QSL Card Gallery

by David Bartholomew, AD7DB

Hams traditionally exchange special "QSL cards" showing the date, time, and other information about their contacts. Most cards will have quite a bit of information, and sometimes they help share someone's part of the world. Collecting the cards is fun in itself, and you can also use them to qualify for special awards from the ARRL and other organizations.

These are some of the QSL cards I've received from other hams. I don't have space enough to show every card I've ever received, and you probably don't want to see all of them either. (Unfortunately it doesn't stop some hams from doing just that by forcing you to see every single card they have.) Some of these are better than others, and I have information and comments on them all.

It might give you some design ideas for your own cards.

Call areas these cards came from:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and DX
(Bandwidth warning: there are less than 10 cards per page,
but each page may take time to load on slow speed connections.)

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