How to contact me and get 4S7AB, 8Q7ED, KA5MAL QSL card:
Last Updated on 12 /06/2016


Now you can easily pay using PayPal and get my QSL card direct. This is fast and preferred by many hams around the world due to the fact that some mails gets lost in the Postal system. You do not have to be a Paypal member to do this. I am not collecting QSLs anymore unless I need your country specifically. Therefore no need to send me your card just for the sake of sending it. Let's save the papers !!


Make sure you include your Callsign, QSO detail(s)  and mailing address in the 'notes' when you go for Paypal payment.


The email linked o paypal is kamediri (at)


If you want to write to me or send the QSL direct in the conventional way, my Home Address (QSL info. ) is :

Kamal Edirisinghe (4S7AB),
No 82 B,
Ellakkala 11116,
Sri Lanka

For QSLing , only use the above address. Also note that I DO NOT HAVE A QSL MANAGER ANYWHERE


Phone : +94-777-315630 (GSM Mobile /SMS / Viber - Sri Lanka


Email, kamediri @  (Please avoid the spaces before and after the @ sign when you type the email address)