Bible Belt Christian Fellowship Net


This Christian net started Aug. 1, 1995 over the Ozark, Missouri repeater frequency 146.775, its call sign being KA0WFC (Keep Always Witnessing For Christ). It is on every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM local time covering part of Southwestern Missouri and was started in the following way. When I received my Tech License I started having a desire to have a Christian net on amateur radio. After awhile I thought I would look into the possibility of starting on 2 meters and was directed by Dean Lawson WB0SUQ to Tom (KE0HN) and Vergie (KA0WFC) Abney Jr. of Ozark, Mo. who are the owner-trustees of the 146.775 repeater.

When I contacted them I was informed that they had put up the repeater hoping it would be used to spread God's Word as well as normal amateur use, but did not feel that they were the ones to have a Christian net. After discussing the type of format that might be used, we all agreed that God had brought us together to accomplish his purpose.

The net opens with reading some Scripture and Prayer, then we take checkins and receive prayer request, praise reports, general fellowship, and then we close with prayer for the requests we received.

We have had over 130 different hams from 4 or 5 states check into the net and I hope it has been a blessing to them.

If it is God's will we may also have the net on 40 or 80 meters someday.

If you are in the Springfield-Branson Missouri area on Tuesday night, please check into the net; the door is open to you.

The Motto for the net is Malachi 3:16, please read it.


Here is the certificate that we award to those who have checked into the net at least 25 times.