New - 02/13/2001

# I added my ICQ panel.
# Reorganized WebRing - new server.


New - 05/12/2000

# New pictures are uploaded.
# There are also scans of my HAM diplomas I won on 144 MHz.
# You can also see how my QSL Card looks like.


New - 04/24/2000

# I added new jokes and done some redesigning to the page.
# I added a mailing list - be informed of new updates!


#The basses for my Aquarium and Tarantula Page are set.

New - 02/24/2000

# I added my new e-mail addresses  (at HINet - largest 9A ISP): &
# I added my InfoCard.


New - 02/05/2000

# I added some new computer jokes.


New - 11/20/1999

# I reorganized my site with new Microsoft FrontPage 2000.
# Linking and pages have been changed.
# I have new fast url:
# I added page with jokes.
# Every day a new cartoon.
# Now you can tell a Friend about my site.

# Changes should result faster loading of my pages.


New - 10/01/1999

# I added a top frame to make surfing my site easier. I haven't add anything new to my site but I rearranged its pages and reconfigured them. If you like my site you can vote for it by clicking a link: VOTE on any of my pages. I hope you can see my improvements.


New - 09/30/1999

# Thanks to you my site is No. 1 on W5WWW'S TOP 100 HAM (AMATEUR) RADIO SITES.


New - 09/14/1999

# Due to some misunderstanding my Qsl.Net account was reset so my homepage was unavailable from 1st till 13th of September. Before reset my page had a total of 496 visitors. Now it's all back to normal. I hope! 9A5AAC IS BACK.


New - 08/29/1999

# Croatian links page added and the English one updated <=
# Minor repairs on existing pares
# Some bigger changes of the site follows (when I find enough time)