Oct-90 A Laser Communications Primer- Part 2 22
Oct-90 A Single Board Bilateral 5760 MHz Transverter 27
Oct-90 Parasitics Revisited- Part 2 32
Oct-90 More QRP EME on 144 MHz 36
Oct-90 Product Review: Cushcraft R5 Multiband Vertical Antenna 39
Oct-90 It Seems to Us: The Goodwill Dream 9
Oct-90 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-90 "The Club Bouvet, 3Y5X Story" 14
Oct-90 The World Radio Sport Team Championship 43
Oct-90 QST Profile: Jerry Sevick W2FMI 47
Oct-90 Sweepstakes for the Beginner 49
Oct-90 The Retread 52
Oct-90 Novice Notes: Why So Many Hams Carry a Torch for 10 54
Oct-90 Hitting the Limit 57
Oct-90 Happenings: Comment Deadline Looms for New Methods to Test Disabled 58
Oct-90 Public Service: Tornado Alley 65
Oct-90 Op-Ed: The Case for Tolerance 70
Oct-90 IARU News: Responsibility 74
Sep-90 Parasitics Revisited- Part 1 15
Sep-90 A Laser Communications Primer- Part 1 19
Sep-90 Simple Coaxial Cable Measurements 25
Sep-90 Cubic Incher Mods + 30 Meters 28
Sep-90 Product Review: Garant Enterprises GD-8 Windom Antenna 30
Sep-90 Technical Correspondence 38
Sep-90 It Seems to Us: Confrontation 9
Sep-90 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-90 Microsats and You 40
Sep-90 Changing Antenna Ordinances- The Easy Way 43
Sep-90 Are You Ready for SET? 45
Sep-90 "QST Profile: Bob Locher, W9KNI" 46
Sep-90 Novice Notes: VHF/UHF FM- Part 3 48
Sep-90 "Father and Son DXpedition, Portable C6A" 50
Sep-90 JOTA Needs You 52
Sep-90 Board Affirms Code-free License Stance 54
Sep-90 Moved and Seconded 56
Sep-90 Happenings: Commission Eases Code Requirements for Disabled 60
Sep-90 Public Service: NTS in Disaster Communications- Does it Do the Job? 67
Sep-90 At the Foundation: Back to School with a Double Header 73
Aug-90 A Microcomputer Controlled NiCd Battery Charger 16
Aug-90 A Triband Microwave Dish Feed 23
Aug-90 The Off Center Fed Dipole Revisited: A Broadband Multiband Antenna 28
Aug-90 Product Review: AEA AT-300 Antenna Tuner 35
Aug-90 Technical Correspondence 39
Aug-90 It Seems to Us: WARC-92 Agenda Released 9
Aug-90 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-90 Friends are Great People 15
Aug-90 Helping Techies Become Hams 43
Aug-90 Hams Without Fail 45
Aug-90 Growing a Fresh Crop of Hams 47
Aug-90 "QST Profile: Cliff Stoll, K7TA" 49
Aug-90 6Y5EE on Disaster Communications 51
Aug-90 Packet with a Purpose 54
Aug-90 First Time in a Contest 58
Aug-90 Novice Notes: VHF/UHF FM Repeaters- Part 2 59
Aug-90 Happenings: ARRL Favors Ruling Against Restrictive Statutes 61
Aug-90 Public Service: NTS in Disaster Communications: Does it Do the Job? 68
Aug-90 SAREX Boosts Schools' Interest in Ham Radio 72
Aug-90 IARU News: Amateur Radio at WARC-92 74
Jul-90 An Experimental Band Switching Dip Meter 18
Jul-90 Antenna Switchers- Part 2 21
Jul-90 903 MHz Linear Amplifiers- Part 2 28
Jul-90 Product Review: AEA MM-3 Morse Machine 32
Jul-90 Technical Correspondence 39
Jul-90 It Seems to Us: The WARC-92 Agenda 9
Jul-90 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-90 The Mind of the Contester 14
Jul-90 Outstanding Amateurs Honored at Dayton 27
Jul-90 Recent Disasters Punctuate Purpose of Test 41
Jul-90 In the Blink of an Eye 44
Jul-90 Morse Code From the Heart 45
Jul-90 "QST Profile: Meet a Legitimate Triple Threat- Bill Wilkinson, N3GTW" 46
Jul-90 Novice Notes: VHF/UHF FM Repeaters- Part 1 48
Jul-90 How Ham Radio Changed My Name 50
Jul-90 "Salt, Sentiment and Solid State" 52
Jul-90 Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment (SAREX) 53
Jul-90 Committee Submits Strawman Position on Docket 90-55.... 54
Jul-90 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 55
Jul-90 Public Service: The Amateur Radio Emergency Service.... 63
Jul-90 At the Foundation: Good News for Scholarship Seekers 65
Jul-90 IARU News: Membership in Your National Society- Long Term Benefits 69
Jun-90 903 MHz Linear Amplifiers- Part 1 18
Jun-90 A Folding Dipole for 2 Meters 26
Jun-90 "The BRD Zapper: A Quick, Cheap, and Easy ZL Special Antenna" 28
Jun-90 Antenna Switchers- Part 1 31
Jun-90 Product Review: ICOM IC-2GAT Hand Held 2 Meter FM Transceiver 37
Jun-90 It Seems to Us: It Seemed Like a Good Idea 9
Jun-90 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-90 The Avianca Crash: Disaster and Discord 14
Jun-90 Dayton 1990 is History 42
Jun-90 Almost There on 2300 MHz 43
Jun-90 How One YL Got Started 44
Jun-90 Amateur Radio Roots 45
Jun-90 "QST Profile: Cindy Wall, KA7ITT" 46
Jun-90 Amateur Radio Goes to the Games 48
Jun-90 A Month of Ham Visibility 52
Jun-90 The Best Field Day Ever 54
Jun-90 Happenings: League Responds to Telecommunications Inquiry 56
Jun-90 Public Service: Hams Help After Murphy Delivers Ice Covered........... 63
May-90 A Weather Facsimile Package for the IBM PC- Part 2 17
May-90 An Audio Equalizer for Communications Use 22
May-90 Practical Battery Back Up Power for Amateur Radio Stations- Part 3 25
May-90 A Closer Look at Horizontal Loop Antennas 28
May-90 Product Review: Yaesu FT-736R 30
May-90 Technical Correspondence 38
May-90 It Seems to Us: The Amateur's Code 9
May-90 Up Front in QST 11
May-90 Friendship Radio Sports Games 14
May-90 Go Tell it on the Mountain 15
May-90 DOVE: The Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder 40
May-90 Novice Notes: Pagalu Safari 42
May-90 Scouting the Future 44
May-90 QST Profile: Slightly Delayed 46
May-90 The Grouch 48
May-90 How to Have Fun in Ham Radio 50
May-90 Happenings: ARRL Comments in NTIA Spectrum Management Inquiry 52
May-90 Audited ARRL Financial Statements Released 56
May-90 Public Service: How Public Officials View Amateur Radio 65
May-90 At the Foundation: The VicYIP Challenge 70
May-90 IARU News: The Singapore SeaNET of 1989 71
Apr-90 A Weather Facsimile Package for the IBM PC- Part 1 15
Apr-90 Hands Off Mobile Operation 25
Apr-90 Loading Coils for 160 Meter Antennas 28
Apr-90 Practical Battery Back Up Power for Amateur Radio Stations- Part 2 32
Apr-90 It Seems to Us: Communicator 9
Apr-90 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-90 FCC Releases Codeless License NPRM 38
Apr-90 From Texas to the DDR: One Ham's Hertiage 44
Apr-90 Thin Air 46
Apr-90 "QST Profile: Future Shock: A Conversation with Phil Karn, KA9Q" 48
Apr-90 Radio Roulette in the Soviet Union 50
Apr-90 Successful OSCAR Launch Ushers in the 90's 52
Apr-90 Novice Notes: Hamfests- A Great Tradition 54
Apr-90 Happenings: ARRL Comments in FCC WARC-92 Inquiry 56
Apr-90 At the Foundation: Our New Treasurer 64
Apr-90 "Public Service: ANERCOM Final Report, January 1990- Part 2" 65
Apr-90 IARU News: Sixty Fifth Anniversary of IARU 71
Mar-90 Practical Radio Aurora 20
Mar-90 Evolution of the Short Top Loaded Vertical 26
Mar-90 Using the MC2831A FM Transmitter Subsystem IC 31
Mar-90 Practical Battery Back Up Power for Amateur Radio Stations- Part 1 34
Mar-90 Product Review: ICOM IC-725 38
Mar-90 Technical Correspondence 44
Mar-90 It Seems to Us: Rotten Operating 9
Mar-90 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-90 Earthquake! 15
Mar-90 What Do You Get for Your Membership Dues? 18
Mar-90 "QST Profile: Tony Bongiovi, KX2Z" 46
Mar-90 "Love My Son, Love His Radios" 48
Mar-90 Radio is More Than a Merit Badge! 49
Mar-90 A Montserrat Memoir 50
Mar-90 "Board Steers Course for WARC-92, Future" 53
Mar-90 Happenings: Flawless Launch Yields Six OSCARs 60
Mar-90 "At the Foundation: In Service to You, the Member" 64
Mar-90 "Public Service: ANERCOM Final Report, January 1990- Part 1" 74
Feb-90 A Simple and Accurate QRP Directional Wattmeter 19
Feb-90 Cheap and Easy Control Signal Level Converters 24
Feb-90 A Balanced Antenna Tuner 28
Feb-90 Product Review: SHF 1240K 1296MHz Transceiver Kit 33
Feb-90 Technical Review 37
Feb-90 It Seems to Us: Automatic Control 9
Feb-90 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-90 Hugo the Horrible 14
Feb-90 1989 A Second Look 40
Feb-90 Why QRP? 43
Feb-90 Amateur Radio is Back on the Shuttle 46
Feb-90 Valentine's Day DX 47
Feb-90 Hams Organize Communications for Winter Special Olympics 49
Feb-90 VHF/UHF Advisory Committee 13 cm Band Plan Proposal 52
Feb-90 Happenings: FCC Proposes Service Rules for Land Mobile Operation.... 53
Feb-90 At the Foundation: A Look At Your Generous Spirit 58
Feb-90 Public Service: There's More Than One Way to Skin a Cat 59
Feb-90 IARU News: 60 Years of PZK 70
Jan-90 "A Tester for Crystal F, Q and R" 21
Jan-90 Circularly Polarized Quagi Antennas for Space Communications 24
Jan-90 A QRP SSB/CW Transceiver for 14 MHz 28
Jan-90 The Elevator: A Simple 20 MHz FM Transceiver 32
Jan-90 Product Review: ICOM IC-781 39
Jan-90 It Seems to Us: WARC-92 9
Jan-90 Up Front in QST 12
Jan-90 IARU Region 2 Finds the Magic in Oriando 15
Jan-90 Murphy's Law and Self Defense 47
Jan-90 "QST Profile: Larnell Harris, WD4LZC" 49
Jan-90 And the Winners Are........ 51
Jan-90 "Sister Alverna O'Laughlin, WA0SGJ, 1988 ARRL Int'l Humanitarian" 53
Jan-90 Congress: No Fees for Amateurs 54
Jan-90 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1990 55
Jan-90 License Renewal Information 57
Jan-90 The Considerate Operator's Frequency Guide 57
Jan-90 "US Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 58
Jan-90 Happenings: ARRL Members Elect Representatives 59
Jan-90 Public Service: Sierra Intermountain Emergency Radio Asso. Relays... 66
Jan-90 At the Foundation: Rocketing Into the Nineties 70
Jan-90 IARU News: CCIR Celebrates 60th Anniversary 73


Dec-89 A QRP SSB/CW Transceiver for 14 MHz 18
Dec-89 A Repeater Linking Controller 22
Dec-89 Auroral-E Propagation at 144 MHz 28
Dec-89 Product Review: Bird 43P Peak Reading Directional Wattmeter 33
Dec-89 Technical Correspondence 40
Dec-89 It Seems to Us: Our Anniversary Year 9
Dec-89 Up Front in QST 12
Dec-89 A Visit to W1AW 14
Dec-89 Christmas for an Elmer 41
Dec-89 A Tipsy Windom on Evans Hill 42
Dec-89 Tune in to Glasnost- Part 4 44
Dec-89 "Novice Notes: Keys, Keyers, and Keyboards" 47
Dec-89 At the Foundation: Tis the Season 50
Dec-89 Happenings: Amateur License Fee Schedules Adopted by House and Senate 51
Dec-89 Public Service: Idaho Amateurs Provide Forest Fire Communication 61
Dec-89 IARU News: ITU-COM 89 67
Nov-89 An Adapter for Powering Hand Held Rigs from 12 V Sources 17
Nov-89 Protecting Power Tetrodes 22
Nov-89 An AMTOR Operating Primer 26
Nov-89 Some Power Supply Design Hints 29
Nov-89 Product Review: Henry Radio Tempo 3002A 2 Meter Linear Amplifier 32
Nov-89 Technical Correspondence 38
Nov-89 It Seems to Us: License Fees 9
Nov-89 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-89 White Water Portable 15
Nov-89 QST Profile: The Importance of Being There 41
Nov-89 Herb 43
Nov-89 Enjoy a Vacation Abroad with an ITHE Host 45
Nov-89 Amateurs Celebrate We the People 47
Nov-89 Tune in to Glasnost- Part 3 48
Nov-89 Happenings: ARRL Petitions FCC for Codeless Class of Amateur License 53
Nov-89 At the Foundation: DXing the Foundation 57
Nov-89 RSGB 144 MHz Contest Inspires YL 58
Nov-89 "Public Service: The Train Without a Whistle, Oregon Amateurs Assist.." 63
Nov-89 IARU News: Special Event Station 9M8STA Promotes Amateur Radio.... 70
Oct-89 A Computer Controlled Digitized Speech System for SSB Contesting 19
Oct-89 The QRP Three Bander 25
Oct-89 Is Amateur Radio Hazardous to Our Health? 31
Oct-89 Product Review: Heath SB-1400 34
Oct-89 Technical Correspondence 37
Oct-89 It Seems to Us: Bioeffects; The WARC Bands 9
Oct-89 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-89 US Soviet Radio Relations Thaw in the Arctic 14
Oct-89 This is not a Drill! 17
Oct-89 The Bardstown Experiment 39
Oct-89 Novice Notes: Cue Cards for the Ham Shack 42
Oct-89 Tune in to Glasnost- Part 2 44
Oct-89 "QST Profile: Loraine McCarthy, N6CIO" 49
Oct-89 Happenings: FCC Denies Petitions for Reconsideration in 87-14... 50
Oct-89 Public Service: Red River of the North- Spring 1989 Flooding 59
Oct-89 At the Foundation: A Salute to the Courage HANDI-HAM System 65
Sep-89 The Switcher 18
Sep-89 "A 1.25 to 25V, 2.5A Regulated Power Supply" 22
Sep-89 The Care and Feeding of an Amateur's Favorite Antenna Support- Tree 26
Sep-89 A Simple Secondary Frequency Standard 29
Sep-89 Product Review: MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller- Revisited 34
Sep-89 Technical Correspondence 39
Sep-89 It Seems to Us: A Codeless License: The Time Has Come 9
Sep-89 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-89 Squelch Tails from China's Great Wall 14
Sep-89 W1AW- Rededicated 17
Sep-89 Tune in to Glasnost 41
Sep-89 Novice Notes: Tales of Triumph 47
Sep-89 At the Foundation: Increasing Electronics Awareness in Your Comm... 50
Sep-89 The 1989 Second Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors 51
Sep-89 Happenings: ITU Conference Adopts Schedule for WARC-92 59
Sep-89 Public Service: Hams Are the Key Factor in NDMS Drill 68
Sep-89 IARU News: USTTI Sponsors Amateur Radio Administration Course 76
Aug-89 N0AA's Space Environment Lab Public Computer Bulletin Board Serv.. 15
Aug-89 Build a Low Cost Booster Microphone 19
Aug-89 Build the Versa Loop 22
Aug-89 Improving and Using R-X Noise Bridges 27
Aug-89 Product Review: Yaesu FT-747GX 33
Aug-89 Technical Correspondence 40
Aug-89 "It Seems to Us: Disappointed, but Not Surprised" 9
Aug-89 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-89 Novice Notes: Antenna Tuners: Are They Necessary? 43
Aug-89 The Marshall H. Ensor Memorial Museum 45
Aug-89 "The Couple that CQs Together, Stays Together" 46
Aug-89 Radio Scouting: An Adventure for All Ages! 47
Aug-89 160 Meters: A Tribute 49
Aug-89 6K24SO: Korean Amateurs Commemorate the Seoul Olympics 50
Aug-89 At the Foundation: In the Good Old Summertime 51
Aug-89 SET Showcases Amateur Radio Preparedness 53
Aug-89 Happenings: FCC Declines to Reconsider 220 MHz Decision.... 56
Aug-89 The New Part 97: Amateur Rules to Take Us into the 21st Century 59
Aug-89 Public Service: Penn-Mar Radio Club Provides Communications for... 67
Aug-89 IARU News: Guatemala Hosts Region 2 Executive Committee 77
Jul-89 "A Clean, Low Cost Microwave Local Oscillator" 15
Jul-89 Stimulating the Ionosphere in Alaska 22
Jul-89 Interference Standards Revisited 27
Jul-89 Operate Your Station With Power from the Sun! 31
Jul-89 Product Review: MFJ-1278 Multi-Mode Data Controller 35
Jul-89 Technical Correspondence 42
Jul-89 It Seems to Us: May Flowers on M Street 9
Jul-89 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-89 Maxim Memorial Station W1AW Renovation Update 30
Jul-89 ARRL Pleads Case for 220 MHz at Congressional Hearing 44
Jul-89 Novice Notes: The Case for Code 47
Jul-89 4U1UN.. That Wild First Night 49
Jul-89 Riding the RAGBRAI 51
Jul-89 This is Our Last Hope 54
Jul-89 Escape to Paradise 56
Jul-89 At the Foundation: The spirit in Every Ham 57
Jul-89 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 59
Jul-89 Public Service: Operation Hospitality 71
Jul-89 IARU News: Asia Telecom 89- and the IARU 88
Jun-89 Propagation Forecasting During Solar Cycle 22 18
Jun-89 A No Tune Transverter for 3456 MHz 21
Jun-89 A Morse Code Keyer Using the Coleco ADAM Keyboard 27
Jun-89 Multipurpose Instrumentation Amplifier/Tester 35
Jun-89 Product Review: Kantronics All Mode Communicator 39
Jun-89 Technical Correspondence 45
Jun-89 Microsat: The Nest Generation of OSCAR Satellites- Part 2 53
Jun-89 It Seems to Us: Sunspots.. and Red Ink 9
Jun-89 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-89 East Meets West- M-V Island is on the Air 14
Jun-89 The ARRL Advertising Acceptance Policy 47
Jun-89 Packet Radio: Worked All States and Beyond 50
Jun-89 Novice Notes: Receiver Filters Improve Reception 55
Jun-89 A Visit to the USSR 58
Jun-89 New Ham Recruitment: From Pilot Project to Nationwide Program 59
Jun-89 At the Foundation: The Regional Scholarship- FEMARA Leads the Way! 61
Jun-89 Happenings: Part 15 Low Power Devices Ruling Adopted- Four Ham... 63
Jun-89 Public Service: Methyl Bromide Gas Spill 78
Jun-89 IARU News: Images of Malaysia 88
May-89 A Practical Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum UHF Link 14
May-89 A Practical Time Domain Reflectometer 22
May-89 A Four Stage 75 Meter SSB Superhet 25
May-89 The C-SUB 29
May-89 Simple Low Noise Microwave Preamplifiers 31
May-89 Microsat: The Next Generation of OSCAR Satellites- Part 1 37
May-89 Product Review: Uniden President HR2510 10 Meter Transceiver 41
May-89 Technical Correspondence 50
May-89 The Great 1989 HF Packet Design Quest 54
May-89 It Seems to Us: Spectrum Management or Abdication? 9
May-89 Up Front in QST 11
May-89 Dallas/Fort Worth Diamond Jubilee National Convention 52
May-89 Committee Releases Report for Comment on Possible Code Free... 56
May-89 Novice Notes: Phonetics: Words to the Wise 60
May-89 How to Interest Significant Others in Amateur Radio Without Losing.... 62
May-89 At the Foundation: How to Write a Proposal with Punch 64
May-89 Happenings: Canada's Proposed Deregulation Addressed 67
May-89 Public Service: Hazardous Materials Awareness 77
May-89 IARU News: International Telecommunications Conference 86
Apr-89 Amplifier Driver Compatibility 17
Apr-89 Simple 5/8 Wave Verticals for 12 and 17 Meters 19
Apr-89 The Coaxial Resonator Match and the Broadband Dipole 22
Apr-89 Adding an Echo As Sent Switch to Your PK-232 28
Apr-89 Power FET Switches as RF Amplifiers 30
Apr-89 Product Review: ETO Alpha 86 Linear Amplifier 34
Apr-89 Technical Correspondence 41
Apr-89 It Seems to Us: Present at the Creation 9
Apr-89 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-89 Armenian Earthquake- A Ham Digs In 14
Apr-89 The Patron 44
Apr-89 The Runner and the Radio 47
Apr-89 Novice Notes: Awards Chasing 49
Apr-89 Casting Off With Ham Radio 53
Apr-89 At the Foundation: Like Flowers in Spring 56
Apr-89 Happenings: 17-Meter Band Open! 58
Apr-89 Public Service: History of the National Traffic System- Part 2 66
Mar-89 A Simple 80 Meter Converter 18
Mar-89 Flagpole J for 10 Meters 21
Mar-89 Calculating Power Dissipation in Parasitic Suppressor Resistors 25
Mar-89 Collinear Phased Antennas for the HF Bands 29
Mar-89 The 17-Meter Band- What Can We Expect? 33
Mar-89 Amplifier Cool Down Circuits 35
Mar-89 Product Review: Alinco DJ-100T Hand Held 2-Meter FM Transceiver 37
Mar-89 Technical Correspondence 44
Mar-89 It Seems to Us: We Get 17 Meters! 9
Mar-89 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-89 CY9DXX- St. Paul Island 1988 14
Mar-89 Novice Notes: Keeping a Station Log 47
Mar-89 "QST Profile: Douglas Lockhart, VE7APU" 49
Mar-89 At the Foundation: We Get Down to Business! 51
Mar-89 Happenings: ARRL Requests Oral Argument in 220-MHz Docket 53
Mar-89 The 1989 Annual Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors 55
Mar-89 Public Service: Michigan Hams Provide Communications in Chemical... 64
Mar-89 IARU News: SEAnet 88 82
Feb-89 What's That New Signal on 80 Meters? 18
Feb-89 A Low Cost Frequency Counter 21
Feb-89 QRP EME on 144 MHz 28
Feb-89 Transistor AM Radios as Ham Receivers 33
Feb-89 Product Review: Kenwood TM-721A 37
Feb-89 Technical Correspondence 47
Feb-89 It Seems to Us: The Rewrite 9
Feb-89 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-89 Hurricane Gilbert- Amateur Radio Again Proves its Worth 15
Feb-89 A Yank Tackles the RAE and Wins 49
Feb-89 ARRL Proposes its Own Rewrite of Amateur Rules 51
Feb-89 Ham Radio on Mt McKinley 53
Feb-89 1988: The Amateur Radio Year in Review 54
Feb-89 Novice Notes: Paper Tiger 58
Feb-89 Ballot Counting at HQ: Democracy in Action 61
Feb-89 At the Foundation: SAREX: The Next Generation 62
Feb-89 Happenings: EPA Will Not Issue RF Exposure Guidelines 64
Feb-89 Public Service: 1 AM and All is Not Well! 73
Feb-89 Washington Mailbox: Reciprocal Licensing in Our Shrinking World 78
Feb-89 IARU News: Amateur Radio Administration 90
Jan-89 The Evolution of the Mighty Big Antenna 15
Jan-89 A Speaker Amplifier for Hand Held Transceivers 20
Jan-89 Adding 160 Meter Coverage to HF Amplifiers 23
Jan-89 Conversion Between Geodetic and Grid Locator Systems 29
Jan-89 A VFO with Bandspread and Bandset 31
Jan-89 Product Review: ICOM IC-228H 34
Jan-89 Technical Correspondence 41
Jan-89 It Seems to Us: Why Morse Code? 9
Jan-89 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-89 The Non-DXpedition or Taking Your Radio on a Business Trip 44
Jan-89 "Father Mike, the Voice of IMRA" 47
Jan-89 Novice Notes: Contests and You- Perfect Together 48
Jan-89 Beyond the Ham Bands 53
Jan-89 The Future Generation 55
Jan-89 At the Foundation: So Your Club Wants to Give a Scholarship? 56
Jan-89 The Listener 58
Jan-89 President Reagan Signs Bill Lauding Radio Amateurs 60
Jan-89 Happenings: League Members Elect Representatives 62
Jan-89 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1989 65
Jan-89 License Renewal Information 76
Jan-89 "US Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 77
Jan-89 Public Service: Future Shock? Real Traffic Handlers Use CW! 80
Jan-89 IARU News: The Seventh Conference of IARU Region III 91


