Many of my photographs and negatives were destroyed in the 1995 flooding of my apartment (which eventually led to my discovery of ham radio).  These are a few of the remains.

 My first camera. 

 My other camera, a Pentax 6 x 7

When I was 12 years old I won Bingo at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and purchased my first camera, a Canon 35mm,  with my winnings.  I used this camera during prep school and some during college.

 I switched to a Pentax 6 X 7 camera in the 1980's.  I liked the longer exposures and higher quality resolution of the bigger film.  For printing, I used a Besseler enlarger with a cold light condensor.

Bennington Vermont.
My darkroom was in the basement of this first building.


Bennington Vermont 
View over "The Edge of the World"


 New York City

West Virginia, between Charleston and Huntington

Bennington, Vermont

Blenko Glass Company, West Virginia

For portraits, I went back to the techniques of 19th century photographers.  With long exposures, as much as a minute or even more, the photograph became a joint creation by the photographer and the subject rather than a "stolen moment."  The slight movement from breathing added a luminosity to the subject's face, as if their was a  light coming from within.

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