Connor Maxwell (No Call)
Born August 4, 1998

Birth stats: 21 1/4" 7lb 1oz

Here are some Pictures

Dr Laura: Eat your heart out. You were never this cute.


Why do I always have my tongue out?


My Sister Jennifer takes good care of me.



It's OK to be Connor



This is my friend pacifier



Some times you wear me out



Cyclops only had one eye…



I'm glad Halloween only comes once a year.



Mom, I hope your enjoying this.



Well, as long as your coming, too…



Excuse me. That’s 4 pi, r CUBED over 3, not SQUARED.



Check out this bicep!



Prime Baby! Just $600.00/lb (not counting the nurse's thumb)




Granny with #4. Couldn't be prouder.






Now I lay me down to sleep…



"and so, Senator, I believe we can reach a consensus on this appropriations bill. "