Dec-88 The Electronic Parrot 14
Dec-88 The CW6805- An Inexpensive Morse Keyboard 24
Dec-88 A Portable Vertical Antenna Mount 31
Dec-88 Toroids- Some Pratical Solutions 33
Dec-88 The Case of the Portable Hand Held Transceiver 35
Dec-88 Product Review: ICOM IC-900 Multiband VHF/UHF FM Mobile Trans... 37
Dec-88 Technical Correspondence 46
Dec-88 "It Seems to Us: 435,000 Points of Light" 9
Dec-88 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-88 "A Cake, a Present, and a Little Drink" 48
Dec-88 Relocating Unattended Beacon Subbands in the Amateur Bands.... 50
Dec-88 Christmas- Cycle 22 52
Dec-88 Novice News: Inside Antennas- Do They Really Work? 55
Dec-88 W1AW Renovation Ready to Move Forward 58
Dec-88 20-Meter Beacons Revisited 60
Dec-88 The W6AM Rhombic Antenna Farm Dismantled 62
Dec-88 At the Foundation: Meet Our 1988-89 Scholarship Recipients 64
Dec-88 "Happenings: Congress Helps Hams, Heads Home" 66
Dec-88 Washington Mailbox: Amateur Testing for Persons with Disabilities 69
Dec-88 IARU News: WARC-ORB 71
Dec-88 Public Service: TCC- The Land Distance Connection 80
Nov-88 Getting from Here to There on 2304 MHz 15
Nov-88 A Three Channel CW Emergency Transceiver- Part 2 17
Nov-88 Log Periodic Dipole Arrays for the Upper HF Bands 21
Nov-88 Automatic TR Switching For the Kenwood SM-220 Monitor Scope 24
Nov-88 The Mobile Roof Rack Antenna 29
Nov-88 Product Review: ICOM IC-575A 50 and 28 MHz Transceiver 33
Nov-88 Technical Correspondence 41
Nov-88 It Seems to Us: Hurricane Gilbert 9
Nov-88 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-88 Novice Notes: Before Your Ticket Arrives 43
Nov-88 W1AW Fund Drive Bandwagon Rolls On! 45
Nov-88 The Packeteer Addictive Syndrone 46
Nov-88 "At the Foundation: The Bill Bennett, W7PHO Story" 47
Nov-88 Ham Radio Remembered 49
Nov-88 The Brief Flight of the Eclipse 50
Nov-88 Happenings: FCC Issues Report and Order in 87-14 52
Nov-88 Public Service: The History of the National Traffic System 69
Nov-88 IARU News: Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championships 74
Oct-88 A Relative RF Ammeter for Open Wire Lines 15
Oct-88 The Spiderweb Quad 18
Oct-88 Build a Simple 12 Meter Beam 21
Oct-88 A Three Channel CW Emergency Transceiver- Part 1 26
Oct-88 Product Review: Kenwood TS-680S 31
Oct-88 Improved Anode Parasitic Suppression for Modern Amplifier Tubes 36
Oct-88 Technical Correspondence 43
Oct-88 It Seems to Us: Black Thursday 9
Oct-88 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-88 FCC Reallocates 220-222MHz; ARRL Fights On! 45
Oct-88 Instructor/Teachers of the Year 1987 47
Oct-88 A W1AW Vignette: A Concise History of the ARRL 49
Oct-88 Emergency Communication: Is It Legal? 54
Oct-88 ARRL Diamond Jubilee Award 59
Oct-88 "At the Foundation: Now, That's An Incentive" 60
Oct-88 Happenings: $75 Fee Proposed by Six Forest Service Regions 62
Oct-88 Washington Mailbox: Amateur Operation on the High Seas 78
Oct-88 Public Service: Running on the Edge of the Western World 80
Oct-88 IARU News: International Amateur Radio in Birmingham 85
Sep-88 Band Pass Filters for HF Transceivers 17
Sep-88 Baudot and ASCII RTTY Programs for Atari Computers 20
Sep-88 A Dipper Amplifier for Impedance Bridges 24
Sep-88 A Simple Resonant ATU 26
Sep-88 The Coplanar Twin Loop Antenna 29
Sep-88 Product Review: ICOM IC-761 36
Sep-88 Technical Correspondence 46
Sep-88 It Seems to Us: Repeater Coordination Redux 9
Sep-88 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-88 Project Suncoast Seniors: The ARRL New Ham Pilot Recruitment Proj.. 15
Sep-88 A W1AW Vignette: The W1AW Dedication- 50 Years Ago This Month 49
Sep-88 All Aboard the 610 to Gettysburg 50
Sep-88 "At the Foundation: Happy 15th Anniversary, ARRL Foundation" 52
Sep-88 The Eagle is QRV 54
Sep-88 The 1988 Second Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors 58
Sep-88 Happenings: ARRL Files Comments on Restrictive Antenna Covenants 66
Sep-88 IARU News: German Hamfest at Friedrichshafen 74
Sep-88 Public Service: Severe Storms: The Art of Being Weather Wise 81
Aug-88 25 Watt Linear Amplifier for 144 and 220 MHz 15
Aug-88 Preamplifier for 80 and 160 M Loop and Beverage Antennas 22
Aug-88 A Versatile Timer/Controller 25
Aug-88 A Sensitive Integrating Squelch Circuit 27
Aug-88 Build it Yourself- With Plastic 30
Aug-88 Elevated Vertical Antenna Systems 35
Aug-88 Product Review: Heathkit SA-2550 Remote Antenna Matcher 43
Aug-88 Technical Correspondence 51
Aug-88 It Seems to Us: On We Grow! 9
Aug-88 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-88 A W1AW Vignette: The Night the Governor Came to Call 55
Aug-88 "Thanks, W1AW" 56
Aug-88 Elmers Who Made a Difference 57
Aug-88 Congressional Resolutions Support Amateur Radio 60
Aug-88 The ARRL/VEC Test Takers' Q & A 61
Aug-88 Notes on Organizing Your First DXpedition 65
Aug-88 National Communications Systems Makes Use of Amateur HF Network 68
Aug-88 This Novice Quiz Aint So Trivial! 70
Aug-88 At the Foundation: Where to Place Your Trust 71
Aug-88 Happenings: VEC Conference Held in Texas 73
Aug-88 Public Service: A Public Service Opinion 90
Aug-88 Washington Mailbox: Zoning Ordinances and Restrictive Covenants.... 93
Aug-88 IARU News: International Round Up 95
Jul-88 A Talking Wattmeter 15
Jul-88 A Low Drive Grounded Grid 3CX800A7 Amplifier 22
Jul-88 A Simple Tuning Indicator 28
Jul-88 A Multipurpose DTMF Encoder 32
Jul-88 Joe Ham Versus VCR RFI 34
Jul-88 Product Review: Kenwood TM-221A/321A//421A 37
Jul-88 Technical Correspondence 47
Jul-88 It Seems to Us: Due Process and RFI 9
Jul-88 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-88 The ARRL/VEC- A New Era 50
Jul-88 At the Foundation: Many Scholarships Available 51
Jul-88 A W1AW Vignette: The W1AW Fire 54
Jul-88 The 1988 ARRL National Convention: Portland is Waiting for You 55
Jul-88 Emergency Planners Take the Exam 57
Jul-88 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 60
Jul-88 Public Service: NJ/PA Amateurs and 63 Hospitals Participate... 75
Jun-88 A Cheap and Easy Modem 15
Jun-88 "Introducing Phase 3C: A New, More Versatile OSCAR" 22
Jun-88 The RePlay Digital Voice Message System 31
Jun-88 The AD7Iambic Cheap Keyer 38
Jun-88 Product Review: Kenwood TS-140S 42
Jun-88 Technical Correspondence 50
Jun-88 It Seems to Us: QRM 9
Jun-88 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-88 FCC Announces Rewrite of Amateur Rules 53
Jun-88 Building Upon a Great Foundation 55
Jun-88 The Adventure of VHF Contesting 57
Jun-88 USSR/Canada Polar Bridge Expedition 62
Jun-88 W1AW Renovation Update 64
Jun-88 A W1AW Vignette: Stalking a Phantom at W1AW 65
Jun-88 Happenings: ARRL Files Reply Comments to UPS 67
Jun-88 Washington Mailbox: Autopatches and the Radio Amateur 78
Jun-88 VHF/UHF Beacon Frequencies Proposal 81
Jun-88 Public Service: Butane Explosion! 85
Jun-88 IARU News: Regional Conferences of the IARU 88
May-88 Pictures by Packet 15
May-88 How to Deal with Audio RFI Problems 18
May-88 "The Great Sporadic-E Opening of June 14, 1987" 21
May-88 The Inside Story of the PK-232 30
May-88 RX Noise Bridges 34
May-88 Product Review: Ten Tec Model 585 Paragon 36
May-88 Technical Correspondence 42
May-88 It Seems to Us: Five Years of Volunteer Examining 9
May-88 Up Front in QST 11
May-88 Bill: The Pirate Who Touched Our Hearts 45
May-88 Hams and Public Service: NWS Wants You! 47
May-88 Delaware: The First State Signs 200 49
May-88 Happenings: FCC Part 97 Rewrite 53
May-88 IARU News: CEPT Licenses- Will They Spread Throughout the World? 72
May-88 Public Service: The Painless QNI: Being an NCS 81
May-88 Amateur Radio Operators and Emergency Managers 84
Apr-88 PC Board Production in the ARRL Lab 15
Apr-88 From TUs to Communications Processors 19
Apr-88 Phase Noise and Its Effects on Amateur Communications- Part 2 22
Apr-88 Improving the HW-9 Transceiver 26
Apr-88 On Ground Low Noise Receiving Antennas 30
Apr-88 Sporadic-E Propagation at VHF: A Review of Progress and Prospects 33
Apr-88 Product Review: MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground 40
Apr-88 Technical Correspondence 46
Apr-88 It Seems to Us: Band Planning 9
Apr-88 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-88 Get Ready for the New W1AW 48
Apr-88 Log of a 40 Meter Zepp 50
Apr-88 The New Face of DXCC 51
Apr-88 Don't Fall Head Over Heels Because of Amateur Radio 54
Apr-88 Novice Notes: Are You Ready for 10 Meter E Skip? 57
Apr-88 Amateur Radio in Yugoslavia 60
Apr-88 Hail and Farewell to CRRL 62
Apr-88 Happenings: 87-14 Updates 63
Apr-88 Proposed ARRL 13 cm Band Plan 73
Apr-88 IARU News: Views on Common Licensing 78
Apr-88 Washington Mailbox: Deed Restrictions and the Radio Amateur 80
Apr-88 Ham Radio Trivia Quiz 81
Apr-88 Public Service: Tornado on the Ground! 89
Mar-88 Phase Noise and Its Effects on Amateur Communications- Part 1 14
Mar-88 The Cordless Phone Link 21
Mar-88 Traps for VHF Interference 25
Mar-88 Transmitting Loops Revisited 27
Mar-88 The Tox Box 30
Mar-88 Hidden Antennas- One Ham's Solution 33
Mar-88 Product Review: ICOM IC-375A 35
Mar-88 Technical Correspondence 42
Mar-88 It Seems to Us: TV Answer: What Was the Question? 9
Mar-88 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-88 Radiosport in the USSR 44
Mar-88 The 1988 Annual Meeting of the ARRL Board of Directors 47
Mar-88 Happenings: FCC Part 15 Proposals Threaten Amateur Service 54
Mar-88 IARU News: ROARS Celebrates an Anniversary 68
Mar-88 Public Service: Forest Fire! 77
Feb-88 The Neophyte Receiver 14
Feb-88 Professional Quality DTMF Decoder and SELCALL System 19
Feb-88 Power Supplies- Quick and Easy 23
Feb-88 A Passport to Communications for the Blind 26
Feb-88 Some QRP Transmitter Design Tips 30
Feb-88 Product Review: Health SB-1000 Amp and Kenwood R-5000 33
Feb-88 Technical Correspondence 41
Feb-88 It Seems to Us: Rumors 9
Feb-88 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-88 1987: A Year of Change and Challenge for Amateur Radio 43
Feb-88 "Radio for 1,000,000 Scouts" 47
Feb-88 "VU2: Not Many Hams, But Active" 49
Feb-88 "Happenings: Ralph Haller, N4RH, Chief of PRB" 53
Feb-88 IARU News: The IARU Stand at Telecom-87 68
Feb-88 Public Service: Slow Speed Nets 77
Jan-88 A New Breed of Receiver 16
Jan-88 An Optimum Design for 432 MHz Yagis- Part 2 24
Jan-88 Accessories for Your VFO 31
Jan-88 Measurements- How Big is That? 34
Jan-88 Amateur Radio and the Blind- Part 4 38
Jan-88 Product Review: AEA PK-232 and Heath HK-232 41
Jan-88 Technical Correspondence 47
Jan-88 It Seems to Us: Challenges for the 1990s 9
Jan-88 Up Front in QST 12
Jan-88 Official Visit Strengthens US-China Amateur Radio Link 50
Jan-88 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 52
Jan-88 Washington Mailbox: PRB-1- The Radio Amateur's Tool in Antenna .... 55
Jan-88 Public Service: The Day the Pope Came to Town 74
Jan-88 License Renewal Information 77
Jan-88 "US Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 77
Jan-88 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1988 78


Dec-87 How to Build and Use a VHF Wattmeter 15
Dec-87 An Optimum Design for 432 MHz Yagis- Part 1 20
Dec-87 An Extended Double Zepp Antenna for 12 Meters 25
Dec-87 Amateur Radio and the Blind- Part 3 28
Dec-87 A Laboratory Style RX Noise Bridge 32
Dec-87 Product Review: Yaesu FT-23R 36
Dec-87 Technical Correspondence 44
Dec-87 It Seems to Us: Defining 220: The Battle Continues 9
Dec-87 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-87 Father Moran 1986 ARRL International Humanitarian Award 45
Dec-87 Novice Notes: One Ticket Leads to the Next 46
Dec-87 The Practical Packet for the Holidays 49
Dec-87 Happenings: PRB-1 Wins in Long Island Case 51
Dec-87 Public Service: The Detroit Metro Air Disaster 77
Nov-87 A Packet Terminal for Atari Computers 15
Nov-87 Build This QRP Omni Box 18
Nov-87 A Real Turn On 23
Nov-87 Amateur Radio and the Blind- Part 2 28
Nov-87 Putting the Heath SB-200 on 160 Meters 33
Nov-87 Product Review: Yaesu FT-109H and Kenwood Th-31BT 36
Nov-87 Technical Correspondence 43
Nov-87 "It Seems to Us: Petitions, Rulemakings and Such" 9
Nov-87 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-87 Amateur Radio Direction Finding- A Radio Sport for All Continents 46
Nov-87 Happenings: ARRL Files Reply Comments in PRB-3 49
Nov-87 Public Service: Lifeline in the Wilderness 71
Oct-87 The Mystique Behind Miniaturization- Surface Mount Technology 15
Oct-87 Alternative Energy- An Overview of Options and Requirements- Part 2 19
Oct-87 Stalking Those Fugitive Components 24
Oct-87 Amateur Radio and the Blind- Part 1 27
Oct-87 Product Review: ICOM IC-275A 32
Oct-87 Technical Correspondence 38
Oct-87 It Seems to Us: You Be the Judge 9
Oct-87 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-87 A Camera's Eye View of The New World of Amateur Radio 40
Oct-87 A Field Guide to the ARRL License Manuals 42
Oct-87 Question Pools: A New Look for an Old Program 43
Oct-87 Elmers- They're Essential 45
Oct-87 "Happenings: ARRL Files Comments in Call Sign Inquiry, PRB 3" 47
Oct-87 Public Service: Reventador Defines Disaster in Ecuador 69
Sep-87 Alternative Energy- An Overview of Options and Requirements- Part 1 17
Sep-87 A Precise Tuning Indicator for General Coverage Receivers 22
Sep-87 Tuning Diode Applications and a VVC Tuned 40-m VFO 25
Sep-87 Fiber Optics- It's Here Now 30
Sep-87 Product Review: Yaesu FT-767GX and FL-7000 Amplifier 35
Sep-87 Technical Correspondence 42
Sep-87 It Seems to Us: Call Signs 9
Sep-87 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-87 Amateur Radio Celebrates the Bicentennial of the United States 14
Sep-87 Novice Notes: Cleaning Up Your Act in the Ham Shack 44
Sep-87 Region 1 Meets in Holland 47
Sep-87 Policymaking in the Peach State 50
Sep-87 Happenings: 87-14 Update 57
Sep-87 Public Service: Meet the 1987 SET Challenge: Get Involved! 75
Aug-87 Homemade Circuit Boards- Don't Fear Them! 14
Aug-87 "Standard Time, Canadian Style" 17
Aug-87 RF Path Selection 20
Aug-87 A UHF Amplifier- from Scratch 24
Aug-87 The Lunch Box 28
Aug-87 Product Review: Ten Tec Model 561 Corsair II 32
Aug-87 Technical Correspondence 38
Aug-87 It Seems to Us: Another WARC? 9
Aug-87 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-87 The Robert N. Dyruff Van 40
Aug-87 Lieutenant Bigswitch Stayed for Dinner 43
Aug-87 Novice Notes: A Fresh Look at CW 44
Aug-87 Land's End to John O'Groats with 2 Meters 48
Aug-87 VUCC: The Right Way 50
Aug-87 Happenings: ARRL Requests Packet STA 52
Aug-87 "Washington Mailbox: Perry Williams, W1UED" 64
Aug-87 IARU News: How You Can Participate in IARU 68
Aug-87 "Public Service: Tornado Strikes Saragosa, Texas" 74
Jul-87 Some Reflections on Vertical Antennas 15
Jul-87 Improving the K1FO 8874 432 MHz Amplifier 20
Jul-87 Designing and Building Simple Crystal Filters 24
Jul-87 Low Cost QRP Power Boosters 30
Jul-87 The Squawker: A Light Detector 35
Jul-87 Technical Correspondence 40
Jul-87 "It Seems to Us: Pacifica, Howard Stern, and Amateur Radio" 9
Jul-87 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-87 My Stay in the USA 42
Jul-87 Plan of Action Tested 43
Jul-87 Novice Notes: Novice Enhancement Goes Digital 46
Jul-87 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 50
Jul-87 IARU News: Would You Be Willing to Help? 65
Jul-87 Washington Mailbox: The FCC Form 610: All New for 1987 69
Jul-87 Public Service: Building Upon Public Service Plans- Part 2 73
Jun-87 The W2CXM 2 Meter Cube Receiver and Scanner 15
Jun-87 The Magic of MOLI 22
Jun-87 A New Chip for Charging Gelled Electrolyte Batteries 26
Jun-87 Build Your Own MCM ICs 30
Jun-87 Product Review: Clear Channel Communications AR-3300 35
Jun-87 It Seems to Us: 220: What Else Can You Do? 9
Jun-87 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-87 Novice Notes: Plain Talk About Voice Operation 41
Jun-87 See Y'all at the 1987 ARRL National Convention 45
Jun-87 Silent Angels: Amateur Radio in the New York City Marathon 47
Jun-87 Happenings: FCC Reverses Hildebrand Ruling 49
Jun-87 IARU News: HFBC-2 and Another WARC 66
Jun-87 Public Service: Building Upon Public Service Plans- Part 1 72
May-87 Split Screen RTTY for Atari Computers 16
May-87 The Public Service Boom Box 21
May-87 A Line Side Regulator for High Voltage Power Supplies 23
May-87 A Traveler's 2 Meter GP Antenna 26
May-87 A Few Thoughts on Emergency Power 30
May-87 Product Review: ICOM IC-2AT 33
May-87 Technical Correspondence 40
May-87 It Seems to Us: 220: Write Now! 9
May-87 Up Front in QST 11
May-87 A Letter to T.O.M. 15
May-87 Novice Notes: What's Going on in the New Novice Bands? 44
May-87 "Emergency Mathematics in Eugene, Oregon" 48
May-87 Happenings: FCC Grants ARRL Request for Extension in 220 MHz Docket 51
May-87 IARU News: Yachts and Amateur Radio 69
May-87 Public Service: Wheels Are Turning! 77
Apr-87 Hardline Coaxial Connectors You Can Make 32
Apr-87 Antenna Hardware You Can Build 36
Apr-87 The DIGI-CAT 40
Apr-87 A Low Cost Bridge for Large Inductors 44
Apr-87 A CW Keying Interface 51
Apr-87 Product Review: Tono 0-777 Communications Terminal 54
Apr-87 Technical Correspondence 59
Apr-87 It Seems to Us: 220: A Call to Arms 9
Apr-87 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-87 FCC's Notice of Proposed Rule Making- 220 MHz 16
Apr-87 Novice Enhancement: New Test Procedures Start Now! 21
Apr-87 Element 2 Question Pool 23
Apr-87 New Written Exams for Technician and General Class Licenses 29
Apr-87 "Results, 1987 Messy Shack Photo Contest" 60
Apr-87 Noon of a New Era 62
Apr-87 Happenings: Novice Enhancement is Reality! 64
Apr-87 "US Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 70
Apr-87 IARU News: Why the IARU? 77
Apr-87 Public Service: The Blue Ribbon Committee-Part 2 92
Mar-87 The Shopper's Guide to Packet Radio TNCs 17
Mar-87 Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits-Part2 22
Mar-87 The Omni Shift Tuner 29
Mar-87 Under Construction: How to Build and Use Balun Transformers 34
Mar-87 The Hidden Dangers of Electrostatic Discharge-ESD 38
Mar-87 Product Review: Kenwood TR-751A 41
Mar-87 It Seems to Us: Novices Join the Mainstream 9
Mar-87 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-87 Novice Enhancement: It's Here! 15
Mar-87 Novice Notes: How About Used Gear for 80 and 40 Meter CW? 47
Mar-87 What's a Special Service Club All About? 51
Mar-87 Nest Steps into the ARRL Visitors' Center 53
Mar-87 ARRL Board Meets in Hartford 55
Mar-87 Happenings: Written Examination Credit: Effective February 13! 62
Mar-87 "Washington Mailbox: Information, Cooperation and Action: keys to......" 69
Mar-87 IARU News: This and That from Here and There 71
Mar-87 Public Service: Vive la Revolution! 82
Feb-87 Under Construction:-Part 16: Understanding and Constructing RF Chokes 16
Feb-87 Using QSTs to Choose an Old HF Rig 20
Feb-87 Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits-Part 1 23
Feb-87 "The Miniaturized, Simplified London Tone Alert" 30
Feb-87 Build the Morsemaster II 33
Feb-87 Product Review: Adv. Receiver Res. MML144VDG and MM144VDG 39
Feb-87 Technical Correspondence 42
Feb-87 It Seems to Us: Another Kind of Challenge 9
Feb-87 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-87 Novice Notes: Life After the License 14
Feb-87 1986: Reaffirming Amateur Radio's Objectives 46
Feb-87 The New PRB Team: Michael Fitch and Ralph Haller 48
Feb-87 Happenings: The New World of Amateur Radio 51
Feb-87 IARU News: Tokyo-November 1986 66
Feb-87 Public Service: The Nuts and Bolts of NTS 71
Jan-87 Mid-Michigan Skyhook 15
Jan-87 The Tandem Match- An Accurate Directional Wattmeter 18
Jan-87 Under Construction-Part 15: Some Power Supply Design Basics 27
Jan-87 Product Review: Heath HO-5404 Station Monitor 30
Jan-87 Technical Correspondence 36
Jan-87 It Seems to Us: Spectrum Challenges 9
Jan-87 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-87 Argentina Hosts IARU Region 2 38
Jan-87 OSCAR at 25: Beginning of a New Era 41
Jan-87 Join Amateur Radio's Action Team 46
Jan-87 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 49
Jan-87 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1987 57
Jan-87 License Renewal Information 58
Jan-87 "US Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 58
Jan-87 IARU News: Africa Telecom 86 67
Jan-87 Public Service: Bacon and Eggs for Breakfast 72


Dec-86 Three Fine Mice-MOuSeFET CW Transmitters 19
Dec-86 Under Construction-Part 14: A Ham Shack AC Outlet Strip with Filtering 25
Dec-86 The Flasher 28
Dec-86 A Universal Grid Locator Program for Your Personal Computer 30
Dec-86 Digital Signal Processing- A Modern Audio Filter 32
Dec-86 Product Review: Kenwood TS-440S 41
Dec-86 Technical Correspondence 46
Dec-86 It Seems to Us: A Quarter Century in Space 9
Dec-86 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-86 OSCAR at 25: The Amateur Space Program Comes of Age 15
Dec-86 ARRL Museum and Visitors' Center 48
Dec-86 The Slip up 50
Dec-86 Happenings: ARRL to FCC: Reconsider Question Pools 51
Dec-86 Washington Mailbox: What's in a Name? Call Signs-Part 2 69
Dec-86 IARU News: ARDF 71
Dec-86 Public Service: The UNICEF Round the World Torch Relay 76
Nov-86 Ray Tracing and VHF/UHF Radio Propagation 18
Nov-86 WeatherFAX Gray Scale Generator 22
Nov-86 Under Construction-Part 13: How to Build a 160 Meter Shortie 26
Nov-86 Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur- Part 14 30
Nov-86 Meteor Scatter-European Style 35
Nov-86 Product Review: Heath HD-1420 and HD-1422 40
Nov-86 Technical Correspondence 45
Nov-86 It Seems to Us: Let's Put Out the Welcome Mat! 9
Nov-86 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-86 On the Air- At Last! 15
Nov-86 Happenings: ARRL National Convention 47
Nov-86 IARU News: What is the IARU? 63
Nov-86 Public Service: Amateurs Lead Miamisburg through the Thick of Phos... 69
Oct-86 The W2PV Four Element Yagi 15
Oct-86 An All Band 1500 Watt Output 8877 Linear Amplifier- Part 2 20
Oct-86 Broadband Dipoles- Some New Insights 27
Oct-86 Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur- Part 3 38
Oct-86 Under Construction-Part 12: WWV and CHU in Your Workshop 42
Oct-86 Product Review: Kenwood TM-2570A 45
Oct-86 Technical Correspondence 50
Oct-86 It Seems to Us: Those New Bands 9
Oct-86 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-86 Happenings: FCC Issues NOI for Possible Identification Sys. for all Tran.. 52
Oct-86 Washington Mailbox: The Wonderful World of Call Signs- Part 1 66
Oct-86 IARU News: Who Reads IARU News? 69
Oct-86 Public Service: The 1986 Pittsburg Marathon 75
Sep-86 "An All Band, 1500 Output 8877 Linear Amplifier- Part 1" 15
Sep-86 Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur- Part 2 22
Sep-86 A 1935 Ham Receiver 27
Sep-86 Under Construction-Part 11: Measuring Small Value Capacitors 31
Sep-86 The SIMPLEceiver 34
Sep-86 An Automatic Rotator Controller 40
Sep-86 Product Review: MFJ Enterprises MFJ-1270 Terminal Node Controller 47
Sep-86 Technical Correspondence 51
Sep-86 It Seems to Us: A Home for Our History 9
Sep-86 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-86 Packet Radio in Emergency Communications 53
Sep-86 The Club Challenge for the 80s: How to Raise Some Dough 58
Sep-86 Golden Jubilee of DXCC Award 60
Sep-86 ARRL Board Charts Course for the Future 61
Sep-86 Happenings: FCC Proposes Fees; Amateurs Exempted 67
Sep-86 IARU News: JA1AN Honored 80
Sep-86 Public Service: Amateur Radio Comes Through in Survival Training... 91
Aug-86 Electromagnetic Pulse and the Radio Amateur- Part 1 15
Aug-86 Construct a Wire Log Periodic Dipole Array for 80 or 40 Meters 21
Aug-86 Inexpensive RF Switches for the Ham Shack 25
Aug-86 An Alternative Method of Mounting Large Size Antennas 28
Aug-86 Under Construction-Part 10: The QRP Transmatch 30
Aug-86 A CW Program Cartridge for the Atari Computer 34
Aug-86 Technical Correspondence 39
Aug-86 Product Review: Dick Smith Elec. K-6345 Radio Direction Finder 41
Aug-86 It Seems to Us: What Has the ARRL Done for YOU Lately? 9
Aug-86 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-86 "1986 ARRL National Convention, San Diego" 44
Aug-86 Robbing the Cradle: Aggressive Recruitment of Young Hams 46
Aug-86 The K7DBV Guide to Easy CW QSOs 48
Aug-86 Happenings: ARRL Executive Committee Meeting 50
Aug-86 IARU News: Continental News 69
Aug-86 Washington Mailbox: Those Mysterious FCC Rules- Part 2 72
Aug-86 Public Service: Management and Net Managers 79
Jul-86 The ARRL Microcontroller 14
Jul-86 Aerials- A Lost Art 20
Jul-86 Adventures in Satellite DXing- Part 4 23
Jul-86 A VHF/UHF Remote Base Station 30
Jul-86 Under Construction-Part 9: The SWR Twins-QRP and QRO 34
Jul-86 ALC for Class AB Amplifiers 38
Jul-86 Product Review: Spider HF Mobile Antenna 40
Jul-86 Technical Correspondence 43
Jul-86 It Seems to Us: Novice Enhancement Moves a Step Forward 9
Jul-86 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-86 Field Organization Call Sign Badges 46
Jul-86 Ham Radio in China 48
Jul-86 Ham Radio Spends a Weekend at the Boston Museum of Science 49
Jul-86 IMRA: Amateurs with a Mission 51
Jul-86 Happenings: HR 3378 Passes Subcommittee 53
Jul-86 IARU News: Regional Administrative Radio Conference 65
Jul-86 Public Service: Trial by Flood- A New EC Get His Feet Wet 77
Jul-86 Preparing for the Unexpected 80
Jun-86 VHF Meteor Scatter- An Astronomical Perspective 14
Jun-86 Introducing the Series-Parallel Network 21
Jun-86 Under Construction-Part 8: A Remote Antenna Switcher for HF 24
Jun-86 Adventures in Satellite DXing-Part 3 27
Jun-86 "Small, High Efficiency Loop Antennas" 33
Jun-86 Antennas: From the Ground Up 37
Jun-86 "Spread Spectrum: Frequency Hopping, Direct Sequence and You" 42
Jun-86 Product Review: AEA PAKRATT Model PK-64 44
Jun-86 It Seems to Us: Field Day! 9
Jun-86 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-86 FCC Issues Novice Enhancement NPRM 48
Jun-86 Happenings: FCC Reinstates Emergency Communications Definition 52
Jun-86 Washington Mailbox: Untangling the Mystery of FCC Rules 65
Jun-86 IARU News 67
Jun-86 "Public Service: March Roars, Kentucky Responds" 75
May-86 Beyond the Dipper 14
May-86 Under Construction-Part 6: Learning to Work with Preamplifiers 21
May-86 A Mode-L Parabolic Antenna and Feedhorn for OSCAR 10 24
May-86 Adventures in Satellite DXing-Part 2 28
May-86 Spots Before Your Eyes 34
May-86 Technical Correspondence 38
May-86 It Seems to Us: Good News for Packeteers 9
May-86 Up Front in QST 11
May-86 Getting into Field Day Form 40
May-86 KORE- The Benefits of ARRL Membership 44
May-86 "ARRL: A Good Deal, and a Good Deal More!" 45
May-86 Happenings: FCC Grants Temporary Waiver for Automatic Retransmission 46
May-86 IARU News: The CCIR and You 63
May-86 "Public Service: Hurricane Kate and Her Evil Friends, the Tornadoes" 76
Apr-86 SuperSCAF and Son- A Pair of Switched Capacitor Audio Filters 13
Apr-86 Under Construction-Part 6: A Tester for Coil Inductance 20
Apr-86 A Truly Broadband Antenna for 80/75 Meters 23
Apr-86 The KI6O 160 Meter Linear Loaded Sloper 26
Apr-86 Tune Up Your Tribander 27
Apr-86 Getting on the Decibel-Part 3 29
Apr-86 Adventures in Satellite DXing-Part 1 32
Apr-86 Gravity Gradient Modulation: The Newest Frontier in Amateur Radio 34
Apr-86 Product Review: Ten Tec 425 Titan HF Linear Amplifier 36
Apr-86 Technical Correspondence 41
Apr-86 It Seems to Us: Packet Fever 9
Apr-86 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-86 Throw Away Your Pencil! 43
Apr-86 Happenings: Our New Special Spectrum Rules 45
Apr-86 IARU News: Amateur Radio Administration 66
Apr-86 Public Service: Presenting the Blue Ribbon Committee 69
Apr-86 Public Service Communications at the 1985 Scout Jamboree 72
Mar-86 Real Time HF WEFAX Maps on a Dot Matrix Printer 15
Mar-86 The Romscanner 21
Mar-86 Gaining on the Decibel-Part 2 28
Mar-86 A CW Transmitter for 902 MHz 32
Mar-86 Under Construction-Part 5: Field Tester for Antennas 40
Mar-86 Product Review: Heath HW-99 Novice CW Transceiver 43
Mar-86 Technical Correspondence 46
Mar-86 It Seems to Us: Spirituality 9
Mar-86 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-86 VHF Mountaintopping for the 80s 49
Mar-86 Club Involvement in the Volunteer Examiner Program 52
Mar-86 The ARRL License Manual Series- The Complete Study Guide 54
Mar-86 IARU Region 3 Meets in New Zealand 56
Mar-86 Board Braves Connecticut in January 59
Mar-86 Happenings: Gains and Losses at the Microwaves- and Major Part 97 Rev.. 66
Mar-86 Washington Mailbox: Potpourri 86
Mar-86 Public Service: Let's Communicate! 92
Jan-86 Meteor Scatter Communications 14
Jan-86 In Search of the Perfect Picture-Part 2 18
Jan-86 Send Error Free Code with One Hand 25
Jan-86 Beginner's Bench: Principles and Building of SSB Gear-Part 5 29
Jan-86 Cable Television Interference: 1986 33
Jan-86 Meet the SWAILER! 37
Jan-86 Under Construction-Part 3: Build a Homemade Signal Generator 40
Jan-86 Product Review: ICOM IC-735 44
Jan-86 "It Seems to Us: New Year, New Opportunities" 9
Jan-86 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-86 Station Design for Traffic Handlers 50
Jan-86 Ham Radio- A Class Act in School 54
Jan-86 Amateur Radio at the 1985 Scout Jamboree 56
Jan-86 Goldwater Scholarship Fund: Over the Top! 60
Jan-86 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions-1986 61
Jan-86 License Renewal Information 62
Jan-86 "US Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 62
Jan-86 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 63
Jan-86 IARU News: ITU Secretary General Addresses WIA's 75th Anniversary Ba.. 72
Jan-86 Washington Mailbox: Antenna Structures 73
Jan-86 Public Service: Code Blue: Hams and Hospital Emergencies 85
Feb-86 "A Simple, Effective Receiving Aid" 15
Feb-86 Gaining on the Decibel- Part 1 20
Feb-86 "Beginner's Bench: Four Watts, QSK, for 24.9 MHz" 23
Feb-86 The UNKEMO (UNiversal KEyer MOdule) 27
Feb-86 Spreadsheets For the Modern Hamshack 29
Feb-86 Under Construction-Part 4: Construct a VHF/UHF Signal Generator 33
Feb-86 Spiderweb- The Range Circle Calculation 36
Feb-86 Untangling Upgrade math 39
Feb-86 CATVI Field Strength Measurements Made Easy 42
Feb-86 Product Review: Kenwood TS-940S 47
Feb-86 Technical Correspondence 53
Feb-86 It Seems to Us: Privacy Act- Facts and Fiction 9
Feb-86 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-86 The Columbia Volcano 13
Feb-86 Amateur Capsule 1985 54
Feb-86 ARRL's Honorary Vice Presidents: We Salute You! 56
Feb-86 Happenings: FCC Closes Loophole in Third Party Participation Rules 58
Feb-86 IARU News: The IARU Monitoring System 66
Feb-86 Public Service: National Disaster Medical Services 80


