Revised January 31, 2000 Amateur Radio Station AA6J
Bill Jeffrey Formerly KQ6UK, KF6AVG
QTH San Marcos, California, U.S.A.

The only merit badge that has "BSA" on it 
			(in Morse code, of course!) Scouts - Earn the Radio Merit Badge.
It's easy with these notes!

Scouting and Radio (Why I'm a ham!) Links go to outside web sites.
My Boy Scout page I have been involved in Boy Scouts for over 20 years. I first got interested in ham radio because of the need for emergency communications in remote areas where cell phones don't work. Learn more about what Scouts can do with ham radio in my Radio Merit Badge notes above.

I created this website for our Troop 651.

Ham radio has helped us maintain communication with home while backpacking way back in the mountains or while canoeing 200 miles from home.