SDR Construction.

SDR(Software Defined Radio) is the convergence of recent emerging technologies where Radio Communication modulation, and de-modulation techniques are defined in software, using DSP(Digital Signal processing) methods. In its simplest form SDR uses a PC soundcard to process signals using DSP from/to a Tayloe detector/modulator. The out-board Tayloe circuit is nothing more than a hand-full of digital, as well as analogue components, which are used to up-convert/down-convert from AF signals to RF signals, and from RF signals to AF signals. The result of the two working together produces a power-ful SDR RX or TX which matches the best conventional Direct Conversion or Superhet Radios.

SDR Projects

At the moment I am looking at the SoftRock line of SDR radios for projects. I am considering using SDR principles, combined with DDS(Direct Digital Synthesis) to construct a multi-band HF RX.

Top Softrock V6.1 80M/40M SSB/CW TCVR(Ready for assembly), Bottom assembled Softrock Lite V6.2 RX 30M and 20M. (June, 16, 2007)

Top Softrock V6.1 80M/40M SSB/CW TCVR assembled, ready for Connectors, Testing and debugging!


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