Dec-85 In Search of the Perfect Picture 14
Dec-85 Computer Aided Two Band Vertical Antenna Design 18
Dec-85 The Product Review Process 22
Dec-85 The Super ACadapt 25
Dec-85 Under Construction-Part 2: The Ham Radio Test Bench 29
Dec-85 The W6RYX Antenna 32
Dec-85 Beginner's Bench: The Principles and Building of SSB Gear-Part 4 37
Dec-85 1296 MHz Solid State Power Amplifiers 41
Dec-85 Product Review: Ameritron AL-1200 HF Linear Amplifier 46
Dec-85 Technical Correspondence 52
Dec-85 It Seems to Us: Lessons from Mexico City 9
Dec-85 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-85 The Mexican Connection 54
Dec-85 ARRL international Humanitarian Award 57
Dec-85 The Doctor's VHF Cure for the Low Sunspot Blues 59
Dec-85 The Christmas Gift 62
Dec-85 Words Alone 63
Dec-85 Goldwater Scholarship Contributors Recognized 64
Dec-85 "7 Max, or DXCC on December 2 at 10 AM" 66
Dec-85 "Happenings: Amateur Radio, Newsgathering and Broadcasting" 67
Dec-85 IARU News: Cruising and Amateur Radio 83
Dec-85 "Public Service: Stop, Think and Listen" 88
Nov-85 Beginner's Bench: The Principles and Building of SSB Gear- Part 3 16
Nov-85 The Loop Skywire 20
Nov-85 An Inexpensive Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur 23
Nov-85 A 902 MHz Loop Yagi Antenna 30
Nov-85 Direction Finding with the Interferometer 33
Nov-85 Under Construction-Part 1: Ham Radio Workshop Essentials 38
Nov-85 Simple Conversion of Complex Networks 41
Nov-85 The Super Duper-Part 2 44
Nov-85 A CW Receive Program for Atari Computers 51
Nov-85 "Product Review: TAPR, Heathkit and AEA Terminal Mode Controllers" 54
Nov-85 "It Seems to Us: Preemption- Two Down, One to Go" 9
Nov-85 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-85 W0ORE: The Call Kids Saw Round the World 13
Nov-85 Amateur Antennas Get Federal Protection in PRB-1 60
Nov-85 New Life for Old Clubs 64
Nov-85 The Eye Emergency Net: Friends in Need 67
Nov-85 A Key to the Future is in Our Own Families 68
Nov-85 Happenings: VECs Meet At Gettysburg 69
Nov-85 Washington Mailbox: The Novice Exam Process 79
Nov-85 IARU News: A Common License 84
Nov-85 Public Service: We Tip Our Ten Gallon to the Lone Star State 90
Oct-85 Better Ears for the MAVTI-40 Transceiver 14
Oct-85 A 902 to 144 MHZ Receive Converter 21
Oct-85 A User's Guide to AMTOR Operation 31
Oct-85 Build a UHF Wattmeter 35
Oct-85 A CAT Control System 38
Oct-85 Product Review: Ten Tec 2510 Mode B Satellite Station 41
Oct-85 The Principles and Building of SSB Gear- Part 2 27
Oct-85 It Seems to Us: The Facts About RF Hazards 9
Oct-85 Up Front in QST 11
Oct-85 W0ORE/Challenger: Picture Perfect from Space 47
Oct-85 The Great Armadillo Run of 1986 50
Oct-85 Happenings: New Band at 902-928 MHz 51
Oct-85 IARU News: WARC-ORB 85 69
Oct-85 Public Service: Blazing Stories! 75
Sep-85 The Principles and Building SSB Gear- Part 1 17
Sep-85 Remote Control of Digital Communications 20
Sep-85 Loops and Dipoles: A Comparative Analysis 24
Sep-85 The Super Duper 27
Sep-85 A Close Look at Frequency Modulation 31
Sep-85 Product Review: ICOM IC-745 37
Sep-85 Technical Correspondence 43
Sep-85 It Seems to Us: Repeater Coordination 9
Sep-85 Up Front in QST 11
Sep-85 When the Heat is On 13
Sep-85 "1985 ARRL National Convention, Louisville, Kentucky" 16
Sep-85 Clarence D. Tuska- 1896-1985 45
Sep-85 VEC Report Card 46
Sep-85 Contesting for Noncontesters 48
Sep-85 ARRL Board Meets in Hartford 52
Sep-85 Happenings: Auxiliary Operation on All Amateur Frequencies? 58
Sep-85 IARU News: The Objectives of the International Amateur Radio Union 67
Sep-85 Washington Mailbox: Broadcasting 73
Sep-85 Public Service: We Just Closed Our Eyes and Held On 88
Aug-85 A Color SSTV and the Atari Computer 13
Aug-85 A Closer Look at Packet Radio 17
Aug-85 The VIP: A VIC Image Processor 25
Aug-85 The ATVer's Amazing Little Gray Box 32
Aug-85 A Semi Kit Receiver for 75/80 Meters 34
Aug-85 Product Review: ICOM IC-471A 70-cm Transceiver 38
Aug-85 Technical Correspondence 43
Aug-85 A Utility IC- The CA3046 21
Aug-85 It Seems to Us: How Are We Doing? 9
Aug-85 Up Front in QST 11
Aug-85 Is 160 Your Top Band? 45
Aug-85 Let's Keep It Leisurely 49
Aug-85 Trivia? No; It's Amateur Radio 51
Aug-85 Happenings: Should VEC's Maintain Their Own Question Pools? 52
Aug-85 IARU News: USTTI Course in Amateur Radio Administration 63
Aug-85 Public Service: Pacific Area Staff Looks to the Future 76
Jul-85 What's All This Racket about Packet? 14
Jul-85 A Basic Approach to Moonbouce 18
Jul-85 Construct the Ultimate DC Power Supply 25
Jul-85 What Does QSK Really Mean? 31
Jul-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 19: Equipping Your First Ham Station 34
Jul-85 Product Review: Heath HW-9 37
Jul-85 Technical Correspondence 42
Jul-85 The Fine Art of Improvisation 22
Jul-85 It Seems to Us: Novice Enhancement 9
Jul-85 Up Front in QST 11
Jul-85 Two More Hams Poised for Flight 44
Jul-85 Destination: MARS 46
Jul-85 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 49
Jul-85 IARU News 59
Jul-85 Washington Mailbox: The Ins and Outs of the Volunteer Examiner Program 63
Jul-85 Public Service: How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Local Wx Net 71
Jun-85 WEFAX Pictures on Your IBM PC 14
Jun-85 The Radio System Integrator 19
Jun-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 18: Understanding FM Receivers 25
Jun-85 Radial Systems for Ground Mounted Vertical Antennas 28
Jun-85 Designing a 2 Meter Portable Yagi 31
Jun-85 Technical Correspondence 41
Jun-85 Plug in Wall Transformers-A Super Bargain! 36
Jun-85 It Seems to Us: A Tale of Two Cities 9
Jun-85 Up Front in QST 11
Jun-85 The ARRL/VEC: A Progress Report 44
Jun-85 Whatever Happened to Esperanto? 47
Jun-85 Selling the Amateur Service 48
Jun-85 Happenings: Auto Control for All Amateur Stations Above 29.5MHz? 49
Jun-85 Public Service: Communications Guidelines for Outdoor Athletic Events 73
May-85 A Simple 435 MHz Transmitter 14
May-85 How to Perform AC Circuit Analysis 19
May-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 17: Understanding FM Transmitters 23
May-85 Multiband Trap and Parallel HF Dipoles- A Comparison 26
May-85 An RTTY Operator's Guide 32
May-85 Try This Field Day Antenna Support 35
May-85 Product Review: ICOM IC-271A 40
May-85 Technical Correspondence 46
May-85 "A Remotely Switched, Inverted L Antenna" 37
May-85 It Seems to Us: Shuttle Mission 51-F Takes Shape 9
May-85 Up Front in QST 11
May-85 Happenings: RF Bio Effects Rule Adopted 48
May-85 IARU News 60
May-85 Washington Mailbox: Amateur Radio- Don't Leave Home Without It 61
May-85 Public Service: Intermediate and Long Range Disaster Communications 84
Apr-85 A Talking Frequency Display 14
Apr-85 A Variable Reference Oscillator for Synthesized VFOs 18
Apr-85 A High Performance CW Demodulator 23
Apr-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 16: Resonance and Tuning Methods 28
Apr-85 A Quarter Kilowatt 23-cm Amplifier-Part 2 32
Apr-85 A Power Supply Performance Tester 38
Apr-85 Product Review: Heath SW-7800 45
Apr-85 Technical Correspondence 51
Apr-85 A Converter for the 24 MHz WARC Band 42
Apr-85 It Seems to Us: The 60th Anniversary of IARU 9
Apr-85 Up Front in QST 11
Apr-85 Young People: This One's for You! 53
Apr-85 Visits with the HANDI-HAMS 54
Apr-85 ATC: New Kid on the ARRL Block 55
Apr-85 Happenings: FCC Seeks Repeater Moratorium 56
Apr-85 ARRL Articles of Association 59
Apr-85 IARU News: 75th Anniversary of the Wireless Institute of Australia 75
Apr-85 Public Service: Traffic Handlers: A Vanishing Breed? 77
Mar-85 A Quarter Kilowatt 23-cm Amplifier-Part 1 14
Mar-85 The VE3MWM All Mode PTT Switch 21
Mar-85 Beam Antenna Pattern Measurement 31
Mar-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 15: Diodes and How They Are Used 34
Mar-85 Product Review: Heath SA-2500 Antenna Tuner 39
Mar-85 Technical Correspondence 45
Mar-85 Learning to Use Field Strength Meters 26
Mar-85 It Seems to Us: Are the Bands Too Crowded? 9
Mar-85 Up Front in QST 11
Mar-85 Amateur Radio Licensing: A Seven Decade Overview 47
Mar-85 Board Gives Impetus to New Programs 49
Mar-85 Happenings: Amateur Antennas- The Debate Continues 56
Mar-85 Washington Mailbox: The Dos and Don'ts of Business Communications 64
Mar-85 IARU News: The Amateur Radio Service 71
Mar-85 Public Service: The Symbolic Public Service Baton Has Been Passed 80
Feb-85 A Microprocessor Controller for the Digital Frequency Synthesizer 14
Feb-85 Build a 4X Array for 160 Meters 21
Feb-85 Try a Dopplequad Beam Antenna for 2 Meters 28
Feb-85 A CW Keyboard Program for Atari Computers 32
Feb-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 14: Understanding TV and Radio Interference 34
Feb-85 Product Review: Heathkit HD-3030 Computer Interface 38
Feb-85 Technical Correspondence 42
Feb-85 Beating the High Cost of Parts 24
Feb-85 It Seems to Us: Headquarters Regroups to Serve You Better 9
Feb-85 Up Front in QST 11
Feb-85 Six Winners Emerge from ARRL Antenna Competition 44
Feb-85 1984- The Year in Review 48
Feb-85 Announcing the All New ARRL License Manual Series 51
Feb-85 Happenings: Amateurs Win in Burbank 52
Feb-85 IARU News: A Course in Amateur Radio Administration 69
Feb-85 Public Service: Some Thoughts on Disaster Communications 71
Jan-85 Radio Aurora 14
Jan-85 A Simple 10 Meter FM Receiver 19
Jan-85 The 900 MHz Band- What's in Store for Amateurs? 27
Jan-85 First Steps in Radio-Part 13: Radio Waves and Communications Distance 31
Jan-85 Product Review: ICOM IC-751 34
Jan-85 Technical Correspondence 42
Jan-85 Simple QRP Gear Versus Good Performance 22
Jan-85 "It Seems to Us: By 1990: 600,000 Radio Amateurs" 9
Jan-85 Up Front in QST 11
Jan-85 License Renewal Information 45
Jan-85 "U.S. Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations, Power Limits" 45
Jan-85 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1985 46
Jan-85 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 47
Jan-85 IARU News: IARU and the ITU- 1985 68
Jan-85 Public Service: Amateur Radio at the PGA 80


Dec-84 A Helical Antenna for Space Shuttle Communication 14
Dec-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 12: The Amateur and Electrical Safety 19
Dec-84 Heat: Not Always A Foe 23
Dec-84 Try This Versatile CW Shaper 29
Dec-84 ARRL Board Approves AX.25 Packet Radio Link Layer Protocol 35
Dec-84 Optimizing Coaxial Cable Traps 37
Dec-84 Product Review: Yaesu FT-757GX 43
Dec-84 Technical Correspondence 50
Dec-84 Practical RF Filtering 31
Dec-84 It Seems to Us: The Threat to 160 9
Dec-84 Up Front in QST 11
Dec-84 "Board Fine Tunes Some Programs, Begins Others" 52
Dec-84 FCC's New Form 610 59
Dec-84 Washington Mailbox: Licensing: The First Step 60
Dec-84 Happenings: FCC Proposes New Amateur Bands 61
Dec-84 "IARU News: Ready, Willing, and Able" 78
Dec-84 Public Service: Operation Santa Claus 80
Nov-84 Coaxial Cables: Their Construction and Use 19
Nov-84 Digital Signal Processing for the Experimenter 22
Nov-84 The Smith Chart in Basic 28
Nov-84 The Effect of Real Ground on Antennas-Part 5 35
Nov-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 11: The Basics of Transmitters 40
Nov-84 A Bubble Etcher for PC Boards 45
Nov-84 Meet the Curtain-Quad Antenna 48
Nov-84 Product Review: Yaesu FT-980 50
Nov-84 Technical Correspondence 57
Nov-84 "Improvisation, and Finding Parts" 32
Nov-84 It Seems to Us: This Month in QST 9
Nov-84 Up Front in QST 11
Nov-84 Amateur Radio and the Games of the XXIII Olympiad 15
Nov-84 Amateurs at the Stanford Olympics: The Rewards of Service 18
Nov-84 "FEMA Communications, from the Top Down" 60
Nov-84 "The Making of the Handbook, 1985" 62
Nov-84 Happenings: ARRL Opposes 220 MHz Takeover Attempts 64
Nov-84 IARU News: IARU Regional Conferences 78
Nov-84 Public Service: Ham Radio Helps Out at Red Clay 84
Oct-84 A Complete Morse Code System for the VIC 20 Computer 11
Oct-84 Wire Beam Antennas and the Evolution of the Double D 21
Oct-84 The Full Wave Delta Loop at Low Height 24
Oct-84 Shapes of Variable Capacitor Plates 27
Oct-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 10: How Receivers Work 30
Oct-84 Product Review: Heath HW-5400 34
Oct-84 Technical Correspondence 41
Oct-84 TR Circuits for Homemade Rigs 17
Oct-84 It Seems to Us: Phone Expansion 9
Oct-84 ZAP Your Repeater Interference with the Zero Antenna Patrol 43
Oct-84 New Voices from Old Tangier 45
Oct-84 Maxim Award Winner: Tuned in to Amateur Radio 47
Oct-84 Happenings: Land Mobile Takes Aim at 220MHz 49
Oct-84 Washington Mailbox: Exams for Persons with Disabilities 58
Oct-84 IARU News: Amateur Licensing in the Federal Republic of Germany 63
Oct-84 "Public Service: Amateurs, NCS TANGO Across the Country" 72
Sep-84 A Cathode Driven Tetrode for 6 Meters 11
Sep-84 A Tree Mounted 30 Meter Ground Plane Antenna 16
Sep-84 LOGPROG- A DXer's Log in BASIC 24
Sep-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 9: Radio Antennas and How They Operate 30
Sep-84 Product Review: Kantronics Interface II Terminal Unit 35
Sep-84 Technical Correspondence 40
Sep-84 Electronic Switching and How It Works 19
Sep-84 It Seems to Us: Spectrum Management 9
Sep-84 Taking a Test Under the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Program 42
Sep-84 Industrial Arts Teacher Chosen 1983 Instructor of the Year 44
Sep-84 Amateurs Support Los Angeles Olympics 45
Sep-84 Space Shuttle 007 Get Away Special 46
Sep-84 Happenings: HF Phone Bands Expanded! 47
Sep-84 IARU News: Be Proud! 55
Sep-84 Public Service: TOSRV 74
Aug-84 Amateur Radio's Hand Held in Space 14
Aug-84 Microcomputer Processing of UoSAT-OSCAR 9 Telemetry 23
Aug-84 A Variable AC Voltage Source 29
Aug-84 The Effects of Real Ground on Antennas- Part 4 31
Aug-84 A Passive RTTY Scope Adapter 36
Aug-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 8: The Magic of Transistors 38
Aug-84 Product Review: Kenwood TW-4000A 42
Aug-84 Technical Correspondence 48
Aug-84 Some Basics of VHF Design and Layout 18
Aug-84 It Seems to Us: Volunteer Examining- At Last 9
Aug-84 The Amateur Auxiliary for Volunteer Monitoring 11
Aug-84 FRing the Little Red Schoolhouse 50
Aug-84 Amateur Radio at the Louisiana World Exposition 52
Aug-84 "ARRL, APCO Join Forces in the Public Interest" 54
Aug-84 Happenings: RM-4040 Epitaph 55
Aug-84 Washington Mailbox: The CO 58
Aug-84 IARU News 64
Aug-84 Public Service: Delivery: Do It Right 76
Jul-84 Digital Switched Capacitor Filters 11
Jul-84 A Bit Pattern Analysis Program for the Apple and the C 64 20
Jul-84 The Half Delta Loop Goes Rectangular! 26
Jul-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 7: Meet the Versatile Diode 30
Jul-84 "Simple, Low Cost Computer Control for the ICOM IC-720" 34
Jul-84 Product Review: Heath EE-3404 6809 Microprocessor Training Course 39
Jul-84 Technical Correspondence 45
Jul-84 Setting Up Your Station 16
Jul-84 It Seems to Us: A New Constitution for IARU 9
Jul-84 IARU Region 1- Cefalu 1984 48
Jul-84 SSC Logo Winner Unveiled 51
Jul-84 Amateur Radio and Cable TV: A Workable Concept 52
Jul-84 No Budget Hamming 54
Jul-84 Happenings: ARRL Members Will Pick Directors 56
Jul-84 Public Service: Two Meters Saves Lives in South Carolina 84
Jun-84 Keeping Cool: A Thermal Design Primer 11
Jun-84 Try the FD Special Antenna 21
Jun-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 6: The World of Switches and Relays 25
Jun-84 The Effect of Real Ground on Antennas 30
Jun-84 Product Review: Macrotronics RM1000 Radio Modem 36
Jun-84 Technical Correspondence 42
Jun-84 A Second Look at Magnetic Cores 15
Jun-84 It Seems to Us: Our Next Great Challenge 9
Jun-84 George Grammer. W1DF 44
Jun-84 ...From the Spacecraft Columbia 45
Jun-84 Computerizing the Novice Test 46
Jun-84 Weather Spotters Fill the Gap 49
Jun-84 Toward a 23-cm Band Plan 51
Jun-84 "1984 ARRL National Convention, New York City" 53
Jun-84 The KI Edge 54
Jun-84 Happenings: Profiles of New ARRL Leadership Team 57
Jun-84 Washington Mailbox: Novice Rules Roundup 60
Jun-84 IARU News: European Radiotelegraphy Championship 73
Jun-84 Public Service: NCS Update 94
May-84 A Crystal Controlled Q Meter 11
May-84 First Steps in Radio-Part15: An Introduction to Coils and Transformers 15
May-84 40 Meters with a Phased Delta Loop 20
May-84 Eliminate TVI with Common Mode Current Controls 22
May-84 The Nearly Ultimate Decoder 31
May-84 A Battery Powered 30 Meter VFO 35
May-84 A Simple Function Generator 38
May-84 Product Review: Yaesu FT-726R 40
May-84 Technical Correspondence 45
May-84 Broadband and Narrow Band Amplifiers 26
May-84 It Seems to Us: Federal Preemption 9
May-84 "70 Years- You've Come a Long Way, ARRL!" 47
May-84 The Last Days of OSCAR 8 48
May-84 The Last Steps of JG1QFW 52
May-84 "Welcome Aboard, from K8KRG on the USS Cod" 53
May-84 Board Selects New Leaders; Looks Ahead 54
May-84 Happenings: FCC Proposes Volunteer Examiner Cost Reimbursement 63
May-84 IARU News: International Assistance and Traffic Net 79
May-84 "Public Service: ARES, A Team Concept" 101
Apr-84 A High Power 2 Meter Amplifier Using the New 3CX800A7 11
Apr-84 The Quadraquad- Circular Polarization the Easy Way 16
Apr-84 A Digital Frequency Synthesizer 24
Apr-84 A Computerized Frequency Counter 31
Apr-84 The Effect of Real Ground on Antennas- Part 2 34
Apr-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 4: Getting to Know Capacitors 37
Apr-84 Artificial Radio Aurora: The Sequel 41
Apr-84 Product Review: AEA CP-1 Computer Patch Interface 45
Apr-84 Technical Correspondence 50
Apr-84 Receiver Preamps and How to Use Them 19
Apr-84 It Seems to Us: World Radio Amateurs Day 9
Apr-84 QRP: More Than a State of Mind 52
Apr-84 CATVI: An Inside Line 55
Apr-84 The AMSAT Stoner Challenge Cup 57
Apr-84 New FCC Study Guide for Exam Preparation 59
Apr-84 Happenings: ARRL Asks for 160 Meter RTTY 62
Apr-84 East Coast 220 MHz EME DXpedition 65
Apr-84 IARU News: New Member Societies of IARU Proposed 74
Apr-84 "Public Service: RACES, Repeaters and Rock n Roll" 86
Mar-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 3: Understanding Resistors 11
Mar-84 The Perfect 10: A Power Supply for FM Portables 16
Mar-84 Switched Capacitor Filters- An Emerging Technology for Amateur Radio 19
Mar-84 VHF Propagation and Meteorology 30
Mar-84 HF DF- A Technique for Volunteer Monitoring 34
Mar-84 An Antenna System for the New Novice 37
Mar-84 Product Review: Kenwood TS-430S 39
Mar-84 Technical Correspondence 46
Mar-84 Learning to Work with Toroids 26
Mar-84 It Seems to Us: Amateur Radio is Flying High! 9
Mar-84 Volunteer Examiner Program: An Update 48
Mar-84 How Newsrooms Tick 51
Mar-84 "Learn a Language, Make a Friend" 53
Mar-84 Third ARRL Amateur Radio Computer Networking Conference 55
Mar-84 Announcing the ARRL Antenna Design Competition 56
Mar-84 Happenings: RACES Frequencies Expanded During Certain Declared Emer.. 57
Mar-84 Washington Mailbox: The Net Game 70
Mar-84 IARU News: HF BC WARC 75
Mar-84 Public Service : Slow Nets 88
Feb-84 The Effect of Ground on Antennas 15
Feb-84 First Steps in Radio-Part 2: How to Read a Schematic Diagram 19
Feb-84 Sporadic E on 144 MHz- 1983 23
Feb-84 Z-AMTOR: An Advanced AMTOR Code Converter 25
Feb-84 Product Review: Heath SS-9000 41
Feb-84 Technical Correspondence 48
Feb-84 A Beginner's Look at Basic Oscillators 35
Feb-84 It Seems to Us: No Code: Buried Once and For All 9
Feb-84 "Well Done, W5LFL" 11
Feb-84 "1983- An Active, Productive Year" 50
Feb-84 Introducing the New ARRL RFI Reporting Form 55
Feb-84 "Seventy-Three, OM" 56
Feb-84 Happenings: FCC Drops No Code 57
Feb-84 Washington Mailbox: Anatomy of a Rule 65
Feb-84 IARU News: Picture This! 69
Feb-84 Public Service: Ohio Combination Promotes Prepardness 87
Jan-84 A Keyboard Keyer and Code Practice System 13
Jan-84 A Universal RTTY Current Loop Interface 17
Jan-84 "Build That Kit, Painlessly" 19
Jan-84 First Steps in Radio-Part1: Getting Into Amateur Radio Electronics 22
Jan-84 Intermodulation Distortion: A Mystery Solved 26
Jan-84 Technical Writing for League Publications 35
Jan-84 A New Antenna Twist- The Windom J-L 37
Jan-84 Technical Correspondence 48
Jan-84 Some Practical Antenna Considerations 30
Jan-84 "It Seems to Us: Victor Clark, W4KFC" 9
Jan-84 New Scholarship Honors Barry Goldwater 50
Jan-84 License Renewal Information 51
Jan-84 U.S. Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations 51
Jan-84 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1984 52
Jan-84 QST Abbreviations List 53
Jan-84 Reflections of a Real Zero 55
Jan-84 Real Rag Chewers 56
Jan-84 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 58
Jan-84 Washington Mailbox: Maritime Mobile Mythology 67
Jan-84 IARU News: What About 10 MHz? 71
Jan-84 Public Service: Lost in the Wilderness 84


