I'm Also KA5MAL, 8Q7ED    Op - Kamal


Life member of Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL)
Life Member of European Phase Shift Keying Club

Member of UKSMG (UK Six Meter Group)


QSL information:

Now you can get 4S7AB, 8Q7ED, KA5MAL QSL cards online. Please follow the below link and don't forget to include your Callsign, Mailing address and QSO details on 'Notes'. You don't need to send your card since I am not collecting QSLs anymore.

If you still prefer the conventional method, please QSL direct to.
Kamal Edirisinghe (4S7AB)
No 82 B,
Ellakkala 11116,
Sri Lanka

Email : kamediri @ yahoo.com

(Note : No QSL Manager anywhere)
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