AM Receiver
 MW Preamplifier by David Sayles
 Q- Multiplying Loop Antenna ( David Sayles )
4 Band Double Tuned Preselector ( David Sayles )
 ZN414 Portable AM Receiver
 SW Receiver using the ZN414
2 Transistor FM Transmitter
 FM Transmitter by David Sayles
 FSM Field Strength Meter
Simple Field Strength Meter
 4 Transistor Transmitter by Paul K Sherby
 FM Transmitter with Opamp by Kamram Ahmed
UHF TV Preamplifier
ATL3 Loop Antenna by Graham Maynard
 Surveillance Transmitter Detector
 AM Transmitter
 6 x 6 Antenna Loop by Graham Maynard
 2 Transistor Transmitter by Rob
 MPF102 FM Receiver by Patrick Cambre
 SW RF Pre-Amplifieramplifier
 Band 2 Preamplifier
  Bipolar Regenerative receiver by Ramon Vargas