Dec-83 CW on a Chip 16
Dec-83 Try This Speech Decompressor 24
Dec-83 The Microcomputer Repeater Controller 26
Dec-83 The Personal Computer-Part 2 32
Dec-83 The Extended Element Beam 35
Dec-83 The TU-300- Modified 38
Dec-83 Technical Correspondence 49
Dec-83 HF Propagation: The Basics 11
Dec-83 Feeding Your Station 20
Dec-83 It Seems to Us: Team Spirit 9
Dec-83 Another Step Toward Volunteer Examining 51
Dec-83 "ARRL Board Sets Policies, Goals for 1984 and Beyond" 56
Dec-83 A Glimpse at the National Convention 63
Dec-83 Nominations Open for Maxim Memorial Award 65
Dec-83 "Mark Barettella, KA2ORK- Grenada Story" 66
Dec-83 Happenings: Ten Year Operator and Station License... 70
Dec-83 Washington Mailbox: Evolution/RPT 72
Dec-83 IARU News: 1984 RSGB National Convention 86
Dec-83 Public Service: A Fair Dose of Amateur Radio 97
Dec-83 Product Review: SRT-3000 and AEA KT-2 40
Nov-83 The Personal Computer 11
Nov-83 A DTMF Easy Controller- With Security 16
Nov-83 Dual Frequency Antenna Traps 27
Nov-83 A VXO CW Rig for 30 Meters 31
Nov-83 The London Tone Alert 35
Nov-83 Tropospheric Scatter Propagation 43
Nov-83 Technical Correspondence 60
Nov-83 The Manufacture and Use of Resistors 22
Nov-83 Simple Ways to Test Your Transmitter 39
Nov-83 It Seems to Us: Gear That's Not Too Dear 9
Nov-83 Looking Down on the Aurora 15
Nov-83 "Reading, Riting, and Radio" 62
Nov-83 AMSAT-OSCAR 10- A Trubute 65
Nov-83 "Meet Robert A. Foosaner, Chief, FCC Private Radio Bureau" 66
Nov-83 FCC Approves Volunteer Examining 68
Nov-83 Happenings: ARRL Director and Vice Director Nominees 69
Nov-83 Washington Mailbox: Business Brouhaha 72
Nov-83 IARU News: The World Amateur Radio International Conference- Tokyo 85
Nov-83 Public Service: What Does an EC Coordinate 105
Nov-83 Product Review: Yaesu FT-77 49
Oct-83 New Ideas for the VHF Wattmeter 11
Oct-83 A Tunable CW Filter 14
Oct-83 High Pass Filters for Receiving Applications 17
Oct-83 The Would Be Contest Killer 20
Oct-83 Building and Using 30-Meter Antennas 27
Oct-83 The Noise Maker- An Aid to Learning the Morse Code 30
Oct-83 Build an Amateur Radio Modem 32
Oct-83 Overvoltage Protection for 13.8-V Power Supplies 37
Oct-83 Technical Correspondence 47
Oct-83 Understanding Coils and Measuring Their Inductance 23
Oct-83 It Seems to Us: Deregulation and Amateur Radio 9
Oct-83 The 8th Triennial Conference of IARU Region 2 49
Oct-83 Grid Locators for South America 52
Oct-83 The ARRL Interference Reporting System 54
Oct-83 Ham Radio on the Road 56
Oct-83 Happenings: RM-4040- ARRL Moves to Get Action 58
Oct-83 Washington Mailbox: Ham Radio Power 61
Oct-83 Public Service: What a Day for a Parade 91
Oct-83 Product Review: Yaesu FT-102 and Viewstar VS 1500A Transmatch 43
Sep-83 Graphics on RTTY 11
Sep-83 Build a Satellite Transceiver Adapter 15
Sep-83 "The Beeper, An Audible Frequency Readout for the Blind Amateur" 19
Sep-83 A Top Fed Vertical Antenna for 1.8 MHz- Plus 3 25
Sep-83 "A Linear, Self Calibrating Ohmmeter" 28
Sep-83 A Traveler's Receiver for 20 Meters 31
Sep-83 Technical Correspondence 45
Sep-83 The Ever Useful Wavemeter 33
Sep-83 It Seems to Us: Amateur Radio's Newest Frontier 9
Sep-83 Finding OSCAR 10 47
Sep-83 Owen Garriott: The Man Behind the Mission 50
Sep-83 They Made First Space Operation Possible 51
Sep-83 JOTA- Worldwide Scouting Through Amateur Radio 52
Sep-83 Teaching Team Receives 1982 Instructor of the Year Award 53
Sep-83 1983 ARRL National Convention 54
Sep-83 New Novice Test Procedures 56
Sep-83 Happenings: League Comments Lambaste No Code Proposal 61
Sep-83 Washington Mailbox: Ajax Halibut Company Run for the Halibut Marathon 65
Sep-83 IARU News: Honors Come to Radio Amateurs 79
Sep-83 Public Service: Handling Instructions- Who Wants Em? 88
Sep-83 Product Review: ICOM IC-740 and Yaesu FT-730R 39
Aug-83 High Resolution SSTV 11
Aug-83 The Boom Excited Beam Antenna 14
Aug-83 A Low Cost Modular Approach to RTTY 16
Aug-83 A Structured Engineering Approach to the Design and Construction of ... 18
Aug-83 New and Improved Formulas for the Design of Pi and Pi-L Networks 23
Aug-83 The N0AJY cb Standard 30
Aug-83 A Battery Low Voltage Indicator 33
Aug-83 Technical Correspondence 48
Aug-83 A Beginner's Look at RF-Power Measurement 35
Aug-83 It Seems to Us: A Star is Born 9
Aug-83 Space Shuttle Columbia Calling All Radio Amateurs 50
Aug-83 Birth of an Era- AMSAT-OSCAR 10 52
Aug-83 Maxim Memorial Award Will Recognize Young Achievers 54
Aug-83 "Low SWR, Q5 and Addicted to RF" 55
Aug-83 "Happenings: ARRL, NCS Sign Memorandum of Understanding" 56
Aug-83 IARU News 61
Aug-83 Washington Mailbox: Band Plans 63
Aug-83 Public Service: Rally Round Amateur Radio 80
Aug-83 Product Review: Yaesu FT-ONE 42
Jul-83 An Introduction to AMTOR 11
Jul-83 Spread Spectrum Applications in Amateur Radio 14
Jul-83 A Serial ASCII/Baudot Character Generator You Can Build 20
Jul-83 Salvaged Parts: A Gold Mine for the Radio Amateur 24
Jul-83 Filter Systems for Multitransmitter Amateur Stations 28
Jul-83 A Simple Computer Model for VHF/UHF Propagation 32
Jul-83 Technical Correspondence 40
Jul-83 Getting the Most Out of Your Antenna 34
Jul-83 It Seems to Us: 20 Years at 225 Main 9
Jul-83 W5LFL: First Ham in Space 46
Jul-83 International Youths Delight in Amateur Radio 47
Jul-83 Disaster Strikes Amateur Operation in Texas 48
Jul-83 Happenings: League Members to Choose Board Representatives 49
Jul-83 Washington Mailbox: Band Edges 55
Jul-83 ARRL Membership Referral Program 56
Jul-83 IARU News: How to Become a Licensed Amateur in Japan 60
Jul-83 Public Service: Board Adopts Alert Frequency Concept 61
Jul-83 Product Review: Spectrum Comm. SCR-1000 and Cushcraft 40-2CD 42
Jun-83 SSTV Today 11
Jun-83 Lightweight Trap Antennas- Some Thoughts 15
Jun-83 "Introducing the PS5-A Dependable, 5-A Portable Power Supply" 19
Jun-83 A Shifty Eyed Resistance Bridge 21
Jun-83 A Wide Range Variable Frequency Audio Oscillator 23
Jun-83 A Homemade High Power Tuning Capacitor 25
Jun-83 The Pizza Clock: An Exercise in Wire Wrapping 28
Jun-83 Technical Correspondence 41
Jun-83 Wire Antennas for the Beginner 33
Jun-83 It Seems to Us: Board Stands Firm on No Code 9
Jun-83 Worldwide Beacon Net: The Possibilities Abound 27
Jun-83 Eavesdropping on Other Worlds 47
Jun-83 HANDI-HAMS Go West 49
Jun-83 Mobile in China 51
Jun-83 Board to FCC: No-Code? No Way! 52
Jun-83 Happenings: HF Telephony Expansion Proposal- FCC Acts 59
Jun-83 IARU News: Administrative Council Meets in Tokyo 63
Jun-83 Washington Mailbox: Tell It to the FCC 64
Jun-83 Public Service: The St. Louis Flood 83
Jun-83 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-230R, ICOM IC-R70" 43
May-83 The Weather that Brings VHF DX 11
May-83 Intermodulation Reviewed 17
May-83 A Minimum 2-Meter Satellite Transmitter 19
May-83 Designing Narrow Band Pass Filters with a BASIC Program 23
May-83 Technical Correspondence 42
May-83 A Beginner's Look at Digital Electronics 30
May-83 It Seems to Us: The JA Phenomenon Revisited 9
May-83 Inside ARRL: W4KFC and K1ZZ Speak Out 44
May-83 Phase IIIB Special Service Channels 48
May-83 See You During Hurricane Season 52
May-83 Harry's Hams 55
May-83 Happenings: Hildebrand Ruling 56
May-83 IARU News: Promoting Amateur Radio Worldwide 64
May-83 Washington Mailbox: Club Stations 65
May-83 Public Service: A Perfect Sports Festival 83
May-83 "Product Review: ICOM IC-290H, Hal CWR-6850, Tokyo HC-200 Trans.." 36
Apr-83 Long Life for Your Transmitting Tubes 11
Apr-83 The Care and Feeding of Gunnplexers 14
Apr-83 Putting the 8P6 Special Hamcation Rig on 10 MHz 19
Apr-83 "The Search for a Simple, Broadband 80 Meter Dipole" 22
Apr-83 Construct an Audio Amplifier with Agc for Your Simple Receiver 28
Apr-83 A Dichotic Detector for CW 32
Apr-83 An Electro Acoustic CW Filter 35
Apr-83 Technical Correspondence 39
Apr-83 Understanding and Using Audio Filters 45
Apr-83 "It Seems to Us: DX, Pileups and Common Sense" 9
Apr-83 AMSAT's Phase III Satellite: What's in It for You? 49
Apr-83 Happenings: Volunteer Examining Proposal 54
Apr-83 IARU News: Don Baptiste New RSGB President 59
Apr-83 Washington Mailbox: The FCC Rule Book 60
Apr-83 Public Service: Combining Emergency Preparedness with Public Relation 80
Apr-83 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-708R, Datong PC1" 41
Mar-83 Make Mine Modular: Easy to Build Receiving Converter and Test 11
Mar-83 Modifying a CB Board Synthesizer for Amateur Use 20
Mar-83 Go Class B or C with Power MOSFETs 25
Mar-83 Measuring Impedance with a Reflection Coefficient Bridge 30
Mar-83 Horizontal X Beams for 15 and 20 Meters 33
Mar-83 The Two Band Delta Loop Antenna 36
Mar-83 Some Aspects of the Balun Problem 38
Mar-83 Technical Correspondence 43
Mar-83 A Simple Approach to Antenna Impedances 16
Mar-83 It Seems to Us: The FCC No Code Proposal: Ready or Not 9
Mar-83 FCC Proposal for Codeless Operator License Class 49
Mar-83 "Happy Anniversary, AMSAT-OSCAR 8" 52
Mar-83 The National Traffic System Goes to Sea 54
Mar-83 Happenings: FCC Takes Big Step Toward Putting WARC-79 into US Law 56
Mar-83 IARU News: The IARU Restructuring Committee 61
Mar-83 Washington Mailbox: Digital Codes Deciphered 62
Mar-83 Public Service: Hurricane Iwa 81
Mar-83 "Product Review: Cushcraft R3 Vertical, Mirage C22 and C106 Amps" 45
Feb-83 Antennas for Those Who Can't Have Antennas 15
Feb-83 "Be switched, Easily" 18
Feb-83 Efficient Ground Systems for Vertical Antennas 20
Feb-83 A Simple L-C Meter 26
Feb-83 A High Quality UHF Source for Microwave Applications 28
Feb-83 Tracking the Terrible TVI 33
Feb-83 WARC Bands for the TS-820 36
Feb-83 Technical Correspondence 52
Feb-83 Receiver Features That Help You Beat Interference 43
Feb-83 It Seems to Us: Survival 9
Feb-83 Amateur Capsule 1982 11
Feb-83 Solar Sails in the Sunset 57
Feb-83 Assisting Public Safety Agencies- The First Steps 59
Feb-83 Happenings: ARRL Again Comments on Proposed RF Radiation Standards 61
Feb-83 IARU News: New ITU Secretary General Salutes Radio Amateurs 65
Feb-83 Washington Mailbox: Broadcasting 67
Feb-83 Public Service: Operation Watchdog 89
Feb-83 "Product Review: Yaesu FTV-901R, ICOM IC-3AT, Hy-Gain TH7DX" 48
Jan-83 Modern Receivers and Transceivers: What's Ails Them? 11
Jan-83 Automatic Control for the Alliance HD-73 Heavy Duty Rotator 17
Jan-83 The Inverted L Revisited 20
Jan-83 Beverage Antennas for Amateur Communications 22
Jan-83 CATV Leakage: A Two Way Street for Interference and Cooperation 28
Jan-83 MOSFET RF Power: An Update- Part 2 30
Jan-83 A Simple Capacitance Meter You Can Build 34
Jan-83 88-mH Inductors- A Trap! 38
Jan-83 Technical Correspondence 47
Jan-83 Down Through the Decades 36
Jan-83 It Seems to Us: Membership 9
Jan-83 VHF/UHF Century Club Awards 49
Jan-83 Portable QRP: Some Unscientific Lessons Learned 52
Jan-83 License Renewal Information 53
Jan-83 U.S. Amateur Frequency and Mode Allocations 53
Jan-83 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1983 54
Jan-83 Happenings: ARRL Election Results 55
Jan-83 Washington Mailbox: The Simpatch 62
Jan-83 IARU News: Administrative Council Concept Approved 64
Jan-83 Public Service: Trilogy 89
Jan-83 "Product Review: Cushcraft A4 Yagi, Sherwood SE-1, Daiwa AF-606K" 41


Dec-82 MOSFET RF Power: An Update- Part 1 13
Dec-82 Build the AA6PZ Power Charger 17
Dec-82 The Torsion Bar Key 22
Dec-82 Semiconductor Testing 24
Dec-82 Antenna Gain Measurements- Part 2 27
Dec-82 The Effect of Supporting Structures on Simple Wire Antennas 32
Dec-82 MINIMUF: A Simplified MUF- Prediction Program for Microcomputers 36
Dec-82 Technical Correspondence 52
Dec-82 Build a Universal T-R Controller 39
Dec-82 It Seems to Us: Volunteer Examining 9
Dec-82 Who's In Charge Here? 11
Dec-82 Some Observations on the Morse Code 55
Dec-82 Cable Capsule 56
Dec-82 "Captain, May I....?" 59
Dec-82 The Ultimate QSO 60
Dec-82 You and Your Special Service Club 62
Dec-82 QST Abbreviations List 65
Dec-82 Happenings: More Cable Television Interference 67
Dec-82 International News: Japanese 30th Anniversary Celebration 71
Dec-82 Washington Mailbox: Biological Effects of RF Energy- Part 2 72
Dec-82 Public Service: Manitoba Marathon 1982 92
Dec-82 "Product Review: ICOM IC-730, Heath GU-1820 Power System" 44
Nov-82 A High Power Cavity Amplifier for the New 900 MHz Band 14
Nov-82 The 8P6 Special- Hamcation Backup Rig 17
Nov-82 HR-1680 Receiver Modifications- Try Them! 22
Nov-82 The JF Array 26
Nov-82 The Copper 80 Kettle 28
Nov-82 Amateur Use of Solar Electric Power- Part 2 30
Nov-82 Antenna Gain Measurements- Part 1 35
Nov-82 An Ohmmeter with a Linear Scale 38
Nov-82 Build the Timeless J Antenna 40
Nov-82 Technical Correspondence 51
Nov-82 Station Set Up- How to Make It Simple 42
Nov-82 It Seems to Us: No Time for No Code 9
Nov-82 RFI Bill Becomes Law: Amateur Radio Benefits! 11
Nov-82 The UoSAT Story 53
Nov-82 On the Road with Kaw Valley ARC 56
Nov-82 Prime Time Radio 58
Nov-82 Domestic Tranquillity? You Bet! 59
Nov-82 Not Me! 61
Nov-82 Happenings: Amateur Radio Bill Signed by President Reagan 62
Nov-82 Washington Mailbox: Biological Effects of RF Energy- Part 1 67
Nov-82 International News 69
Nov-82 Public Service: 2 Meter Nest and NTS 95
Nov-82 "Product Review: JRC NSD-515, Western Elec. 998BUA Trap Dipole" 45
Oct-82 Amateur Use of Solar Electric Power-Part 1 11
Oct-82 Mobile Antenna Matching 15
Oct-82 Build a Microprocessor Controlled L-C Meter -Part 2 24
Oct-82 Electrical Antenna Null Steering 28
Oct-82 Technical Correspondence 40
Oct-82 Shunt Fed Towers: Some Practical Aspects 21
Oct-82 The CHIP- Cheap Homemade Iambic Paddle 33
Oct-82 It Seems to Us: Phone Expansion II 9
Oct-82 ARRL Advisory Committees Embark on Dynamic Era 46
Oct-82 "WARC Resolution Calls for Amateur, Non Amateur Cooperation in Dis...." 48
Oct-82 Happenings: Amateur Radio Bill Passes Final Hurdle in Congress 50
Oct-82 International News: Region 2 Executive Committee Meets 55
Oct-82 Washington Mailbox: A Space Cadet's Guide to the ASAT Rules 56
Oct-82 Public Service: Crisis in Northern California 87
Oct-82 "Product Review: Collins KWM-380, Ten Tec Argosy" 36
Sep-82 A Step Attenuator You Can Build 11
Sep-82 Build a Microprocessor Controlled L-C Meter -Part 1 14
Sep-82 A Programmable Serial Communication Interface 18
Sep-82 The K4YF Special Antenna 26
Sep-82 The Half Delta Loop: A Critical Analysis and Practical Deployment 28
Sep-82 Explore 220 With This State of the Art Transverter- Part 2 33
Sep-82 Technical Correspondence 47
Sep-82 It Seems to Us: Phone Expansion II 9
Sep-82 DX Lists- Pros and Cons 44
Sep-82 Smooth Sailing at Cedar Rapids 47
Sep-82 Happenings: Codeless U.S. Amateur License? 56
Sep-82 International News: The Restructuring of IARU 60
Sep-82 Public Service: Helping the NCS 81
Sep-82 Operating News: Breaker! Breaker! 84
Sep-82 "Product Review: Heathkit ETS-3401, Azden PCS-300" 38
Aug-82 Explore 220 With This State of the Art Transverter 14
Aug-82 A Three Chip Microcomputer for Your Station 19
Aug-82 The Care and Feeding of Linear Amplifiers for ATV 24
Aug-82 "Go for the Gain, NBS Style" 34
Aug-82 A Multipedance Broadband Transformer 39
Aug-82 Phase III With a Tetrode UHF Amplifier 41
Aug-82 Technical Correspondence 52
Aug-82 "Learning to Work With Integrated Circuits, 1982 Style" 29
Aug-82 "Results, Fifth ARRL EME Competition" 72
Aug-82 ...And In This Corner- TCC 77
Aug-82 Those Guys vs Us Guys 80
Aug-82 How Can I Help? 9
Aug-82 The Senator from Amateur Radio 11
Aug-82 "Meet Eddie Miller, W5EXI" 53
Aug-82 U.S. Amateurs Still Denied Access to 10 MHz Band 55
Aug-82 Third Party Traffic Jams 60
Aug-82 "Product Review: ICOM IC-720A, Yaesu FT-680R" 48
Jul-82 Equalize Your Microphone and Be Heard! 11
Jul-82 "Antenna Matching, Remotely- Some Thoughts" 14
Jul-82 K6BSU Touch Keyer 17
Jul-82 WARC and LF on the TR-7 20
Jul-82 Keying Improvements to the ICOM IC-730 23
Jul-82 The KC2FR QRM Fighter 28
Jul-82 "A New, More Versatile Transmatch" 31
Jul-82 Technical Correspondence 43
Jul-82 Build a 40-M Cubic Incher 34
Jul-82 Amateur Radio Sputniks 45
Jul-82 China: Active Once Again 48
Jul-82 An Emergency Communicator's Checklist 79
Jul-82 Ham Radio Horoscope 82
Jul-82 We Win One on the Hill 9
Jul-82 League Members to Choose Board Representatives 51
Jul-82 More About Soviet Hams 55
Jul-82 Moved and Seconded 58
Jul-82 Auxiliary Stations 59
Jul-82 "Product Review: Heath SA-2060 Transmatch, ICOM IC-25A" 40
Jun-82 The W8JK Antenna: Recap and Update 11
Jun-82 A Compatible Slow Scan Color Television System 15
Jun-82 Try the TJ 18
Jun-82 Not Just Another Decoder 20
Jun-82 Construct a Simple L-C Audio Oscillator 24
Jun-82 A Digital CMOS Iambic Keyer 26
Jun-82 Build a Bare Bones CW Superhet 29
Jun-82 An End Fed Extended Double Zepp for 2 Meters 34
Jun-82 Low Noise Preamplifiers for 1296 MHz 36
Jun-82 "A 40 Meter Quad, the EZ Way" 40
Jun-82 Technical Correspondence 51
Jun-82 Getting Started on VHF: A 6 Meter Receiving Converter- Part 3 42
Jun-82 "Potomac Air Disaster: Hams' Response Swift, Sure" 56
Jun-82 A Year Ago This Month 89
Jun-82 DXCC Integrity- Part 2 92
Jun-82 ARRL Opens Channels With Cable Industry 9
Jun-82 A New Life for ARRL Sections 53
Jun-82 "ARRL Tells FCC ""Give Us 10 MHz Band Now!""" 61
Jun-82 Region 3 Conference in Manila 66
Jun-82 Product Review: Heathkit VL-2280 48
May-82 A Solid State 6 Meter Linear Amplifier You Can Build-Part 2 11
May-82 Updating the Double Ducky Direction Finder 15
May-82 EME- Iowa Style 18
May-82 A United Approach to the Design of Crystal Ladder Filters 21
May-82 Measuring Inductance and Capacitance With a Reflection-Co. Bridge 28
May-82 Calibrate Your 2 Meter Synthesizer With Only a General Coverage Rec... 30
May-82 Technical Correspondence 42
May-82 Getting Started on VHF: A Tunable IF for VHF Converters- Part 2 32
May-82 Pocket Directory 19
May-82 The Three Seasons of January 83
May-82 SCM Election Notice 86
May-82 Phone Expansion 9
May-82 A New Era for ARRL 44
May-82 Moved and Seconded 45
May-82 FCC Proposal for 20 Meter Phone Expansion 51
May-82 ARRL Selects New Leaders 53
May-82 "Product Review: Kenwood TR-7730, Heath VL-1180, Hy-Gain V-2" 38
Apr-82 A Microprocessor Controlled Contest Accessory 16
Apr-82 A 432 MHz Yagi for $9 22
Apr-82 Build a 6 Meter Mini-Lini 24
Apr-82 Noise Mode Communications 27
Apr-82 A Modern Synthesizer for Portable VHF Transceivers 29
Apr-82 Concept and Construction of a CW Filter and Enhancer 33
Apr-82 The 300 Ohm Ribbon J Antenna for 2 Meters 43
Apr-82 Technical Correspondence 46
Apr-82 Getting Started on VHF: A 6 Meter Transmitter You Can Build- Part 1 37
Apr-82 A Happy Marriage: Amateur Radio and the National Weather Service 11
Apr-82 Just Hafta Get Myself a Hobby 56
Apr-82 A New Era for IARU? 9
Apr-82 "1982 ARRL National Convention - Cedar Rapids, Iowa" 55
Apr-82 14.150-14.200 MHz Proposed 57
Apr-82 Moved and Seconded 62
Apr-82 Where Do the Rules Come From?- Part 2 63
Apr-82 "Product Review: Robot 800, Wilson System 40 Tribander, FT YF-90H1.8" 48
Mar-82 A Digital Readout System for the Visually Impaired Operator 11
Mar-82 Doughnuts for the Tennessee Valley Indians 16
Mar-82 Refining the SB-104 20
Mar-82 Dual Full Wave Loop Antenna 27
Mar-82 Assembling Big Antennas on Fixed Towers 28
Mar-82 Build This L-Match 30
Mar-82 Nickel Cadmium Pandemonium 32
Mar-82 Build an FM Receiver Clone 35
Mar-82 Is Your Generator Genin the Way It's Supposed To? 38
Mar-82 Technical Correspondence 49
Mar-82 Some Basics for Equipment Servicing-Part 4 40
Mar-82 An Alaskan Adventure 54
Mar-82 A Message From the President 9
Mar-82 There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch 56
Mar-82 League Asks Commission to Ban CATV Use of Amateur Frequencies 58
Mar-82 Where Do the Rules Come From? 66
Mar-82 Product Review: Kenwood TS-530S 45
Feb-82 Entertainment and Interference: The Two Faces of CATV 11
Feb-82 Let's Make the Hentenna 16
Feb-82 Build an Audio Filter with Pizzazz! 18
Feb-82 The Lowbander's One Antenna Farm 23
Feb-82 Designing a Microprocessor Based RTTY Speed and Code Converter-Part 2 26
Feb-82 Practical 75 and 300 Ohm High Pass Filters 30
Feb-82 Protect Your Equipment from Damaging Power Line Transients 35
Feb-82 Technical Correspondence 51
Feb-82 Some Basics for Equipment Servicing- Part 3 40
Feb-82 Soviet Amateur Satellites Launched 56
Feb-82 The Amateur Radio Mating Game 57
Feb-82 A New Strain of RFI Virus 9
Feb-82 Cable Television Regulations 13
Feb-82 The 1981 Radio Amateur's Yearbook 53
Feb-82 The Moonlight Metamorphosis of N6RJ 58
Feb-82 The Intruder Watch 63
Feb-82 Moved and Seconded 65
Feb-82 "Product Review: Heath IT-2250, Kantronics Signal Enforcer" 45
Jan-82 "The Classic Beverage Antenna, Revisited" 11
Jan-82 Designing a Microprocessor Based RTTY Speed and Code Converter-Part 1 18
Jan-82 WARC Bands and 160 Meters on the 75S-1 22
Jan-82 The DTMF Easy-Ceiver 25
Jan-82 Ionospheric Scatter By Field Aligned Irregularities at 144 MHz 30
Jan-82 A Simplified Procedure for Locating and Tracking the Moon 33
Jan-82 Extend the Versatility of Your Heath SB-614 Monitor Scope 36
Jan-82 Technical Correspondence 46
Jan-82 Some Basics for Equipment Servicing- Part 2 38
Jan-82 An Amateur's Guide to Assisting Public Safety Agencies 54
Jan-82 The Wouff Hong 9
Jan-82 Members Support 160 Meter Band Plan 51
Jan-82 Moved and Seconded 56
Jan-82 ARRL Election Results 58
Jan-82 A Break for Station Identification 61
Jan-82 Region 1 Executive Committee Meeting 64
Jan-82 License Renewal Information and U.S. Amateur Frequency and Mode Alloc... 85
Jan-82 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1982 86
Jan-82 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-127, Hamtronics XV-4, Kenwood TR-8400" 42


