The Data Comms MSc football team.

From Back left: Theo, Harry, Dr. Clarke, Nicola, Dr. Berwick, Thanasis, Yiayia, Giorgos and Front left: Myself, ??, Tunde, Vassilis

The group out in town for a coffee break.

The group having a coffee break in town.

Having a BBQ during summer.

The first BBQ of the summer, and what a BBQ it was.

Having a BBQ during summer.

Another one from the BBQ. Notice the food quantity. "Gone in 60-seconds"!!

Having a BBQ during summer.

Sakis and Dr. Hadjinikolaou.

Nicola and I sightseeing in London.

Nicola and myself sightseeing in London. "Niko! Ferrari sucks!!!"

Another strike Theo?

Theo right after another strike at thr bowling alley.

Vassilis (aka Tiger) on the phone - AGAIN!

Vassilis (aka Tiger) on the phone, again!

On the way to Greenwich.

Alexia, Harris and myself on the way to Greenwich. Constantinos taking the photo. Thanks mate!!

In front of the Cutty Sark.

Alexia, myself and Harris at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Constantinos taking the photo, again!

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