Revised October 5, 2001 Amateur Radio Station AA6J
Bill Jeffrey Formerly KQ6UK, KF6AVG
QTH San Marcos, California, U.S.A.

Ham Radio Club Memberships Links go to outside websites.
PARC Palomar Amateur Radio Club is one of the largest and most active in the world! Their homepage has information on getting an amateur radio license, activities in San Diego County, and more. They're big supporters of emergency services too.
RACES The San Diego CountyRadio Amateur Civil Emergency Service works under the San Diego County Sheriff Office to provides communications support to all public agencies in the county.
ARES A major purpose for amateur radio is to assist in emergencies. Cell phones don't work in many emergencies. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service provides communications assistance in times of disaster, including support to the Red Cross. During the Harmony Grove fire in 1996, ham radio was the ONLY communication in many areas.
ECRA East County Repeater Association has a repeater system that let's me talk from the Pacific Ocean to Phoenix Arizona on a 3-watt handheld radio, and lots of other bells and whistles. It's helped a lot on our Scout trips.
ARRL The American Radio Relay League has lots of information on getting a license and technical help on events and projects.
QSL.NET Of course, the host of this page has lots more ham radio pages.
AC6V I don't give a lot of links to personal homepages, but my friend Rod has a great AC6V Ham Radio DX Reference Guide which is truly the world's best collection of ham radio links. If it's on the web about ham radio, he has a link to it.