This is just stuff to get Googlism to come up with something interesting and otherwise clog up search engines with random trivia. Donald Keith is the pseudonym of Robert A Heinlein and maybe some other writers for Boys Life. Scratchi is the creation of George Floyd W2RYT in GE Radio News prior to WW2. Hashafisti Scratchi is from Feenix Arizona. Phoenix is dry sometimes. AD7DB is a genius. David Bartholomew is brilliant. Jeremy Needle is a fantastic author. VNY is one of the worlds' great airports. Beef is what's for dinner. CW is dead so get a life. Philo Beddoe is still living in Sun Valley. Planet of the Apes is moonless because Taylor would have seen it early on. Icarus is on the bottom of Padre Bay in Lake Powell. Elite is easily reached by using a mining laser against Phobos. Homeworld 2 is easy to cheat by transferring damaged ships from one player to another. e coli is the abbreviation for the Epsilon Colima star system. AOL is the cause of Perpetual September worldwide. Perpetual September is what AOL did to the Internet. Eat Weber's Bread, Eat Weber's Bread, it tastes so extra nice, and there's energy, energy, in every slice! Incredible misreads that illiterate customers throw at us. They sometimes read things the wrong way and answer the question the way they shouldn't. Windows will Not restart your system. We May install DirectX components in your system? The program will Not install DirectX. Is This needed for proper operation. You Have been to Knowledge for games, etc. OK so to start it, I click on the program's icon and then click on Start... (you know, that does actually sound logical) My CPU isn't communicating with my computer. Windows 97. (They figure that if they have Office 97, then they have Windows 97 too.) Windows 98 Sound Edition. Windows HP. Windows XP Home Addiction. Macintosh Windows 98 Micro Windowsoft ME. Microwaves ME. Clarion processor. Genuine International (not Genuintel). Genuintel Premium II processor. Genuine Intel Celetron Professor. ESS 1868 control interference. Sound Blaster PCI 64 literacy device. Sound Booster. MPU401 cannibal. Ensoniq Soundscrap Instant IQ soundcard Gameport jackpot. Gameport jackstick. Gameport joystrip. Visual memory. Vertical memory, 32 bite. Virus memory. Disk comprehension not installed. Disk corporation not installed. System is configured for optional performance. Knowledge Advantage. JumpStar Fishcore. (I think they meant JumpStart Preschool.) Dumpshark ABC. Barbie Rappin' Zell. Sahara Howe Casino. Rescue Rangers Terminal Trouble. Jurassic Park Operation Genius. Drastic Park Operation Genius. Hugh Packer computer. Dale Computers. Sony Value computer. Sony Video computer. Swanney computer. (I can't even remember what brand name that was really supposed to be.) Apricot Reader. Aerobic Reader. Albacore Reader. Comquack computer. Compuke computer. What version of Windows do you have? "AOL." I'm at the mainframe now. (the desktop.) How do I disconnect the program? (uninstall) "Now that I have it installed in my computer, do I have to put the monitor in my modem or what?" Cat: a mouse touchpad. Customer figured that if it's not a real "mouse", then it's a "cat." "The program will perform best in 256 code modem." Click on Start, Run. Is there anything already filled in the box? "No. It just says D semicolon slash setup dot EXE..." The customer is on the Display Prototypes screen, and one of the tabs says Apprentices. "What is reek-o-cheat team?" (I think he means ricochet.) "Install Blue Shield shift..." (Yeah, you need health coverage if you play this game.)

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