Revised January 31, 2000 Amateur Radio Station AA6J
Bill Jeffrey Formerly KQ6UK, KF6AVG
QTH San Marcos, California, U.S.A.

Ham License Information

Do I have to learn Morse Code to use a ham radio?

No, you can get a no-code technician license for VHF and UHF frequencies, by passing a multiple choice test on theory, rules, and procedures. Books are available with all the possible questions and answers. By using repeaters on mountain tops you can talk to someone over 100 miles away. Go to Palomar Amateur Radio Club or The American Radio Relay League for more information.

But passing a test on Morse Code lets you use the HF frequencies (voice or code) to talk all over the world - I can talk to Down Under almost every evening.
Beside, Morse Code is fun!

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NEW Simplified License Requirements

Starting April 15, 2000, there will be only three classes of licenses issued. The Technician will be able to use VHF and UHF frequencies and repeaters just like under the old rules. The test may be a bit simpler since they will no longer have a Morse Code option.

To use the worldwide HF (shortwave) frequencies will require the next level of license. The General license will require knowing Morse code at just 5 words per minute (down from the current 13) and another written test.

The top level, Extra, will have a third written test which will include advanced electronic theory and will give full operating priviledges on all ham frequencies.