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I'm Also KA5MAL, 8Q7ED    Op - Kamal

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It takes years of Experience, Hard work, Commitment and above all a Passion for the hobby.

Kamal 4S7AB


4S7AB 40m/30m quad

Life member of Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL)

Life Member of European Phase Shift Keying Club

Member of UKSMG (UK Six Meter Group)


QSL information:

Now you can get 4S7AB, 8Q7ED, KA5MAL QSL cards online. Your PayPal contributions can be sent to kamediri (@) gmail . com  and don't forget to include your Callsign, Mailing address and QSO details on 'Notes'. You don't need to send your card since I am not collecting QSLs anymore.


If you still prefer the conventional method, please QSL direct to.


Kamal Edirisinghe (4S7AB)

No 82 B,


Ellakkala 11116,

Sri Lanka

Email : kamediri @

(Note : No QSL Manager anywhere)

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