My Military Service

U.S. Army (Retired) 4 April 1966 - 1 March 1987

1966-1969 32d Transportation Company Ludwigsburg (Near Stuttgart) Germany
Army Commendation Medal (Company Clerk)

1969-1971 U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Ord (near Monterey) California - 2nd Army
Commendation Medal (Company Clerk)

1971-1972 U.S. Army Signal Support Agency, Phu Lam, Vietnam - 3rd Army Commendation
Medal and Bronze Star Medal (Personnel Management Sergeant)

1972-1974 6th Recruiting Command, Presidio of San Francisco, California 4th Army

Commendation Medal (Personnel Management Sergeant)

1974-1978 U.S. Army Military Personnel Center-Europe, Schwetzingen (near Heidelberg)
Germany - Meritorious Service Medal (Personnel Management Sergeant)

1978-1984 - U.S. Army Training Support Center, Fort Eustis (Near Newport News) Virginia
5th Army Commendation Medal (Chief, Inquiries Branch)

1984-1987 - 32d Army Air Defense Command, Darmstadt (Near Frankfurt) Germany
6th Army Commendation Medal (NCO In Charge--Enlisted Personnel Division)

1 March 1987 - RETIREMENT!!!!
Yes, they really DO send you a check every month!