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The next TIARA meeting will be Friday, March 20th (the third Friday) in Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, starting at 19:00. The meeting will again be held in Meeting Room 2 of the Jiyugaoka Juku Center, 1-24-12 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku. It is about a 4 minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station.


TIARA Member Kubota JH1ACC/AG6GK will talk about the antenna remote control system he has developed.

Talk-in: JR1VI Repeaters, as well as IRLP Reflector 9202, WIRES Roundtable #0522D, and the WIRES TIARA conference.

The Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA) holds monthly meetings in English usually in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Jiyugaoka is just a few minutes from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, or from Oimachi on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Meetings are held on the third Friday of most months except August (Field Day & Ham Fair) and December (Christmas Party). The meetings are open not only to members, but other English-speaking hams and foreigners residing in or visiting Japan interested in amateur radio.

Mobile/HT talk-in frequency: 144.570 (100.0 hz tone)

On the Air Meeting

TIARA members gather on 21.320 MHz at 1000 JST (0100Z) most Sundays for an informal chat. Join us! You can also participate by connecting to the TIARA VoIP network.

Officers Re-Elected March, 2012

President Arie Lukkassen JE1RYS/KI6EWA
Vice-President Dan Domondon 7J1ABD/WA6URY
Treasurer/Secretary Fumi OHTSUKA JF1NIW/KI4HSU

Past Officers

Internet Mailing List

The 7J1 mailing list on Yahoo Groups discusses topics of interest to foreign amateur operators in Japan. You can subscribe or visit the archives using the web interface or by sending a blank email to 7j1-subscribe at yahoogroups.com.


TIARA sponsors the JR1VI repeater located in Meguro, Tokyo. 434.980in/439.980out (77Hz subaudible tone) and 1297.980in/1292.980out (88.5Hz subaudible tone).


TIARA uses a combination of IRLP, WIRES, and and EchoLink to build a VoIP network in Tokyo. You are welcome to join us on the air via:

IRLP Typically connected to Reflector 9202
WIRESRoom 0522
EcholinkConnect to 7J1YAA-L (811259)
JR1YPM1291.92- MHz (88.5Hz), Meguro-ku, Tokyo

US Amateur Exams in Tokyo

The ARRL VEC Tokyo VE Team (which is not directly affiliated with TIARA, but which contains some members) conducts examinations for US amateur radio licenses at least twice a year in the Tokyo area.

The next session will be held April 4th at the Takinogawa Higashi-Kumin Center. Information and pre-registration are available from ARRL VEC Tokyo. Start studying now! A US amateur license can be your gateway to getting a Japanese reciprocal license while you are here.

You can also check the ARRL US amateur exam registry for Japan to find other sessions.

Operating in Japan

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