Dec-81 A Modern Upconverting General Coverage Receiver 15
Dec-81 The Euro Asia to Africa VHF Transequatorial Circuit During Solar Cycle 21 23
Dec-81 Build a Gossamer Quad 28
Dec-81 "Build This Extended, Expanded Collinear Array" 32
Dec-81 An Introduction to the Bilateral Transverter 34
Dec-81 A Digital Resistance Capacitance Meter 39
Dec-81 Digital Frequency Filter for Repeater Inputs 42
Dec-81 Braille Tactile Transducer- New Freedom for the Sightless 45
Dec-81 Technical Correspondence 54
Dec-81 Some Basics for Equipment Servicing 11
Dec-81 Anatomy of a DX Vacation 61
Dec-81 K2BSA/4- 1981 National Scout Jamboree 64
Dec-81 QST Abbreviations List 67
Dec-81 UoSAT-OSCAR 9 69
Dec-81 That Creative Urge 96
Dec-81 "ARRL, That Building in Newington" 99
Dec-81 LRPC Report Marks New Era for ARRL 9
Dec-81 Long Range Planning- Phase II Report Accepted by Board 56
Dec-81 Spread Spectrum Proposed for Some VHF Ham Bands 70
Dec-81 Moved and Seconded 74
Dec-81 Radio Frequency Interference- A Rules Primer 75
Dec-81 Emergency Communications Conference in Sicily 78
Dec-81 "Product Review: Cubic Astro 102BXA, Kenwood TR-9000" 48
Nov-81 A Progressive Communications Receiver 11
Nov-81 New Selectivity for Old Receivers 22
Nov-81 "Simple, Inexpensive Plating Methods for VHF and UHF" 24
Nov-81 Compact Multiband Antenna Without Traps 26
Nov-81 Auto Start and Anti Space for the State of the Art TU 28
Nov-81 The Euro Asia to Africa VHF Transequatorial Circuit During Solar Cycle 21 31
Nov-81 Technical Correspondence 47
Nov-81 That First Ham Station 37
Nov-81 Executive Action 101
Nov-81 So You Wanna Be an EC? 104
Nov-81 International Phone Patching 9
Nov-81 Steps to the Future 51
Nov-81 Moved and Seconded 52
Nov-81 Our Man in Washington 58
Nov-81 League Comments in Plain Language: No Thanks! 61
Nov-81 Your Place in Your League- Part 3 63
Nov-81 Massachusetts Attorney General Agrees With League on RFI 67
Nov-81 What's Up Doc? 73
Nov-81 "Product Review: Daiwa CVA-1001, JRC NRD-515, Heath VF-7401" 41
Oct-81 The CMOS Super Keyer 11
Oct-81 A Reflection Coefficient Bridge 18
Oct-81 A BASIC Approach to Calculating Cascaded Intercept Measurements the Easy.. 21
Oct-81 Phone Line Interface 25
Oct-81 The Making of an Amateur Packet Radio Network 28
Oct-81 More Thoughts on the Confounded Half Sloper 31
Oct-81 Those NiCad Batteries and How to Charge Them 34
Oct-81 Polarity Inverter 36
Oct-81 Technical Correspondence 50
Oct-81 Beating Rotten QRM- CW Filtering for the Beginner 38
Oct-81 318 57
Oct-81 ARRL/Red Cross Message Relay Report 54
Oct-81 Red Cross Disaster Exercise: The Role of Amateur Radio 55
Oct-81 The Art of Net Controlling 95
Oct-81 The Humanistic Challenge 9
Oct-81 "Instructor of the Year, 1979 and 1980: N3DR and W9VEY" 52
Oct-81 FCC Proposes Changes at 1215 MHz to 40.5 GHz 58
Oct-81 Where No Ham Has Gone Before 61
Oct-81 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-480R, Kenwood TR-7850" 46
Sep-81 Add a Crystal Filter to Your Ten Tec 540! 16
Sep-81 The Universal Synthesizer 18
Sep-81 Variations in a Single Loop Frequency Synthesizer 24
Sep-81 "A Modest 45 Foot DX Vertical for 160, 80, 40, and 30 Meters" 27
Sep-81 A Phase Locked Loop Demodulator and Modulator 32
Sep-81 A Variable Speed Code Study Program 34
Sep-81 A Transmatch for 432 MHz- Why Not! 38
Sep-81 Technical Correspondence 50
Sep-81 Experimenting for the Beginner 11
Sep-81 Meet the Friendly Oscilloscope! 40
Sep-81 Your Outgoing QSL Bureau 52
Sep-81 "Wednesday, 3 A.M." 54
Sep-81 Involvement- A Key to Winnebago County's 1980 SET 77
Sep-81 Simulated Emergency Test Announcement 78
Sep-81 DXCC Integrity 86
Sep-81 More From the Mailpouch 88
Sep-81 RFI 9
Sep-81 Moved and Seconded 55
Sep-81 ARRL Comments on Proposed VHF/UHF Changes 56
Sep-81 International and National Law 61
Sep-81 CCIR Studies the Possibility of a Fourth ITU Region 63
Sep-81 "Product Review: Kenwood TR-7800, Curtis KB-4900" 46
Aug-81 Reproducible Quagi Antennas for 1296 MHz 11
Aug-81 Let's Measure Beam Antenna Gain with a Reference Dipole 16
Aug-81 The Ugly Weekender 18
Aug-81 Experience 10 Meter FM Operation 22
Aug-81 A Universal MOSFET I-F Amplifier 27
Aug-81 An Ash Proof Keyer Paddle 30
Aug-81 Technical Correspondence 42
Aug-81 Simple Gain Antennas for the Beginner 32
Aug-81 Nuclear Weapons Effects on Communications Systems 44
Aug-81 Planning in White Plains 77
Aug-81 VHF Contesting 80
Aug-81 Where Did All the Yesterdays Go? 9
Aug-81 QEX: The ARRL Experimenters' Exchange 48
Aug-81 Long Range Planning 50
Aug-81 160 Meters Lives Again 54
Aug-81 FCC Proposes VHF/UHF Changes 57
Aug-81 Moved and Seconded 60
Aug-81 FCC Scorecard 62
Aug-81 "Product Review: Yaesu FRG-7700, Radio Shack DX-302" 38
Jul-81 Double Ducky Direction Finder 11
Jul-81 Boots for QRP Rigs 15
Jul-81 Wire Line- A New and Easy Method of Microwave Circuit Construction 21
Jul-81 The Telerana- A Broadband 13 to 30 MHz Directional Antenna 24
Jul-81 The Burglar Alarm that Resets Automatically 28
Jul-81 Microcomputer QSO Robot 30
Jul-81 Technical Correspondence 46
Jul-81 Phase Versus Frequency Modulation 33
Jul-81 The Ups and Downs of Towers 35
Jul-81 The League's Fight Against Restrictive Tower Ordinances 48
Jul-81 Federal Court Victory for Amateurs in Oelkers Case 50
Jul-81 The Iambic Gambit 52
Jul-81 The Feeding Thermometer 79
Jul-81 Translating Hamspeak 82
Jul-81 Plain Language Rules: A Shift in the Wind 9
Jul-81 League Members to Choose Board Representatives 53
Jul-81 Moved and Seconded 56
Jul-81 Public Service Communications: A Regulatory Look 58
Jul-81 "Product Review: Kenwood TS-130S, JW Miller AT2500" 40
Jun-81 All About Amateur Television 11
Jun-81 Mnemonic Encoder- Lets You Know What Your Repeater is Up To 15
Jun-81 "Coherent CW- Part 2, The Practical Aspects" 18
Jun-81 A Ladder Mast 24
Jun-81 "Amtor, an Improved Error Free RTTY System" 25
Jun-81 Easy 50 Feed for a Helix 28
Jun-81 Technical Correspondence 38
Jun-81 Julie's Custom Antenna Switch 30
Jun-81 Computerized Contest Duplicate Logging 48
Jun-81 NTS Trial Net Schedule Extended Until December 31 77
Jun-81 What is Field Day? 80
Jun-81 DXCC 9
Jun-81 A Piece of the Action- The ARRL Foundation 46
Jun-81 Moved and Seconded 52
Jun-81 Senator Goldwater Introduces Amateur Radio Bill 53
Jun-81 Plain Language Rewrite- The 11th Hour 58
Jun-81 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-707, ICOM IC-551" 41
May-81 "Coherent CW- Part 1, The Concept" 11
May-81 Coaxial Cable Antenna Traps 15
May-81 Crystal Filter Design with Small Computers 18
May-81 The Vertical V Antenna 24
May-81 Computer Control of the IC-255A 30
May-81 General Coverage Reception with the Drake R-4C Receiver 34
May-81 Technical Correspondence 42
May-81 Which Antenna to Use? 26
May-81 RFI Assistance List Update 47
May-81 From the Mailpouch 93
May-81 Keeping a Log 96
May-81 Election Procedures 9
May-81 Orlando Rendezvous 51
May-81 Moved and Seconded 53
May-81 AMRAD Gets Special Waiver for Spread Spectrum Experiments 59
May-81 Malicious Interference- FCC Enforcement 63
May-81 "Product Review: Kenwood TS-830S, " 38
Apr-81 Receiving with Plessey ICs 13
Apr-81 The Connecticut Shorthorn 16
Apr-81 Printing Pictures from Your Weather Geostationary Station 20
Apr-81 Do You Know Where Your Crystals Are? 26
Apr-81 First Packet Repeater Operational in U.S. 27
Apr-81 Coaxial Cable- The Neglected Link 28
Apr-81 The ZS6U Minishack Special 32
Apr-81 A QRP Transmitting Converter 35
Apr-81 Paying OHMage to Low Resistance- The Lohmeter 38
Apr-81 From Cigar Lighter to 9.6 Volts 40
Apr-81 Technical Correspondence 50
Apr-81 Knock It Down and Lock It Out Boxes for DF 41
Apr-81 SKYWARN- A Design for Public Service 61
Apr-81 Operation Red Cross Message Relay 11
Apr-81 Hip Packet 91
Apr-81 ARRL Joins NVOAD 94
Apr-81 A Bargain Awaits You 9
Apr-81 Your Place in Your League- Part 2 57
Apr-81 Moved and Seconded 64
Apr-81 Implementation of WARC-79 66
Apr-81 Malicious Interference 70
Apr-81 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-107M, Kenwood TR-2400" 45
Mar-81 T-R Switching With PIN Diodes 19
Mar-81 Color TVI- A Solution 22
Mar-81 But Do You Understand ASCII? 26
Mar-81 A Peak Reading Bar Graph Meter for SSB Transmitters 31
Mar-81 A Variable Frequency Crystal Oscillator 34
Mar-81 Measuring Soil Conductivity 38
Mar-81 A Kite Supported 160 (or 80) Meter Antenna 40
Mar-81 A Cheap Resistance Box 25
Mar-81 Simple Antenna and S Meter Modification for 2 Meter Direction Finding 43
Mar-81 Recruiting Station 77
Mar-81 Woodwork Operators 80
Mar-81 Thanks for the Multitude 9
Mar-81 "Survey of Amateur Radio, 1980" 11
Mar-81 Planning All Important for Facing Antenna Regulation 54
Mar-81 Moved and Seconded 57
Mar-81 Call Signs- What the Well Dressed Ham Will Be Wearing This Year 58
Mar-81 Product Review: Heath HX-1681. C-Probe II 48
Feb-81 Audio Processor Using RF Clipping 11
Feb-81 Antenna Modeling Program for the TRS-80 15
Feb-81 Combined Vertical Directivity 19
Feb-81 Vertical Array Analysis 22
Feb-81 What Your Wattmeter Really Reads 26
Feb-81 Circuit Boards From Scratch 29
Feb-81 Accu-Control- A QSK System for the Kenwood TS-820/R-820 Twins 32
Feb-81 Adds Ons for Greater Dipper Versatility 37
Feb-81 Technical Correspondence 45
Feb-81 The Basic Nonlinear Amplifier 35
Feb-81 ARRL International DX Contest Awards Program 73
Feb-81 Hams Help in Hot Spots 79
Feb-81 "Accommodation, Acquiescence or Anarchy?" 82
Feb-81 Your Help is Needed! 9
Feb-81 FCC Proposes Plain Language Rules 49
Feb-81 Your Place in Your League 52
Feb-81 Don't Call Me Good Buddy: FCC Releases Phase III of the Call Sign Assign.... 56
Feb-81 Introducing the New Form 610 60
Jan-81 Low Cost Conversion of the Robot 400 to Color 11
Jan-81 Heat Sinks 16
Jan-81 Modern Receiver Mixers for High Dynamic Range 19
Jan-81 The ARES Standard Tone Alert System 24
Jan-81 The L Meter 28
Jan-81 The Poly Tower Phased Array 30
Jan-81 Technical Correspondence 42
Jan-81 The Ultimate Dummy Load 35
Jan-81 China's Ham Radio Slightly Closer 56
Jan-81 Major ARRL Operating Events-1981 48
Jan-81 WAS- Restated 52
Jan-81 ORS Revived 85
Jan-81 Organizing a Training Net 87
Jan-81 A New Year's Resolution 9
Jan-81 License Renewal Information and U.S. Amateur Frequency Allocations 47
Jan-81 Hemispheric Cooperation Keyunot of IARU Lima Conference 49
Jan-81 Amateurs March in Orlando 54
Jan-81 Newsreel 1980- The Year in Review 58
Jan-81 Moved and Seconded 61
Jan-81 ARRL Directors and Vice Directors for 1981-1982 63
Jan-81 An FCC License Guide 66
Jan-81 "Product Review: ICOM IC-2A, Hy-Gain HDR-300 Rotator" 38


Dec-80 Modern Design of a CW Filter Using 88 and 44 mH Surplus Inductors 14
Dec-80 A State of the Art Terminal Unit for RTTY 20
Dec-80 Capacitance Measurement with a Dip Meter 23
Dec-80 The Coaxi Match 24
Dec-80 A Crystal Controlled AFSK Generator 27
Dec-80 Another Look at an Old Subject: The Bug Catcher 30
Dec-80 A Memory for the K2BLA CMOS Keyboard 33
Dec-80 Broad Band 80 Meter Antenna 36
Dec-80 A Smart Push to Talk Circuit 38
Dec-80 Silk Screen QSL's for the Gypsy Radio Amateur 44
Dec-80 Technical Correspondence 56
Dec-80 Antennas and Grounds for Apartments 40
Dec-80 Organizing Amateur Communications for Public Events 11
Dec-80 King of the Hill 59
Dec-80 Radio Camp- A Visit with the HANDI-HAMS 60
Dec-80 The Handicapper's Special- Wheelchair Mobile 62
Dec-80 Low Power Operating from the Continental Divide 64
Dec-80 QST Abbreviations 65
Dec-80 Wanted: More Workers in the Traffic Vineyards 94
Dec-80 Amateur Radio and the Tall Ships 96
Dec-80 Forty Meters 9
Dec-80 California Ham Wins Precedent Setting Antenna Case 68
Dec-80 Behold the Noble Repeater 70
Dec-80 New Executive Committee for IARU Region 2 73
Dec-80 "Product Review: Kenwood R-1000, Heath IB-5281, Comtronix FM80" 46
Nov-80 SSTV in Colour 11
Nov-80 Spread Spectrum and the Radio Amateur 15
Nov-80 A 15 Meter Beam for $10 18
Nov-80 Ladder Crystal Filter Design 20
Nov-80 Improved RTTY Reception with the Yaesu FT-101 24
Nov-80 "Results, Great Ionospheric-Hole Experiment" 26
Nov-80 SDI- Dangerous Crippler of Radio Amateurs 34
Nov-80 The Tower Alternative 36
Nov-80 Converting Power Line Transformers for Transmitter Service 38
Nov-80 Zero Cost Key 32
Nov-80 5-A Loafer 43
Nov-80 "Amateur Radio at Iditarod, 1980" 46
Nov-80 Your Incoming QSL Bureau 54
Nov-80 PR in Palos Verdes 56
Nov-80 Meaningful QSOs 93
Nov-80 How Can My Net Join NTS? 95
Nov-80 Malicious Interference- Round Two 9
Nov-80 Advertising Acceptance- A Membership Service 58
Nov-80 A Snowless Wonderland 60
Nov-80 Moved and Seconded 61
Nov-80 ARRL Elections- Slate of Candidates 62
Nov-80 A Surprise Quiz 65
Nov-80 "Sri Lanka, Chapter Two" 67
Nov-80 "Product Review: Optoelectronics TRMS:5000, Tedco Model 1" 47
Oct-80 The Magnetospheric Echo Box 11
Oct-80 A Reflectometer for Twin Lead 15
Oct-80 Modifications to a Microprocessor Based Keyboard 18
Oct-80 A CMOS Command Decoder for Repeaters and Remote Bases 20
Oct-80 External Paddles for the Heath HD-1410 Keyer 25
Oct-80 A CW ASCII Keyboard 26
Oct-80 A Traveling Ham's Trap Vertical 28
Oct-80 A Deluxe RV 5 Band Antenna 38
Oct-80 Technical Correspondence 41
Oct-80 Designing and Bending Metal Enclosures 32
Oct-80 Rewinding Transformers 34
Oct-80 So- You Want to Work DX 53
Oct-80 Red Cross Division Emergency Communications 50
Oct-80 Hurricane Hurts vs. Hertz 90
Oct-80 Handling a Hurricane Net 92
Oct-80 The ARRL Flag 9
Oct-80 Meet Your ARRL Officers 49
Oct-80 Moved and Seconded 56
Oct-80 League Asks FCC to Lift 160 Meter Band Restrictions 57
Oct-80 Antennae 61
Oct-80 "Product Review: AEA MM-1 and MK-1 Keyers, Clegg AB-144" 43
Sep-80 "ASCII, Baudot and the Radio Amateur" 11
Sep-80 A High Performance Synthesized 2 Meter Transmitter 17
Sep-80 Constructing a Simple 5/8 Wavelength Vertical for 2 Meters 22
Sep-80 The Shooter- A 3 Band Portable Antenna 23
Sep-80 A Portable Quad for 2 Meters 26
Sep-80 A 10 Minute Timer That Just Won't Quit 35
Sep-80 What is a Filter? 29
Sep-80 Amateurs Assist in Cuban Refugee Operation 45
Sep-80 Radio Frequency Energy: A Primer for Amateurs 48
Sep-80 A Consumer Advocate's Report: The Price of A-1 80
Sep-80 Traffic Pipeline 82
Sep-80 The International Amateur Radio Union- A Vital Force 9
Sep-80 SEA-BOARD 80- The Summer ARRL Meeting 50
Sep-80 Moved and Seconded 50
Sep-80 Rules Adopted for Amateur Satellite Service 54
Sep-80 A Safari Through the Technical Standards Jungle 56
Sep-80 West Germany Revises Amateur Regulations 59
Sep-80 "Product Review: Kenwood TL-922A, Heath HM-2141" 39
Aug-80 Solar Powering a Ham Station 11
Aug-80 An Electronic Switch for a Solar Panel 12
Aug-80 An Optimized QRP Transceiver 14
Aug-80 A Radio Parts Eldorado 20
Aug-80 Modulation Systems and Their Noise Performance 23
Aug-80 Verti Beam III- A Multidirection 20 Meter Antenna 26
Aug-80 An S Band Receiving System for Weather Satellites 28
Aug-80 144 MHz Stop Band TVI Filter 34
Aug-80 Technical Correspondence 39
Aug-80 A Newcomer's Guide to FM Terminology 35
Aug-80 Amateurs in the Thick of Volcano Action 47
Aug-80 New League Film Promotes Amateur Radio 48
Aug-80 Arctic DXpedition Falls Just Short of the Pole 50
Aug-80 The Biggest Birdbath in Illinois 78
Aug-80 From KBNC8035 to KA4NID: My First 19 Days 71
Aug-80 Handling Instructions- Who Needs Em? 73
Aug-80 Deregulation: Are We Ready? 9
Aug-80 FCC Relaxes Emission Limitations in 6 Meter Band 56
Aug-80 More ITU Conferences Planned: IARU to Participate 59
Aug-80 The Traffic Handler's Rule Book 64
Aug-80 "Product Review: Azden PCS-2000, MFJ-484 Keyer" 43
Jul-80 The Impedance Match Indicator 11
Jul-80 Active Filters 17
Jul-80 Maverick Trackdown 22
Jul-80 The New Look for QST's Antenna Patterns 26
Jul-80 The Little Gem Mixer Box 29
Jul-80 Technical Correspondence 38
Jul-80 IMUS Control 32
Jul-80 Phase III Suffers Watery Fate 45
Jul-80 Mountaintopping in America: A Travel Guide 46
Jul-80 Will the RS(T) System Last Until Judgment Day? 73
Jul-80 The Oklahoma Story 75
Jul-80 Press On 9
Jul-80 League Members Will Decide on Board Members 50
Jul-80 The Contester's Rule Book 52
Jul-80 Moved and Seconded 54
Jul-80 "Product Review: Swan Astro-150, Heath SA-1480 Antenna Switch" 41
Jun-80 A Tri Yagi for 50 MHz 14
Jun-80 A Telephone Line Repeater Control Device 16
Jun-80 The Electronic Voice Saver 18
Jun-80 A Computer Operated Rotator Control Interface 21
Jun-80 A Two Band Half Sloper Antenna 32
Jun-80 Transmitter Keying Circuits for CW 40
Jun-80 Technical Correspondence 42
Jun-80 "A Beginner's Look at Op Amps, Part 2" 25
Jun-80 The Checkerboard Checker 36
Jun-80 California Hams Assist During Mud/Flood Crisis 11
Jun-80 The Collinear Yagi Sextet 52
Jun-80 You're in Good Hands With All States 80
Jun-80 Around the Bands 82
Jun-80 Digital Licenses: Yes or No? 9
Jun-80 Discover an Endless Adventure 50
Jun-80 ARRL's Long Range Planning Committee: A Progress Report 54
Jun-80 Simplifying Amateur Identification Proposed 58
Jun-80 ASCII 60
Jun-80 "Product Review: IRL FSK-1000, Heath IM-2215, Curtis EK-480M" 44
May-80 Circular Polarization and OSCAR Communications 11
May-80 Increasing Receiver Dynamic Range 16
May-80 A Deluxe NiCad Charger for Hand Held Transceivers 28
May-80 The Half Sloper- Successful Deployment is an Enigma 31
May-80 Technical Correspondence 34
May-80 The NOR-Gate Break In 22
May-80 Rollerball- Amateur Radio Style 43
May-80 "AMSAT-OSCAR Phase III on the Horizon, Part 3" 46
May-80 New Managers- Air Traffic Controllers 87
May-80 Frequency Measuring Test 90
May-80 Rewrite- Write Now! 9
May-80 An FCC Rulemaking Primer 52
May-80 Phase III Launch Day Approaches 54
May-80 Moved and Seconded 71
May-80 "Product Review: Kenwood TS-180S, Optoelectronics 8010" 36
Apr-80 An Adjustable Gain Microphone Amplifier 11
Apr-80 An Analysis of the Balun 19
Apr-80 A T-Network Semi Automatic Antenna Tuner 26
Apr-80 A Portable 2 Meter Repeater for Emergency Communications 31
Apr-80 FDX- A Challenge Accepted 37
Apr-80 Over the Horizon or Ionospheric Radar 39
Apr-80 An Oriental Wedding 44
Apr-80 Technical Correspondence 46
Apr-80 A Beginner's Look at Op-Amps 15
Apr-80 "20, 40, and 80 Meters with the Basic Radio Receiver" 22
Apr-80 The CMP Plan for 20 Meter DXing 62
Apr-80 "AMSAT-OSCAR Phase II on the Horizon, Part 2" 64
Apr-80 National Traffic System Report 94
Apr-80 Post WARC is Here! Now What? 97
Apr-80 Proof of License at Point of Sale 9
Apr-80 World Friendship Through Amateur Radio 61
Apr-80 FCC Releases Official Wording of New ASCII Rules 74
Apr-80 Alien 77
Apr-80 "Product Review: Hal DS3100, Yaesu FT-207R, Murch UT-2000B" 48
Mar-80 A 1980 Dipper 11
Mar-80 Observations of Long Delayed Echoes on 28 MHz 14
Mar-80 Microcomputers and Radio Interference 17
Mar-80 A Simple and Sensitive Impedance Bridge 29
Mar-80 Walking Your Tower Up? Can You Do It Safely? 32
Mar-80 A Universal Touch Tone Decoder 34
Mar-80 Technical Correspondence 48
Mar-80 The Nitty Gritty of Simple Receivers 21
Mar-80 Mississauga Evacuated- Hams Help 50
Mar-80 With NBVM to China 53
Mar-80 The Show Offs 59
Mar-80 District Emergency Coordinator Now Official 93
Mar-80 Jargon 96
Mar-80 Malicious Interference 9
Mar-80 Moved and Seconded 64
Mar-80 New FCC Study Guide for All Amateur Exams 55
Mar-80 The WARC Warriors 60
Mar-80 Jubilant Board Welcomes WARC Win 62
Mar-80 Amateur Rules Amended to Protect FCC Monitoring Stations 72
Mar-80 Call Signs Revisited 75
Mar-80 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-7B, Heath SB-221" 41
Feb-80 Some Thoughts About TV Sweep Tubes 11
Feb-80 A VHF/UHF 3 Band Mobile Antenna 16
Feb-80 An Automatic CW Identifier 18
Feb-80 Medium Scan Television Update 27
Feb-80 A Microprocessor Based Audible Clock 28
Feb-80 Bug Box QSK 30
Feb-80 A Cheapie Charger for NiCad Batteries 33
Feb-80 Zapping Life Back into a Nickel Cadmium Cell 35
Feb-80 A Versatile Timer Circuit 36
Feb-80 Matching the Transmitter to the Load 22
Feb-80 Hurricane Anthology 46
Feb-80 Spectrum Management 9
Feb-80 The Geneva Story 52
Feb-80 Extracts from the Table of Frequency Allocations 62
Feb-80 The Decade Ends 72
Feb-80 "Licensing, Exams- and the Gettysburg Address" 78
Feb-80 FCC Proposes Formal Rules for the Amateur Satellite Service 80
Feb-80 "Product Review: Kenwood TS-120S, Heath HM-2140" 38
Jan-80 A Universal Digital Frequency Readout 11
Jan-80 Adding Receiver Incremental Tuning to the HW-104 or SB-104 16
Jan-80 All Solid State QSK for the Heath SB-220 25
Jan-80 Multielement Twin Loop Array Antennas for VHF/UHF 28
Jan-80 "Simple, Accurate Resistance Measurement" 30
Jan-80 A Remotely Controlled Antenna Matching Network 32
Jan-80 The Microprocessor and Slow Scan Television 36
Jan-80 Hints and Kinks from Abroad 42
Jan-80 A Static Morse Keyboard 44
Jan-80 Technical Correspondence 55
Jan-80 A Beginner's 3 Band VFO 19
Jan-80 The WB6ZNL Beacon 57
Jan-80 France: Land of the Friendly Ham 59
Jan-80 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions- 1980 92
Jan-80 DX Century Club Awards 80
Jan-80 RTTY- The Story Continues 85
Jan-80 U.S. Amateur Frequency Allocations 91
Jan-80 New Ham Bands- No Longer a Dream 9
Jan-80 Moved and Seconded 61
Jan-80 Dateline Geneva: The Closing Days 62
Jan-80 ARRL Elections Results for 1980-81 Term 69
Jan-80 License Renewal Information 91
Jan-80 "Product Review: Ten Tec Omni D, Drake R-7" 47


Dec-79 "Simple, Band Switching Receiver Design" 16
Dec-79 Build a VMOS Audio Amplifier 22
Dec-79 A Single Channel VHF Monitor Receiver 24
Dec-79 An Inexpensive High Z Accurate Transistor Voltmeter 28
Dec-79 Compatible RTTY 31
Dec-79 The Phantom Stub 37
Dec-79 Expanded Scale Power Line Voltage Monitor 40
Dec-79 Low Pass Filters for Amateur Radio Transmitters 44
Dec-79 Technical Correspondence 49
Dec-79 Transmitter Fundamentals 11
Dec-79 "Tune Up Swiftly, Silently, and Safely" 42
Dec-79 AMSAT-OSCAR Phase III on the Horizon 61
Dec-79 Without Warning 66
Dec-79 A Tradition in History 70
Dec-79 A Christmas Memory 105
Dec-79 "H1, a Life" 108
Dec-79 ASCII- at Last 9
Dec-79 Moved and Seconded 36
Dec-79 Long Range Planning 65
Dec-79 The League's Technical Oracles 69
Dec-79 Mid Conference Report From Geneva 73
Dec-79 High Praise for Amateur Radio in Geneva 74
Dec-79 Product Review: Yaesu FT-101ZD 52
Nov-79 Building an Operating Impedance Bridge 11
Nov-79 Learning to Use Rectangular and Polar Notation 18
Nov-79 Minimize Your Counter Design 28
Nov-79 A Universal Solid State BFO 30
Nov-79 A J Driven 2 Meter Beam Antenna 32
Nov-79 A Morse Readout for Your Digital Dial 33
Nov-79 Build a Ragchew Clipper 38
Nov-79 "A Simple, Accurate RF Wattmeter" 40
Nov-79 The Adaptamatic Message Keyer 42
Nov-79 Technical Correspondence 48
Nov-79 A Simple Utility Power Supply 22
Nov-79 Things Your Elmer Forgot to Tell You 62
Nov-79 WAS Minus One 60
Nov-79 Transmitter Hunting for Beginners 65
Nov-79 A Tale of Two Nets 109
Nov-79 Where Have All the Control Operators Gone? 112
Nov-79 "The FCC: Public Servant, or Public Enemy?" 9
Nov-79 Moved and Seconded 68
Nov-79 How Does the WARC Work? 70
Nov-79 OSCAR Aids Search and Rescue 77
Nov-79 "Product Review: Macrotronics M800, NDI HC-1400" 50
Oct-79 A Grounded Grid Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz 11
Oct-79 A Simple RF Sniffer 15
Oct-79 Better Results with Indoor Antennas 18
Oct-79 A Microprocessor Based Morse Keyboard 22
Oct-79 The CW-150: A Classical Vacuum Tube Transmitter 34
Oct-79 The Log Periodic V Array 40
Oct-79 Broadband Hybrid Splitters and Summers 44
Oct-79 Trigonometry for Beginners 30
Oct-79 The First One's Always the Hardest 56
Oct-79 Be a Big Brother 55
Oct-79 CARWRS 58
Oct-79 The Genteel Art of Chewing the Rag 60
Oct-79 QST Abbreviations 65
Oct-79 Strange Magic 92
Oct-79 Blinders and DX 111
Oct-79 Speak Up! 9
Oct-79 Moved and Seconded 62
Oct-79 Tidbits from Overseas 67
Oct-79 IARU Team Members 68
Oct-79 City Hall Can Be Beat! 76
Oct-79 "Product Review: Heath VT-2031, BW RF Clipper" 47
Sep-79 Printed Line Techniques Applied to VHF Amplifier Design 11
Sep-79 The Low Bander's Special 17
Sep-79 Ionospheric Ducting at HF 20
Sep-79 The Great Ionospheric Hole Experiment 22
Sep-79 A Radio Compass Antenna Elevation Indicator 24
Sep-79 The Little Jimmy Keyer 26
Sep-79 An Audio Tone Shift Power/SWR Meter 28
Sep-79 The Mono Loop Delta Antenna 33
Sep-79 A Simple Technique for Tower Section Separation 37
Sep-79 Quick and Easy Circuit Boards for the Beginner 30
Sep-79 How to Get Special Zoning Approval for Your Antenna 48
Sep-79 Amateur Radio in the Computer Age 51
Sep-79 MARS- Alive and Well 57
Sep-79 Rehab Radio 60
Sep-79 On the Threshold of Ham Radio's Apogee 85
Sep-79 A Consumer Advocate's Report: The Price of Boiled Ham 105
Sep-79 Too Much of a Good Thing? 9
Sep-79 The Past and Future at Baton Rouge 61
Sep-79 Moved and Seconded 63
Sep-79 "IARU Team Members Have Diverse Experience, Talents" 66
Sep-79 Kagisano: Amateur Radio in Botswana 67
Sep-79 FCC Inquiry: Bioeffects of RF Radiation 68
Sep-79 "Product Review: McKay Dymek DR33C, Yaesu CPU-2500RK" 39
Aug-79 Spectrum Analysis- One Picture's Worth a......... 15
Aug-79 Anatomy of a Product Review 22
Aug-79 Propagation- Past and Prospects 24
Aug-79 Improving the SB-104A/SB644A 28
Aug-79 An Audible Digital Voltmeter 32
Aug-79 Additional Notes on the Audible Digital Voltmeter 34
Aug-79 The Carpenter's Delight 36
Aug-79 The CMO- A Capacitance Measuring Oscillator 38
Aug-79 Photographic PC Boards Without Expensive Equipment 40
Aug-79 Technical Correspondence 42
Aug-79 Build a Simple Super for SSB 11
Aug-79 Ground Zero 53
Aug-79 Learning Code By Osmosis 58
Aug-79 Maritime Mobile 60
Aug-79 To Book or Not to Book 76
Aug-79 Midnight Special 87
Aug-79 Continued Growth? 9
Aug-79 Spectrum Pressure Evident in VHF/UHF Proposals 64
Aug-79 King Hussein and Amateur Radio in Jordan 66
Aug-79 ARRL Testifies at House and Senate Hearings 67
Aug-79 Product Review: Yaesu FT-127R 44
Jul-79 Putting the Quarter Wave Sloper to Work on 160 19
Jul-79 Additional Notes on the Half Sloper 20
Jul-79 Vest Pocket TTL Logic Probe 22
Jul-79 The Imperfect Antenna System and How It Works 24
Jul-79 The Cornwall Collinear 28
Jul-79 Slippers for a QRP Transceiver 30
Jul-79 A Digital Morse Code Clock 33
Jul-79 Morse Code Transmissions of Computer Programs 41
Jul-79 The Weekender- A Simple Crystal Calibrator 38
Jul-79 Amateur Radio: A Light in the Darkness 11
Jul-79 An Eclipse Study on 80 Meters 14
Jul-79 Beacons Provide Eclipse Propagation Data 16
Jul-79 "Participate, Eh?" 9
Jul-79 Another Meeting with the Chinese 53
Jul-79 HF WARC Proposals Leave Room for Optimism 54
Jul-79 Moved and Seconded 56
Jul-79 Members Will Choose ARRL Policy Makers 61
Jul-79 "Product Review: Kenwood R-820, Ten Tec 544" 43
Jun-79 A Medium Power Solid State Transmitter 11
Jun-79 Build Your Own 5/8 Wave Antenna for 146 MHz 15
Jun-79 An LED Readout for the HW-2036 17
Jun-79 "An Accurate, Low Cost Antenna Elevation System" 19
Jun-79 Installation Techniques for Medium and Large Yagis 23
Jun-79 An Audio Transducer for the Deaf 26
Jun-79 Measuring Transmission Line Velocity Factor 27
Jun-79 Technical Correspondence 44
Jun-79 The Practical Side of Toroids 29
Jun-79 The Wee Keyer 33
Jun-79 Aeronautical Mobile- The Only Way to Fly 46
Jun-79 Dr. Strangetone 49
Jun-79 "High Speed CW, Anyone?" 51
Jun-79 Diversity 9
Jun-79 Vive la Difference...Baton Rouge 53
Jun-79 Amateur Radio and the Kingdom of Tonga 57
Jun-79 Action on Capital Hill 58
Jun-79 "Product Review: Swan 100MX, Henry Radio Tempo S1" 35
May-79 Versakeyer- A Multimode Paddle Keyer 11
May-79 An Experimental VMOS Transmitter 18
May-79 Build a Broadband Ultralinear VMOS Amplifier 23
May-79 A VMOS FET Transmitter for 10 Meter CW 27
May-79 A Novel Way to Mount a Rotary Beam Antenna 32
May-79 Technical Correspondence 43
May-79 Novice Questions and Their Answers 34
May-79 Extra Special Extras 49
May-79 "Mountaintopping, Midwest Style" 53
May-79 The RV Service Net System 54
May-79 Stamps Reflect Growth of Amateur Radio 56
May-79 The Care and Feeding of Repeater Traffic Nets 51
May-79 The Not Ready for Prime Time Traffic Handlers 73
May-79 The 65th Anniversary of ARRL 9
May-79 FCC Extends Grace Period for Renewal to Five Years 58
May-79 The Safari Ends. What Have We Learned in Africa? 62
May-79 They All Wear White Hats 89
May-79 "Product Review: Drake TR-7, AEA AD-1" 37
Apr-79 A Low Cost PC Board Duplexer 11
Apr-79 The SHARC Audible Current Meter 22
Apr-79 The Whys and Hows of Bifilar Filament Chokes 28
Apr-79 Save Money- Build Your Own RF Choke! 30
Apr-79 A Big Signal from a Small Lot 32
Apr-79 Some Commonly Asked Technical Questions 35
Apr-79 Technical Correspondence 37
Apr-79 A Simple CW Audio Filter 15
Apr-79 Putting the Boots to Your HW-8 QRP Transceiver 18
Apr-79 Amateur Radio at the Bottom of the Earth 49
Apr-79 Public Service Before Disaster Strikes 52
Apr-79 Long Range Planning 9
Apr-79 Club Awards- Program Winners Show Ingenuity 48
Apr-79 Leaving a Mark on Tomorrow 54
Apr-79 Grandeur sur la Mississippi 56
Apr-79 FCC Organizational Shake Up 57
Apr-79 Moved and Seconded 60
Apr-79 Safari Through Africa 64
Apr-79 Honor Thy Roll 76
Apr-79 It's All in a Dream 93
Apr-79 "Product Review: ICOM IC-701, Daiwa RF-440" 39
Mar-79 The Code Speedometer 11
Mar-79 A CMOS Control Circuit for Repeaters 16
Mar-79 JFET Soup for Tired Receivers 19
Mar-79 A Simple 10 and 15 Meter Converter 21
Mar-79 A Graphical Look at the L Network 24
Mar-79 Matching Network Design 26
Mar-79 Zip Cord Antennas- Do They Work? 31
Mar-79 Toward Cleaner Local Oscillator Chains- Spectral Purity 33
Mar-79 Technical Correspondence 38
Mar-79 The 3 Element 10 Meter Cheapie 36
Mar-79 ARES and You 51
Mar-79 Saturday Morning Follies 54
Mar-79 RFI- Let Your Voice Be Heard! 9
Mar-79 Hams Can Influence FCC's RFI Inquiry 48
Mar-79 ITU Lays Technical Foundation for WARC-79 56
Mar-79 Petition Filed to Allow Novices on 220 MHz 58
Mar-79 1979- A Year of Decision! 61
Mar-79 Miami Memorandum 62
Mar-79 Moved and Seconded 64
Mar-79 Jambo! Report From East Africa 71
Mar-79 The Long Goodbye 80
Mar-79 "Product Review: Electrospace Systems HV-5, Amperex 110" 40
Feb-79 Introducing the INCONs 11
Feb-79 Upgrading Your SB-220 Linear Amplifier 20
Feb-79 A First Class Touch Tone Encoder 23
Feb-79 A 24 Hour Clock Bonus from the Accu Memory 25
Feb-79 A Noise Blanker for the Collins S/Line 30
Feb-79 A 40 Meter Midget 33
Feb-79 "Digitized Speech, Part 2" 35
Feb-79 Circular Orbits with Simple Computing Systems 38
Feb-79 Antenna Accessories for the Beginner 15
Feb-79 Why QSK? 53
Feb-79 QRN Communication- Myth or History? 51
Feb-79 Good News- And Disappointments- In FCC WARC Proposals 9
Feb-79 "Meet Sam May, AD7F" 52
Feb-79 FCC WARC Proposals Finalized 55
Feb-79 Spark Gap to NBVM 59
Feb-79 RFI: Now or Never! 61
Feb-79 Amateur Radio a la Sierra Leone 66
Feb-79 "Product Review: Sabtronics Model 2000, DSI 3600A, Hamtronics XV2" 43
Jan-79 The YY Special Beginner's Receiver 15
Jan-79 Human Engineering the Station Receiver 21
Jan-79 Effects of a Solar Eclipse on the Ionosphere 26
Jan-79 "Digitized Speech, Part 1" 30
Jan-79 The Expanded Tribander 33
Jan-79 Showdown-FET vs. Bipolar 36
Jan-79 The CW Filter Limiter 42
Jan-79 What Does Your SWR Cost You? 71
Jan-79 The Art and Science of DXing 19
Jan-79 These SFamaritans Are Flying Hams 11
Jan-79 "The Easy Way to OSCAR 8 Mode J, Part 2" 52
Jan-79 Starting a Message on the Right Foot 56
Jan-79 U.S. Amateur Frequency Allocations 60
Jan-79 Clouds on the Horizon 9
Jan-79 The Band We Almost Lost 54
Jan-79 Project Goodwill: A Smashing Success 58
Jan-79 Don't Call Me Good Buddy: Phase II of the Call Sign Assignment Program 62
Jan-79 Sri Lanka Embraces Amateur Radio 69
Jan-79 Moved and Seconded 66
Jan-79 1979 ARRL Operating Events 90
Jan-79 "Product Review: Optoelectronics OPTO-8000.1, Lafayette BCR-101" 44


