Posing at the entrance to Universal Studios.

Posing at the entrance to Universal Studios.

Inside Universal Studios.

Inside the Universal Studios.

Stavros inside Universal Studios.

Stavros posing at Universal Studios.

The Back to the Future car.

Stavros and myself with the car used in the film "Back to the future".

Stavros and I @ Disney World.

Stavros and myself at Disney World park.

Stavros posts his mail @ Disney World.

Stavros are you sure Goofy will deliver that?

One of the greatest guys I know.

This is Stavros, my very best of friends, and one of the greatest guys I know.

Mickey Mouse club.

Considering to join the Mickey Mouse club.

Tallest man replica.

Standing next to a replica of the tallest man at "Ripley's Believe it or not".

Duo in giant chair.

Now is that a giant chair or what?.

Stavros in giant chair.

Better viewed with Stavros alone on there.

Nestor in giant chair.

Or maybe it's better if I'm on there?

Nestor in front of Shuttle.

Standing in front of a Shuttle replica at the Kennedy Space Centre.

Nestor in front of rocket.

No, I like this better. Much much larger!!

Stavros in front of rocket.

Stavros posing in front of the rocket.

Duo with the launch pad in the background.

The two of us with the Shuttle Launch pad in the background.

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