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J e f f P a u t z


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Work Information

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Computer Consultant


AS/400, PCs, Networks, some Unix.


C/C++, Visual Basic, SQL, RPG(LE), Cobol.


Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, Medical, Governmental, Construction, Estimating, Solomon IV Certified Application Developer.


EDI, Conversions, Barcoding, Year 2000, Communications

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(314) 918-9191

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Current Projects


Rohn-25G- 39 feet tall. I sank a 4 1/2' length from a damaged 10' section in a 4' hole filled with 14 80# bags of cement. It is braced about 23' up with a home-made house bracket. I used a piece of 2" electrical conduit as a mast with a CDE rotor inside the top tower section.

HF Station

Kenwood TS-520S from a hamfest. MFJ-949E tuner.


Ground mounted Butternut 6-band vertical.
Tri-band Hygain TH3jr at 50 feet. At least 2 s-units better than the Butternut.

Packet Station

PKT-1 (yes, stop laughing), into a 486-25 NEC
Minor Setback: Voltage regulator blew, replaced but some problem still exists further in. May have to scrap it and buy a "real" one.

CW over 2-meter FM. Building the project from Dec 1997 QST. Have one built, but like Alexander Graham Bell said, "What can you do with only one telephone?".

Public Service

I have developed a flyer called the hAmB0NR. (A play on my callsign).
This will be a directory of HAM clubs in the St. Louis area, and list "nets" and hamfests.

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Personal Interests

Movies, books, camping, hiking, canoeing, humor.

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