AA5PK in 2009

This is my operating position, newly "renovated" in November 2008.   On the other side of the room is my workbench with test equipment and more books and assorted junque.  A closet to the right of the operating table houses extra equipment, the antenna switches, weather station interface, and more books, parts, and radio junque.

MFJ-962B 1.5 kW antenna tuner
Bencher paddles
Straight key
MC-80 microphone for the TS-440S
Acer Aspire One netbook to control the IC-910H and rotors using SatPC32 software
First shelf:
Kenwood TS-440S HF transceiver
Kenwood SP-430 speaker
Icom SP-23 speaker
Icom IC-746 Pro HF/6/2 transceiver
Alliance HD-73 control box
Second shelf:
Heathkit HM-2103 RF load/wattmeter
Icom IC-910H all-mode dual-band transceiver
Logikey K-3 keyer
Yaesu G-5500 az/el rotor control box
LVB Tracker rotor interface
Top shelf:
Vibroplex Presentation bug in plastic dust cover
Ultimeter U-800 weather station

Not shown in this picture:
Icom IC-7000
Kenwood PS-50, Kenwood KPS-7, and Astron RS-20 power supplies
(on a shelf under the desk)
Icom IC-402 70 centimeter SSB/CW transceiver
Mosley TA-33M tribander
(on a 48-foot Rohn 25G tower in the back yard)
Diamond D-50 2-meter/70 cm vertical
(on the inverted vee support)
Trap inverted vee for 40 and 75 meters
M2 satellite antennas--14 elements on 2 meters and 30 elements on 70 cm

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