Dec-78 "A 20 Meter, VXO Controlled, 6 Watt Transmitter" 11
Dec-78 "A Baseband Communications System, Part 2" 14
Dec-78 Some Experiments with High Frequency Ladder Crystal Filters 22
Dec-78 What Next After Moonbounce? Venus Bounce! 25
Dec-78 An Inexpensive Multiband VHF Antenna 28
Dec-78 The Club Filter 35
Dec-78 Give Your Repeater Some Indentity 41
Dec-78 "The Aerial Performance of the Radio Circuits, Part 2" 44
Dec-78 The Contester 49
Dec-78 "The Easy Way to OSCAR 8 Mode J, Part 1" 50
Dec-78 Three Feet of Rain 55
Dec-78 Simulated Emergency Test Announcement 77
Dec-78 "Hertz, not Parts...A Sine of the Times" 81
Dec-78 WARC-79 9
Dec-78 Region 2 Amateurs Review WARC Progress 52
Dec-78 Amateurs Have Their Say on the Communications Act of 1978 56
Dec-78 FCC Prohibits Autopatch on Automatically Controlled Repeaters 58
Dec-78 "Africa, Asia, and Amateur Radio" 66
Dec-78 "Product Review: ICOM IC-211, Alda 103, Daytronics MIMIC" 30
Nov-78 "A Baseband Communications System, Part 1" 11
Nov-78 Frequency Measuring Tests Using a Product Detector SSB Receiver 19
Nov-78 The Two Tone Tester 22
Nov-78 "Shoes, Size 220 AB or C" 29
Nov-78 A Logic Circuit for Phasing the Telefax 33
Nov-78 Calculating Component Values 25
Nov-78 The Aerial Performers of the Radio Circuits 42
Nov-78 Update: Project Goodwill 46
Nov-78 ORM and QRN: You've Heard It: Now You Can See It 47
Nov-78 UTC: The Right-On Time 52
Nov-78 VHF Phone for Novices? 9
Nov-78 Moved and Seconded 53
Nov-78 Communications Act Rewrite Taken to Chicago 54
Nov-78 "Beyond Differences of Language, Nationality, Religion, and Political Sys..." 59
Nov-78 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-901, Genave GTX-800" 35
Oct-78 A Newly Discovered Mode of VHF Propagation 11
Oct-78 The Canadian Wonder 18
Oct-78 A 25 KHz Calibrator for the HW-8 20
Oct-78 Build This High Performance Top Band Converter 22
Oct-78 SSTV Pictures From Your Microcomputer 25
Oct-78 Medium Scan Television- A New Frontier 30
Oct-78 Technical Correspondence 34
Oct-78 Build This Sardine Sender 15
Oct-78 You and Your Log 44
Oct-78 How Safe Is Your Ham Shack? Part 3 39
Oct-78 A Different Kind of Courage 41
Oct-78 Sweepstakes for the Little Guy 48
Oct-78 Try a Hamfest Code Contest 50
Oct-78 They Made It- W5OPC/Double Eagle II 52
Oct-78 QST Abbreviations 94
Oct-78 Double Digit Damage 9
Oct-78 Hams Five by Nine with WARC Comments 46
Oct-78 Moved and Seconded 53
Oct-78 ASCII at Last? 54
Oct-78 Now- There's Something You Can Do! 59
Oct-78 "Product Review: KDK FM-2015R, Say SPS-20M" 31
Sep-78 Meet the Remarkable but Little Known Vacar VFO! 15
Sep-78 Designing a Vertical Antenna 19
Sep-78 Prescaler Updates the DVM/Frequency Counter 22
Sep-78 An Auditory Dip Oscillator 25
Sep-78 A Solid State Transverter for 70 Cm 28
Sep-78 Technical Correspondence 31
Sep-78 An Inexpensive Capacitance Meter 11
Sep-78 "Direction Finding, European Style" 38
Sep-78 "JG1QFW, First Solo Explorer to Reach the North Pole" 41
Sep-78 Operation Outreach 43
Sep-78 Ask Not What Amateur Can Do For You 45
Sep-78 DXCC Honor Role 65
Sep-78 Dawn of an Era? 9
Sep-78 Theme: WARC-79 46
Sep-78 Moved and Seconded 47
Sep-78 Amateurs Lose on Reconsideration of 10 Meter Amplifier Ban 51
Sep-78 We Are Not Alone! 55
Sep-78 Product Review: VHF Engineering Blue Line Amplifier 33
Aug-78 A 2 Meter Frequency Synthesizer 11
Aug-78 Transmitter Design 16
Aug-78 Simple Ladder I-F Filter 18
Aug-78 The Audiobox- An Amplifier with a Twist 19
Aug-78 Updating Phased Array Technology 22
Aug-78 A Programmable Regulated Power Supply 28
Aug-78 Antennas- Keeping Them Up 26
Aug-78 Amateur Radio Shines Through the Blizzard Blitz of 78 37
Aug-78 CQ Ham Radio 40
Aug-78 What's So Rare as a QST from 1915? 42
Aug-78 Those FCC Exams 9
Aug-78 "San Diego, Here I Come" 47
Aug-78 ARRL Testifies in Support of Goldwater RFI Bill 49
Aug-78 Amateur Radio in Pakistan 53
Aug-78 "Product Review: Drake UV-3, SWTPC AC-30" 33
Jul-78 A Digital Speed Readout for the Electronic Keyer 11
Jul-78 Series Section Transmission Line Impedance Matching 14
Jul-78 Put Your All Mode 2 Meter Rig on 220 17
Jul-78 Transmitter Design 23
Jul-78 CB to Ten Meters 26
Jul-78 Power Regulations and the Decibel Made Painless 21
Jul-78 West to Macao 35
Jul-78 How Safe is Your Ham Shack? Part 2 37
Jul-78 OSCAR 8 Has a Message for You 39
Jul-78 "Of, By and For" 9
Jul-78 The Worst Form of Government 43
Jul-78 Moved and Seconded 46
Jul-78 South America and WARC-79 49
Jul-78 "Product Review: Technico TEC-9900SS, Bearcat 210" 28
Jun-78 Low Noise GaAs FET UHF Preamplifiers 14
Jun-78 A Low Cost Dot Memory Keyer 22
Jun-78 "Transmitter Design- Emphasis on Anatomy, Part 2" 25
Jun-78 Predicting Radio Horizons at VHF 28
Jun-78 The ABC Active Filter 30
Jun-78 Producing Weather Satellite Pictures at Lower Cost 32
Jun-78 A Low Cost Burglar Alarm for Home or Car 35
Jun-78 Technical Correspondence 41
Jun-78 Build This Novice Four Band Vertical 16
Jun-78 Basic Antenna Concepts 18
Jun-78 How Safe Is Your Ham Shack? 11
Jun-78 RF Heating in the Ham Bands 13
Jun-78 Up Your Code Speed 48
Jun-78 QRQ 20 49
Jun-78 QST Delivery Isn't Any Better! 9
Jun-78 On the Road with Uncle Charlie 45
Jun-78 League Sponsored Insurance Program Off to Flying Start 50
Jun-78 "San Diego: Sun, Fun, Great Convention" 51
Jun-78 Last Call for Comments on FCC WARC Proposals 52
Jun-78 League Files Further Opposition to Commission's 10 Meter Amplifier Ban 54
Jun-78 Moved and Seconded 57
Jun-78 Another Step Toward WARC-79 61
Jun-78 "Product Review; Radio Shack TRS-80, Kantronics 8040B" 37
May-78 A Modular Control Unit- Just for Repeaters 11
May-78 "Transmitter Design- Emphasis on Anatomy, Part 1" 16
May-78 VHF Coverage for Collins S/Line Receivers 20
May-78 A DoppleScAnt 24
May-78 Sunspots and the HW-16 29
May-78 Technical Correspondence 35
May-78 An Audio Continuity Tester 21
May-78 OSCAR in the Classroom 39
May-78 Marconi Station Reborn on Cape Cod 42
May-78 CPR- It's a Lifesaver! 44
May-78 The Fox Control Committee Boo-Boos 9
May-78 FCC Bans 10 Meter Amplifiers 46
May-78 "Call Me Anything, But Don't Call Me Good Buddy" 49
May-78 "Product Review: Bencher Paddle, Kenwood TS-520S" 31
Apr-78 A 20 Meter High Performance Direct Conversion Receiver 11
Apr-78 The State Variable Filter 14
Apr-78 Frequency Memory for Receivers with Digital Readout 20
Apr-78 Go ATV with This Transceiver 22
Apr-78 Mycoder 27
Apr-78 Short Ground Radial Systems for Short Verticals 30
Apr-78 Technical Correspondence 34
Apr-78 "The Lure of 2 Meters, Part 3" 17
Apr-78 His Computer Does the Operating 41
Apr-78 Two Sides of the Public Service Story 45
Apr-78 "Simple Equipment, and WARC" 9
Apr-78 "George, the TV is Acting Up Again" 50
Apr-78 Not Just Bigger- But Better Than Ever 52
Apr-78 Secondary and Special Event Licenses Abolished 55
Apr-78 African Amateur Radio: Common Roots 65
Apr-78 "Product Review: Davis CTR-2-500, Info Tech M-150 and M-75" 36
Mar-78 How Visual Displays Work 11
Mar-78 New Tasks for the Digital Voltmeter 19
Mar-78 Locating Geosynchronous Satellites 23
Mar-78 A Permeability Tuned Variable Frequency Oscillator 26
Mar-78 The Flagpole Deluxe 29
Mar-78 Microwave Mobile Propagation 33
Mar-78 Technical Correspondence 35
Mar-78 An FET Volt Ohmmeter with Linear Ohms Readout 16
Mar-78 "Microwaves, Mozzarella Burgers, and Mountains" 43
Mar-78 "The Lure of 2 Meters, Part 2" 45
Mar-78 PR Coup- NYC Marathon 51
Mar-78 Dr. Glen: An Uncommon Man 53
Mar-78 From Russia With Love 48
Mar-78 Want to Operate in Russia? Part 2 69
Mar-78 Another Opportunity for the Amateur Radio Service 9
Mar-78 Quiet Progress 55
Mar-78 Moved and Seconded 57
Mar-78 ARRL Petitions for Novice Subband Expansion 61
Mar-78 "Product Review: Dentron MLA-2500, Heath HD-1410" 37
Feb-78 The Micro-TO Message Keyer 11
Feb-78 A Long Delayed Echo Revisited 17
Feb-78 More Reflections on LDEs 19
Feb-78 The Long Boom Quagi 20
Feb-78 BC Band Energy- A Rejection Filter 22
Feb-78 A Spectacle-Mounted Code Blinker 25
Feb-78 Technical Correspondence 34
Feb-78 A Universal Crystal Oscillator 15
Feb-78 Calculating Capacitor Values 28
Feb-78 "Tracking the Next OSCAR, Part 2" 38
Feb-78 Blackout Spawns Amateur/Police Emergency Network 41
Feb-78 RFI Assistance List 43
Feb-78 La Scala of Milan Cures Some Virginia Hams 48
Feb-78 "The Lure of 2 Meters, Part 1" 50
Feb-78 The Honor Roll: Not for the Faint Hearted 80
Feb-78 Ham Activity and Solar Activity: Going Up 9
Feb-78 FCC Drops 220 Restrictions 53
Feb-78 "Public Relations, German Style" 61
Feb-78 "Product Review: VHF Engineering Synthesizer II, Kenwood TS-700S" 30
Jan-78 The El Paso Solar Powered Repeater 11
Jan-78 The Groundshade Antenna 15
Jan-78 A 220 MHz Transmit Converter 16
Jan-78 Twisted Wire Quadrature Hybrid Directional Couplers 21
Jan-78 An Inexpensive Morse Keyboard 24
Jan-78 Technical Correspondence 33
Jan-78 Crystals Inside Out 28
Jan-78 The Women Among Us 41
Jan-78 From A Female Viewpoint 42
Jan-78 Public Service Begins with You 45
Jan-78 Successful Museum Exhibit 47
Jan-78 How To Avoid Ripoff 48
Jan-78 Rain of Terror 50
Jan-78 It's Been Quite a Year 53
Jan-78 "A Brand New OSCAR, Part 1" 55
Jan-78 My Amateur Radio Demonstration 58
Jan-78 The Great Idea 59
Jan-78 What's Your Serial Number? 82
Jan-78 Code of Ethics Update 9
Jan-78 Moved and Seconded 61
Jan-78 Radio Jammer Closed Down 63
Jan-78 Operation by Alien Amateurs in the United States 71
Jan-78 "Product Review: Alpha 76 Amplifier, Amcomm S225" 35


Dec-77 A Key to Success 19
Dec-77 Daniel's Key 21
Dec-77 A Poor Boy's Paddle 22
Dec-77 A New Era in Voice Communication 24
Dec-77 The Data Set 101A- A New Solution to an Old Problem 28
Dec-77 VHF DX via Meteor Scatter 31
Dec-77 Predicting the Coverage of a Repeater 33
Dec-77 Low Noise Receiving Antennas 36
Dec-77 How to Adjust a Straight Key and Send Good Code 15
Dec-77 Telegraph Keys: As American as Pumpkin Pie 18
Dec-77 A Bonanza Awaits You in the Ham Ads 11
Dec-77 Ham Radio for $50 13
Dec-77 How They Did It 26
Dec-77 Is the Component Market Drying Up? 9
Dec-77 ARRL Destroys Windmill! 47
Dec-77 Bermuda: Hams to the Rescue 55
Dec-77 DX Century Club Awards 64
Dec-77 "Product Review: Wilson 2202 SM, Ten Tec Century 21" 40
Nov-77 An Introduction to the World Above 50 MHz 13
Nov-77 Homemade Differential Capacitors 19
Nov-77 A Versatile Digital Frequency Display 21
Nov-77 The Resistance Synthsizer 30
Nov-77 A Passive CW Filter to Improve Selectivity 34
Nov-77 A Combination Fixed Voltage Supply 36
Nov-77 The Invisible Rhombic 38
Nov-77 How to Tune Your Transmitter 32
Nov-77 ARRL Code of Ethics 11
Nov-77 Network Hams: A Hobby Becomes a Career 46
Nov-77 November Sweepstakes Propagation Predicting 50
Nov-77 A Baptism by Fire 52
Nov-77 The Cardboard Clock 56
Nov-77 "QSLs- How to Get Them in a Hurry, Part 2" 58
Nov-77 Self Regulatory- Are We? 9
Nov-77 FCC Reactis on Repeater Deregulation 60
Nov-77 Moved and Seconded 62
Nov-77 So What's an IARU? 65
Nov-77 "Product Review: Motorola MEK6800D2 Ed Kit, KLM 40 Meter Beam" 40
Oct-77 Measuring Antenna Gain with Amateur Methods 11
Oct-77 Optimizing Vertical Antenna Performance 15
Oct-77 "Designing Solid State RF Power Circuits, Part 3" 22
Oct-77 The Emergency Broadcast System 25
Oct-77 An Extended Frequency Range for the Collins 75S-1 28
Oct-77 Printed Circuit Boards 30
Oct-77 The Gentlemen's Band- 160 Meters 33
Oct-77 Morse Code to ASCII Translator Using a Microcomputer 39
Oct-77 The Zaney Zener- Facts About This Special Diode 18
Oct-77 Build a UTO-19/77 19
Oct-77 Update Your OSCARLOCATOR- And Your Amateur Radio Library 47
Oct-77 "20th Jamboree on the Air, 1977" 48
Oct-77 "QSLs, Part 1" 53
Oct-77 WARC in a Magnetic Field 9
Oct-77 Amateurs Respond to FCC WARC Inquiry 50
Oct-77 Another RFI Bill 57
Oct-77 The Plunge Forward 61
Oct-77 "Product Review: Yaesu FT-301D, Midland 13-509" 42
Sep-77 "Designing Solid State RF Power Circuits, Part 2" 15
Sep-77 Add Variable Bandwidth Tuning to Your Fixed Bandwidth Receiver 19
Sep-77 Tweenies 24
Sep-77 The 160 Meter Monster Antenna 27
Sep-77 The W1NG Accu-Repeat 29
Sep-77 A Quarter Wavelength Vertical for 75 Meters 32
Sep-77 Update Your HF MUF Predictions Daily 35
Sep-77 Technical Correspondence 38
Sep-77 The Schematic Diagram- A Maze or a Road Map? 11
Sep-77 Maritime Mobile Around South America 46
Sep-77 Junk Box Foils Thieves 50
Sep-77 Sometimes It Pays to Hold Two Licenses 52
Sep-77 CB to Ham in Two Easy Classes 54
Sep-77 DXCC Honor Roll 83
Sep-77 In Search of Ethics 9
Sep-77 Hot New Programs for ARRL 58
Sep-77 RFI Bill Introduced in House 64
Sep-77 WARC-79: The Official Agenda 69
Sep-77 "Product Review: ICOM IC-245, Kenwood TR-7400A" 40
Aug-77 Phase III: Toward the Ultimate Amateur Satellite 11
Aug-77 A Delayed Brake Release for the Ham II 14
Aug-77 A Novel Antenna Installation for a Sailboat 17
Aug-77 Using a Frequency Counter as a Capacitance Meter 19
Aug-77 Solar Electric Power and the Amateur 24
Aug-77 Designing Solid State RF Power Circuits 28
Aug-77 Updating the Noise Blanker 33
Aug-77 Still More on the SBA-104-1 Noise Blanker 33
Aug-77 A Crowbar Proof 12 V Power Supply 36
Aug-77 Know Your Receiver 38
Aug-77 Active Low Pass Filters for CW or SSB 40
Aug-77 Technical Correspondence 42
Aug-77 Mark 40...and Still Going Strong 35
Aug-77 Attention All Clubs: Have a Carrot on Us 50
Aug-77 The Beverly Hills Disaster 52
Aug-77 Twisters Take Tolls- Hams Hurry Help 54
Aug-77 The French Atlantic Affair 56
Aug-77 Kentucky Flood Diary 58
Aug-77 You Like My New Call? 59
Aug-77 Contests and Emergencies 60
Aug-77 "Goodbye, Summer Slump" 9
Aug-77 Moved and Seconded 63
Aug-77 ARRL to FCC: Killing Special Calls Won't Solve Workload Problem 67
Aug-77 Think...Before You Run That Patch 71
Aug-77 "Product Review: Kenwood TV-502, Vomax Speech Processor" 44
Jul-77 Watts from the Wind 15
Jul-77 Full Break in and RIT for the HW-8 QRP Transceiver 22
Jul-77 "Build This Solid State Titan, Part 2" 27
Jul-77 Beat the Noise with a Scoop Loop 30
Jul-77 A 60 Watt Solid State UHF Linear Amplifier 42
Jul-77 A Simple Approach to Complex Circuits 35
Jul-77 Profile of a Hard Core Experimenter 19
Jul-77 "Phase III: Toward the Ultimate Amateur Satellite, Part 2" 52
Jul-77 WARC-79- Those Who Are Helping 9
Jul-77 A Domestic Crisis Looms 11
Jul-77 "FCC WARC Proposals, Round 2" 56
Jul-77 "Assessing the CD Appointment Structure, Part 2" 60
Jul-77 ARRL- Our Mini Republic 65
Jul-77 An Exchange of Ideas 70
Jul-77 Product Review: Yaesu FT-221 46
Jun-77 FM Repeater Audio- Good or Bad? 15
Jun-77 Testing Grade Out Integrated Circuits 17
Jun-77 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 9" 20
Jun-77 A High Performance Low Frequency Converter 23
Jun-77 "Build This Solid State Titan, Part 1" 27
Jun-77 Design Your Own Active Audio Filters 32
Jun-77 Weak Signal Reception on 160- Some Antenna Notes 35
Jun-77 What Does My S-Meter Tell Me? 40
Jun-77 "Phase III: Toward the Ultimate Amateur Satellite, Part 1" 11
Jun-77 Educators Learn About OSCAR and Amateur Radio 48
Jun-77 See OSCAR and Lots More at Kennedy Space Center 50
Jun-77 Getting High for the Bicentennial 52
Jun-77 The Silent Leaf Assault 60
Jun-77 Ham It Up on the Broadcast Band 65
Jun-77 Anderson Answered: Local Hams Do the Job 70
Jun-77 Part 97 9
Jun-77 "Assessing the CD Appointment Structure, Part 1" 53
Jun-77 First Canadian WARC Proposals List New Ham Bands 64
Jun-77 Repeater/Remote Reregulation: ARRL Reaction 75
Jun-77 Moved and Seconded 78
Jun-77 Are You Legal? 79
Jun-77 "Product Review: Autek MK-1, Heath IP-2715 " 43
May-77 Keying Wave Shape Correction Circuit 15
May-77 Propagation- Past and Prospects 18
May-77 Slant Wire Feed for Grounded Towers 23
May-77 The 5X3 Power Supply 25
May-77 Independent Sideband for Your Drake TR-4C 27
May-77 The Stark Key 33
May-77 A Fully Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine 35
May-77 An Ultramodern Linear Amplifier 38
May-77 Your First Receiver 11
May-77 "Getting to Know OSCAR- from the Ground Up, Part 5" 50
May-77 Inferno in Friuli 55
May-77 Pedalera Bike Run Communications 56
May-77 ARRL Presents the Wild World of Amateur Radio 61
May-77 The ARRL Foundation: We'll Put You in Orbit 62
May-77 900 MHz Class E CB- the Ultimate Answer 9
May-77 All Special Calls- Doomed? 58
May-77 Purity of Emissions: New Rule 63
May-77 Greece: Ancient Ideals and Amateur Radio 68
May-77 "Product Review: Processor Tech 8KRA, Health IP-2718" 44
Apr-77 The VHF Quagi 1
Apr-77 "Broadband, Steerable Phased Array" 18
Apr-77 A Multiband Vertical Radiator 22
Apr-77 Quad Log Periodic Fixed Beam Antennas 24
Apr-77 Sweep 6 Meters and Really Clean Up 27
Apr-77 Build This C-T Quad Beam for Reduced Size 29
Apr-77 The Inverted L Antenna 32
Apr-77 A Two Meter J Antenna 35
Apr-77 Efficient Short Radiators 37
Apr-77 My Feed Line Tunes My Antenna 40
Apr-77 Build This Quickie Preamp 43
Apr-77 Solid Tubes- A New Life for Old Designs 45
Apr-77 Technical Correspondence 51
Apr-77 Some Basic Antenna Information 15
Apr-77 Ham Newsline 50
Apr-77 "Getting to Know OSCAR- from the Ground Up, Part 4" 58
Apr-77 Demise of the Computer Kid 67
Apr-77 We Want You 70
Apr-77 The FCC Dilemma 9
Apr-77 "Amplifiers, Type Acceptance- FCC Proposals" 61
Apr-77 ARRL Responds to FCC Proposals 64
Apr-77 FCC News Briefs 72
Apr-77 Lord Wallace: New Leader for British Amateur Radio 75
Apr-77 Product Review: Southwest Technical 6800 53
Mar-77 Hamcationing-DX Style 11
Mar-77 The Equalizer 18
Mar-77 "Understanding Linear ICs, Part 3" 21
Mar-77 Using the Heath SB-650 Frequency Display with the Yaesu FT-101 24
Mar-77 A 1296-MHz Signal Source 26
Mar-77 50 Years Ago 27
Mar-77 Charge It! 29
Mar-77 Evolution of a Quad Array 32
Mar-77 A Phase Locked 2 Meter FM Transmitter 37
Mar-77 A Second Look at Linear Tuning 40
Mar-77 Technical Correspondence 42
Mar-77 The CB Slider 15
Mar-77 "Getting to Know OSCAR-from the Ground Up, Part 3" 52
Mar-77 Centennial Catastrophe 60
Mar-77 Good Times 9
Mar-77 Deregulation- Another Round 50
Mar-77 Regulations Revisited 56
Mar-77 Building for the Future 62
Mar-77 Moved and Seconded 64
Mar-77 Instant Upgrading Is Here 70
Mar-77 Growth by Leaps and Bounds 73
Mar-77 "Product Review: Processor Tech VDM-1, Autek QF-1" 44
Feb-77 TVI Sleuths at Work 11
Feb-77 A Time Delayed Tone Decoder 16
Feb-77 Inexpensive Traps for Wire Antennas 18
Feb-77 "Understanding Linear ICs, Part 2" 19
Feb-77 Radio Propagation and Solar Activity 24
Feb-77 Cycle 21- Four Divergent Views 27
Feb-77 TR-4C Outboard Receiver Modification 29
Feb-77 A Control System for Your Station: Simple and Economical 31
Feb-77 RTTY Distribution and Control Box 33
Feb-77 Solid State BC-221 Frequency Meter 35
Feb-77 Build This Solid State PA for 440 MHz 37
Feb-77 Technical Correspondence 39
Feb-77 Codzila 1 14
Feb-77 Moonbounce Boondoggle 45
Feb-77 Beware! Amateur Radio'll Get Ya if Ya Don't Watch Out! 51
Feb-77 "Getting to know OSCAR- from the Ground Up, Part 2" 53
Feb-77 RFI Assistance List 57
Feb-77 Amateur Radio Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Sister Cities International 60
Feb-77 "Happy Birthday, W1AW!" 65
Feb-77 Next Month Is Auction Night 69
Feb-77 WL2USA 70
Feb-77 RFI/TVI- How Large a Problem? 9
Feb-77 Portable Victor Papa NIne 48
Feb-77 The U.S. WARC Position Begins to Take Shape 62
Feb-77 Introducing New Advisory Members 71
Feb-77 Want to Operate in the USSR? 75
Feb-77 "Product Review: PIPO Comm PP-1, Sherwood Crystal Filter" 41
Jan-77 "Understanding Linear ICs, Part 1" 11
Jan-77 The DVM/Frequency Counter Becomes a Clock 18
Jan-77 A Gated Noise Source 22
Jan-77 A Prototype Pulse Code Modulation System 24
Jan-77 The Microprocessor and Repeater Control 30
Jan-77 A New Look Noise Blanker That Works 39
Jan-77 A Hybrid 20 Meter Quad 42
Jan-77 A Dual Gate MOSFET Dip Meter 16
Jan-77 "Speak Up, We Can't Hear You" 46
Jan-77 "Getting to Know OSCAR-from the Ground Up, Part 1" 50
Jan-77 The Canadian Winter Rally 56
Jan-77 QST Abbreviations for Terms 88
Jan-77 Chart Your Way to Bette DX 58
Jan-77 The Tide Has Turned 9
Jan-77 We've Only Just Begun 53
Jan-77 Your SCM and How He Is Elected 61
Jan-77 New Directors Chosen by Members 64
Jan-77 K2UN: Uniting Humanity 67
Jan-77 License Renewal Information 167
Jan-77 "Product Review: Heath HR-1680, Palomar Engineers R-X Noise Bridge" 35


