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The Art of CW
CQ-DL April 2005 Article about my Scandinavian QRV
4S7AB Powered by the Sun - RSSL NEWS May 2006 
Let's Go Mobile - RSSL NEWS April 2006
Contesting from Sri Lanka - NCJ July/Aug 2006.

Ham Radio Activities

JOTA 2010 New
Operating from Indonesia 2010 New
8Q7ED Dxpedition
Where is 4S7
Azimuth Map
Station 4S7AB, Activities and History
IOTA 2001 Operation
IOTA 2000 Operation
CQ WW 2000 Operation
LA/4S7AB - 2000
LA/4S7AB - 1999
SM0/4S7AB -2000/01
M/4S7AB - 2001
QRV from W land - 2003/04 KA5MAL
Visit to Malaysia - 2003 and 9M2/4S7AB
 JA1GAF/KA5MAL- 2004


3 el 5 Band Diamond Quad
20 m 3el Yagi
'All in One' CAT cable
15 m 6el Yagi
2 m 13el Yagi
70cm 18el Yagi
L network Matching unit
160m Swinging T-Wire vertical
40m Hex Beam
40m Broadband Hex Beam New
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