About Me:
I’ve been licensed since 1998 and have enjoyed many aspects of the hobby from 2M FM/Repeaters to HF SSB/CW.  I enjoy participating in Field Day and a couple of other contests each year (November Sweeps is my next favorite).  I attend area radio club meetings whenever possible.  For nets I check into the MN Section Net (3.860MHz @ 12:00/5:30PM each day), and occasionally the SD Section Net (3.860MHz @ 12:30/6PM each day).  The PicoNet, on at various times during the day at 3.925MHz is also very enjoyable to participate in if I happen to be around.  Also, the 3900club Trader Net (3.898MHz @ 8AM on Sundays) is a good group of guys as well.  Really, I’m nothing special when it comes to the hobby.  I just enjoy spending time with the radio whenever life lets me.

What is Amateur (HAM) Radio?  

(Just in case you’re new and just happened to stumble upon my site)

Contrary to popular belief, Ham Radio is not just a bunch of old geezers pounding out Morse Code on vintage radios from the WWII era (although we do have some of those :). Ham Radio is a hobby with lots of very different, very exciting things to do. Because ham radio is such a diverse hobby, you can make it whatever you want it to be for you. Check these great links for more information! I'd love to answer any questions you may have, too.


·  ARRL Ham Radio Introduction

·  eHam's New Ham Page

·  QRZ's "How to Ham" page

·  W5YI Amateur Radio Description Page

·  eMail me with any question's


My Equipment:

·  Kenwood TS-480SAT HF-6M base radio, hooked to home-brew 75/40/20/15M fan dipole

·  Yaesu FT-857D HF-440 mobile radio, currently using Hustler mobile resonators

·  Kenwood TM-V71A 2M/440 base radio, hooked to Diamond X-510N 2M/440 vertical

·  Icom IC-2200H 2M D-Star base radio, hooked to M2 2M4 4-element 2M beam

·  Yaesu VX-3R 2M/440 handie-talkie, great for in-town stuff & cross-banding

·  Alinco DJ-175T 2M handie-talkie, 5W of talk-power for far-out repeaters

·  Astron RS-35M linear power supply, as main base-station power source

·  A&A Engineering 5A linear charger, hooked to Die-hard deep cycle for back-up power

·  Elk Antennas 2M/440 log periodic antenna (for portable/camping)

·  Byonics MicroTrak AIO 10W GPS tracker (for the bike)

·  Daiwa CN-103M 2M/440 SWR meter (works quite well)

·  Glen Martin RT-936 9’ Rooftop Quad-pod

Please email me with any questions you may have about the equipment I own.
I've left reviews for most of this equipment at eHam.net.  You can punch in my callsign in the SEARCH box to see all my reviews.


My base station:
I have a Glen Martin RT-936 Quad-pod as my antenna support.  I used 1 7/8” mast from Michael’s Fence company as it is very stout.  A Yaesu thrust bearing supports the weight of the mast and lets me get by with a TV rotor for now.   The Diamond X-510N 2M/440 vertical is at the top of the mast with the M2 2M4 4-element 2M beam just below it.  A home-brew multi-band dipole is supported off the side of the quad-pod with a piece of Uni-Strut as the stand-off.  The HF antenna was made using Alpha Delta’s center & end insulators and CPEX (plumbing) tubing as the spreaders.  The top wire is for 75/80M, the next wire is for 40/15M, and the lower wire is for 20M.  The antenna works well and any VSWR is low enough to be handled by the internal tuner of my TS-480SAT.  I use DavisRF BuryFlex for all my feedlines and have a piece of PVC that feeds from the outside wall into my radio room to get the feedlines outside.

My mobile station:
Currently I am running a Yaesu FT-857D in the mobile, mainly for 2M FM while traveling.  I have a Lakeview Antennas Quad Mag-Mount (four 5” magnets) and Hustler resonators for 75, 40, and 20M.  I have a NMO hole-mount on the center of the roof and one on the trunk lid for when I have my bikes on the roof-top bike carrier (cycling is my other hobby… the rooftop antenna doesn’t like the bikes up there).  I’d like to come up with a better mount for the HF antennas, perhaps a nice ballmount from Breedlove when the budget and time allows.  I have #4 wire that goes to a distribution block in the trunk.  The block powers my FT-857D which is mounted to the inner right-hand quarter panel and my Infinity 12” sub (yet another hobby :-).

Marshall-area Frequencies (in no particular order):

146.520 (No PL)


146.580 SIMPLEX

Local Simplex Frequency – Give me a holler here!

147.150+ (141.3PL)

Marshall Wide-Area repeater (COMING SOON!)

147.075+ (141.3PL)

Pipestone repeater (COMING SOON!)

146.790- (141.3PL)

Slayton repeater (GREAT coverage)  *** 8PM Net on Wednesdays ***

146.865- (141.3PL)

Redwood Falls repeater  *** 6:30PM Net on Wednesdays ***

444.525+ (141.3PL)

Wabasso repeater (linked to Redwood, above)

147.255+ (141.3PL)

Windom repeater – on low power TX effective 5/2009.

146.730- (No PL)

Madison repeater  *** 8:30PM Net on Sundays ***

146.910- (114.8PL)

Willmar VHF repeater – best coverage of the Willmar machines

147.030- (114.8PL)

Willmar VHF repeater (note the negative offset)

444.800+ (146.2PL)

Willmar UHF repeater

145.230- (91.5PL)

Willmar VHF repeater – Part of the SuperLink(?)

147.315+ (136.5PL)

Clearlake VHF Machine  *** 8:00PM Net on Sundays (usually) ***

444.300+ (136.5PL)

Clearlake UHF Machine – linked to Clearlake VHF repeater, above.

145.390- (146.2PL)

Gary SD VHF repeater – can hit easily from Marshall.

146.670- (141.3PL)

Worthington repeater (kind-of a stretch from Marshall)

444.675+ (136.5PL)

KBØNLY / Tyler, MN UHF repeater

147.195+ (No PL)

Marshall repeater (rarely used)


Coooool Links:

·        The QUAGI Antenna – Featured in my birth-month’s QST!  Make one!!

·        WX-Proofing PL-259’s – The method I use!

·        Coax Calculator – Figure out how much power you’re losing in your coax.

·        MN Repeater Council – Self-explanatory

·        Murray County ARES – Great group of ACTIVE hams!!

·        AD5X’s page – lots of cool projects and modifications.

·        KØBG’s page – MUST read info for the mobile operator.

·        M2’s website – GREAT VHF/UHF antennas!

·        HRO, AES, R&L, Gigaparts, Radio City, Universal, Texas Towers, WBØW – All good ham vendors


Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web!!
And if you've made it this far, you certainly have way too much time on your hands.