Dec-76 A Fast QSK System Using Reed Relays 11
Dec-76 Optimum Ground Systems for Vertical Antennas 13
Dec-76 Improving Earth Ground Characteristics 16
Dec-76 The Log Yag Array 18
Dec-76 A Simple TTL Test Panel 25
Dec-76 Adapting the DWM-2 for Radioteletype Operation 28
Dec-76 PEP Wattmeter- a la Heath 30
Dec-76 Measuring Transmitter Power 32
Dec-76 FM-27B S-Meter 35
Dec-76 Coils and the Beginner 22
Dec-76 OSCAR Goes to Schools 43
Dec-76 "Is It Like CB, Mrs. Johnson?" 46
Dec-76 What's a Lysco Transmaster 600? or The First Nostalgia Radio Exchange 48
Dec-76 The Rip Off 50
Dec-76 Marine Mobile Revisited 51
Dec-76 " 5-Band WAS, the Hard Way" 54
Dec-76 Checking into Slow Speed Nets 56
Dec-76 W4OZF/4 on No Name Key 58
Dec-76 Lonely Island 61
Dec-76 Portable/Mobile ID: Deregulation or Dilution? 9
Dec-76 HF Bootleggers Caught by FCC 62
Dec-76 IARU Officers Visit Europe 69
Dec-76 "Product Review: Hal MCEM-8080, Heath HW-104" 36
Nov-76 SSTV Image Processing 13
Nov-76 A Side Mount Rotator for a Large HF Array 17
Nov-76 The Synthascanner 19
Nov-76 A VFO Frequency Divider 23
Nov-76 "For Accuracy, Go Wheatstone" 25
Nov-76 The Code at Your Fingertips 28
Nov-76 The Ugly Duckling 29
Nov-76 Technical Correspondence 35
Nov-76 A General Purpose Audio Amplifier 32
Nov-76 "Radio Fox Hunting in Europe, Part 2" 43
Nov-76 A Tip of the Hat 47
Nov-76 Worked All States on 144 MHz 49
Nov-76 Novices Extend Age Horizons 50
Nov-76 The Oscarlocator 51
Nov-76 A Call to Arms 53
Nov-76 Great Britain Interference Survey 56
Nov-76 From Whence Came Ham 60
Nov-76 "Tulip Time for Amateurs, and the President" 61
Nov-76 Will Amateur Radio Exist in 1980? 9
Nov-76 Moved and Seconded 62
Nov-76 Elections- Halfway Through 64
Nov-76 "How to Promote the Microwaves, British Style" 71
Nov-76 "Product Review: VHF Engineering RPT 220 , Tektronix T922" 36
Oct-76 Radio Astrology 11
Oct-76 An Inexpensive Sweep Frequency Generator 17
Oct-76 Sync the Deskfax 20
Oct-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 8" 22
Oct-76 The Clock with a New Twist 27
Oct-76 "Meet the Microprocessor, Part 3" 32
Oct-76 A Low Cost Touch Tone Encoder 36
Oct-76 1/4 Kilowatt Amplifier 29
Oct-76 OSCAR Medical Data 42
Oct-76 A West Coast VHF DXpedition 44
Oct-76 Public Relations: An Emergency Coordinator's View 45
Oct-76 ARRL Band Plans 47
Oct-76 On Signal Strength Evaluation 49
Oct-76 "DX QSLs, QSLs, QSLs" 51
Oct-76 The Flip Side 52
Oct-76 Amateur Radio in Action 54
Oct-76 Tiera Luna para Columbia 57
Oct-76 An Investment Program 9
Oct-76 W2TUK to Wiley: Novice Power Harmful 59
Oct-76 ITU Administrative Council Adopts WARC-79 Agenda 65
Oct-76 "Product Review: HP-25, Mobile VHF Antenna" 38
Sep-76 "Meet the Microprocessor, Part 2" 15
Sep-76 The Mini Miser's Dream Receiver 20
Sep-76 VHF-FM Receiver Troubleshooting 24
Sep-76 The Tower Shield 26
Sep-76 Technical Correspondence 29
Sep-76 Hot and Cold Resistors as UHF Noise Sources 32
Sep-76 The Code Box 11
Sep-76 RFI Grows Up 41
Sep-76 OSCARs Help Dedicate New Air and Space Museum 44
Sep-76 California to Hawaii on 2 Meters 46
Sep-76 A Fist from the Sky 49
Sep-76 Morse Decoded 53
Sep-76 Radio Scouting at NORDJAMB-75 55
Sep-76 K2UYH- Moonbounce WAC 57
Sep-76 The Pursuit of Happiness 9
Sep-76 "Upbeat at 5,280 Feet" 61
Sep-76 Moved and Seconded 62
Sep-76 Canada Tests OSCAR for Emergency Location 68
Sep-76 Botswana Hosts First IARU Southern Africa Conference 74
Sep-76 "Product Review: Clegg FM-DX, Kenwood TS-820, Hal 2550" 35
Aug-76 "Meet the Microprocessor, Part 1" 11
Aug-76 "Another Look at Reflections, Part 7" 15
Aug-76 Designing Small Vertical Antennas 24
Aug-76 That's a Big 12 Volts 26
Aug-76 A Unique Digital Mixer 28
Aug-76 Rid Your Model 28 TD of Distortion 32
Aug-76 Loops vs. Dipole- Analysis and Discussion 34
Aug-76 Technical Correspondence 38
Aug-76 An RF Sensed Antenna Changeover Relay 21
Aug-76 S.R.O. at Your Next License Class 45
Aug-76 Once Upon a Time 52
Aug-76 "Radio Foxhunting in Europe, Part 1" 53
Aug-76 Put the Ham in the Closet 58
Aug-76 The Value of Special Events Stations 59
Aug-76 Time for Another Breakthrough 9
Aug-76 One Shoe Drops 48
Aug-76 Moved and Seconded 61
Aug-76 "Novices, Experimenters for Canada?" 64
Aug-76 Report from Cyprus: Amateur Radio Alive and Well 69
Aug-76 "Product Review: ARCOS 432 MHz Converters, Heath IC-2100" 40
Jul-76 "His Eminence- the Receiver, Part 2" 14
Jul-76 Understanding Modern Oscilloscopes 18
Jul-76 The Maunder Minimum 24
Jul-76 A Wide Range Crystal Controlled Frequency Standard 27
Jul-76 Enhance the Performance of Your Accu-Memory 29
Jul-76 The WA1JZC Accu-Stop 30
Jul-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 7" 31
Jul-76 The Herring Aid Five 20
Jul-76 A Few Public Spirited Hammes 11
Jul-76 Affiliated Clubs- a New Look 43
Jul-76 Miami Conference Brings Region II Amateurs Together 46
Jul-76 "Montreal, Olympics 76" 50
Jul-76 RFI Packet Update 52
Jul-76 QRP- Mountaineering Style 54
Jul-76 A Beginner's Guide to Traffic Handling 58
Jul-76 Radio Boys Revisited 59
Jul-76 Two FM- A Moving Experience 61
Jul-76 My TVI Complaint and the FCC 63
Jul-76 Amateur Radio and SAR 65
Jul-76 Progress Report- New Training Program 9
Jul-76 "Of, By, and For the Radio Amateur" 67
Jul-76 Amateur Radio Demonstrated at Trade Fair in Ghana 73
Jul-76 "Product Review: The CW Sending Machine, Lafayette HA-146" 37
Jun-76 Helical Resonator Design Techniques 11
Jun-76 Your Radio Signal- Short May It Wave 15
Jun-76 Linear Loaded 20 Meter Beam 18
Jun-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 6" 20
Jun-76 NBS- Ears for Your Ham Band Receivers 25
Jun-76 "His Eminence- the Receiver, Part 1" 27
Jun-76 CER-verters 31
Jun-76 Technical Correspondence 36
Jun-76 Odyssey 41
Jun-76 Joint Effort Communications Development 46
Jun-76 Terremoto 49
Jun-76 Westward Ho- to the ARRL 1976 National Convention 53
Jun-76 Ownward and Upward 9
Jun-76 "Phone Patch Rules, 1976 Style" 47
Jun-76 Canada Update II 54
Jun-76 International Traffic: Threat to Our Existence? 61
Jun-76 Product Review: Heath SB-614. Tektronix 2701 37
May-76 A Boondoggle in the Boondocks 11
May-76 Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits 17
May-76 A Prom for the Accu-Keyer 22
May-76 Power Amplifier Development with Your Transistors 25
May-76 One KW- Part 2 28
May-76 The 40 Meter Triangle 31
May-76 Build a Tuna Tin 2 14
May-76 Home For Sweepstakes 37
May-76 WARC Update 9
May-76 Washington Mailbox 38
May-76 Goldwater Enters RFI Fray 39
May-76 OSCAR Satellites Enjoy Worldwide Popularity 41
May-76 "Product Review: Motorola MRF472, Genave GTX-100" 33
Apr-76 "One KW- Solid State Style, Part 1" 11
Apr-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 4" 18
Apr-76 An ITV Cure for 6 Meters 24
Apr-76 Propagation- Past and Prospects 26
Apr-76 360- Steerable Vertical Phased Arrays 27
Apr-76 How to Use Zener Diodes 15
Apr-76 CW Super Selectivity 36
Apr-76 The Guatemalan Earthquakes 37
Apr-76 How Much Does Gasoline Cost in Brazil? 42
Apr-76 The Art of QSLing 40
Apr-76 The Health and Welfare of Traffic Nets 58
Apr-76 January CD Parties 61
Apr-76 Another Look at CB 9
Apr-76 Moved and Seconded 45
Apr-76 Will Portable and Mobile ID's Disappear? 48
Apr-76 Miami Conference Month's Highlight 51
Apr-76 "Product Review: Heath HW-8, CES Model 100" 31
Mar-76 RFI Primer 11
Mar-76 Mobile Marine Under Sail 18
Mar-76 A VOX for a Very Small Box 24
Mar-76 "Learning to Work With Integrated Circuits, Part 3" 27
Mar-76 A Cure for Intermod Alley 31
Mar-76 A Homomorphic Speech Compressor 33
Mar-76 Make Friends with a dB 22
Mar-76 Working Toward WARC 42
Mar-76 New Tricks for Old Club Program Nights 46
Mar-76 XYL-TVI 47
Mar-76 The ARRL Bicentennial Celebration 45
Mar-76 A New Growth for Amateur Radio 9
Mar-76 A Leap Towards Tomorrow 50
Mar-76 Moved and Seconded 51
Mar-76 Canada Update 56
Mar-76 Norwegian Hams Aid the Disabled 61
Mar-76 "Product Review: Kenwood TS-700A, Curtis IK-440" 38
Feb-76 Danger Lurks! 15
Feb-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 2" 18
Feb-76 UHF Antenna Ratiometry 22
Feb-76 Build a Baby Ultimate 26
Feb-76 A Multiband Phased Vertical Array 28
Feb-76 A 2 Meter Frequency and Sensitivity Calibrator 34
Feb-76 A Digital Morse Code Synthesizer 37
Feb-76 The Cheapie G P 31
Feb-76 Operation Vietnamese Refugee 11
Feb-76 Telecom 75 46
Feb-76 Changing and Chasing 49
Feb-76 Overnight Sensation: Eloise 51
Feb-76 The First Steps in Ham R. P> 52
Feb-76 Be Your Own DXpedition 54
Feb-76 To the Moon and Back 17
Feb-76 NTS Staff Meetings 69
Feb-76 Amateur Radio and the Sister Cities International 9
Feb-76 Deregulation Accelerates! 58
Feb-76 Netherlands Adopts New Entry Level Amateur License 65
Feb-76 "Product Review: Heath SB-230, Curtis EK-430" 42
Jan-76 A Tramplifier for 432 MHz 11
Jan-76 A 15 Meter Goober Whistle 16
Jan-76 Simple Broadband Matching Network 20
Jan-76 An Accu-Keyer for QRPp Operation 24
Jan-76 An AC Line Monitor 27
Jan-76 "Learning to Work with Integrated Circuits, Part 1" 28
Jan-76 Impedance of Short Vertical Antennas 32
Jan-76 A Scanning Touch Tone Digit and Word Decoder 34
Jan-76 Propagation- Past and Prospects 41
Jan-76 Some Capacitor Basics 44
Jan-76 Trash Can Art 37
Jan-76 Amateur Radio 47
Jan-76 1975- A Year of Waiting 48
Jan-76 I Wish I Had Known 56
Jan-76 Canceled Due to Lack of Interest 57
Jan-76 Major ARRL Operating Events and Conventions 136
Jan-76 A New Look 9
Jan-76 Hams at Headquarters 52
Jan-76 Lively Elections for ARRL 58
Jan-76 Focus on Australia: Novice License Adopted Down Under 60
Jan-76 ARRL Bicentennial WAS Award 15
Jan-76 U.S. Amateur Frequency Allocations 135
Jan-76 1976 Bicentennial Calls 135
Jan-76 Product Review: Heath HD-1250 Dipper 38


Dec-75 A Calorimeter for VHF and UHF Power Measurements 11
Dec-75 "A Morse Code to Alphanumeric Converter and Display, Part III" 14
Dec-75 Transmission Line Low Profile Antennas 19
Dec-75 A Universal Transistor Tester 26
Dec-75 A Modular Transceiver for 1296 MHz 29
Dec-75 Read Capacitance with Your VOM 36
Dec-75 A Tuning Aid for SSTV 38
Dec-75 Recent Equipment: Janel Laboratories Model 432CA Converter 40
Dec-75 Slippers for the HW-7 Transceiver 45
Dec-75 Technical Correspondence 50
Dec-75 SET Announcement 54
Dec-75 SET Soliloquy 81
Dec-75 The ARRL Foundation on the Move 52
Dec-75 Amateur Radio and the Weather Service- Strange Bedfellows 97
Nov-75 Ideas on ...2 Meter FM Mobile and Portable Antennas 11
Nov-75 A Morse Code to Alphnumeric Converter and Display- Part II 13
Nov-75 A Resistive Antenna Bridge 17
Nov-75 Pattern Factors for Elevated Horizontal Antennas Over Real Earth 19
Nov-75 A 5 Transistor Tester 24
Nov-75 Linear Tuning- What Price? 26
Nov-75 A General Technique for Satellite Tracking 29
Nov-75 Modifying the HW-16 from 15 to 20 Meters 35
Nov-75 Improved Frequency Stability for the Heath SB-300 37
Nov-75 Recent Equipment: Skylane Products Cubical Quad Antenna 39
Nov-75 The Trombone Trimmer 22
Nov-75 ARRL 10 Meter Contest 44
Nov-75 Station Identification 65
Nov-75 "The Incredible JA +JH,JR, JE, JF, JG, JI) Phenomenon" 45
Nov-75 Quadriplegic Helps Others Through Amateur Radio 69
Oct-75 A High Performance 50 MHz Amplifier- Part II 11
Oct-75 The W5DS Hula Hoop Loop 16
Oct-75 160 Meter DX...With a Two Element Beam 20
Oct-75 Shunt Feeding Towers for Operating the Lower Amateur Frequencies 22
Oct-75 Another Method of Shunt Feeding Your Tower 25
Oct-75 A Morse Code to Alphanumeric Converter and Display- Part I 27
Oct-75 CMOS and the Ham 33
Oct-75 Recent Equipment: Heath SB-104 43
Oct-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part VI" 38
Oct-75 Speaking of an Honor Roll 72
Oct-75 MARS Milestone- 50 Years of Amateur Military Partnership 50
Oct-75 The WR4AAG ATV Repeater 98
Sep-75 Harmonic TVI- A New Look at an Old Problem 11
Sep-75 An Alternative Method for Phasing Crossed Yagis 15
Sep-75 "The DXer's Crystal Ball, Part III" 23
Sep-75 Coherent CW- Amateur Radio's New State of the Art? 26
Sep-75 The Micro- TO MK II Keyer 28
Sep-75 Construction Hints for VHF Converters 32
Sep-75 "A High Performance 50 MHz Amplifier, Part I" 34
Sep-75 EMP and the Radio Amateur 40
Sep-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part V" 18
Sep-75 New ARRL Texts 66
Sep-75 Restructuring 48
Sep-75 Cinco By Nineo 53
Sep-75 "Transformers, Tubes, Transistors" 60
Sep-75 Are You Ready to Leave? 64
Sep-75 Reducing Air Pollution 65
Sep-75 "New Apparatus: MFJ CWF-2, Genave Tel Encoder II, Corvus Corp Zulu 10" 46
Aug-75 The Accu-Memory 11
Aug-75 A Simple Field Strength Meter and How to Calibrate It 21
Aug-75 Pip Squeak Modifications 28
Aug-75 Radio Direction Finding Techniques 30
Aug-75 Improved Wide Band IF Responses from the Double Balanced Mixer 38
Aug-75 "The DXer's Crystal Ball, Part II" 40
Aug-75 Recent Equipment: Regency AR-2 45
Aug-75 Technical Topics: Parts Procurement Headaches Continue 62
Aug-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part IV" 24
Aug-75 RFI Bill Introduced to the 94th Congress 37
Aug-75 Interstellar Communications 50
Aug-75 "Transformers, Tubes, Transistors" 53
Aug-75 ARRL National Convention 56
Aug-75 FM Repeater News 81
Aug-75 Refugee Traffic: A Synopsis 70
Jul-75 HF Discone Antenna 11
Jul-75 Receiver Dynamic Range 15
Jul-75 Crystal Controlled SSTV Sync System 22
Jul-75 Monolithic Crystal Filter 27
Jul-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part III" 30
Jul-75 RIT for the HW-7 38
Jul-75 Technical Correspondence 47
Jul-75 "Mavti-40, Part II" 40
Jul-75 ARRL Membership Opinion Survey 49
Jul-75 How I Got My Novice 63
Jul-75 NTS Grows with Proper Routes 71
Jun-75 Compucoder 11
Jun-75 The Meaning of Sensitivity 20
Jun-75 The DXer's Crystal Ball 23
Jun-75 A Hybrid Ten to Two Transverter 26
Jun-75 A Four Element Vertical Beam for 40/15 30
Jun-75 The LKA-1 Linear Amplifier 39
Jun-75 "Recent Equipment: Decibel Products DB-4048, The TI SR-50" 46
Jun-75 "The Mavti-40, Part I" 35
Jun-75 Traffic Counting Changes 64
Jun-75 New Novice-itis 49
Jun-75 A Content Analysis: Amateur Radio Conversations 50
May-75 A Parallel 4CX250 B Amplifier for 144 MHz 11
May-75 A Convenient Stub Tuning System for Quad Antennas 18
May-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part II" 22
May-75 An Analog Computer Type Active Filter 26
May-75 "Slow Scan to Fast Scan TV Converter, Part II" 28
May-75 RFI Task Group 43
May-75 Recent Equipment: VHF Engineering HT-144 37
May-75 Recent Equipment: Genave GTX-600 40
May-75 The City Slicker 15
May-75 Amateur Radio Boosts Education 47
May-75 1975 ARRL National Convention 51
May-75 Fifi vs Honduras 52
Apr-75 Instruments and Methods for use with Vertical Antennas 11
Apr-75 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part I" 21
Apr-75 Varicap Tune Your VFO 27
Apr-75 A 160 Meter Receiving Loop 40
Apr-75 The Ultramountaineer 28
Apr-75 A Low Cost CW Identifier 34
Apr-75 HTACPS 46
Apr-75 Recent Equipment: ETO Alpha 374 42
Apr-75 A Ten Meter Swiss Quad- Missouri Style 17
Apr-75 Break Emergency- Tornadoes Again 50
Apr-75 The Lossless Radiator 37
Apr-75 Amateur Radio at the Sister Cities Convention 49
Mar-75 Using the Double Balanced Mixer in VHF Converters 12
Mar-75 Offset Tuning and Keying Modifications for the HW-101 19
Mar-75 QRP Shakedown Caymanian Style! 22
Mar-75 "A State of the Art QRP Transceiver for 50 MHz, Part II" 27
Mar-75 "SSTV to Fast Scan Converter, Part I" 33
Mar-75 An Up Converter for OSCAR Reception 41
Mar-75 Emergency Electrical Energy via Man Power 46
Mar-75 Recent Equipment: Regency HR-220 52
Mar-75 Emergency Communications- The Sky's the Limit 60
Mar-75 A Message from the President to all ARRL Members 11
Mar-75 RFI A New Look at an Old Problem 55
Mar-75 FM Repeater News 78
Mar-75 WWV Questionnaire 103
Feb-75 The Contester 11
Feb-75 A State of the Art QRP Transceiver for 50 MHz 16
Feb-75 Precision Tuning 22
Feb-75 "Frequency Counter, Part II" 25
Feb-75 "Practical Ideas for the ATV Enthusiast, Part II" 30
Feb-75 Transmitting Variables 37
Feb-75 A Stacked Multiband Vertical for 80-10 44
Feb-75 Recent Equipment: RP Electronics MFA-22 48
Feb-75 Measuring Meter Resistance 52
Feb-75 New Traffic Counting Categories 64
Feb-75 Contesting 53
Feb-75 "To EP, or not to EP?" 54
Feb-75 A Tribute and a Challenge 56
Feb-75 College Credit for Ham Licenses 59
Feb-75 Oscar News 63
Jan-75 "Practical Ideas for the ATV Enthusiast, Part I" 11
Jan-75 An Integrated Keyer/TR Switch 15
Jan-75 An Inexpensive Low Noise Preamplifier for 432 MHz 21
Jan-75 A Simple Fixed Direction Quad 23
Jan-75 Frequency Counter- A Modular Approach 24
Jan-75 100 Watts PEP Output with Power Transistors 34
Jan-75 The Octopus 40
Jan-75 Recent Equipment: HAL Communications DKB-2010 45
Jan-75 Recent Equipment: Regency HR-6 47
Jan-75 A No Junkbox Regulated Power Supply 30
Jan-75 On Handling Public Service Traffic 60
Jan-75 Oscar News 49
Jan-75 The ARRL Foundation- A Progress Report 53
Jan-75 DX: What Frequencies? What Times? 54
Jan-75 FM Repeater News 66
Jan-75 New WWV Format 84


