To view the W7ATV/R Amateur Television Repeater is quite easy to accomplish.

Using an ordinary Cable-Ready Television set or VCR follow these steps:

1. First be sure that video is actually being transmitted at the time. . . the best times are Wednesday and Sunday evening at 7:30 Pm when the ATV'ers are in operation... this is our weekly net start time, or when the shuttle is up.
Then again, if you would like to get things ready ahead of time, you can always ask on the 146.840 repeater if someone is listening that can transmit video. They will be glad to "Put up a picture" for you.

2. Tune your TV to cable channel 57. If you have cable, disconnect it and leave the television tuned to the cable channels. (You might consider installing a selector switch for cable/outside antenna.)

3. Connect an outside UHF TV antenna pointed toward Shaw Butte. Shaw Butte is in the North Mountain Preserve. (approx Central - 19th Ave. and Cactus).

You will get better performance if you can orient your antenna so that the elements are vertical rather than the customary horizontal used with commercial broadcast.

Of course the higher in the air your antenna is - the better chance you will have of receiving a good picture.

If you would like to go a step further and purchase a  down-converter  . . click here for details.


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