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Sassy in her perch

Sassy was our first cat.  We got her from some people who were moving and didn't want to take her along.  She was a long-hair Heinz 57.  When we moved to Russia in 1977, we were erroneously told we could not bring pets. We found her a good home in Texas before we left.


Tanya joined us in Moscow in 1978.  Her owners were transferring to the UK and didn't want to have to put her in mandatory quarantine for 6 months since she was just a kitten at the time.  She traveled everywhere with us--Maryland, California, Germany, and Texas with several stays in Pennsylvania along the way.  She died of old age in 1995 at age 17.  We'll see her at The Rainbow Bridge.
Tanya's page


Simon (a.k.a. Rubert, Bubba, Bebear, Beeber, and Simone) is the senior cat.  He was born on a ranch, and he's the only cat who gets to spend most of his time outdoors tracking down wild game and bringing it home for us to inspect.  Simon hates the indoor cats and they're very suspicious of him on the rare occasions when he wants to play with them.   Simon's a talker when he wants in or out.  He says "Hello."
On May 19, 2010, Simon went to the Rainbow Bridge to join the other Miller cats.  He turned 20 years old in May and he lived a long and productive life protecting his turf and catching mice and birds.  Ironically, it was in his 19h year that he finally caught a squirrel.  Something he was extremely proud of.
Simon's page


Bailey (a.k.a. pencil-tail puss, Big Bailey, Bailey guy, and Baylore) is the next senior cat.  Originally Natalie's cat, he was rescued from the animal shelter.  He's a whiner, a kneader, and a big-time sleeper.  A kitten in a big cat's body.  We thought Bailey was big until Zachary arrived.
On March 28, 2008, Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge to join his feline playmates.  Bailey was over 18 years old and his body was shutting down.  Another sad day...
Bailey's page


Nicholas (a.k.a. Nick, Snick, and Snicholas) was our next senior and our "low-maintenance" Siamese puss--he loved getting brushed and didn't mind having his claws trimmed.  He also loved to eat chicken (or anything that tastes like chicken).  He liked to track down the small lizards that were attracted to the light in the summer time.  Nick was found in the classified ads as a free-to-good-home give-away.   Nick talked in a quiet, squeaky voice on the rare occasions when he has something to say.
On May 7, 2005, Nicholas went to the Rainbow Bridge to join Zachary and Tanya.  Nick was 17 years old.  We will see you all there....
Nicholas' page


Zachary (a.k.a. Scoobie, Zacherly, Zoober, and Porker Puss) was the next senior and the biggest of the group (23.7 pounds in August '99).  Zachary appeared to be part Siberian judging by his coat and huge paws.   Kira rescued Zach from being pulled behind a truck on a string.  Zach talked when he was hungry and when the other cats, especially Chelsea, invaded his personal space.  He was also fond of playing in the water (as some of his pictures show).
Zachary contracted feline diabetes and we had to send him to the Rainbow Bridge on March 12, 2001--a very sad Monday for us all.
Zachary's page


Chelsea (a.k.a. Chels, Goofus, squirter girl, and squirt kid) was the "baby."  When she was the only girl, the other cats hated her, which only caused her to tease them more.  Chelsea is fearless compared to the "guys" who are all scaredy cats.  Chelsea was rescued from one of the local veterinarian's offices.  She talks in a raspy little voice (sounds like someone stepping on a duck) when she's tracking bugs and moths or when she gets stuck in a closet or closed room.
Because of epileptic seizures, Chelsea went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 1, 2012.  She was 17 years old.
Chelsea's page


Tobi (a.k.a. Tober, Tobler, Toblerone, Fuzz, or Fuzzbutt) was our next addition.  She was born in April 2001, and was a terror to the other cats upon her arrival.  They slowly realized she was a new resident and not just a visitor, so now they get along somewhat.  She was the princess and the bug chaser of the group (that duty seems to befall the youngest).
Tobi went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2005.  She became ill and did not recover despite our vet's best efforts.
Tobi's page

Christy (a.k.a. Squeak) came to us on Christmas Eve, 2003.  She showed up in our garage, starving and scared.  We took her in and fed her and, as soon as possible, posted a Found ad in the local papers, called the animal shelter and Humane Society, and checked with the local vets to see if we could locate her owner.  No luck.  She's was 2 years old and it took a while, but all the other cats have generally come to accept the fact that she's not leaving anytime soon.
Christy's page

We adopted sisters in August, 2005.  They were 10 weeks old and had been spayed by the local animal shelter.  We named them Sasha and Tasche.  They're pretty busy keeping each other entertained, so they don't bother the older cats very much.  Squeak has been trying to play with them with a little success.
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Drugged pussy cats
A group photo.  Each is reacting to catnip on the carpet.
Pussy cats on the hood
The gang gathers on the car's warm hood in winter.

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