7P8 DXpediton 2000 to Lesotho
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Loading takes a bit time, because there are so many on this website. All photographs were taken by our crew members.
(Copyright 7P8AA crew.)


a_01.jpg - 					30486 Bytes Dieter, DJ9ON, and Markus, DL1IAN, before the departure at Frankfurt Airport
d1_19.jpg - 			21907 Bytes Arrival at Johannesburg Airport, already expected by some Ham friends from South Africa to take us to Lesotho.
That's Ham spirit!!
d1_22.jpg - 			16523 Bytes First technical stop somewhere in the wilderness on our trip from J'burg to Lesotho
n_f12a.jpg - 29572 Bytes Roma Lodge, where we stayed and where we spent a wonderful time
crew_2.jpg - 32987 Bytes The whole crew together in front of Roma Lodge

upper row:
Dieter, DJ9ON
Mark, DL1IAN
lower row:
Hans, DL1YFF
Sabrina, SWL

n_f33a.jpg - 14532 Bytes Building up the pylon for Titanex LP-5
n_f32a.jpg - 23803 Bytes All hands on deck! Only the anchors still to be tightened
n_d30a.jpg - 37400 Bytes Here we are mounting the 6-element-yagi for 6 meters
n2_25a.jpg - 31175 Bytes DF6VI busy with Titanex V-160
d1_36.jpg - 37020 Bytes DF6VI's special construction to give the antenna a better support
d1_32.jpg - 23334 Bytes And now that thing is up!
d1_33.jpg - 20686 Bytes And here is the Titanex LP-5
ocm2_31.jpg - 46002 Bytes This is our R7000
d2_22.jpg - 				9945 Bytes 6-m-yagi and Force-12 in the background
d2_06.jpg - 16195 Bytes DL1QW at the FT-920 station for SSB
d2_15.jpg - 19717 Bytes DJ9ON at the FT-1000MP station for CW
d2_04.jpg - 12485 Bytes DF6VI at the SSB-station
c_30a.jpg - 23160 Bytes DL1IAN at the RTTY-Station together with our very good friend Dave, ZS6RVG
d3_36.jpg - 18579 Bytes DL4OCM smiling, he can work!
d3_38.jpg - 22696 Bytes No problem for DL1YFF to smoke his pipe. It's RTTY time.
d2_14.jpg - 23882 Bytes And last not least, our very jewel Sabrina, always cheerful!

And now we have a look around the area we were! In Lesotho there is wintertime, and we also had some snow.

d2_28.jpg - 				19892 Bytes An impression of our QTH, the Roma Lodge
d2_29.jpg - 				26335 Bytes Roundables on the Roma Trading Post compound
d2_37.jpg - 25601 Bytes Sabrina and DL1QW a bit higher on one the surrounding mountains
d3_16.jpg - 20142 Bytes Sheep, one of the resources of Lesotho
d3_20.jpg - 18829 Bytes The beautiful landscape in the mountains of Lesotho
d3_23.jpg - 26930 Bytes Footprints of dinosaurs just behind Roma Lodge on the next hill
d3_26.jpg - 9195 Bytes Children's toys: homemade kites
d3_29.jpg - 23830 Bytes View from the mountain behind Roma Lodge into Roma Valley
i_1a.jpg - 27466 Bytes Scenery in the mountains
j_30a_a.jpg - 18541 Bytes We met him in the mountains on our trip to Mohale Dam
d4_06.jpg - 25263 Bytes The gigantic construction site of Mohale Dam, which will become one of the biggest water reservoirs in Lesotho
d4_04.jpg - 21703 Bytes Here the worker's camp. Looks like a Norwegian village

After all that, one day the time is over and we went back.

l_22c.jpg - 34883 Bytes This was on the trip back from Roma to J'burg. They all were very tired, wern't they.
l_28.jpg - 25866 Bytes Back at home, discusssion about the next DXpedition:
Where do we go next?


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