This is a great FAQ I found on Barry Meyers-Rice's Page. I rewrote it a bit implementing my own remarks and observations

About Venus Flytraps
Obtaining a Venus Flytraps
Easy instructions on growing Venus Flytraps
You got Venus Flytrap in the mini-terrarium, what now
Transplanting Venus Flytrap for other reasons
Maximum size of Venus Flytrap
Sensing the prey
The leaves on Venus Flytrap don't snap shut
Feed Venus Flytrap with Hamburger meat
Feeding the Venus Flytrap
Getting rid of dead bug skeletons from Venus Flytrap
Getting bugs for Venus Flytrap during winter
Frequency of Venus Flytrap feeding
Overfeed a Venus Flytrap
Long and skinny plant's leaves
Some plant's leaves close fast, and others hardly move at all

Why isn't my Venus Flytrap red like in the photos?

How do I take care of my sick plant?

Why did my Venus Flytrap's leaf get a black spot after I fed it?

Why are my Venus Flytrap's traps turning black?

Should I trim off dead or dying leaves?

My Venus Flytrap is dying! What am I doing wrong?

Winter dormancy? Huh? What?

Is my plant dormant or dead?

Should I let my Venus Flytrap flower?

My Venus Flytrap is flowering! What do I do?

How do I propagate my Venus Flytrap?

How do I care for my tiny seedling flytrap?

Do you have any suggestions for my science experiment?

I need some fast answers on Venus Flytraps for my science report...

Where do Venus Flytraps come from?

Can I collect Venus Flytraps from the wild?

How did the Venus Flytrap get its name?

How many kinds of Venus Flytraps are there?

Are Venus Flytraps a danger to my pets?

Ending Comments: General Questions on Venus Flytraps