Texas Bug Catcher info by Gary N5ANF

Purchased from:
Alex Stalinski  WA5UHT
12111 Longbrook Dr. 
Houston, TX  77099
713-498-4392 (home)

713-663-6066 (daytime)
City Electronics Supply

Bug Catcher 80M coil #3034      $55.00
4ft Bottom mast Stainless        22.00
2.5" imped coil 8tpi              8.00
Bumper Hitch Mount               25.00
102" stainless Whip              14.95

Tune up Procedure:
Start with lowest freq.
Feed direct with no matching.
Pick the freq and adjust coil tap for max noise.
Set field strength meter away from antenna and adjust tap for maximum RF.
Hook up matching coil or cap and adjust for 1/1 swr.
Fix the coil taps at those points.  
Move to next higher freq and repeat.


Be in the clear when you do the tuning to minimize interraction with 
other objects.

Bandwidth on 80 is sharp (15Kc wide) so multiple taps are necessary there.

On the higher bands you can get the cw portion with one tap and 
the ssb portion with another

I use the 102" whip for 17, 20, 40, and 80m.
No impedance matching is necessary on mine for bands above 40.

Watch for low flying geese,  the antenna is 14.5ft tall on my car.

I use a 3.5 ft whip on 10 and 12 and the antenna becomes center loaded 
and works very well in that way.  The antenna is only 8.5ft then. 

Still playing with it on 15.  I think I will get a third whip for 
that one and it will probably do 15, 17, and 20 efficiently.

Gary N5ANF