North Carolina hams
(when I was KF4OAD)

KZ1X Steve
Steve was my de facto elmer and helped me to set up a RTTY station in North Carolina. 
He even helped load up the truck
for my move to Colorado.

 K4JPE  James and K4IUL Charles
(then KG4K and KE4IUL)
We hung out on a local 2m repeater late at night.
James and Charles really helped me through the license upgrade process---mostly listening to me moan and groan about how slow my CW studies were going for the 5wpm and 13wpm exams. Once on the repeater, I attempted to send "Mercy" as a joke for Charles but I messed up and sent "MERQ" and then couldn't talk through the laughter---but then I got serious about studying CW.  Charles and I often took license exams together and James always asked me what new DX I had worked. 

W4ST Larry
Larry encouraged me a lot as a new ham back in my NC days.  We worked together during many public service events.  Larry and Bob KE4ZBZ helped me put up and disquise my HF antennas at my North Carolina apartment.  They disquised it so well that KZ1X Steve (who had given me the antenna instructions and knew where we were going to put it) couldn't even find it.

KF4USQ Anna and KF4RDN Glenn
Anna and Glenn got their first licenses shortly after me and we had a lot of fun together on 2m and at local club meetings.  Anna and Glenn REALLY helped me after the aftermath of my radio accident when I broke both sides of my ankle and had it surgically repaired.  Not only did they help during my hospital stay but during the very long recovery process.

helping to load up the truck for my move to Colorado.

Bob and I set up a packet station at the local Red Cross, worked together during W4EZ Field Day and also manned the local Red Cross radio station during a hurricane.
Bob and Larry W4ST put up my HF antennas.



Nami (Tokyo)
We worked together in North Carolina and then she moved back to Tokyo, Japan.
Her son wants to become a ham and I am hoping she will too!
I enjoy telling her about my QSO's with Japanese hams and the Japanese radio contests I do.

Bennington Days

David, Merri and Jack 
Edge of the World
Bennington, Vermont 1982

David 20 years later
Life-long friends are sure a gift!

My cousin Merri
As a child I never knew she existed.
Merri graced my life for 10 years and taught me the real joy of family.

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