Dec-74 "Another Look at Reflections, Part VI" 11
Dec-74 The Minooka Special 15
Dec-74 The R Yer 20
Dec-74 The Tower Guard System 25
Dec-74 A One KW Linear Amplifier Using Four 811As 29
Dec-74 VHF Antenna Arrays for High Performance 38
Dec-74 Recent Equipment: American Circuits & Systems Mk1 Function Generator 45
Dec-74 Some Ideas on Antenna Couplers 48
Dec-74 Something for Nothing 34
Dec-74 FM Repeater News 46
Nov-74 A Two Band Delta Loop Array for Oscar 11
Nov-74 Digital Clocks for the Amateur Station 14
Nov-74 More Basics on Solid State Transmitter Design 22
Nov-74 Communicating at VHF via Artificial Radio Aurora 27
Nov-74 A QRP Solar Cell Supply 32
Nov-74 Antenna Performance Measurements 35
Nov-74 Recent Equipment: Heath IT-1121 44
Nov-74 Adapting VFO's for the HW-16 20
Nov-74 Red Cross- ARRL Continue Cooperation 82
Nov-74 The Winceburg Incident 48
Nov-74 "Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors" 51
Nov-74 FM Repeater News 56
Nov-74 Kingman Reef DXpedition 57
Nov-74 Sending! 75
Nov-74 Oscar News 81
Oct-74 A New Front End for Direct Conversion Receiver 11
Oct-74 Dipole Passe? 15
Oct-74 Solid State Repeater Control 19
Oct-74 An All Solid State Keyer for Cathode Keyed Transmitters 24
Oct-74 The Twenty Meter DX Weasel 26
Oct-74 New Beam Power Sweep Tube 28
Oct-74 Some Notes on Repackaging the Ten Tec Power Mite 29
Oct-74 A Remote Head 34
Oct-74 Two Toter Two 36
Oct-74 Recent Equipment: Curtis KB-4200 40
Oct-74 Recent Equipment: Regency HRT-2 42
Oct-74 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio Kenwood Pair 44
Oct-74 Apartment Dwellers' Slinky Jr. Antenna 22
Oct-74 Tornadoes Strike....Hams Help 54
Oct-74 Getting the Story Told! 49
Oct-74 Amateur Radio in our Interdependent Civilization 52
Sep-74 A Simple 146 MHz Antenna for Oscar Ground Stations 11
Sep-74 An Experimental Frequency Standard Using ICs 14
Sep-74 Phase Locked Tuning in a Two Meter Receiver 22
Sep-74 Off Center Loaded Dipole Antennas 28
Sep-74 Additional Frequency Ranges for the Collins 75S-3 39
Sep-74 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio Kenwood TS-520 44
Sep-74 Recent Equipment: Motorola Metrum II 47
Sep-74 Ball Point Test Prods 50
Sep-74 Learning to Work with Semiconductors Part VI 35
Sep-74 Get the Gang Going 66
Sep-74 FCC Chairman Speaks 55
Sep-74 FM Repeater News 63
Aug-74 An Active Mixer Converter for 1296 MHz 11
Aug-74 Remote Control for the Morse Code Time Identifier 15
Aug-74 New Symbology for Digital Logic Diagrams 17
Aug-74 A Quasi Logarithmic Analog Amplitude Limiter 22
Aug-74 The Heli Rope Winder 31
Aug-74 Making Two Sided Circuit Boards by the Photoetching Process 32
Aug-74 Independent 8 Channel Frequency Selection 36
Aug-74 A Remote Antenna Switch 41
Aug-74 Recent Equipment: Leader Instruments LBO-310 Oscilloscope 46
Aug-74 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part V" 26
Aug-74 How It All Started- The NTS 60
Aug-74 Amateur Radio Self Monitoring 49
Aug-74 FM Repeater News 58
Jul-74 A Character Generator for ATV 11
Jul-74 "EME Scheduling, When and Where" 25
Jul-74 A Fence Mount for Vertical Antennas 30
Jul-74 The Eico 753 Rides Again! 31
Jul-74 "More Receiver Design Notes, Part II" 32
Jul-74 A Poor Man's Electronic Tower Hoist 38
Jul-74 Recent Equipment: Heathkit HW-202 40
Jul-74 Recent Equipment: Spectronics DD-1 42
Jul-74 Recent Equipment: Inoue IC-230 43
Jul-74 Wind Force on a Yagi Antenna 46
Jul-74 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part IV" 19
Jul-74 How It All Started- The AREC 64
Jul-74 ARRL National Convention 47
Jul-74 "Oh, I Work the 8000-Angstrom Band" 62
Jun-74 Putting the F Line to Work 11
Jun-74 A Directional Indicator for the Hy-Gain Model 400 Rotator 16
Jun-74 "More Receiver Design Notes, Part I" 23
Jun-74 A Tuning Control for Digital Frequency Synthesizers 29
Jun-74 A Hybrid Gate Dip Oscillator 33
Jun-74 A High Power SCR Inverter 36
Jun-74 Recent Equipment: Wilson Electronics DB-54 40
Jun-74 Recent Equipment: Standard Communications RPT-1 42
Jun-74 Recent Equipment: Clegg FM-21 44
Jun-74 Technical Correspondence 46
Jun-74 Filament Starting Current in High Power Tubes 47
Jun-74 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part III" 18
Jun-74 "Net Operation, Fun or Business?" 60
Jun-74 FM Repeater News 48
Jun-74 Repeaters are Public Service Machines 49
Jun-74 Oscar News 65
May-74 Instant Oscar 6 Locator 11
May-74 A Satellite Timing Mechanism 13
May-74 CM Reformed- To 160! 20
May-74 The SSB Crud-O-Ject 23
May-74 The VE3GSD Transceiver 26
May-74 A Tone Beep Keyer for Repeaters 34
May-74 New Apparatus: Detroit Area Repeater Team Encoder Enclosures 40
May-74 New Apparatus: Schurman Products Free Hand Solder Feeder 40
May-74 VHF Propagation by Meteor Trail Ionization 41
May-74 Recent Equipment: Henry 2K-4 Amplifier 50
May-74 Recent Equipment: Signal Intensifier Symtek SABA-5 53
May-74 Recent Equipment: Heath IM-1202 55
May-74 Technical Correspondence 57
May-74 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part II" 15
May-74 Identification in Nets 88
May-74 FM Repeater News 60
May-74 Oscar News 62
May-74 "Up, Up and Away" 93
Apr-74 A Four Band Whopper 11
Apr-74 A Simple and Efficient Mixer for 2304 MHz 15
Apr-74 "Another Look at Reflections, Part V" 26
Apr-74 A Tone Burst Generator for Repeater Access 30
Apr-74 How High Will It Go? 32
Apr-74 "A Competition Grade CW Receiver, Part II" 34
Apr-74 Modernization of an Old Favorite 40
Apr-74 Monitoring an SSB Amplifier Chain for Linearity 42
Apr-74 Recent Equipment: Venus Slow Scan TV Monitor 46
Apr-74 Some Data on Toroid Cores 50
Apr-74 Hot Carrier Diode Balanced Mixers 51
Apr-74 "Learning to Work With Semiconductors, Part I" 20
Apr-74 SET- Afterthoughts 60
Apr-74 FM Repeater News 48
Apr-74 Suppressed Sideband AM Telephony 49
Apr-74 A Gleam in Your Grandfather's Eye 52
Apr-74 Oscar News 82
Mar-74 The Half Square Antenna 11
Mar-74 "A Competition Grade CW Receiver, Part I" 16
Mar-74 "A Complete 2 Meter FM Transceiver, Part II" 21
Mar-74 The Constant Impedance Trap Vertical 29
Mar-74 A High Quality Low Cost Oscilloscope Camera 35
Mar-74 A Receiving Loop for160 Meters 38
Mar-74 Making Your Own Satellite Tracking Nomograph 40
Mar-74 A Simple Method of Raising Large Antennas 42
Mar-74 Pulse Modulation- A New Look at Old Theory 44
Mar-74 A Frequency Extender for Electronic Counters 47
Mar-74 Recent Equipment: Genave GTX-200 and GTX-2 50
Mar-74 Improving Your Receiver Performance on 15 and 10 Meters 26
Mar-74 Become Involved 56
Mar-74 Centennial QSL Card Contest 15
Mar-74 Woes of Babysitting a Computer 52
Mar-74 Spectrum Allocations for the Amateur Service 75
Mar-74 FM Repeater News 90
Feb-74 Energy Crisis 11
Feb-74 "A Complete 2 Meter FM Transceiver, Part I" 14
Feb-74 Rec/Counter for Swan 500 Receivers 22
Feb-74 Construction and Use of Long Helical Coils for Antenna Loading 23
Feb-74 The HW-40 Micro Beam 25
Feb-74 Computerized Search for Receiver Birdies 28
Feb-74 Improved Break In with the Collins 75S-3B 32
Feb-74 A TTL Crystal Oscillator 34
Feb-74 A Versatile Scope for the Radio Amateur 35
Feb-74 Technical Correspondence 42
Feb-74 Recent Equipment: Drake T-4XC 44
Feb-74 Recent Equipment: Yaesu FT-101B 46
Feb-74 Recent Equipment: Teletron Slinky Dipole 49
Feb-74 Breadboard Revisited 30
Feb-74 Public Service Input 62
Feb-74 Doing Amateur Radio Publicity from a Alpha to Zulu 51
Feb-74 Maybe for Only $12.50 a Letter 55
Feb-74 Oscar 7 and Its Capabilities 56
Feb-74 Oscar News 61
Feb-74 FM Repeater News 74
Jan-74 Interdigital Converters for 1296 and 2304 MHz 11
Jan-74 A Crystal Controlled Converter and Simple Transmitter for 1750 Meters 19
Jan-74 Negative and High Voltages from a Positive Supply 23
Jan-74 "A 2KW Amplifier for 144 MHz, Part II" 26
Jan-74 Remote Control for a Mobile Transceiver 34
Jan-74 HW-7 QRP Transceiver Modifications 35
Jan-74 The Thirty Dollar Counter 40
Jan-74 Recent Equipment: North Shore RF Technology Duplexer Kit 46
Jan-74 Recent Equipment: Drake R-4C 48
Jan-74 Recent Equipment: KLM Log Periodic Antenna 53
Jan-74 Recent Equipment: ITT Mackay Marine 3020A 55
Jan-74 The Art of Dipping 16
Jan-74 The Importance of Records 76
Jan-74 In the Public Interest 58
Jan-74 The ARRL National Convention 59
Jan-74 Satellite Program Funding 60
Jan-74 Oscar News 61
Jan-74 FM Repeater News 62
Jan-74 Current Theories of Electricity 64
Jan-74 The World's Best DX Location 70
Jan-74 1974 ARRL Operating Activities 102


Dec-73 A Solid State Transceiver for 160 Meters 11
Dec-73 How to Build an SSB Transceiver 17
Dec-73 QST Going Metric 22
Dec-73 New Front End for Heath HW-7 23
Dec-73 A High Performance 20-40- and 80 Meter Vertical System 30
Dec-73 "A 2KW PEP Amplifier for 144 MHz, Part I" 34
Dec-73 Technical Correspondence 39
Dec-73 Recent Equipment: Ten Tec KR-40 and KR-5 42
Dec-73 Recent Equipment: Heath GC-1005 43
Dec-73 Using the ARRL L/C/F Calculator 26
Dec-73 PSHR- Modified 58
Dec-73 Reminiscing 47
Dec-73 International Friendship Through Amateur Radio 48
Dec-73 The ARRL Intruder Watch 50
Dec-73 Oscar News 52
Dec-73 Annual DXCC List 87
Dec-73 Annual QST Index 171
Nov-73 The Rollerless Ultimate 11
Nov-73 A Homemade VOX Accessory 13
Nov-73 A Single Band Preamp to Improve SSB Transceivers 14
Nov-73 A Crystal Correlation Test Oscillator 34
Nov-73 The Log Periodic Dipole Array 16
Nov-73 A TTL Message Generator for RTTY and CW 23
Nov-73 A 7 MHz Vertical Parasitic Array 39
Nov-73 Technical Correspondence 44
Nov-73 A Heterodyne Exciter for 432 MHz 47
Nov-73 Recent Equipment: SBE Linear Systems SB-450 54
Nov-73 Recent Equipment: Hal MKB-1 56
Nov-73 Some Frequently Asked Questions- and Their Answers 35
Nov-73 Is the Repeater King? 73
Nov-73 Oscar News 38
Nov-73 FM Repeater News 53
Nov-73 Amateur Radio Regulation 90
Oct-73 A Poor Ham's QRP Transmatch 11
Oct-73 8873's in a Two Kilowatt Amplifier 14
Oct-73 "Another Look at Reflections, Part IV" 22
Oct-73 The Tunable Crystal Oscillator 30
Oct-73 A Tuner for ATV Applications 34
Oct-73 Chip Capacitors 37
Oct-73 Recent Equipment: Curtis EK-420 and KM-420 Keyers 38
Oct-73 Recent Equipment: GLB Electronics 400 B 42
Oct-73 Recent Equipment: Texas Instruments SR-10 44
Oct-73 Novi Loop 20
Oct-73 Progress Report- DNTS 76
Oct-73 JOTA 1973 46
Oct-73 Jamboree Radio KJ3BSA and KJ7BSA 47
Oct-73 Oscar News 49
Oct-73 Some QST Abbreviations 81
Oct-73 How Hams Discovered Short Waves 93
Sep-73 A Bite Size Beam 11
Sep-73 A High Performance Balanced Mixer for 1296 MHz 15
Sep-73 An HF Band Solid State Amplifier 18
Sep-73 A DSB and CW QRP Transmitter 26
Sep-73 "MOSFET Preamplifiers for 10, 6, or 2 Meters" 30
Sep-73 "A Medium Power HF SSB CW Transmitter, Part III" 32
Sep-73 A Packaged Keyer and T-R Switch 41
Sep-73 Technical Correspondence 44
Sep-73 Recent Equipment: Heath HM-2103 46
Sep-73 Recent Equipment: E.F. Johnson Fleetcom 550 and 557 47
Sep-73 "New Apparatus: Microwave Associates, Circulators and Isolators" 49
Sep-73 Some Ideas for Packaging the W7ZOI Keyer 24
Sep-73 EMP 63
Sep-73 Presentation for the Amateur Radio 50
Sep-73 Oscar News 96
Sep-73 Marconi Commemorative 108
Aug-73 The Micromountaineer 11
Aug-73 Recycling Obsolete Gear 14
Aug-73 The WB4VVF Accu-Keyer 19
Aug-73 Bearing and Distance Calculations by Sleight of Hand 24
Aug-73 The Rochester VHF Converters 27
Aug-73 Quality Recipe for a Portable Package 34
Aug-73 "Another Look at Reflections, Part III" 36
Aug-73 Charging Nickel-Cadmium Walkie Talkie Batteries 44
Aug-73 Technical Correspondence 47
Aug-73 Recent Equipment: Heath HA-202 52
Aug-73 Recent Equipment: Hallicrafters FPM-300 54
Aug-73 Recent Equipment: Petit Logic Systems MT-5 57
Aug-73 Recent Equipment: Heath Model GR-110 58
Aug-73 "The Sixth Amateur Satellite, Part II" 69
Aug-73 How to Solder 16
Aug-73 Missionaries 78
Aug-73 Oscar News 61
Aug-73 How to Achieve an Impressive DX Score 64
Aug-73 Let's Start with the Rig 65
Aug-73 Planning for the Future 75
Jul-73 An FM Adapter for 2-Meter AM Transmitters 11
Jul-73 An 80 Meter Pebble Pulverizer 16
Jul-73 A Simple Computing SWR Meter 23
Jul-73 "A Practical Approach to Two Meter Frequency Synthesis, Part II" 34
Jul-73 1296 Revisited 40
Jul-73 Technical Correspondence 45
Jul-73 Additional Notes on the Amateur Station Counter 48
Jul-73 Mini- Powerhouse on Wheels 52
Jul-73 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio TS-900 56
Jul-73 "The Sixth Amateur Satellite, Part I" 66
Jul-73 Where Can I Buy the Parts? 13
Jul-73 False Alarms 84
Jul-73 The QRP Challenge- Barbados Style 62
Jul-73 Oscar News 65
Jul-73 Is Prose Listening? 80
Jul-73 The Origin of Amateur Radio 83
Jul-73 FM Repeater News 101
Jun-73 A Simple Az-El Antenna for Oscar 11
Jun-73 A Kilowatt Amplifier for 6 and 2 Meters 16
Jun-73 "Another Look at Reflections, Part II" 20
Jun-73 A Modified 20 Meter Delta Loop Beam 24
Jun-73 Automating the TR-44 Antenna Rotor 28
Jun-73 "A Practical Approach to Two Meter Frequency Synthesis, Part I" 31
Jun-73 "A Medium Power HF SSB CW Transmitter, Part II" 37
Jun-73 New Apparatus: Cush Craft AFM-44D 45
Jun-73 Recent Equipment: Regency Electronics HR 2S and HR2MS 50
Jun-73 Recent Equipment: HAL ID-1A 52
Jun-73 Recent Equipment: Fluke Model 8000A 54
Jun-73 A QRP Man's RF Power Meter 13
Jun-73 The Bad and the Good 72
Jun-73 VE3 Queen Elisabeth Hospital Calling 57
Jun-73 Putting Up Wire Antennas- the Easy Way 58
Jun-73 Oscar News 70
Jun-73 FM Repeater News 106
May-73 "A Medium Power HF SSB/CW Transmitter, Part I" 11
May-73 Precise Frequency Measurement with Amateur Equipment 22
May-73 A Pair of Handy Testers 24
May-73 A Practical 40 Meter Quad 28
May-73 Transceive Operation for the Heath HX-10 30
May-73 Heat Loses in Power Transformers 31
May-73 Monolithic Filers for the FM Receiver Builder 35
May-73 Wide Band Engineering Co. Miniature RF Amplifier 41
May-73 Technical Correspondence 38
May-73 Isolated Pad Circuit Board Construction 44
May-73 Recent Equipment: Clegg FM-27B 45
May-73 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio Kenwood TS-511S 48
May-73 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio Tempo CL-146 and CL-220 52
May-73 An Antenna Changeover System and Power Output Indicator 17
May-73 Twixt Duty and Privilege 86
May-73 Range Measurements with Oscar 6 36
May-73 Special Prefix STAs 56
May-73 The Case for Minimal Regulation 59
May-73 Oscar News 62
May-73 FM Repeater News 104
Apr-73 A Solid State SSB Generator with Digital Readout 11
Apr-73 Field Day Filters 18
Apr-73 Combination High Stability Two Tone Generator and Calibrator 22
Apr-73 Calculating the Vertical Pattern of Repeater Antennas 24
Apr-73 Fundamentals of Solid State Power Amplifier Design 28
Apr-73 Another Look at Reflections 35
Apr-73 The Dual Six- A QRP Transmitter for 40 and 80 Meters 43
Apr-73 Recent Equipment: HAL Video Display and Keyboard 48
Apr-73 Recent Equipment: HAL ST-6 52
Apr-73 Recent Equipment: Digipet-60 Freq Counter and 160 Converter 53
Apr-73 Technical Correspondence 55
Apr-73 A Band Edge Marker Generator 16
Apr-73 Emergency Communications Advisory Committee 72
Apr-73 Organic Reflective Elements for the Simple Dipole 42
Apr-73 A Primer for Novices 63
Apr-73 Sweaty Palms at the Old Federal Building 66
Apr-73 The Managua Earthquake- A Christmas Tragedy 67
Apr-73 Oscar News 77
Apr-73 FM Repeater News 94
Mar-73 The W2FMI Ground Mounted Short Vertical 13
Mar-73 An Expensive Time Domain Reflectometer 19
Mar-73 A Solid State SSTV Monitor 27
Mar-73 An SSB Receiver for 7 and 14 MHz 33
Mar-73 A Contest Spotting Switch for the 32S-3 40
Mar-73 Simple and Efficient Feed for Parabolic Antennas 42
Mar-73 Technical Correspondence 45
Mar-73 A Universal Voltage Multiplier Circuit 48
Mar-73 Recent Equipment: ETO Alpha 77 50
Mar-73 Standard SR-C146 54
Mar-73 Tips on Ten 22
Mar-73 Repeater Activities 70
Mar-73 A Resolution by the Board of Directors 11
Mar-73 Danger! When You Transmit You Can Turn Off a Pacemaker 58
Mar-73 Fine Business 61
Mar-73 Why Mus We Moider Da King's H'English 63
Mar-73 Oscar News 64
Mar-73 FM Repeater News 96
Feb-73 High Speed Break In via a Keyed Vacuum Relay 13
Feb-73 A Twin Paddle Key Made from Surplus Straight Keys 16
Feb-73 An Efficient 2 Meter Amplifier at Moderate Cost 18
Feb-73 A Constant Voltage Divider 22
Feb-73 A Homemade Linear Amplifier that Doesn't Look Homemade 24
Feb-73 An IC Keyer with Programmable Erasable Memory 26
Feb-73 The Folded Mini Quad 35
Feb-73 "ATV with the Motorola T44 UHF Transmitter, Part II" 36
Feb-73 New VHF RF Transistor Provides 70 Watt Output 44
Feb-73 The Fetron- A Solid State Tube 48
Feb-73 Technical Correspondence 51
Feb-73 Recent Equipment: Inoue Icom IC-21 52
Feb-73 Recent Equipment: Swan WM-1500 54
Feb-73 A Transmatch for QRP Rigs 11
Feb-73 The Real Thing 68
Feb-73 Notes on the Extra Class Examination 56
Feb-73 Have You Forgotton the Radio Telegraph Code 59
Feb-73 New On Two? 61
Feb-73 The ARRL QSL Bureau System 63
Feb-73 Oscar News 77
Feb-73 Van Lear and the Khmer Republic 81
Jan-73 A 40 Meter CW Receiver 11
Jan-73 A Linear Field Strength Meter 18
Jan-73 Crossed Yagi Antennas for Circular Polarization 21
Jan-73 The F2TU for VHF FM RTTY 25
Jan-73 A CB Rig for 220 MHz 32
Jan-73 Frequency Stability and the MK-II Pip Squeak 36
Jan-73 "160, 75, and 40 Meter Inverted Dipole Delta Loop" 37
Jan-73 Technical Correspondence 40
Jan-73 Recent Equipment: Swan Twins : 600-T and 600-R 44
Jan-73 Recent Equipment: Heath HW-7 48
Jan-73 HAAT 54
Jan-73 A Simple Keying Monitor 34
Jan-73 The SET and Field Day 66
Jan-73 Marconi Commemorative Station 57
Jan-73 Oscar News 57
Jan-73 Science for the Navy and the Nation 58
Jan-73 FCC Commissioner Visits Amateur Repeater Group 61
Jan-73 FM Repeater News 92


Dec-72 A Simple Frequency Counter for Receivers 11
Dec-72 Triggered Sweep Conversion for Oscilloscopes 16
Dec-72 "New Life for the Heath VF-1, VFO" 18
Dec-72 Add AVC to Your Swan 260 20
Dec-72 The Anatomy of a Solid State Dipper 23
Dec-72 "ATV with the Motorola T44 UHF Transmitter, Part I" 28
Dec-72 Simplified Impedance Matching and the Mac Chart 33
Dec-72 Notes on Custom Built Repeater Gear 38
Dec-72 Recent Equipment: Weinschel Engineering System I Triband Yagi 41
Dec-72 Recent Equipment: Murch UT-2000 Ultimate Transmatch 43
Dec-72 Recent Equipment: HAL 1550 Keyer 44
Dec-72 VFO Operating Hints for the Novice 14
Dec-72 New Traffic Rules 64
Dec-72 Oscar News 58
Dec-72 Not for its use... 61
Dec-72 New U.S. Amateur Suballocations Chart 87
Dec-72 Annual DXCC List 102
Dec-72 Annual Index of QST 171
Nov-72 Some Tips on Successful QRP Operation 11
Nov-72 Antenna Traps of Spiral Delay Line 13
Nov-72 Fundamentals of Solid State Power Amplifier Design 16
Nov-72 The FVGT Box 21
Nov-72 Save the Ham-M 32
Nov-72 A Morse Code Time Identifier 34
Nov-72 The Y Match 40
Nov-72 A Repeater Identifier 44
Nov-72 Technical Correspondence 46
Nov-72 Recent Equipment: Bitcil Systems Magnum Six RF Processor 50
Nov-72 Recent Equipment: Ten Tec Argonaut 505 52
Nov-72 The Mini Gallon 27
Nov-72 A Code Practice Oscillator for the Beginner 38
Nov-72 A New Emergency Advisory Committee? 83
Nov-72 Late Oscar News 55
Nov-72 Agnes Has a Field Day 68
Nov-72 Phone Band Expansion 78
Nov-72 The New Amateur Rules 89
Nov-72 Band Plan for 220 MHz 111
Oct-72 Wide Band FM with Crystal Control 17
Oct-72 Build a Dual Differential Capacitor for Your Antenna Tuning Unit Network 22
Oct-72 "RF Matching Techniques, Design, and Example" 24
Oct-72 A 75 Watt Solid State UHF Amplifier 31
Oct-72 Limited Speech Recognition 36
Oct-72 OAKEY- An Op-Amp Electronic Keyer 40
Oct-72 "100 Watts on 160 Meters, Using a BC-458" 45
Oct-72 A Closer Look at the HF Resonant Dipole 48
Oct-72 Recent Equipment: Heath IM-102 50
Oct-72 Recent Equipment: Sonar Sentry FR-103SA FM/AM Monitor Receiver 53
Oct-72 A High Performance Solid State Receiver for the Novice 11
Oct-72 Ham Radio- Scout Style 58
Oct-72 How to Predict Oscar DX 61
Oct-72 Now is the Time 89
Oct-72 New Repeater Rules 100
Sep-72 A Simple Function Generator 11
Sep-72 A 4000 Channel Two Meter Synthesizer 17
Sep-72 Four Bands on a Pole 26
Sep-72 Fundamentals of Solid State Power Amplifier Design 29
Sep-72 The Pip Squeak Gets Smaller 37
Sep-72 A Universal Power Supply for the Amateur Station 42
Sep-72 Synthesis of a Varicap 44
Sep-72 A State of the Art Approach to Multiband FM 46
Sep-72 Recent Equipment: Heath IM-103 54
Sep-72 Recent Equipment: KW Electronics Model KW 103 55
Sep-72 Technical Correspondence 56
Sep-72 Is the PSHR Too Easy? 70
Sep-72 Some Plain Facts About Multiband Vertical Antennas 14
Sep-72 Amateur Activity in South Dakota Flood Disaster 59
Sep-72 7031 KHz 62
Aug-72 A Single Conversion 2 Meter FM Receiver 11
Aug-72 A Twelve Foot Stressed Parabolic Dish 16
Aug-72 The Mountaineer 23
Aug-72 The Flashlight Sidebander- Part 2 27
Aug-72 Phased Verticals 36
Aug-72 Why Not Use the Standard Values 44
Aug-72 The Vest Pocket Logic Probe 46
Aug-72 A 2 Meter Amplifier for Transceiver Users 8
Aug-72 Recent Equipment: Sonar FM-3601 53
Aug-72 Recent Equipment: Heath SB-650 56
Aug-72 A Convenient Antenna Switching and Transmatch Unit 32
Aug-72 Learning Morse 58
Aug-72 "Knock Off the Bootlegging, Boys" 63
Aug-72 Clean Power 64
Jul-72 The Flashlight Sidebander 11
Jul-72 The Dit Ditter 17
Jul-72 A 2 Meter Preamplifier for Repeaters 18
Jul-72 Improving CW Reception on the SB-303 21
Jul-72 A Homemade Duplexer for 2 Meter Repeaters 22
Jul-72 A Study of the DDR Antenna 27
Jul-72 A Stretcher for End Fed Multiband Wires 32
Jul-72 A Storage Tube Monitor for SSTV 34
Jul-72 A Pip Squeak Follower for 220 MHz 38
Jul-72 D Layer Absorption During a Solar Eclipse 40
Jul-72 Recent Equipment: KW Electronics KW107 48
Jul-72 Recent Equipment: Heath SB-610 49
Jul-72 RFI 42
Jul-72 Emergency Power 70
Jul-72 The Ailing Emporium 52
Jul-72 220- What is it good for? 56
Jul-72 Amateur Radio- Privilege and Responsibility 58
Jul-72 How to Exchange QSL Cards with DX Stations 63
Jun-72 450 Cubic Centimeters of New Front End for Your FM Receiver 11
Jun-72 The W2FMI 20 Meter Vertical Beam 14
Jun-72 More on Instant Voice Interruption 19
Jun-72 Antenna Impedance by Direct SWR Measurement 22
Jun-72 Notes on the Amateur Station Counter 31
Jun-72 CB Whip + Mod.= 2 Meter 5/8 Vertical 34
Jun-72 Time- IC Controlled 36
Jun-72 Technical Correspondence 38
Jun-72 An IC Audio Tune Up Device for the Blind 41
Jun-72 An Adjustable Voltage Current Limited Power Supply 43
Jun-72 Taking Out the 2 Meter Garbage 48
Jun-72 Recent Equipment: Heathkit IO-102 51
Jun-72 Recent Equipment: Henry Radio 2K Ultra Amplifier 53
Jun-72 A Simple Ham Shack Wavemeter 27
Jun-72 QSP Via Satellite? 72
Jun-72 Reviewing the 1972 SET 78
Jun-72 The First Novice Crystal Bank of San Diego County 57
Jun-72 Do You Really Dig Transistors? 58
Jun-72 "Houston, This is Apollo..." 60
Jun-72 ARRL Proposed Band Plans for 220 and 420 MHz 91
May-72 Some Practical Aspects of VXO Design 11
May-72 A Frequency Calibrator for UHF Using an Avalanch Transistor 16
May-72 Increased Power for the Solid State Transmitter 19
May-72 Conversion of Telefax Transceivers to Amateur Service 23
May-72 A Coaxial Line Amplifier for 220 MHz 27
May-72 By the Light of a Diode 30
May-72 An Inexpensive Secondary Frequency Standard 37
May-72 Some 2 Meter Solid State RF Power Amplifier Circuits 40
May-72 How to Handle Telephone Interference 46
May-72 Adding Letter and Word Spacing to ICKEY 48
May-72 Technical Correspondence 56
May-72 A Strip Line Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz-Part 2 59
May-72 Recent Equipment: Comcraft CTR-144 52
May-72 Recent Equipment: Bird Ham Mate Directional Wattmeter 55
May-72 Time to Regroup 72
May-72 Towards a National Plan for 2 Meter FM Channels 64
May-72 How to Get Ready for Oscar DX 69
Apr-72 Double Standards 13
Apr-72 Phased Verticals for 40 18
Apr-72 The Line Sampler 21
Apr-72 A 10 Element Yagi for 220 MHz 24
Apr-72 The Super Simple 80-20 Receiver 26
Apr-72 Thermal Design of Transistor Circuits 30
Apr-72 An Audio Synthesizer 35
Apr-72 A High Performance Tunable FM Receiver 44
Apr-72 A Strip Line Kilowatt Amplifier for 432 MHz 49
Apr-72 Recent Equipment: HUA Electronics Frequency Counter 1BV-1a 60
Apr-72 Coax and Indicator Cable Supports for Beam Antennas 68
Apr-72 VFO/Xtal Controlled Gate/Grid Dipper 41
Apr-72 Personal Preparedness 72
Apr-72 Amateur Radio on the Move 11
Apr-72 Fundamental Raser Principles 56
Apr-72 On Several Modern Advances in Amateur Radio 63
Apr-72 "Oh, Math, Where Is Thy Sting?" 64
Apr-72 Some QST Abbreviations 67
Apr-72 The Fine Art of Mobile Radio 70
Mar-72 An SSB and CW Transmitting Converter for 220 MHz 11
Mar-72 High Frequency Propagation Estimations for the Radio Amateur 14
Mar-72 A Dual Voltage Medium Current Power Supply for Repeaters 20
Mar-72 Dual Polarization DX Antennas 22
Mar-72 The VE2HN Digital CQer 24
Mar-72 The Renter's Delight 30
Mar-72 Broadband Solid State Power Amplifiers for SSB Service 36
Mar-72 Noise Generators 44
Mar-72 Recent Equipment: Curtis EK-402 Electronic Keyer 52
Mar-72 Recent Equipment: Sonar 2307 Radiotelephone 54
Mar-72 Technical Correspondence 56
Mar-72 "Questions, Questions, Questions" 33
Mar-72 Got an EC? 64
Mar-72 Are You Ready 58
Mar-72 The Growing Use of Foreign Languages by American Amateurs 60
Mar-72 So You Want to.... 62
Mar-72 Comments by FCC's Amateur Chief 71
Feb-72 The CRUD-O-Ject 11
Feb-72 Some Notes on a 7 MHz Linear Loaded Quad 14
Feb-72 High Frequency Atmospheric Noise 16
Feb-72 A New Face for the Carfone FM Rig 22
Feb-72 Measuring Phone Patch Levels Accurately 24
Feb-72 Hybrid Quaker Box 27
Feb-72 The VE2HN Digital CQer Using NAND Logic 33
Feb-72 An Experimental Receiver for 75 Meter DX Work 41
Feb-72 Recent Equipment: Antec Universal Transmatch UT-1 50
Feb-72 Recent Equipment: Heath 1B-102 51
Feb-72 Technical Correspondence 53
Feb-72 Converting the Pip Squeak to 220 MHz 46
Feb-72 Emergency Checklist 63
Feb-72 Deluxe Code Reception 56
Feb-72 The Ham in Hamlet 58
Feb-72 How to Catch 5BWAS 59
Feb-72 ARRL International DX Competition 60
Jan-72 An Easy Roll to 220 MHz 11
Jan-72 The Macromatcher 14
Jan-72 The Simulmonitor- A New Approach to Repeater Inputs 21
Jan-72 A 144 MHz Amplifier Using the 8874 24
Jan-72 A Crystal Filter for the Drake R-4 30
Jan-72 A Helically Wound Vertical Antenna for the 75 Meter Band 32
Jan-72 Simple Approach to Circuit Boards 34
Jan-72 The Modern Teleprinter Local Loop 40
Jan-72 Transistors and ICs in a Phase Locked Local Oscillator 43
Jan-72 A Simple Sweep Generator for FM Receiver Alignment 48
Jan-72 A Universal HF Receiving Converter 51
Jan-72 Technical Correspondence 56
Jan-72 Recent Equipment: Dycom PSU-13 58
Jan-72 Recent Equipment: Heath HW-101 59
Jan-72 Why a Beam Antenna? 36
Jan-72 A Daytime Supplement for NTS? 71
Jan-72 What You Always Wanted to Know About SSTV 61
Jan-72 Need an Audio Filter? Use Your Head! 66
Jan-72 The Eyes Have It 68
Jan-72 Amsat Aircraft Test 70

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