This Is 9A5AAC's Download Page


     After my Prolink 33600 modem had a little accident I bought a new one - Conexant SoftK56 Data, Fax, Speakerphone PCI Modem. It's not bad, but has one bad side - there are no drivers. After a while I found them. I saw that some amateurs have the same problem so  here they are:

Conexant SoftK56 Data, Fax, Speakerphone PCI Modem Drivers
Win 9x NT
file9x 1 filent 1
file9x 2 filent 2
file9x 3 filent 3

    These are drivers for Win 9x and NT. Lots of people ask me for Win 2K drivers.  I don't have them (when I got my drivers Win 2K were SF!) but same of these may work. If it is so inform me so I cloud tell others. Drivers work on fine 98 (or else you wouldn't be watching these pages) and friends say that they work on 95 and NT also.

    These files are compressed with WinRar so you need it to decompress it. If you don't have it, you can download WinRar 2.50 shareware here.

   If these drivers help you please inform me so I can know that I didn't uploaded them for nothing.