AB6CQ's PC to Radio Interface
This is whatís called a direct type of interface. It works for Echolink and other digital modes. It also provides additional isolation between computer and radio. A no frills, simple interface that works. Itís in a small package and no external power is required whatsoever making for a cleaner & easier setup. You also don't need to use a serial cable because this just plugs in directly to the COM port of your computer. And yes you can control your Echolink node remotely via DTMF using this. The first version of this interface went inside the computer case and screwed inside one of the open slots but it would be necessary to use a short serial cable which you have to build yourself unless youíre satisfied with coiling up the shortest store bought cable which is still too long. To do away with that I started building this compact plug-in type. The whole circuitry is inside the DB-9 shell. When I first got into Echolink I thought that there has to be a cheaper and efficient way of putting up an RF node. Here it is. I have been using it for over a couple of years now troublefree. Because of it's portability, one user who travels a lot for work uses the plug-in interface with his laptop and radio to set up his Echolink RF node wherever he may  be. This works with mobile radios and HT's. Some of the interfaces I have built are used by hams in my local area and some units overseas.
This is unit is wired and tested. All you have to do is to make up your cables with 1/8" mono plugs going to your radio and start playing.  Canít get any easier than that. The interface is $35 shipped anywhere in the CONUS. I accept payments via Paypal or money order. Orders of 3 or more will have additional savings from shipping. If you want to hear it perform, connect to my node AB6CQ-R. Node number 114791. I answer all calls provided Iím available. Email me for orders and questions.